Aim Happy Quotes

Aim Happy Quotes

Life is full of ups and downs, for sure. But did you know that you can flip those two around? Instead of seeing obstacles as roadblocks, see them as opportunities. Instead of feeling hopeless when life seems awry, look at it as an opportunity to grow. By focusing on positive things, you can boost your mood and your life.

We all want to be happy. Sometimes, though, we struggle with finding happiness. Sometimes we find it hard to be happy. Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives and worries that we don’t take the time to find happiness.

Are you a happy-go-lucky person hit by life’s tsunami? Are you a serious person looking to loosen up and enjoy life? Do you know someone who could use some help to get their groove back? This collection of lovely aim happy quotes is the perfect way to remind yourself and others to aim to be happy and to remember that happiness is all around us.

Aim Happy Quotes

Aiming happy is a great way to approach your day. We all have good days and bad days; times when you feel relaxed and times when you are stressed. Aiming happy is about aiming for that quality of spirit that will keep you at the moment and make you see everything from a new perspective.

1. Happiness is free, but you have to make an effort to grab your copy. Aim for happiness in every situation you find yourself in.

2. Find joy in the little and big things of life. Don’t wait for the perfect moment before you enjoy yourself. Aim happy, be happy, always!

3. Don’t worry or fret, be happy. If your situation makes you feel despondent, deliberately aim for happiness.

4. Aim happy. Happiness is something that we all strive for. But until we find it, we shouldn’t just settle for less. It’s either you make yourself happy or happy.

5. Aim happy. Be thankful for everything. Life doesn’t last forever; make the most out of every moment.

6. Aim happy. In a world of sadness and hate, happiness is sadly rare. Be positive and happy.

7. Do You have reasons to be sad? Smile, anyway. Life may give you many reasons to cry, but you need to give yourself one reason to be happy and free of sorrow. Strive for your happiness.

8. Aim to be happy; shoot for happiness. Smile, laugh, be kind, play, love yourself and forgive. The choice is yours.

9. Aim for happiness. Let your heart be merry. Shut out sorrow, doubts or regrets. I strive for happiness; the joy in my heart is full.

10. Be happy. Happiness is whatever you make of it.

11. Aim happy. It’s not in wealth or fame; it’s in how you smile and make merry with lightheartedness.

12. Aim for happiness; your lifestyle is grand. Aim for happiness, and live each day to be your best.

13. Aim happy. Live life like it’s your last. You’ll die someday, and that’s when you’ll be at rest. While you live, be genuinely happy.

14. Aim happy. Aim for more. Aim for success, and happiness will follow.

15. Aim for happiness in all you do. Desist from whatever you do that costs you your happiness or peace of mind. Life is too short to be miserable.

16. Misery loves company, but happiness is a sweet fragrance everyone loves when they catch a whiff. Aim to be happy; life is good.

17. Life is good when you aim for happiness. You attract whatever you are or desire. Be happy and spread joy.

18. Aim to be a happy person. Don’t fancy the high, and don’t yearn for the lowest. Aim to be happy. Try your best to be, and you’ll not want for more.

19. Aim to be happy, and your life will be brighter. Aim always to be kind to those you know and those you don’t. Aim to be nice to everyone and treat everyone fair.

20. Aim to be happy. Be happy for who you are, for what you stand for.

21. Happiness is a choice. Do not give people the power to determine your happiness. Aim to be happy, always.

22. Aim to be happy, aim to be wise, and aim to make others happy too. Aim to be kind, pretty, and brave. Aim to love life to the full.

23. Aim to be happy. Take chances, spill your heart. If life hurts you, laugh it off. Don’t take life too seriously.

24. Aim to be happy. From happiness, you grow. Happiness grows where there’s love.

25. Love is all around you. It surrounds you, but the trick is finding it.

26. Aim to be happy. Live in the moment, and not worry about how you got there because once you do, you’ll realise what is truly valuable.

27. Aim to be happy. Be happy with this moment and every moment of your life.

28. You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to let life get to you. The choice is your—your call.

29. Aim to be happy, dear. Have a radiant smile on your face. Make others smile.

30. Don’t worry, be happy. Aim to be happy and love freely. Sweet love is what keeps you alive.

31. Happiness is that feeling; those memories give you joy and make you feel blissful.

32. People say happiness is all that matters; I disagree. Without sadness, how could I feel happiness? Still, aim for happiness and refuse to be sad.

33. Happy people do not always have reasons to be happy. They choose to be happy regardless of the happenings within or around them.

34. Be happy, and keep smiling. Don’t forget who you are. Try not to care about what the world says.

35. If you want to live well and long, aim for happiness. Ignore gossip and naysayers and mind your own business.

36. To be happy, learn to mind your own business. Don’t burst the bubble.

37. Your happiness is dependent on you. You’re responsible for how you feel.

38. Happiness and laughter are the best medicine. It cures many illnesses. Be happy.

39. Happiness is a warm feeling inside. When I feel happy and make others happy, I feel at peace with the world.

40. Aim for happiness, and happiness will find you. Love and be loved.

41. They say that we are born alone, and we die alone, But I say we can choose our happiness. If we keep looking for it, we will find it sooner or later.

42. Aim for happiness. As someone once said, it gives us the desire and strength to think and feel kind.

43. Aim for happiness. Do your best, and live your dream.

44. Aim for happiness. Try to find happiness from unhappiness. Look for the bright side in every negative situation. Try to smile when sad; happiness is closer than you think.

45. Aim for happiness. Happiness is like the wind; it can lift or drag you down.

46. Aim for happiness. The road of life is rough. Self-love and happiness smoothen the edges.

47. Aim for happiness, not perfection. There’s no perfect moment to be happy. If you mess up, life’s still grand. So, never mind the curveball; aim for happiness.

48. Aim for happiness; nothing can hold you down. Stay positive, and put your trust in love.

49. Aim for happiness, let yourself find peace and let joy fill your hearts.

50. Aim for happiness. Always aim high; no matter where you go, Happiness will always be by your side.

51. Expectation is the mother of disappointment and a killjoy. Manage your expectations, and aim for happiness.

52. You live life but once. Happiness is life; love is lif,e and life is happiness.

53. Aim for happiness, and find it with vigour. Revel in it and protect it with fierceness.

54. Aim for happiness. Find joy in simple things. Life is not complicated except by choice. To sit and be happy, to sleep and smile, to live, and never die.

55. Aim for happiness. Smile when it rains, laugh when it snows. Be nice to everyone you meet, and make a difference in the world.

56. Happiness is bliss. Never trade what you have in peace for what’s uncertain.

57. Aim for happiness; it’s what life’s about. If you aim for anything but happiness, there’s a good chance you’ll miss it. Aim for happiness.

58. Aim for happiness; shoot for peace. Life’s unpredictable; nothing is under your control except your decision to remain happy regardless of any situation.

59. Happiness is the key to success. Happiness is what you aim for. Aim for happiness, and you’ll never go wrong.

60. Happiness is a feeling everybody needs in their life. To feel loved and content.

61. Aim for happiness, don’t follow others. No one’s happiness is the same as yours. Relish every good moment life offers and keep your sanity with joy in bad ones.

62. Aim for happiness, dream of what is yet to come. Don’t look back because the past is behind you.

63. Live your life without regrets and aim for happiness. Be happy at all times. Look on the bright side, laugh, giggle, chuckle and smile.

64. Aim for happiness; make happiness your goal, passion for life, and reason for living.

65. Aim high, aim for happiness. It’s a noble aspiration. A happy heart is a beautiful soul.

66. Aim for happiness, and if you can’t get what you want, then be satisfied with what you have.

67. Aim for happiness. Find it, chase it with patience, time, a feeling of bliss, a feeling of joy, and a feeling of love; happiness is yours forever.

68. Aim for happiness every day! To live till you’re old and die happy and proud.

69. To be happy is to look beautiful/handsome, attractive, youthful and charming. Reach for the sky and make it your goal to reach that happiness.

70. Make goals and pursue them, but first, aim for happiness. Life is too short to be caught unfresh and unhappy.

71. Life is filled with ups and downs. We sometimes fall, but we always rise. So, aim for happiness. A pure heart never burns out. A true heart never fades.

72. Aim for happiness; it’s an eternal state of mind, for true happiness; above all, watch it flood your life. Keep your throat clear; never be harsh. There is nothing to fear if you’re kind.

73. Aim for happiness; every day, open your mind and strive for the best. Put happiness in your soul, and take all negativity out because happiness is worth more than any treasure.

74. Life has no guarantee, so aim for happiness with no condition attached. Make happiness your goal. Open up your heart, and let happiness in.

75. To be happy isn’t easy. Your life choices will determine how you feel, but be happy, regardless. Live everyday to the fullest, even though it hurts. Be happy.

76. Aim for happiness. Live your life on ideals devoid of regrets. Make each day as enjoyable as possible. Say yes to everything good, profitable and adventurous. Say no to killjoys. Take risks. Have fun.

77. Aim for happiness. Life’s too short to live it unhappy. So, make every effort to stay happy. Be happy, no one wants to be sad.

78. A sunny disposition, no one can resist. Be happy. Aim for happiness, not for fame. Fame may fade, but happiness remains.

79. Aim for happiness; allow it to be yours. Every day, allow happiness to be your companion.

80. Aim for happiness, Be a happy person and don’t seek misery. Happiness will never fail you.
Reach for love. Don’t ever stop believing that happiness is what you choose.

81. There’s no charm as appealing as genuine happiness. It radiates from within. Life is short, so waste no time being unhappy and sad.

82. Happiness is knocking at the door. If you let it in, you’ll feel much better.
To reach your goals, be happy each day.

83. Be deliriously happy. Movies, video games, Facebook, and Instagram all bring you joy. Happiness is the best gift by far.

84. Be happy; it’s a decision only you can make and enforce. That’s what life is about. And without happiness, life becomes meaningless.

85. When the world’s crazy, reach for something to brighten your day. Try to take your mind off what’s wrong.
Calm your frayed nerves and remain unfazed, for happiness is inside you.

86. Be happy. Smile your way to it when all you find are frowns; smile anyway. You reap what you sow; sow good thoughts, reap good actions.
Reach for the stars and hope for the best with smiles.

87. Reach for your goal and live your best life at the moment without regrets. Be happy; happiness takes effort.

88. Be happy, smile, laugh and be thankful for your blessings. Make wishes come true. Feel grateful, and choose love.

89. Seek a happy place. Be there when the need arises. Love that which you love, and be happy in everything you do.

90. Pursue happiness, Don’t get caught up in what’s wrong, and you’ll always be happy.

91. Be happy. Show love without regret, and never hurt yourself.

92. Aim for happiness. When you fall, don’t stay down. Look up.
Aim for the stars, and even if you miss it and fall, you’ll soon get back up and be happy still.

93. When happiness is the goal, no pain can ever be sad. The skies are blue; The birds are singing; it’s a beautiful day. It will not be hard if you keep your eyes open, for genuine happiness comes to you,

94. Be happy. Don’t just go through life; enjoy every moment with relish. Throw away heartache. Life is what you make of it. If it’s what you wish to be, that’s what you’ll be. So aim high, and be happy.

95. Be ecstatic with happiness. Strive for contentment. Seek out a blissful day. If happiness is what you are after, make your dreams come true.

96. Aim happy. As you achieve your mastership, be the sunshine in everyone’s life. Be the reason someone smile, and stay happy right throughout.

97. Aim to be happy in life; life is too fleeting to waste it on sadness or regrets. Smile, and make it last. Work hard, and be happy; make each day worth living and count for something.

98. Aim for happiness, don’t ever lose hope. Achieve as much as possible, but be happy; remember to be happy.

99. Dare to be happy, no matter what! No one cares if you’re miserable or lonely, so you might as well be happy, cheerful and in top form.

100. When you are happy, you feel on top of the world. Be happy, and spread the fragrance of joy.

Happiness is contagious. When you notice someone around you is happy, it’s natural to want to be happy too. So why not try smiling at the next person you see? Aim happy quotes are inspirational and motivational. Their true aim is health, wealth and happiness. Thank you for embracing happiness and spreading joy. Kindly share this with your family, friends, colleague,s and followers on your social media handles.

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