Alcoholic Dad Quotes

Alcoholic Dad Quotes

In today’s world, soem people find it easy to turn to alcohol when stressed out, thinking drinking alcohol can relieve stress, but in reality, it only worsens the stress. Everyone who knows an alcoholic virtually concludes that the effect of alcoholism is negative. It doesn’t matter if you are related or married to them, alcoholism affects the entire family, and people in the lives of alcoholics are co-dependent and sick too. Being a child to an alcoholic dad can be the worst nightmare.

According to social learning theory, children learn habits, attitudes and beliefs through observation and imitation of their parents. This means that if the parents around you drink alcohol, then you will probably drink it too because you see others drinking it frequently. While their dads are going through this difficult time, they have difficulty dealing with the situation.

One would wonder why having an alcoholic father or a mother affects the well-being of their children. Alcoholism, the most widely known substance use disorder, is a progressive chronic relapsing illness that leads to serious medical, psychological, legal and spiritual problems.

Whether you’re a child of an alcoholic father or just want to relate to the pain of many sons and daughters and need some quotes about alcoholic dads, the alcoholic dad quotes below are perfect. Check them right below!

Alcoholic Dad Quotes

An alcoholic dad is a bad influence on the child and should be prepared to accept the consequences.  The worst thing about being an alcoholic dad is how they turn into kids. When they are sober and doing the right thing, there are moments when they wish they could go back to being a little kid again and be normal.

1. Alcoholic dads are hilariously awkward, unpredictable and often messy. So many of these stories are true.

2. When you’re an alcoholic dad, your kids can never quite tell if you’re joking or not.

3. What is it like to be an alcoholic dad? Children of alcoholics have a hard time understanding the difference between serious and funny.

4. It’s usually funny to be an alcoholic dad. Children of alcoholics have a hard time understanding the difference between serious and funny.

5. Alcoholic dads are like wild, rambunctious children. They’re full of joy and mischief yet unpredictable and stubborn.

6. Alcoholic dads have the potential to be like the fine wine that they drink – in other words, equally as smooth, consistent and intriguing.

7. As an alcoholic dad, the substance can harm your body, relationships and finances. Alcoholism is a disease that often has no cure.

8. Alcoholic dads are cool but are not always the best role model. Don’t allow a negative attitude toward your alcoholic dad to ruin your own attitude.

9. Alcoholic dads can be the life of the party. The alcoholic mindset is an all-consuming state of mind that, if not properly addressed, can quickly destroy everything around you.

10. Alcoholic fathers are cool but aren’t great role models. While they may be fun, it is important to remember that they are not the best people to take life advice from.

11. Alcoholic fathers are more likely to abuse, physically hit, and misuse their children verbally. Don’t let the bad behaviour of an alcoholic dad ruin your own attitude.

12. Alcoholic dads are likelier to abuse, physically hit and misuse their children verbally. Don’t expect your alcoholic dad to behave. It is not in his nature. But don’t be surprised if he surprises you.

13. Alcoholic dads are the best dad—they’ll make you laugh, cry and think. Drunk dads don’t mean to be rude. They just think they’re funny.

14. Dads who are alcoholics are just like the rest of the dads out there; they’re fun, flawed and full of surprises!!

15. Alcoholic dads are just like alcoholic kids. They need alcohol to deal with their problems.

16. Alcoholic dads aren’t just funny but also quite charming. And on occasion, they may even be a little bit angry.

17. Let’s talk about drinking, dads. How do you deal with the behaviour of your alcoholic father? The best way to get a drink on a dad who’s not an alcoholic is to make him feel like one.

18. Alcoholic dads are not just disrespectful to their kids but also an embarrassment to their friends.

19. Alcoholic Dads are loud and obnoxious, but they don’t care. They don’t have a filter and always say what’s on their mind. It can be confronting but in a funny way.

20. Alcoholic Dads are sweet, funny, and easy to love. They make you laugh but also cry, sometimes at the same time.

21. Dads who drink alcohol fall into a category all their own. They can be sweet as can be one minute, mean and abusive the next. Be wary of anything you say around them when they’re drinking.

22. Alcoholic dads don’t always behave as you’d hoped they would. But if you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, remember that they may be unpredictable and unreliable, but they don’t deserve to be treated poorly.

23. Alcoholic dads are just like any other alcoholic dad. They tend to be tight-fisted, over-protective, and judgmental—but also charmingly quirky and fiercely loyal to their family.

24. Alcoholic dads are the ones who can’t stop picking on their kids. A father is the kind of person who wouldn’t get drunk and go to work, no matter how hard he’s already been drinking.

25. Alcoholic Dads are dads who drink too much. If you have a problem with your dad, you have a problem. If you have a problem with alcoholics, you have an even bigger problem.

26. Alcoholic dads drink. That’s what they do. And that’s not a bad thing. If you’re a dad, you’ve probably seen the typical drunken dad at least once in your life.

27. An alcoholic dad can’t be a good role model for his child. He thinks alcohol makes him smarter and better able to get what he wants when it only makes him inconsiderate of everyone around him.

28. Alcoholic dads have a special love for their little people. Alcoholism is a disease from which fathers are not exempt.

29. Alcoholic dads are the best kind of dads. They’re funny, cool, and most importantly, they drink. Alcoholics are fathers, too.

30. Alcoholic dads have a special bond with their young children: they make it clear that they are here, love them, and have always got their backs.

31. We all have a little bit of an alcoholic dad in us. And we can’t let that nudge us back into the old ways. Dad jokes are for dads who don’t drink enough.

32. Alcoholic dads are a sad and lonely bunch who don’t know how to laugh. But they do know how to laugh at themselves. The best way to keep them company is laughter and wine.

33. Alcoholic dads are the best dads. Don’t be afraid to tell the world that you love your father. And don’t be afraid to let him know when he makes you feel good, too.

34. A party without booze is just a social gathering. A bar without a dad is just a room. An alcoholic dad is both, and that’s why we love him!

35. Alcoholic dad jokes about the best way to spend your weekend. The only time alcoholics have fun is when they’re high.

36. ​When your dad drinks and drives, you should know it’s because he loves you. Men who drink are not fathers. They’re just poor substitutes.

37. Alcoholic dads are more than just cliché; they’re real. And not only do they exist in the world, but their existence is also an important part of our culture.

38. Alcoholism is a disease. It doesn’t care about your race, gender or income level. The only difference between you and an alcoholic dad is one drink.

39. An alcoholic dad drinks just enough to get through the day, and an alcoholic mom is who drinks just enough to make him feel better when he’s hung over.

40. Alcohol is toxic for anyone and everyone, even a dad. It’s not always easy being a Dad, but no one is better at it than you.

41. A father who loves and supports his children but drinks too much beer shouldn’t be considered being called a dad.

42. Alcohol dad is the type of guy who gets mad when you have a few drinks because he thinks that means you’re going to party all weekend.

43. Alcoholic dads are the best kind of dads. They are mostly strong and incredible. Some of the best memories are made with them.

44. Alcoholic dads are like any other dad; they just tend to drink a bit more. They always cheer up their loved ones no matter what.

45. An alcoholic dad is a father who drinks to deal with his everyday problems. He’s much more likely to be the one in jail than at home.

46. Don’t let your dad be a drunkard. Instead, let him be a great dad to you, and the rest of his family

47. Alcoholic dad is the person who can’t remember where he put his keys but knows exactly what drink he’s gonna have next.

48. Alcoholic dad is the kind of dad who takes time to find out where his kids are. Then, knock on their doors and ask them what they’re doing with their lives.

49. There are fools, and there are crazy people. You’re not a fool, and you’re not crazy. You’re just an alcoholic dad who loves his family more than any alcohol ever could.

50. Dad is an alcoholic. We don’t know why he drinks, but we know he drinks too much. A drunk dad is a dead dad.

Alcoholic Father Quotes

Alcoholic fathers sometimes act like they own their kids. Their actions usually don’t match the words that come from their mouths. In most cases, alcoholics try to control their children through drinking, especially those with kids.

51. Alcoholic father, you have the right to live a life without alcohol abuse. You have the right to raise your kids without alcohol addiction. You have the right to be sober. You have the right to live, love, and be happy.

52. We should never fail to notice how alcoholic fathers treat their children. No matter how well-behaved they are or how much money they have, alcoholic parents always say or do something completely out of line.

53. There’s a fine line between being an adult and being a child. It’s all about the choices you make. Alcohol father is a term that refers to a man who drinks alcohol to excess.

54. Alcohol father gets you so confused and loses control of yourself. Alcohol is an enemy that destroys everything good in a man.

55. Alcohol father: I’m not sure if it’s this job or the drinking, but I’m worried. Alcohol is a trap that binds your mind, body and soul.

56. Because an alcoholic father is not the person you know. It’s the person you don’t know that your children are scared of. #alcoholism #addiction

57. The alcoholic father has no authority over his children. He doesn’t give them instructions, but they are always subordinate to his actions and intentions.

58. A father who drinks is a disgrace to his children and himself. We know how hard it is for children to live with an alcoholic parent. Let us help you and your children in this difficult situation.

59. An alcoholic father is a tad less violent but just as erratic in his behaviour. He lacks the maturity and wisdom of other fathers.

60. Alcoholic fathers aren’t bad fathers they just need to learn how.

61. Alcoholic fathers don’t know how to show up as a parent. They spend more time drinking than they do parenting.

62. Don’t let your dad’s addiction ruin your life. Alcoholism is a serious condition, and you deserve everything good in life.

63. Alcoholic fathers’ love is like a warm summer day; it’s unconditional and lasts forever.

64. The first thing to go when you have an alcoholic father is your innocence. It’s like being at war and going off to fight, then coming back and finding out that you’ve been lied to.”

65. There’s a fine line between being a dad and an alcoholic. Let’s never cross it. Your dad’s a good man. But he does have one flaw: He drinks more than he should.

66. Alcoholic fathers are like that friend who goes to the bar after you’ve had a bad day. They’re there to make you feel better, not worse.

67. Alcoholic father is always there when you need him, but you can’t always trust him to be there for you.

68. When you have a father who’s an alcoholic, it can be hard to determine whether he actually has a drinking problem or if he just likes to drink a lot.

69. When your father is an alcoholic, it is just a matter of time before it becomes clear what’s happening behind the scenes.

70. An alcoholic father is the epitome of a non-functioning father.

71. A father who drinks isn’t just a father but also an alcoholic. A person with a drinking problem is much more than the sum of their social or business mistakes.

72. Alcoholic father is not the problem. The most dangerous thing about alcohol is that it makes everything else seem okay.

73. Alcoholic father figures are the easiest to spot. They’re the ones who always want another round but can’t remember how many they’ve had.

74. Alcohol father is like a babysitter. He will take care of you while you take care of business. If you don’t mind him looking like a fool, he can be the best dad ever.

75. I’m a proud alcoholic father, not ashamed of it. Don’t let your dad’s addiction be your downfall. Stay strong, stay sober and stay away from alcohol!

76. I’m not proud of it, but I am now a recovering alcoholic father. Just like you, alcoholics have feelings too. Don’t let society’s perception of an alcoholic ruin your relationship with him or her.

77. Alcohol fathers don’t follow through on anything. He’ll say he’s going to do something but never follows through.

78. An alcoholic father always wants everybody to be on his terms and always has his back, even when things aren’t going his way.

79. An alcoholic father is the kind of guy who gets wasted on his birthday but wins the state weightlifting championship.

80. The only way to deal with an alcoholic father is denial. If you want to be happy, go ahead and ignore them.

81. We’re not sure if you’re a father or an alcoholic, but it doesn’t matter. We just want to say that we are sorry for all the times you’ve been in our lives because you have excellent timing.

82. Having an alcoholic father can be the worst thing to happen to any child. The effects are negative.

83. An alcoholic father is the type of guy that offers up a beer to a drifter. Don’t be a drinking dad; take it from me.

84. Alcoholic father is the type of guy that’s always up to something and has a hard time keeping still. He does not want to miss a minute of the action, and he rarely does.

85. Alcoholic father is not a term we invented. It’s the product of years of observation, experience and research.

86. When an alcoholic father drinks, it’s like he’s shaking his head, fist, and up all the people who have to live with him.

87. Alcohol, father, as a man, you have the right to drink alcohol. But as a father, you have the right not to pay for it.

88. Alcoholic father is a phrase used to describe the behaviour of an alcoholic father who makes very poor decisions regarding his alcohol consumption and other activities.

89. Don’t blame the booze for anything my father does when drinking. He wanted to be an alcoholic, not a father.

90. The difference between a child who grew up with an alcoholic father and a child who didn’t is that the child who grew up with an alcoholic dad will always be afraid of his own shadow.

91. The alcoholic father is always there for his kids but doesn’t know how to be there.

92. Alcohol father doesn’t like to be told what to do, but you know he’s been drinking all day.

93. My father is an alcoholic, and I don’t want you to be like him. I don’t remember him, but I know he drinks a lot and has trouble holding a job.

94. Alcohol is a pain in the arse, but so is having a drunken father. Alcohol is so often a tool used by the alcoholic to medicate the pain of his life. As if nothing else mattered.

95. Alcoholic father is a father who has abused alcohol and other substances, but he is not yet in recovery. He may be depressed, angry, and hostile toward his family.

96. Alcoholic father may use alcohol or other substances to self-medicate for depression, stress, and feelings of guilt.

97. Alcoholic father is likely to have shown reckless behaviour that could harm others, including children.

98. Alcoholic father isn’t a joke; he’s a reflection of your own life. Drinking isn’t the problem; it’s how you handle your problems when you’re drunk that counts.

99. Alcohol is just a father trying to show you that he’s not boring and can actually be fun. When your dad gets drunk and comes home, kiss him goodnight and hope for the best.

100. Alcohol father is the worst kind of father because he seems like a cool father, but he never shows up to anything.

I hope that, at the very least, you can relate to the pain and suffering expressed in these alcoholic dad quotes. It’s incredibly difficult for a child to see his or her parent go through so much pain and realize that he or she is helpless for the most part. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Thanks.

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