Airport Goodbye Quotes

Airport Goodbye Quotes

There are many reasons for saying goodbye at an airport. Airports are perfect spots to see friends or family members off because of the atmosphere. If you fly often, you will say goodbye at one point or another. The anticipation before every departure is equally great and upsetting.

Still, when it’s time to leave, you can easily find yourself lost in your thoughts, with tears filling your eyes, not being able to resist leaving hard hugs ever. For this reason, you must do everything you can to try and say goodbye with a smile on your face.

These airport goodbye quotes will give you an idea about the tearful and emotional moments when family, friends, colleagues or beloved ones say farewell for a few days or months or even years, spending time apart from each other.

Airport Goodbye Quotes

Many people feel sad when they say goodbye to their loved ones at the airport, especially if it’s a trip abroad. If you feel this way, you are not alone. You’ll miss them because they are a vital part of your life, and you are about to be separated from them for a few days, weeks, months or years. 

1. May your flight be smooth and your journey safe and happy. Wishing you a warm welcome to your destination.

2. You embark on an adventure, a journey of self-discovery. I’ll miss you so much.

3. I already miss you, but I know that time apart will help us grow closer. With love and optimism, I say goodbye and have a safe trip.

4. A last goodbye, like a kiss on the cheek. Thanks for letting me hold you close in my heart. I’ll be seeing you again soon. 

5. Now that you are taking flight and leaving me behind, I wish to tell you that I will miss your presence in my life but will always remember the good times we spent together.

5. Goodbye to a loved one who was taken from us too soon. We will always miss you and remember the good times we had together.

6. I will really miss you. I don’t know if it’s because of your smile or how you laugh, but I’ll be sad when you return.

7. I will really miss you today, tomorrow, and in the days to come. I’ll be thinking of you on my lunch break at work. And I’ll also be thinking of you when I hit snooze a few too many times while trying to fall asleep. 

8. I wish I could hug you for one last time and remember how much it hurts to have you go away and wave goodbye.

9. Goodbyes are not forever; they’re just a ‘see you later; goodbyes are not the end; they mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.

10. A goodbye is a moment of truth in which you say to the other person, I love you or You are important.

11. I’m saying goodbye to you, and I know that you will see me, but this is the last time we will ever meet.

12. I watched from afar as she boarded the flight; I moved on to my own goals. I couldn’t run after her; I couldn’t take her from the sky.

14. Goodbye, we’ll miss you. Goodbye, goodbye. We’ll forget about you when we see that plane flying into the sky.

14. Goodbyes are hard. We’ll miss you, but we understand. Be safe, and have a great trip!

15. Leaving is hard, but seeing you again will be even better. We’ll miss you, buddy—best of luck.

16. Goodbye never really means goodbye. It just means until the next time we meet again in the future, we’ll miss you.

17. Goodbye is a moment when you have to gather what’s left of yourself before you move on. It’s not goodbye but see you later.

18. I will miss you when I am alone with my thoughts. I will miss you when others think life is more important than mine. But most of all, I will miss you much more when we are no longer together.

19. Harder than saying goodbye is not saying goodbye at all. Harder yet is having to say it again.

20. I’ll miss you when I get home. I’ll miss you when I’m not around. You’re always in my thoughts, ever-present, and I know that for sure. 

21. I will miss you when I wake up and your pillow is dry and cold. I will miss you at night as I look to the sky and wonder where you are. I will miss you in the car while driving down the road, thinking of all the times we have spent together.

22. I wouldn’t say I like goodbyes. I think they’re rude, abrupt, and unnecessary. It takes a lot to rip someone from his whole world.

23. I will really miss you. I’ll be at the airport when you get back, and all I’ll have to do is look forward to seeing you again.

24. Goodbye, we’ll miss you. You always showed us support when we needed it. You helped us turn our ideas into realities. We will never forget how much you’ve done for us. Have a wonderful flight.

25. Traveling is difficult, especially when leaving your family and friends behind. While we hate to see you go, we won’t miss the hassle of packing and unpacking or the long goodbye. Have a safe trip!

26. We’re saying goodbye at the airport. We will miss you, but we look forward to seeing you again soon.

25. Our time together has flown by. Next time you’re heading out on your next trip, think of us and remember, We’ll be there for you when it’s time to say goodbye.

28. When the time comes to say goodbye, think of me with a smile on your face, and say these words to me I’ll always keep you in my heart.

29. We’ve all had some goodbye; time for a change is upon us, But remember, we still are as one, we’ve been through many good times, and we’ve been through some bad times.

30. We may not see each other again for a long time, but it’s not a goodbye forever. After all, I wouldn’t want to lose you as a friend.

31. No matter how far you go or where you roam on Earth, we will always be here for you when you need us most.

32. Goodbye, we’ll miss you. Goodbye to the airport, the flight and a thousand other places. Goodbye, goodbye.

33. Saying goodbye is hard, but seeing you again will be even harder.

34. Goodbye, we’ll miss you. Make your way home, don’t forget to smell the roses and make sure you enjoy those fries on the way home.

35. It’s the little things that will make me miss you most, the first cup of coffee in the morning, your laugh, and the way you kiss me goodnight every night.

36. I’m saying goodbye to you, but it’s not goodbye cause my love for you is just beginning, and I’ll be there for you When you are on the other side.

37. The airport is a place where people come and go. When I walk through the doors, I think, “Goodbye, for now, I’m off to see the world.

38. I’m saying goodbye to you, But it’s not goodbye; you’ll always be in my heart and mind; I’ll see you soon, But I have to go.

39. I’m saying goodbye to you, but it’s not goodbye; you’ll always be in my heart and mind; I’ll see you soon, but I have to go.

40. I’m saying goodbye to you, but it’s not goodbye; I’m saying goodnight to you again because I’m following a sign that leads me off to another place.

41. Goodbye at the airport is not forever; it’s just a stepping stone to something more beautiful.

42. Be brave enough to say goodbye at the airport when it’s time, and make new memories to replace old ones.

43. I’m saying goodbye to you, but it’s not goodbye; you’ll always be in my heart and mind; I’ll see you soon, but I have to go.

44. I know I can’t stay forever; I’ll be back again before you know it, I’ll miss seeing you every day, but I’ve got to go and let you know I’m saying goodbye to you; but it’s not goodbye

45. I’m saying goodbye to you, but it’s not goodbye. Your pain will disappear, And your love will never roam, so don’t you cry, for we can’t be apart.

46. Just as you start to say goodbye, you suddenly can’t help but stare; if you think I’ll be far away, Then you’ve got another thing coming.

47. Goodbye airport, the last time I saw you, I was too young to realise I had to say goodbye before it was too late. Forget the past; the past is behind me now.

48. I’m flying away from here. I’ve left my heart behind, and I hope you take it, and my heart will be in you.

49. Goodbyes airport doesn’t have to be final when you can keep in touch with friends and family on the go.

50. We are waiting to catch our flight. And I want to say thanks for the comfort of your presence. I can’t stop thinking about you and the moments we shared.

51. For everything, there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven, a time to welcome and say goodbye.

52. A place of “homecomings” and “goodbyes”, the airport is a place where people will come together, leave, depart and arrive.

53. An airport has never been a place to relax. But we’re redefining the airport experience. Come by and say goodbye in our lounge so you can return to your adventure.

54. Goodbyes at the airport are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no separation.

55. It’s the last stop before your real adventure begins. Whether you’re heading off on holiday, going home for the holidays, or leaving home for good. It’s a time to say goodbye, embrace new experiences and embrace the future.

56. Saying goodbye at the airport is never easy, but we’ll always remember you for who you were and our shared memories.

57. We say goodbye at the airport with tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts that we’ll see each other again soon.

58. Life is a series of goodbyes that don’t always mean sad end. Sometimes they’re just a transition into something better!

59. Goodbye at the airport is like a goodbye to a friend or parent. We’ll miss you so much.

70. Thank you for your memories and everything you shared with us. We will miss you and hope to cross paths again one day. Always remember that saying goodbye is one way of saying hello again, but better.

71. I did not know that saying goodbye could be hard until it was my turn to leave.

72. Goodbye is only for those who love with their eyes; For those who love with their hearts and minds.

73. We have to say goodbye to many airports. As we bid farewell, we reflect on all the wonderful memories we have had together. We will miss you.

74. Farewell in the airport is like saying goodbye to a friend who might never return.

75. When we’re apart, I will miss you. When we’re together, I’ll cherish you. Thank you for always being my best friend.

76. Life’s journey must go on as we say goodbye to our loved ones at the airport.

77. With all family travelling, it’s no wonder we’re all so lonely. So how about we embrace them in a group hug instead of saying goodbye to friends and family at the airport?

78. Hello and goodbye are not so far apart. If we forget to say hello when meeting someone, it is a chance missed forever by saying goodbye when parting. So let us do both.

79. Last moments at the airport, but we’ll always remember this sweet moment when travelling together by saying goodbye.

80. Reluctantly saying goodbye reflects one’s unwillingness to leave while being excited about the exploration and proceeding journey.

81. Goodbye to our loved ones does not mean that we lose hope or faith in the future. It means we believe the past was the best and must always keep memories alive.

82. It’s not easy saying goodbye, but sometimes we have no other choice. Don’t be afraid. Just embrace the future and embrace tomorrow.

83. When you say goodbye at the airport, it doesn’t mean forever. It’s just a different place, where hopefully you’ll come back soon.

84. No matter how much the airport is jammed and whether the flight is delayed or not, goodbye always feels somewhat sad.

85. We’re saying our goodbyes, and it’s hard to let you go. You’re the only one I want; you’re the only one I need.

86. We’ve said our goodbyes; keep your head up and stay focused on your dreams. We’ll see each other again soon.

87. When travelling, it’s easy to feel lonely and homesick. Remember that wherever you go, we’ll always be with you. Goodbye.

88. I’m flying away with my mind and heart in the clouds. I’m leaving the world today, but I’m not going far. I’ll be back someday, so don’t you cry.

89. We’re at the airport. We’ve checked our bags and gone through security, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

90. Goodbyes are boring and a waste of time. They don’t create anything. Goodbyes in the airport mean you’re just sitting around, thinking about things that could come up later.

91. The hardest thing about goodbyes is never knowing if they’re said too soon or too late.

92. Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation.

93. Saying goodbye, we gain strength, courage and faith to face the realities of life and continue its journey successfully towards our dreams and aspirations.

94. I’m saying goodbye because this is the only way to teach you how to live without me.

95. Goodbyes were meant for those who love and care, not those who hold back their tears.

96. When you’re alone on a plane travelling through the night sky, you can remember what it was like when we were together.

97. I wish you a safe journey. Hope to see you when things get better.

98. As he walks away, I only wish you a safe flight and that the stars will guide you tonight.

99. I’ll miss you so much. I’m still a little bitter that you’re leaving before me. I will miss you until we reunite again. Love You, and be safe.

100. We’ve said our goodbyes. I’m here to see you off, but hopefully not for the last time. Happy travels, friend.

Most of us have had to say goodbye to a friend or loved one as they headed out on their way. Whether we said goodbye at the airport, the train station, or somewhere else, we all must have felt a sad emptiness in our hearts. The parting can be emotionally traumatic, even if it is only for a short period of time.

Hope these airport goodbye quotes were like a storehouse of memories; after all, bittersweet memories are made especially poignant by their fleeting nature. Share your comments on them below. Thank you.

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