2024 Trending You Are An Amazing Person & I’m Lucky to Have You Quotes

Angels also come in human form and when we’re lucky to run into them and even luckier to have them stay in our lives, every fibre of our being gets stimulated. Hence, leaving us feeling indebted to them.

This, of course, makes us want to show appreciation. So, in no time, we’re left searching for the most befitting amazing quotes on the internet.

Letting them know how lucky you are to have them in your life would earn you even a better and more secure place in their hearts.

So, do well to quickly send any of these beautifully written quotes to that special friend or lover in your life. These quotes are the best to send to that special persons, especially if that special someone is suffering from depression.

These are simply the best.

I’m Blessed to Know an Amazing Person Like You

It’s an overwhelming feeling to have someone who cares so much about you. But is encouraging when you eventually appreciate having them around you. I’m lucky to have you text messages is filled with mouth watering contents that will nullify your doubt.

1. When I see you smile, I’m left totally amazed. You make me feel more than lucky.

2. A friend with the yearning to go an extra mile for the one she cares about is really a blessing. You’re amazing, yes you are.

3. A perfect lover like you is only real in the movies, but I’m amazed I have you for real in my life. The world would agree, that I’m lucky.

4. It’s an overwhelming feeling when I see you next to me. What an amazement you are.

5. Your charming prowess is amazing. I love envisioning my life with you.

6. The only time I got so luck was when you made me your woman. I feel wonderful in my spirit.

7. I can’t describe the feeling you arouse in me, but it’s nothing short of amazing.

8. I’m so lucky to have a friend who has become my family.

9. I’ll thank you for making me your bosom friend, but most importantly for being so amazing.

10. You’re next to an angel. Your flawlessness is so amazing.

11. The luckiest girl in the world is me, cause I found a prince charming even when I wasn’t searching.

12. I feel so better being by your side. You pull me out of time and make me feel overwhelmed and amazed by you.

13. You look like an angel whenever you stare amazingly into my eyes like that.

14. Nothing feels like the love you shower on me. I’ll let the whole world know I’ve found a man that makes me feel lucky.

15. I don’t say it, but I know how lucky I am to have you call me your man.

16. Your persistent gaze on my body, makes me feel good from the inside of me. It’s so amazing.

17. A friend that comes through like the sunshine does for the night is such an amazing friend.

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18. I feel indebted to you. Maybe it’s because of the enormous love you shower on me or for being such an amazing lover.

19. I had a lot of friends around my table, but I never had an amazing one. You’re exceptional.

20. The one I know won’t forsake me when I need him the most is you. Every ounce of me can vouch for your amazing loyalty.

21. I never count myself to be lucky, but all that changed when you called me your own.

22. I felt dejected until you made me feel amazing about myself.

23. You’re beautiful, loyal, charming, but most of all amazing.

24. Someday, I’ll be half as amazing as you’ve been to me, bestie.

25. My heart keeps teeming with love and affection. It’s so amazing to be your lover.

26. My friend, a word that encompasses your character and personality is amazing. You’re such a wonder to behold.

27. You need not to struggle for the attention; your amazing qualities stand out than coats of many colours.

28. It took me years to come this far, but a moment to find you. I feel luckier than a commoner who found favour in the eyes of a prince.

29. I’m caught in between confessing my love for you and complementing your amazing character.

30. I love how you make me feel. Your charm tickles my soul until I feel the wonders of your love.

31. I could ditch a lot of friends, but not an amazing one like you. You’re rare.

32. The first thing I see when I look at you is your amazing humility. It’s striking and renders me transfixed.

33. I wish all friends could make me feel as lucky as the way you do. But you’re without equal.

34. The truth is, I had always been smitten by your poise and confidence but never had I felt this lucky.

35. A friend that keeps you in his prayers is nothing less than amazing.

36. There’s nothing as poignant as your intense look into my eyes. It fills me with an amazing energy.

37. The only time I feel lucky in life is when I think about how we met.

38. You ended up in my life as my true love. If that doesn’t amaze me, then nothing else will.

39. If I could describe you in one word, I’ll choose “amazing.”

40. Being lucky is beyond having a lucky number, but having the best lover in the world.

41. You took away the destructive anger in me and taught me how to love and be at peace with myself. I can never forget how amazing you’ve been.

42. I’ll never come across a friend like you again, cause one can only be this lucky once in a lifetime.

43. You showed me the true meaning of love when I didn’t deserve you, but you loved me still. You amaze me.

44. I feel so lucky to have shared many kisses and adventures with you.

45. Life can be harsh, but I felt lucky the moment you stimulated a déjà vu feeling in me.

46. Heaven hears me now because you’ve shared with me your lucky charms.

47. I never knew my heart would fall in love again, but you made it happen. You’re an amazing lover.

48. You make me wish there is no end to life. That I feel lucky to have you doesn’t explain how blessed I am.

49. I did nothing right to have you in my life. I only got unusually lucky. I’m so grateful for the gift of you.

50. I share an unbroken bond with you. Each time, this bond is strengthened by your show of affection, I’m left feeling lucky.

51. All the days of my life, I’ll only talk about all the amazing things you did with my heart.

52. Sometimes you make me mad at you, but in no time my heart is softened towards you again because you’re an amazing gem.

53. I wish I had met you earlier. I say this because before now I had never felt this lucky.

54. Many a time, friends are there to merry and laugh heartily, but just a few have ever made me feel lucky.

55. I barely can count a sin against you. I’ll only remember you for good for as long as I live. You showed me the value of an amazing friend.

56. I need you in so many ways because you’re so amazing in unlimited ways.

57. You have one thing in common with the angels in heaven and it’s no other than your amazing deeds.

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58. A friend like you is like an answered prayer. I’m so lucky to have you.

59. Many have made me feel worthless, but you alone made me feel amazing about myself.

60. The first time I saw you, I felt lucky even though I couldn’t explain why. You’re amazing, my love.

61. You always come through even without a call. Sure, you’re an amazing person.

62. Your hands are forever stretched out ready to give love and warmth. I’m so lucky to have you.

63. What amazes me the most is your selflessness. I’ll forever reverence your loving heart, my darling.

64. The way you love me amazes me. How about I love you forever in return?

65. You’re an amazement to those who are lucky enough to know you. I’ll be by your side until forever.

66. I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re so full of wonders. Hence, I relish every moment with you.

67. Loving you is so easy and it’s cause you’re an amazing person. I feel lucky to have you.

68. You send shivers down to my spine seeing your shadow by my side. I’m lucky to have you, baby.

69. I don’t know how to live a day without you, for you’re an amazement my heart couldn’t hope to explore in a hurry.

70. I miss your loving soul every time you’re not around. Life is beautiful by your side.

71. I’m amazed by the serenity which your smile brings. I hope you smile so often to me.

72. Nothing would separate me from your love because I feel so lucky to have you.

73. More than a friend, you’re everything to me. Each second passes away with a deed of your wonders.

74. An angel lives with me. Your wings have I flown upon to reach the sky. Blessed am I to have you.

75. I was amazed by your kisses and so am I by your loving soul.

76. I would never betray your trust. For your love is pure and kind. So lucky to have you.

77. Every day seems like a dream with you. You take me to wonderland and back when you’re right next to me.

78. May my future be colorful with your rainbows across my sky. I love you, angel.

79. An awesome friend is whom you are. An amazing lover is what you’d make.

80. I do not strive to have another one as a friend because I’m so blessed to be loved by you.

81. The Creator knew better so, He sent you on earth. You’re an angel amongst humans. Lighting up our world with love and peace.

82. What amazes me most about you is how you look out for the others. You’re rare but I do know you. Hence, I’m lucky to have you.

83. May the heavens bless you for all the amazing things you’ve done to those who have been less kind to you.

84. You inspire me with your generosity and amaze me by the quality of our friendship. I’d rather have you for a bestie than anyone else.

85. With you by my side, nothing could ever go wrong. I know you’re the best anyone could ever have.

86. You’re one special person. You’re the only irreplaceable friend I know. I’m so delighted to have you.

87. I’ll do my best to do right by you, for only a few can love like you do. How amazing!

88. I could give my all for you cause you’re an angel in your own right.

89. As the days go by, I see the true colors of your heart. It is every shade of love. You amaze me, my love.

90. I’m amazed when you kiss my lips. I can’t believe I was blessed with an angel in human form.

91. Seeing you is seeing love. From your lips, I’ve tasted it and with your caresses, I’ve felt it.

92. My desire for you is greater than the pleasures rooted in the soils of the earth. I’m so lucky to have you.

93. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” You’re a friend indeed and you’re an amazing one at that.

94. I want to see you prosper and to see you live your dreams because you’re the best amongst humans.

95. If I could wish for a thing, I’d ask that you be my lover again in the world to come. You’re amazing.

96. You’ve given up your bed for me and sacrificed your meal for my sake. How could I ever forget you, sweetheart? This friendship amazes me.

97. I’ll wonder all night about you. For you do to me the most loving things I’ve ever known.

98. Your beauty is astonishing. Hence, your heart has captured me for good. You are so sweet and I can say that a thousand time.

99. If I had the choice, you would be my sister. However, love runs in our veins still.

100. In amazement, I watch you slip a kiss on my lips. It feels good to be loved by you. I’m so lucky to have you.

101. I’ll tell the world I met someone who taught me how to live and how to be a better version of me. I’ll tell the world, I met an amazing friend.

102. You do beyond lovers would do. You act like an angel who once loved me in heaven.

103. It’s a privilege to know you and even more to feel what it is to be loved by you. My heart blesses your all.

104. A friend like you, I don’t want to lose. Cause a friend like you is the rarest of human specie. I’m so lucky to have you.

105. My heart will go on to love you till the end. Cause your love does my heart good than I could explain.

106. A breakfast in bed with you would be a dream come true. I’m lucky to have you, my darling.

107. Every corner of my heart loves you, my darling. I consider myself lucky to have you. Thanks for giving you all.

108. All eyes rest upon us in envy because the way you love me amazes even the one without the sense of sight.

109. I can’t tell enough of the amazing things you do. But I can feel every ounce of your love.

110. Your kisses are redeeming. They free me from every pain of rejection. Hence, I’m blessed with the joy of being loved by you. I’m so lucky to have you, my darling.

111. Friends come and go but you’ve chosen to stay throughout the years. Your faithfulness amazes me and your love is what I’ll cherish till the end.

112. I don’t know how else to say that I love you. But I mean every word of it. So undeserving of your love. Yet lucky to have you.

113. You never get weary of good doing. That amazes me most about you. I love you, my friend.

114. The heavenly angels would bless you cause they know it’s hard to come by your kind on earth.

115. You loved me first. And when you amazed me, I knew just how lucky I’d be to have you, my darling.

116. You deserve a holiday in your name, but in my heart, you got a place already. For you’re more amazing than I’ve ever seen.

117. Your love is a gift. I’ll cherish it till the end of time. Your love is amazing. How can I get over you?

118. The words of your lips are kind and redeeming, comforting me through the rage. I’m so lucky to have you.

119. Your body is beautiful, your heart is kind and your soul is pure. You’re an amazing person. I love you, my dear.

120. Not once have you given up on me. I wonder if an angel without wings is whom you really are. You’re amazing, my friend.

Any of these quotes will get you even cherished the more.

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