Anxiety Awareness Quotes

Anxiety Awareness Quotes

One of the challenges of life is that there are many people who, unfortunately, are not living as they would but merely surviving. And it is not just about the amount of money you have or your status in society. Sometimes, it is about the experiences of life that you are yet to deal with.

Anxiety can be extremely overwhelming, especially when it starts to affect your everyday life. Sometimes you may find yourself worrying about the future or creating awful scenarios in your head without even realizing it. That is why it is important to understand anxiety.

You may be living with anxiety without the idea because you are unaware or cannot recognize it. It is necessary that you come into awareness of what anxiety is, how it makes you feel and even how to combat it.

Therefore, do well to go through these anxiety awareness quotes, for they have been thoughtfully put together to make you come into the awareness of the existence, dangers, and prevention of anxiety.

Anxiety Awareness Quotes

Anxiety makes you feel like the walls are closing in around you. And it doesn’t ask for permission or care about the level of awareness you have. It simply wants to mess with your mental health. But please, do not allow it. It only takes understanding to overcome anxiety.

1. Be aware that anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed even with the smallest of things. You have to practice mindfulness because anxiety can drain all your energy.

2. Having anxiety is like being in a prison, with walls written all over with thoughts that frighten you the most. Be aware!

3. To be aware of anxiety, give yourself the liberating feeling of being conscious. Don’t drown in your thoughts, do a mental walk away.

4. You need to come into awareness that anxiety is a mental struggle, it makes you panic at the possibility of things you don’t want happening to happen.

5. Take slow consecutive breaths, feel your environment, and reduce your stress level. Stress increases the risk of having anxiety. Be aware.

6. Everything happens in their own time, don’t let the need to shine or be like others get into your head and make you anxious. You don’t need to be anybody, all you need is you.

7. Anxiety thrives when you are nervous, sometimes you don’t even know the reason for your sudden state of nervousness. When this happens, just do some activities or exercise.

8. Know that you are strong, and can achieve anything you want in good time. Block away things that remind you of your anxious state. You are doing better than you were yesterday.

9. At some point in life everyone faces this feeling of anxiety but don’t let it control you, else it will make you its prisoner.

10. If you perhaps find yourself in an environment that makes you feel anxious, detach yourself from that space until you are okay and sound enough to face anything.

11. Anxiety can feed on your insecurities, don’t make your ambitions too high to achieve. You can start with little successes until you hit the big.

12. If you are having the feeling of anxiety and you still go about your business, it is simply the most courageous thing to do because you are giving yourself the chance to find purpose and happiness.

13. That you have anxiety doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are strong enough to want to live and become better. And you will become better in an appreciably good time. Don’t give up on yourself.

14. Every victory starts with one positive step followed by several others in the right direction. Don’t be too anxious, you will win in the end as long as you keep reaching forward.

15. When you find yourself relapsing into this feeling of anxiety, accept the feeling, trust yourself to know that it won’t last forever, and then tell yourself that yes, you got this!

16. Remember how the caterpillar turned into a butterfly when it thought It was all over. Having anxiety may seem insurmountable right now but, I tell you, you will have greater chances far better than the ones you have had before, and you’re going to succeed.

17. You can learn to control your anxiety, once it comes, identify the feeling, and be mindful enough to step out of it. Keep pushing.

18. Anxiety is the most unrewarding feeling ever. It preoccupies your mind with no positive thing ever. Decide to do whatever it takes to stay mindful and healthy.

19. Having anxiety will make you think that nothing else is as important as the way you feel. It sets your mind in a state of emergency. Always breathe in and breathe out slowly, you’re not facing any crisis.

20. Always remind yourself that you can survive anything. You have survived even situations in the past, and nothing new again can shake you up.

21. Anxiety doesn’t relieve your problems, it amplifies them and robs you of your strength for today. Live in the moment.

22. It may not be easy but try to stay away from certain kinds of news on the media, sleep well, and reconnect with your natural environment. It saves you from getting anxious.

23. No matter how stormy your experience with anxiety is, never stop trying to get better, journal your thoughts, and make sure you cook and eat good food.

24. Anxiety is a wound of the mind, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t yield any positive outcome. Remember you have only yourself, only you can make the necessary changes required to keep your mind at rest, every other person is secondary.

25. The easiest way to overcome anxiety is to live in the moment. Take no thought of yesterday; it’s gone now, take no thoughts of tomorrow; tomorrow’s strength will come.

26. Know that you cannot control the future, it’s not in your power to do so. Do not let anxiety steal your joy away. You have a shot at winning if can just live in the moment.

27. Ensure that you remain calm and align yourself with the feel of fresh air rushing into your nostrils when you breathe in and out. The environment plays a huge role in keeping you conscious and present.

28. Anxiety will numb your feelings about life, general activities, and emotions. Don’t let it get you in that corner. No matter how dark everything appears to be, reach out to the light deep within your soul, there’s hope for better days.

29. When you experience anxiety, do not keep quiet, talk to someone and get involved in activities that interest or make you happy. Don’t let it feed on your silence.

30. Give yourself sufficient time to rest. Your peace of mind is important too. Try to prioritize yourself, the world will adjust. You will be surprised how far the world will go on in your absence, try to not let your daily activities overwhelm you.

31. When you conceal the pain of your anxiety, it gives room for it to get worse. The burden of anxiety increases when you lock yourself in silence, always speak out and also listen when others talk to you.

32. The reason you might be experiencing anxiety might be because of the perspective with which you are looking at your problems. Perhaps changing the way you think might help you recover faster.

33. Anxiety could be felt at higher intensities with more difficulty to regain self-awareness. It’s necessary to prioritize your mental health.

34. Why anxiety is so insidious is because you don’t see the end of your problem in view. That makes the fight tough for the sufferer.

35. Anxiety is the worst use of imagination ever! You will be busy in your mind yet unproductive in reality. It brings no good at all.

36. When you feel triggered at any point, breathe in and breathe out slowly; the feeling will ease off gradually. Love yourself enough, you are all you have got.

37. Nobody wakes up one day and decides to have anxiety. Hence, when you notice it, you must give it attention like every other injury you have had.

38. Anxiety puts your mind in constant chaos, panic, and unrest but, in the real sense, it is not as chaotic as it seems, it’s just your mind playing bad games with your emotions.

39. Remember that stars shine brighter in the darkest night. So never allow the difficult circumstances around you to fill up your mind with anxiety.

40. Yes, you might be experiencing this feeling, however, you need to know that you are not alone. Talk to people around you who love and care about you.

41. Having peace in our mind is not what anyone can do for us, rather, it’s what we can do for ourselves. You can choose where to go, what to do, and whom to listen to. All these have a part to play in helping you become better.

42. Thinking in the right direction is one sure way one can fight anxiety. Even when it’s obvious that things are not panning out well, believing that it will be fine in the end makes a lot of difference.

43. Learn to handle things one after the other. Do not try to handle everything at a time, it could be way too much load for your peace of mind.

44. As long as you are making gradual efforts towards your goals, keep moving, and don’t let anybody hurry you, you will get there in your own time and convenience.

45. Having enough confidence in oneself boosts one’s ability to do anything. When there’s an absolute belief in oneself, anxiety stays clear. Love yourself more, belief in yourself, and be kind to yourself more. Your healing starts with you.

46. You only have yourself, no one can exist like you. You are unique and that’s the reason you must trust in your unique way of handling things. As long as it gives you great results, do not worry about what every other person is doing.

47. You are good enough. Make positive confessions to yourself every day. If you say it enough, you will believe it.

48. Answer mind questions with logic. Remind yourself of your little successes or all the times you have won in life when you start questioning your path in life.

49. Avoid being in the midst of people that undervalue you, people who talk you down don’t deserve a place in your mind. Kindness is sweet essence, embrace it with everything you have got.

50. When you have too many tasks to accomplish, don’t look towards the end, Look towards handling one at a time.

51. When you can’t come up with a plan just yet, don’t get worked up by it. Just breathe, and trust the process. You are doing better already, and only just a matter of time before everything will take shape.

52. The moment you start getting anxious about anything, switch to doing an activity that interests you until you feel all right.

53. It is key to accept what you are feeling, forget about what it used to be, and believe you can do better.

54. If you can identify your anxiety triggers and avoid them, you’d be doing a whole lot better.

55. Anxiety preoccupies the mind and makes you think you have no escape because it knows everything you are scared of and will make sure it’s the only thing you see and think about.

56. If you get terrified about speaking your mind at any time, tell yourself your opinions matter too, and you deserve to be heard.

57. When you find your mind wandering away, pinch yourself and draw your mind out of those drowning thoughts.

58. Learning to let go of challenging situations will fasten your recovery.

59. When you think you’re not doing enough, celebrate your small wins then.

60. Quit thinking about tomorrow, live in the moment. Anxiety will be far from you.

61. When you feel anxious, take a break, breathe slowly, and relax your mind.

62. You deserve to feel good, don’t ever let anyone or anything make you feel or think that you are asking for too much.

63. Be proud of your previous achievements. Your current task is not much different, you can do it.

64. Anxiety could sometimes mean we are stepping out of our comfort zone, into a much better and brighter place. You will be aright in your newfound purpose.

65. When you see shadows, it means there’s light shining nearby, nothing more.

66. You have the strength for each new day, not for tomorrow, and not for a whole week. Just today! So, stop worrying about tomorrow, tomorrow’s strength will come.

68. Treat yourself kindly, you are all you have got.

69. Always remember that your anxiety can’t change the past nor can it change the future, so just live in the moment.

70. Ask yourself “what do I have now, how long do I have, and how far can it get me?”. Logic outsmarts anxiety.

71. At some point, it may feel as if the world around you has gone crazy, and is about to drag you along with its craziness, relax! Nothing is as chaotic as it appears. Don’t let anything drag you down below that place of anxiety and fear.

72. Most times, before things get better, they must first get difficult, so, in order not to feel encumbered with the weight of anxiety, have in mind that you are one step closer to happiness.

73. Keep your heart open to learning something new every day, you may get to find out that even the things that are making you feel anxious are teaching you how to survive and become better.

74. It may get stormy, nobody promised that it’s going to be all rosy and smooth. So, when you walk on your life’s journey, know that you are not the first on the track, if others can do it, you can do it too.

75. When you sit at a place and worry, your problem grows bigger but, when you take an action towards solving it, you will feel lighter, and happier.

76. Life may not go the way you planned, perhaps, it’s a sign of something even better, though it may not look like it in the beginning. Don’t let your anxiety get the better part of you.

77. Sometimes, all you need to be is yourself, the world doesn’t care as much as we think they do, people have a lot going on in their own lives to even notice what you are scared about.

78. You do not have to control everything, it’s most likely you don’t have that much power to wield. So, why not accept the fact that whether you are anxious or not, what will happen will happen?

79. Most times, you work your mind up with too many things at a time, you forget that focus yields the greater good.

80. You may not have the superpowers to select what comes to you but, you can decide to learn how to handle your problems as they come.

82. Anxiety is the numbing fear of failure without productiveness. It can make you feel everything at once yet useless because it makes you tired and weak.

83. Don’t let anxiety define who you are. You are not what you are feeling.

84. Anxiety is an injury of the mind. It doesn’t show on the body but, it hurts deeper than a physical injury.

85. Choose to keep away from anything that makes you feel anxious. Nothing is as important as wholeness both in mind and body.

86. I hope you know that you are capable, strong, beautiful, and undefeated. Nothing you didn’t give power can pull you down. You are way beyond your struggles.

87. You are way too extraordinary to let anxiety give more burden than you can carry, and the worst being it’s unproductive. You’re stronger than whatever it is you’re going through.

88. You’re worthy of love, you’re capable, you’re just like every other person trying to figure their lives out. You just have to keep believing in yourself, nothing is worth giving up your life for.

89. The easiest way to keep anxiety away from you is to be in an environment where you learn new things every day, somewhere that challenges you to become better.

90. Anxiety makes you never want to wake up. It makes you appreciate sleep more than consciousness, it makes you see existence as a nightmare.

91. Nothing rubs you off your present joy like anxiety. It’s a state where you want to change the past, and at the same time control the future but, neither of these things is in your power to do. You only have to live now; at the moment.

92. If you get anxious at any moment, look around your environment for things you can touch, eat, hear, or even smell. You have to allow yourself to be aware of the present.

93. Anxiety doesn’t tell you the truth. It just wants to imprison your mind, to get you stuck and trapped in a tight corner where it feels most difficult to getaway. It just wants you to panic and loses yourself to numbness.

94. That feeling of helplessness is anxiety. It drowns you far below the surface where everything screams of darkness. You want to reach out but nothing is an insight to help or see your struggles. I hope you know that coming into self-awareness is the key that can bring you out no matter the depth of what you feel.

95. Exercising can help you stay very afloat in your mind if you experience anxiety. Being actively involved in physical activities will keep anxiety very far from you.

96. If you find yourself constantly going back to your feeling of anxiety, commit to yourself, that no matter what happens you are going to beat this. You have a whole beautiful life ahead of you.

97. Anxiety and mindfulness are two opposites. You can’t find one around the other. So, If you want to steer close to wholeness, you have to practice being mindful every second of your day.

98. Anxiety feeds on loneliness and inactivity. Knowing this will help you choose the kind of environment to stay in or avoid. You have a choice to make towards achieving mindfulness. Find a way to keep yourself busy and interact with other people.

99. The first step to recovering from anxiety is taking the first step. Until you try, nobody else can help you. Let your desire to achieve wellness override every other negative feeling.

100. When you experience any form of anxiety, allow light to shine through your innermost self, become honest with what you feel, talk to someone, listen and hear them speak to you, and believe that everything will work well. You will be fine in the end.

Anxiety awareness is important to help you realize the problem so you can find a solution. Hopefully, these anxiety awareness quotes will help you easily identify anxiety when it comes knocking and easily overcome it.

Do well to go through any of the anxiety awareness quotes again. Comment on the post and share any of them with your loved ones.

Thank you.

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