Almost in Love Quotes

Almost in Love Quotes

If you ask people to talk about their experiences with love, they’re likely to offer you a lot of anecdotes. Love makes people do weird things, and it can be hard not to recall the awkward situations that were a part of your journey. Perhaps it’s because love is unpredictable. Despite how much planning you put into something, it’s extremely easy to end up in a situation you weren’t anticipating.

When you reminisce about a time when you were almost in love, it can make you feel both angry and sad. It can be heartbreaking when you almost fall hard for someone who’s not interested in you romantically, but even more painful when that same person is not attracted to you. It can make you feel like they’re not being honest with themselves.

Have you ever been almost in love? But weren’t exactly sure you were there yet? It’s the kind of almost that makes you question everything you know about yourself, your feelings, and the person you’re almost with. That’s why I have these quotes below for you.

These almost in love quotes will make you think twice about falling in love with the wrong person.

Almost in Love Quotes

The feeling of almost being in love can be the most painful experience of your life ever. It is like walking miles to reach your destination and then getting there and finding that the place is set for only one person.

1. I was almost in love with the boy who lived next door and who slipped his cold hand into mine out on the playground.

2. I was almost in love with you. But not quite.

3. I was almost in love with him, but then I remembered that such a thing does not have a happy ending.

4. I was almost in love with you. Not sure if that counts for much, but it’s all I could offer you.

5. I was almost in love with you, but I guess that wouldn’t have been enough.

6. I was almost in love with you, but the thought of being a father far outweighed your charms.

7. It was almost love, but the timing was off, and the distance was too long, so I lost your love.

8. I was almost in love. We used to have a date. But something happened.

9. I was almost in love with you. Never wanted to be, but it took me some time to find out what you are. And now we have to say goodbye because nothing feels like friendship compared with the feelings you make me feel for you.

10. I almost loved you. If not for the dreams that got in the way.

11. I was almost in love, but it didn’t work out. It’s not the end of the world.

12. I was almost in love with you once, but you were never mine.

13. I was almost in love with you, but now I’m not sure if I can ever love again, let alone fall in love.

14. I was almost in love, but it’s better to have a real, deep feeling for someone than to love someone who doesn’t deserve it.

15. I was almost in love, but it’s over now.

16. I was almost in love but found it wasn’t my style.

17. I felt almost in love with you and wanted to tell you, but I’m sorry I was scared.

18. I was almost in love with this girl, but she went and ruined it all.

19. I was almost in love, but then she spoke and ruined everything.

20. I was almost in love. But it’s like trying to fall in love with someone for their looks, or their money, or the way they dress. These are all things that change over time, so if you fall in love because of them, then it will never last.

21. I was almost in love with you, but it was just for fun.

22. I was almost in love with you. And if I am ever in love again with anyone else, I will know that it is not because of anything you did or did not do to me. The only reason my heart can still beat for another man is the fact that you did not take it away from me forever.

23. I was almost in love with you, but as it turns out, I’m not.

24. And for just a moment, I was almost in love with you.

25. I was almost there, almost in love with you. But you threw that away when you walked away.

I Almost Loved You Quotes

I almost loved you. My body was yours, but my spirit never learned your language. We talked every day for weeks and only shared a few words before it got to be too much, and we lost ourselves to the awkwardness that came from being in each other’s presence.

26. I almost loved you. I really tried, and I still do, but it just can’t be.

27. I almost loved you. I thought I already did. I think that’s why I ran away.

28. There was a moment when I almost loved you, but now it’s gone.

29. I almost loved you; you were almost mine. If only I could be with you, if only it wasn’t impossible. But now I am alone and crying like a child.

30. I almost loved you, but the truth is that I never did. I’m sorry for the mistakes I made and for the way I threw your love away without knowing how precious it was.

31. I almost loved you. I tried to, but I could never get close enough. I imagined myself wrapped up in your arms, enfolded by your warmth, enveloped by your spirit. But it seems you were always one step ahead of me, denying my affection.

32. I wanted to love you but couldn’t. I wanted you to love me, but that wasn’t enough.

33. I almost loved you, but the truth is I didn’t expect anything from you except your absence and immobility.

34. If I could have loved you, if I could have saved you, then maybe all this would not be happening.

35. I almost loved you. The way I was meant to love, the way I wrote about in my poetry, the way nobody thought I could. I almost loved you as well as anyone has ever loved anyone.

36. I had so many thoughts about our relationship. I wanted to tell you that I loved you, but I didn’t think that you could love me in return.

37. I have been in love less than a dozen times, and I can’t recall any of them lasting longer than a month or so. Some lasted only one night. You were the first to leave an impression on me, and I almost loved you.

38. And I almost loved you, but not quite enough.

39. I almost loved you when I was young and stupid.

40. I almost loved you. But I knew that sentence would have been a lie.

41. I almost loved you. I came close to loving you, but it wasn’t enough to overpower me.

42. As the moon rose in the night sky, we watched it set. I almost loved you, but you were a ghost from my past.

43. I never knew how much I loved you until the day we parted, and now it’s too late.

44. I almost loved you. You were beautiful, and I gave everything I had to you, but there was a small part of me that wasn’t yours. A part that was with the stranger who took me to the beach club on a snowy night and kissed me until my toes couldn’t feel the sand anymore. A part that was everywhere except for with you.

45. I almost loved you more than anything. But now, I just can’t love anyone at all.

46. We had a lot of good times together. I almost loved you, but you were too late.

47. I almost loved you. I had the opportunity to give you my heart and show you the man that I am. The man who could have shown you so much love but instead, I let him go and made the decision not to wait for him any longer.

48. I almost loved you. I walked alongside you, holding your hand, thinking that this was going to be my life. But then you were gone. You have ripped away from me, and my heart split down the middle

49. I almost loved you. That was the mistake, of course. To think that I could ever love someone who does not love me back. Who could look into my eyes and tell me that he feels nothing for me? Who gets on a plane and leaves without a word or any thought of ever coming back.

50. I almost loved you. I thought you were perfect. You were the one. But now the truth is out. You were not worthy of my love, and now we will never be fused forever. I’m sorry for wasting precious time on someone so fake.

I hope the collection of almost in love quotes up there will make you come back to your senses next time you’re about to fall in love with the wrong person.

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