Am I Really That Bad Quotes

Am I Really That Bad Quotes

Being bad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s stressful, lonely, and often leads down a road of self-destruction. But even in those situations where you are honestly the worst person in the world, you don’t want to be that bad. You can do better. You deserve better.

No one is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Understanding what makes you a bad person—and how to become a good one—is an important part of becoming a better person.

If you need help identifying your flaws, try asking for feedback from people whose opinions you trust (for example, your loved ones, co-workers, mentors, etc.)

Everyone is insecure about themselves, and even if you don’t notice it, they probably notice your insecurities. Treat everyone like a person, not an idea or a statistic. If you have ever told yourself that you are bad or not good enough, you need to go through this post.

Below are some amazing am I really a bad person quotes you’d ever come across. Enjoy!


Am I Really a Horrible Person Quotes

Being a horrible person and not knowing it is not a great way to live. You don’t need to make excuses for your mistakes; instead, take responsibility for them and do what it takes to make things right. Don’t let your bad past define the rest of your life; instead, use it as a lesson for the future.

1. We’re all human. Nobody’s ever gone through life without making harmful mistakes. What matters is how we learn and grow from our mistakes.

2. No matter who you are and where you come from, your future is what matters. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Never stop chasing your dreams.

3. We all make mistakes. But that’s not what makes us bad people — what matters is what we learn from them.

4. No matter what you’ve been through, you are not defined by your past. Moving forward, you get to shape who you are and what your future looks like.

5. Whether it’s a bad haircut, a botched interview, or a flat tire on the freeway, it’s the little things we learn from our mistakes that make us better people.

6. Everyone makes mistakes. We’re all human — that’s what makes us so special.

7. Mistakes are a part of life, but who we are is determined by how we react to those mistakes.

8. Everyone makes mistakes; some people learn from their mistakes, but those who do not are doomed to repeat them, while others make the same mistake all over again and never learn anything.

9. When you make a mistake, learn from it. Please don’t treat it like it’s the end of the world. Don’t let humiliation stop you from trying again. And don’t hold grudges because forgiving is sometimes the best way to move ahead.

10. No matter what shaped you, you’re not defined by your past; you’re defined by what you do next.

11. We’ve all made mistakes. It’s what we learn from them that makes us better people.

12. It doesn’t matter what shaped you. Your past doesn’t define you; you’re defined by what you do next.

13. Even the most successful, confident people make mistakes. But it’s not what you do that’s important — it’s how you handle it.

14. No matter what issues you have faced, your past doesn’t define you. You get to determine who you become by the actions you take now.

15. If you are ready to transform your life and reclaim your future, now is the time.

16. All of us make mistakes. Some people decide to give up, and others turn their bad choices into a positive story for the rest of their life.

17. Suppose you make a mistake. Everyone does! Instead of letting it destroy your confidence, brush it off and think about how you can move on and do better next time.

18. Everyone makes big or little mistakes once in a while. It’s how you deal with those mistakes that matter.

19. I don’t lose friends because I do bad things; I lose friends because they stop talking to me when I do.

20. I did one thing that I thought was wrong, but so does everyone else. You don’t have to be perfect for anyone, and as long as you are nice to the people who are nice to you, you’re okay in my book.

21. You don’t have to be good to make me happy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it anyway.

22. You’re not a horrible person. You have just been in love for too long, and now you are afraid to be alone.

23. Sometimes, you’re not a horrible person; you’re just going through a horrible time.

24. I used to think being horrible took a lot of energy. It turns out it’s surprisingly effortless!

25. It’s not the people who act true to their feelings are horrible. It’s the people who hide how they feel and act like everything’s okay.

26. I know you feel like a bad person. You are not. Don’t let your fear of making mistakes make you a scared person who doesn’t live.

27. If someone is really rude, I am more likely to forgive them than a person who is nice to everyone.

28. In every bad situation, there is something positive. But it would be best if you were patient and calm to find it out.

29. You are not a horrible person; you have only done something horrible. And It’s okay to feel like a fraud sometimes; who doesn’t? You’re not alone. Stay strong.

30. You’ve just made a major mistake, but it’s all right—we’ve all done it before.

31. Do good by being better and doing good for others. It does you good, too. Do well by doing good.

32. Always tell yourself you’re a good person, even when no one else is around to hear it.

33. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I’m better than you in every way.

34. Don’t wake up with regrets. We all make mistakes, but what matters is fixing them.

35. Don’t be a bad person. Do something nice for someone else today. Please?

36. It’s easy to be a bad person. All you have to do is be selfish, hurt others, and not care. But, if you’re willing to work on yourself, hold yourself accountable every day, and treat other people with respect, you will become a better human being.

37. Do good, be better, and treat people with respect. You’re not meant to be a bad person.

38. Start with a good heart. Being nice is hard, but it will pay off in the end. Let people be better than they are. Treat your fellow men and women with respect. Be the reason someone smiles today.

39. Go out of your way to show other people warmth. You can’t make a positive difference if you’re only making money.

40. Be genuine, true to yourself, and always strive to be better. Love loudly.

41. Being kind makes people around you feel better, and it has a big impact on those around you.

42. Please, be a good person. It’s easier than being a bad one.

43. Having a positive social media presence is vital in modern-day life. Always be kind and don’t be that horrible person!

44. Be a good friend, be a good person. It’s that simple.

45. It’s not about all the bad stuff you did. It’s about all the good stuff you did and what you could do even better next time. Be a better person today than you were yesterday.

46. Don’t worry about being perfect. Worry about getting better every day.

47. It takes a lot of practice to be a good liar, but you don’t necessarily have to be bad to lie.

48. You are a great person who might be a little bit misunderstood.

49. We’re all selfish, but being selfish doesn’t mean being mean. The universe won’t collapse because you didn’t throw yourself a pity party.

50. Not every person is a good guy, but even the bad guys can have some good in them.

Am I Really a Bad Person Quotes

Being a bad person doesn’t mean you are a devil. It just means that you can’t show your good side. Those around you have problems to deal with, so instead of pointing out their flaws and making them feel small, always support and encourage them to do better.

51. Don’t judge a book by its cover. You will learn that being a bad person doesn’t mean they are the devil.

52. Being tough doesn’t mean you’re a hero. It just means you are not afraid of anyone. And that makes you the only friend I need.

53. If someone’s had a rough childhood, it doesn’t mean they are bad. One should not judge people just because they did something bad.

54. Even if you’re a bad person (or want to be bad), be kind. Be nice to people, not because they deserve it, but simply because you can.

55. People say that a person who cannot show their good side must be bad. It’s just not true.

56. It doesn’t matter what kind of bad person you are; people will still love you.

57. It’s not easy to be a bad guy. It would help if you had wicked skills, the right costuming, and a plan for the perfect getaway.

58. There are people in this world that you can’t trust. They give off a bad vibe, and they’re strangers who want the worst for you.

59. It’s easy to fool the world and make people think you are someone you’re not. Just act like a jerk, ignore all morals, and do whatever it takes to get ahead in life.

60. Nobody’s perfect. Well, maybe you’re a little too close. We all have our quirks and our faults. What matters is that we don’t let them grow out of proportion. Malfunctioning as a human being should never be considered a crime.

61. Even if you’re a bad person, you don’t have to be impenetrable from kindness. Just treat everyone well, and it will come back to you.

62. No matter how rotten of a human being you are, there is still kindness in the world. Be nice to everyone, even if they don’t deserve it.

63. Good fences make good neighbours. Even if you’re a bad person, I don’t want to be your enemy. No hard feelings, right?

64. If you’re not a bad person, don’t do bad things.

65. If you’re a good person, be kind. Be nice to people, not because they deserve it, but simply because you can.

66. Be kind. Don’t hurt people just because they don’t treat you well.

67. Even if you don’t want to be a better person, at least act like one.

68. You don’t have to be good; you only need not be bad.

69. Be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them. Kindness can change the world, one smile at a time.

70. One of the best things you can do for yourself and others is to be nice.

71. Not everyone out there is a good guy, but everyone has some good in them.

72. While every person isn’t a good guy, many of the worst people have a little good in them.

73. Nobody’s perfect, but everyone has some good in them.

74. Not everyone is bad; even Superman has a few kryptonite villains.

75. Even bad guys have some good qualities that can redeem them.

76. We’ve all got good and bad in us. Sometimes we need a friendly reminder to find it or let it melt away.

77. Obviously, not all superheroes wear capes. Some go around shirtless with no judgment and try to help people.

78. Everyone tells the truth, but not everyone is honest.

79. A good person thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

80. Forgive. Always forgive. You are capable of kindness, despite everything you’ve been through. Just be nice to people; it’s not hard.

81. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you save everything for yourself, you’ll often miss out on something good. Be kind to everyone in your life, even if they didn’t treat you right. It’s surprising how far it will get you when helping others in need.

82. I think that good or bad, everyone deserves a compliment. That’s my philosophy. I’m a big believer in being kind and treating everyone like they’re special.

83. You might not always be an angel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have feelings, okay? A smile is free, and it is beyond infectious.

84. Everyone has a place to meet their true family, no matter how nice or bad they are. While you’re working hard to make them away, you’ll find something that keeps you going and always thinking of home.

85. We’re all in this together. No one wins unless everyone wins. Bad people exist, but that is no excuse to be a bad person.

86. No doubt, there are some bad people in this world; that’s no excuse to be a bad person.

87. No matter how dire the circumstances, we can never excuse the act of being a bad person.

88. Even bad people are capable of being good. Be a good person, and let those bad people see what they’re missing by being bad.

89. Most people are good. Keep that in mind when you’re interacting with others. Don’t be a bad person.

90. There are bad people in the world. There is no denying that, but that doesn’t mean there’s an excuse to be a bad person, either.

91. Even though there are people who do not have good intentions, that is no reason to live with the same mentality.

92. We’re all human, and sometimes we end up in a confrontation with a stranger where we get upset. But when it happens, don’t stoop to their level. That’s just being a bad person out of spite.

92. In the world, there will be people that want to hurt you, but that doesn’t mean you should hurt others.

93. It’s not about being a good person – it’s about being a bad person with purpose.

94. In a world of sins and iniquities, one must take care never to fall into the wrong side of the line. You’ll be tempted to do things that go against your morals but resist.

95. I believe everyone should do good and be better. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, respect, and honesty.

96. You don’t have to be a bad person to make some good money in the world.

97. Treat people with kindness. Givers don’t have to be martyrs. Don’t give when it depletes you, and don’t give to those who will abuse your generosity.

98. We’re all a little broken, aren’t we? Let’s help each other out.

99. If you want to change the world, start with yourself and be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.

100. You’re a leader in your community and a person to be trusted. You should do good and help people.

101. I’m going to change the world; I changed my mind. It’s too late for me now, but you still have time.

We all have plenty to offer as long as we don’t forget that we’re all human beings who face the same problems in our daily lives.

And I hope that some of the quotes have helped you feel more comfortable in your skin.

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