Anger Is Bad Quotes

Anger Is Bad Quotes

As humans, we go through various mixed emotions as we transact with one another in our day-to-day lives. Mixed emotions such as love, sadness, peace, pain, joy, disappointment, and so on, run through our minds as we go about our daily businesses. One of such emotions is also anger.

It’s normal and not uncommon to get angry sometimes, particularly when we face situations that do not go well with us. Anger is one of the most complex human emotions; its ability to drive us to do both good and bad makes it a very tricky emotion. When used properly and wisely, anger can motivate us to do some serious good, but if misused can cause bitter resentment.

When anger is beginning to produce ill feelings or negative thoughts in our hearts concerning our friends, family, colleagues, and other people we relate with, then it is bad and can harm you alongside those around you. Such a fit of anger can destroy relationships, break families, and ruin your health, if left uncontrolled.

It’s okay to be angry but do not sin as a result of that anger. Going ahead with the anger and using it to react is bad and should be checked to avoid disaster. Rather than holding on to anger, why not let it go. Free your mind; allow peace and love to have free course in you instead.

If letting go of anger easily seems difficult for you or you don’t even see the reason why holding on to anger is dangerous, then these anger is bad quotes are specially put together for you.

Anger Is Bad Quotes

Anger is bad. It’s a destructive emotion and it can lead to reactive behaviour. But there are other valuable emotions available to you that will make you more productive, happier, and healthier. Take charge of your emotion and make your life better.

1. Let’s face it, anger is bad for us. It’s been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression. So let’s get rid of anger, and replace it with something better.

2. Anger is like a night of heavy drinking. In the morning, you hurt twice as bad, and everyone regrets what they said.

3. Anger is bad. It is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

4. Anger is a poison that burns inside you. It’s not as good as you think.

5. Life without anger is one of the sweetest pleasures. No quarrels, no hatred, no envy, but perpetual calm.

6. Bad days happen. We all have them here and there, but that doesn’t mean you are a bad person, or that you’re failing at life. So please remember the next time you’re feeling down, that anger is bad, and just breathe.

7. Let’s be honest, anger is unhealthy—it’s toxic. Don’t let the everyday stresses of life harden your heart. Take time to re-centre yourself, meditate, take a walk in nature, or head to the gym. Get it all out, breathe and meditate again.

8. Feelings are not facts. When you’re angry, it’s critical to think before you act.

9. If you’re angry, then get up, get out, and do something about it.

10. Feeling angry? Don’t let it make you into a bad person and don’t take it out on someone else. Take your aggression to the mat, and then let it go.

11. I’m so tired of angry, sad people. Today is a new day. Let’s all smile together.

12. Anger is grief in disguise—grief at what you feel you deserve and don’t have.

14. Don’t let rage define you. Allow it to be a lesson learned, not a curse spoken.

15. If you’re angry, let it fuel your energy to think deeply about the problems that need to be solved.

16. Remember: Anger is bad. Control your anger. Don’t let it control you.

17. Let’s face it, anger is bad. When we allow anger to control our lives, it leads to all sorts of bad things: bitterness, rage, and even physical sickness. Become a student of anger like me and you too can learn how to

18. Stop, and think about what you have. Anger is a wasted emotion and leads to nothing but regret in the end.

19. Anger is never without a reason but seldom with a good one.

20. Anger is like a poison that harms you and those around you. Find a way to avoid it, learn how to deal with it, and move towards happiness. Anger is temporary. Pride is forever.

21. The person who angers you most is the person who teaches you the necessary lessons of life.

22. Let’s not mistake anger for aggression. Anger is bad, but aggression is good.

23. Anger is a powerful emotion. But it’s also dangerous and destructive if not used constructively.

24. They say anger is bad, but I think that’s just the small minds and timid hearts talking because anger has a place. It all depends on how you choose to use it.

25. Don’t throw in the towel when you’re angry. Fight for a better life, and keep on going.

26. Stay away from anything that makes you lose your patience. There’s never time at the end of a day as beautiful as this to be annoying or angry with anyone.

27. Stress is anger without enthusiasm. Be angry at the right things, and do your best to let go of all the rest.

28. Anger is bad, but channelling it is good. You’re mad? Good! Now do something about it!

29. Anger is bad if you sit and think about it, but great if you do something about it.

30. Sometimes, when we’re angry, it’s because something is wrong. But anger is still a bad choice. So choose to always be kind.

31. Anger is a destructive force inside us that must be harnessed and controlled, like a mad dog.

32. Anger can be a destructive force in your life. Overcoming anger is a challenge that takes time, but is achievable through education and self-awareness.

33. Don’t let anger consume you. If you are in a bad mood, then take a break, go for a walk, or do some exercise.

34. If you can’t get angry, what kind of human are you? Anger is a short madness.

35. True freedom is not a never-ending party. It’s being able to live without anger and annoyance.

36. Most people in this world are out to steal your joy. Don’t let them.

37. Anger is a natural, but oftentimes unhealthy reaction. No one wants to feel angry, but sometimes we can’t avoid it.

38. Anger is a good, powerful, and often underrated emotion. Tap into its potential to move you toward what’s important to you.

39. Don’t let anger take over your life. Use it to learn, grow, and expand. Allow it to bring you one step closer to peace.

40. If you need to talk about how angry you are, go ahead and rant. But if you’re angry because you feel like the only way to change some things is to be angry, it’s time to take a breath and look for another way.

41. Realize that anger only harms you. Never let it control you, and never let it destroy your faith.

42. You know that anger is bad—and it only makes things worse. That’s why we try to get to the root of what’s upsetting you, and work to fix it. Because when we are calm instead of angry, we’re all better off.

43. Anger as an emotion is a worthless enemy. Uncontrolled, it can destroy all that is good in your life and the lives of those you love.

44. Anger is a powerful emotion that can help you reach your goals. Use it wisely.

45. Anger is a lot like fire—it can feel like power, but its destruction will be your downfall.

46. Your anger is your enemy. Its life energy turned against you. Turn around and face it head-on, before it consumes you.

47. If you are trying to make a point, stand up for something, or fight for a cause, use the power of anger to drive your passion.

48. Anger is never an excuse for violence. Violence can never be justified. Violence only escalates a situation and does not guarantee a win for either side.

49. Anger is not the most effective way to reach your goals―passion, conviction, and drive are.

50. Owning your anger is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. You’re in control of your decisions and how you react to things. This means that instead of letting anger build up, you can let things go immediately.

51. Sometimes in life you have to anger some people and things. But the only thing you should be angry about is not being a better person than those people and things.

52. Anger is bad, you can either let it make you do bad things or you can use it to make yourself feel better about your problems. Sometimes all it takes is a good rant and we feel better, so don’t be afraid to talk trash.

53. An angry employee is a powerful thing. They can destroy your company from within. Anger is bad and should be avoided at all costs!

54. Don’t let anger take control. Face your problems and solve them head-on to grow as a person, not an angry one.

55. Anger kills more dreams than failure ever will. Be positive. Anger is a waste of energy.

56. Don’t let the anger of others cloud your judgment. And always be kind to yourself first.

57. It’s easy to lose your temper. It’s hard to win it back again.

58. If you are angry, be angry at the right thing and in the right way.

59. Inner peace begins when you recognize that what you are feeling is anger, not love. When you can see anger for what it really is – a powerful force that only hurts the ones you love – then you will finally be able to.

60. Anger is like a storm that blows out the lamp of the mind.

61. To all the people who have been in an angry mood, you have to pause life and think about how precious it is. And then, there will be no anger if you love to live.

62. When you’re angry, count to ten before you speak. If it’s still Necessary, pause long enough to count to one hundred.

63. Don’t let anger drag you down, but if you must keep it bottled like a genie, always let it out one breath at a time.

64. Just getting angry is not going to solve problems. Anger is a destructive force: it rots the brain, hurts your relationships, and it can even kill you.

65. Our anger can hurt the people around us, but it can also hurt us. Paying attention to our anger is an act of compassion for ourselves as well as others.

66. Anger is an emotional response to a situation or event perceived to be negative. If you are experiencing unhealthy or unreasonable anger, don’t hold it all in. We should share our frustrations with others positively and productively.

67. What is Anger? – A feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong.

68. Through any kind of storm, anger is a destructive force and the source of pain.

69. Don’t be angry. Be inspired—to do better work, to be a better parent, to be a better person.

70. Make sure to drink your coffee black, if you have any more reasons to be angry.

71. Most of the time, anger is a destructive force. It can ruin relationships, business projects, and even your entire life if it goes on unchecked. It’s important to control this emotion because it can hurt both you and others around you.

72. I’m angry because I am happy- it’s not right to be so happy when others suffer and struggle.

73. You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.

74. Forgive, but never forget. Let go, but never forgive. Move on, but don’t forget.

75. Anger is like fluid. It’s a form of energy that has always been around and it’s going to be around for the rest of our existence.

76. Anger is the opposite of love, and that’s not good for your health.

77. We all get angry. But anger is not a way to solve problems. It is just another emotion trying to control you.

78. Anger is like taking your finger to place in the door and slamming it shut. Anger consumes, anger destroys.

79. Anger is a short madness and it’s up to us to choose what comes next.

80. The anger in you. The anger in you will destroy your future.

81. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

82. I feel the days of anger toward others, who have turned away from me. I choose to let go and forgive so much.

83. The only anger that matters is that which drives you, inspires you, and makes you a better version of yourself.

84. Anger is like a dark cloud that never does any good. Find a cool way to make it rain positivity.

85. We spend so much time defending anger. We spend so little time understanding it.

86. Always remember that there is nothing good about anger.

87. There is a force more powerful than anger, and that’s love.

88. Anger is the path to the dark side. I sense great anger in you. You could be a wonderful ally.

89. When you are enraged, it is time to pause, take a breath, and find some perspective.

90. Anger can make you lose your wits. It can make you act irrationally and say things you don’t mean. Use that energy to power your creativity instead.

91. Anger is a powerful emotion. Use it to motivate yourself, and push past your limits. Get pissed.

92. When you stay angry at people, you eventually become like them. I’m not saying forgive, just let go of anger.

93. Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.

94. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but nobody is entitled to be angry about it.

95. Sometimes I think anger is like a ball of string. It looks compact, but if you pull on it, there seems to be no end.

96. Anger is one of the most destructive emotions. You will never accomplish what you want to if you let anger consume you.

97. We all make mistakes. Don’t let those mistakes bring you down, but use them to make you stronger.

98. Hateful words have no place in our society. Don’t be part of the problem—if you see hate, speak up.

99. Anger is bad for the body, bad for the heart, and bad for the soul. Don’t get mad get happy.

100. The more anger you feed, the bigger it grows. So stop feeding it!

Anger is a destructive force that affects both the sufferer and those around them. Using positive steps to overcome anger will help to eliminate the negative feelings associated with being angry.

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