Inspirational Anti Anxiety Quotes

Inspirational Anti-Anxiety Quotes

Life is not a bed of roses; we all know that. Sometimes, we have very good days and other times, we have very stressful and even pain-filled days.

But the question is, do we let the bad days get a hold of us and fill us with anxiety or do we fight back against anxiety and all that comes with it?

The former might be easier but the latter would always be a better bet for us in every way. However, overcoming anxiety is easier said than done. It takes a lot of mental strength from you to take your gaze away from situations and hope for better days.

This is why I have come up with inspirational anti-anxiety quotes to help you see that, although things may look gleam now, there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you just hold on.

Hopefully, these quotes will show you that you are not alone and give you the strength to overcome all anxieties.

Inspirational Anti-Anxiety Quotes

We all go through anxiety, but it’s our ability to reach out and talk about it in a non-judgmental way that will help us through. Breathe, don’t let the stress of the day get to you. You’re doing so well and you can do it.

1. Anxiety isn’t the problem. It’s what you do with it that matters.

2. Whatever you are not capable of controlling should also not have the power to control you so let it go, free it from your mind.

3. Life is like a coin, with two sides; head and tail. Tail is what life dishes to you and head is how you respond to what life gives you, ensure you keep tossing the head, don’t let life ever get the crown.

4. When next you feel anxious, remind yourself that nothing in life is that important and nothing should get you worked up into an emergent state so take a deep breath, it will turn out well.

5. It will be fine in the end. If it’s not fine, then it is not the end. So, don’t work yourself up into a frenzy, take it slow and steady, and things will fall in place eventually.

6. The world might probably feel like it’s going way too fast, so find calmness and peace in the simplest things. Don’t let the world get to you.

7. Anytime fear comes knocking, remind yourself that you don’t have to forget everything and run, rather, you can face it and rise over it. I believe in you and I’m cheering you on.

8. Focusing on all the things that could go wrong will not help you prepare better, it will only inject fear, anxiety and pain into your present day. So focus only on all the things that could go right and let peace and happiness lead your present day.

9. No matter how much you soak yourself in regret, you can’t change the past, no matter how much you get anxious, you can’t change the future but a heart full of gratitude can guide your present so be grateful and look forward to the future with optimism.

10. When you look back, you’ll see that you worried too much about things that either didn’t matter or things that finally panned out. So don’t let your day be filled with worries, it will all work out in the end.

11. Instead of channelling your creative energy into imagining the worst and worrying and becoming anxious in the long run, channel it into imagining the best and how to ensure it becomes a reality.

12. Anxiety does not have to control you, don’t be afraid to let go. Surrender to serenity and peace.

13. Being anxious and worrying is like carrying a double portion of the load; today and tomorrow. It’s going into the future ahead of time and it empties you of today’s strength; so, don’t let anxiety call the shots.

14. There is always sunshine in life, whether it comes in dazzling blinding bursts or it comes like a gleam or it appears as a shard. Whatever form it comes in, find yours and hold on tightly.

15. There is beauty to be found in the grey sky, don’t stop looking.

16. In a world that is constantly making noise, you must find your quiet place and you hold on to it tightly. It is where you go to refill your happiness pill.

17. Anxiety is like a ferry wheel, it goes round and round, keeps you busy but doesn’t get you anywhere or far. Get down and find your boat of happiness.

18. The fact that you feel sad, anxious and messed up doesn’t make you flawed, it just means that you are as human as your next-door neighbour. And it doesn’t mean you cannot overcome it; you can.

19. Surround yourself with all the positivity that you can get, especially the people that will tell you how lovely and good you are and allow you to bloom and blossom. Until you find them, keep hoping and making the best of each day.

20. Let hope be the bird that lands on your windowsill at the dawn of each day and sings a lovely song of optimism to your ears without stopping.

21. You are a prize, don’t let anxiety be the hunter. Rather, escape it by keeping hope alive.

22. The simplest way to conquer anxiety is to live in the moment, and let tomorrow care for itself.

23. Anxiety suffocates hope and freedom of all things that could have gone right, don’t let it have a choke-hold on you.

24. Anxiety is a blindfold; it doesn’t allow you to see all you’ve ever wanted sitting pretty on the other side.

25. You’ll find peace when you live life as it is but anxiety will get you worrying about how life should be. Choose peace.

26. The only prize anxiety about the future has to offer you is sorrow and today already has its fair share of that. So don’t live in the future, concentrate on the now and be hopeful about tomorrow.

27. The trick to going through tough times is to keep going; you’ll eventually burst out on the other side.

28. Never give up on life, believe it’s worth living and it will obey your faith.

29. Anxiety and worry will only deprive you of making something beautiful out of life.

30. The storm will always come but it will also not last forever, it will eventually calm down and give room to peaceful streams of water. This is how anxiety is; don’t give it power because it never lasts.

31. Nothing is worth being prized and prioritized over your health, sanity and peace and that is what anxiety and worry do. Choose your health, sanity and peace today.

32. Anxiety is like a slow poison, it creeps in, takes a little here and there, and gives you the illusion that you’re in control until it takes over fully and leaves you in the shadow of what you once used to be.

33. The only person given the power to give and sustain peace is you; even anxiety doesn’t have such power to take it unless you give it.

34. When you find yourself on the jagged, hard road of life, think of the beautiful destination it leads to and let hope fuel you to get there.

35. Have faith in yourself, you are here because you survived the storms of yesterday, and you can do the same today.

36. Anxiety is a feeling, albeit deep-seated. Feelings come and go, don’t let anxiety be an exception.

37. Next time you feel anxious, remember that everything in this world is temporary, including our troubles and pains.

38. Release what used to be. Accept what is. Have faith in what will be.

39. Anxiety is a blockage; it doesn’t allow us to take lessons from what life is trying to teach us and deprives us of the strength for the future that life is handing to us.

40. Remember that without the rain, the beautiful rainbow cannot make an appearance, a grand one at that. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you; your rainbow awaits you on the other side.

41. The reason for the signalling of a day and the rise of a new one is that each day is a new chapter, a fresh breath. Choose what to write on it but don’t let anxiety, fear and worry be your everyday ink.

42. There is the best time to worry, it is not now, it is ‘never’. So, stop worrying.

43. Do you catch yourself worrying constantly about what others think of you? Relax, they seldom do.

44. Anxiety will deprive you of the power to act the way you want to feel so don’t give in to worry, free your mind, open your heart and let faith activate your actions.

45. Anxiety is a better assassin than what triggered it, it kills faster and efficiently.

46. You may not have a total grasp or handle on the things that happen in life but you have total power over what goes on inside of you, take charge and don’t let worry dethrone you.

47. You cannot spell RAINBOW without RAIN; you can’t get the goodies of life without going through trying times so don’t worry too much, you are almost there.

48. If we consider ourselves and others worthy of love, then our worries, pains, stresses, challenges and anxieties will not take the front seat in our lives. Therefore, let them go and open your heart to love, regardless of the past.

49. What is destined to happen will happen, whether we worry or not, only that our worry can create an illusion of things turning out bad. So stop worrying; have faith.

50. Whatever happens to you doesn’t have the power to swallow you unless you allow it to. Rather, learn from it and let it arm you with strength and reason to face the future.

51. Problems always look larger than life until you get to the other side of it, so don’t worry too much, you’ll get to the other side, you always do.

52. Most of the things we get anxious or worry about don’t eventually happen so stop worrying and focus on the joys of the moment.

53. Worry, regrets, anxiety and anger are armed robbers; they rob you of the joy and happiness that life has to offer. Be on guard and protect your happiness.

54. What lies ahead of us is more important than what lies behind us but what is most important is what lies right in front of us, that is what we should focus our energy on.

55. What you have inside of you will always determine what happens on the outside and the pace by which it/they happen so fill your mind with joy, happiness and optimism.

56. It is perfectly normal to be scared, only don’t let it keep you down, rather, let it give you the incentive and force you to need to achieve a great feat.

57. You have put so much energy into going beyond your past and making something good out of your future, don’t let anxiety and fear rob you of that.

58. The first step to overcoming anxiety is to believe in yourself and believe that you can rise above your fears to achieve great things. So reach into yourself and hold on to that belief that no obstacle has been made that can stop you.

59. The recipe to overcoming anxiety is freeing your mind from the worries of the future, and regrets of the past and reconnecting it to the present and all the hope it holds.

60. There is no useless feeling; channel your worries and anxieties to propelling forces into achieving something great.

61. Each time you worry or give in to anxiety, you display a lack of faith and hope and the world needs a good dosage of that to go around.

62. Worry often throws a big shadow around a small challenge while hope is the light that chases all shadows away. Let hope lead.

63. A positive attitude is the soul of change in circumstances; for the better.

64. Stars will never be acknowledged and adored if the night doesn’t come out to play. Life’s difficulties’ is only a platform for your resilience and triumph to shine and be showcased.

65. Tomorrow has two sides; you can either land in the desert of anxiety and worry or the valley of hope and positivity. Choose hope today.

66. We are never capable of true happiness and love when we hold on to worrying about things that are beyond our power.

67. Anxiety will make you a prisoner of the past, hope will make you a mastermind of the future and happiness will make you the proud owner of the present.

68. When you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath, take a step back, itemize and take things one at a time, there will always be another day; another chance to get things done.

69. If you hold on long enough, you’ll see that it all passes eventually, nothing is etched in stone, so don’t let fear, worry and anxiety dictate how you live each day.

70. Worry never fixes anything, it even destroys potentials before they become a reality. Don’t give in to worry, take each day as it comes.

71. Tomorrow is promising but in today, lies our bearing. The burden of expectation on the future is heavy but the real burden is not expecting what could happen today.

72. If something is wrong, fix it if you can, if you cannot, let it go. Life is too short to worry so much about something you can’t fix.

73. Worrying a little bit every day will chip away at your life and result in a couple of years being lost to anxiety. Therefore, make the best of every day and live each day to the fullest.

74. Anxiety and worry are limiting; they keep you in a box of wondering what could happen and stop you from reaching outside the limits of your thoughts. Break free today and achieve all that you are destined to and then some more.

75. Life’s challenges and circumstances won’t kill you, they can hurt you, beat you down, leave you shattered but they won’t kill you and what won’t kill you is not worth worrying and getting anxious over, you can rise above them.

76. Life isn’t perfect. Some days, our best is sufficient, and on other days, our best falls short of our expectations. But on all days, we must not allow ourselves to sink into the well of despair and anxiety. We just have to accept that doing what we can with what we have is sufficient.

77. When you think and convince yourself that you have to do everything at once, anxiety comes into the picture. You don’t have to; take a deep breath and accomplish your goals one at a time.

78. One of the best ways to move past your anxiety is to face your fears. Stop running, stand still and confront your fears. Slay it and move past your anxiety to all possibilities that await you.

79. Your obstacles and challenges do not have half the strength that you do, they only feed off your anxiety and worries, so stop feeding them, and let hope lead.

80. Anxiety is limiting; no learning or comprehension takes place where there is anxiety and if you don’t learn and understand, you can’t grow and progress so get rid of your anxiety. Move forward.

81. If it won’t matter in five years, then don’t spend five minutes thinking and worrying about it.

82. Anxiety most times come when we feel a need to have our lives all planned out, we don’t have to. Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath, let things work out themselves and have faith that life will work in your favour mostly.

83. The sun comes back, shining, after a downpour of rain; the river flows down, calmly, after a torrent of a storm; the flowers grow back, beautifully, after the harshest weather. You’ll also bounce back after life’s difficulties. Stop worrying; trust the process.

84. When next you get anxious, think of the moments you thought you wouldn’t make it and you didn’t only survive but thrived. Let those memories be the strength you need to go on.

85. Sometimes, the best service you can do for yourself is to not think; just float in a river of peace, calmness and serenity.

86. Anxiety is a limiting factor; it will never allow you to be yourself. Instead, you’ll always live in the shadow of what you think other people think about you. Cut free and fly above expectations.

87. When you take deep slow breaths, you control the raging storm inside you, you breathe out anxiety, worry and fear and you breathe in hope, faith and love.

88. Life might not be the way you want it now. But it will get better. Keep believing, don’t lose faith.

89. Shadows are representations of a light shining somewhere nearby; life’s challenges are representations of the successes nearby. Don’t give up and don’t give in to anxiety.

90. Life is an experiment, so don’t be afraid to try and don’t feel bad when you don’t succeed. Continue trying, you’ll get it someday.

91. The only way to happiness is to stop worrying over what you have no control over, don’t let anxiety be the blockage in that way.

92. Anxiety magnifies the little problems around you into big imaginable ones and robs you of the happiness each day comes with. So, do away with the anxiety and be grateful for what you have, while hoping for more.

93. You may not have the power to control all that happens around you but you have the power to control the effect they have on you, big or small; the choice is yours.

94.No matter how gigantic and insurmountable that problem seems, know that you have something inside of you that is bigger. Reach for it and use it.

95. What you tell yourself matters; it shapes your reality of today and perception of tomorrow. So, fill yourself with all the positivity and hope and do away with negativity and worry.

96. What has not happened should not make you worry. Stay in the NOW.

97. Never let the thought of the future disturb you. What counts is today; make the most of it.

98. Every Tomorrow becomes a Present eventually so stop fretting, life will work itself out.

99. What is ahead is worth leaving the past for, quit worrying and start living.

100. Fear will prevent the bravest man from hearing himself. Stop fretting

Now you have these inspirational anti-anxiety quotes to keep you going when you are down. Don’t life keep you down, it will surely get better. Let me know what you feel about this post in the comment section below. Thanks

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