Best You Are My Everything Quotes for Him

2023 Best You Are My Everything Quotes for Him

You come across thousands of people in our life, and nothing changes. But you meet that one special person and nothing is ever the same.

The air around sizzles and boundless possibilities are before your eyes. There’s peace in your heart, and all the wait is worth it. Somehow, in every way, your world is just all right.

We have that special man that does this to us. He’s been there through thick and thin; seen us in our best and worst moments. And he’s just too in love with to let go.

Hence, here are 100+ quotes you can use in showing him how much you love him right back, and how he’s your everything.


You Are My Everything Quotes for Boyfriend

Best of sweet and romantic you are my everything quotes to send to him – your boyfriend.

1. I could be in a crowded room; I could be buried deep in work. But once you step in, I’d always know because everything becomes different. You are my everything, sweety.

2. I love you with the totality of my being, and I never want to be apart from you. I love you, dearie.

3. Your presence in my life has made everything so much better. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my everything, babe.

4. I know if weren’t in my life, nothing would make sense. Thank you for being so much stability and clarity with you.

5. Babe, I look into your eyes, and I’m convinced that you were made for me as I was made for you. I love you, boo.

6. My life was monotonous and boring before you came. Now that you’re in my life, I realize how I spent all those years under-living. You are my everything, sugar.

7. It doesn’t matter the time or place, I know it would have always been you for me. I love you so much, husband.

8. People keep commenting on how I’m glowing. And I know it’s your presence in my life that does this. And I’m thankful to God for you.

9. You are my king, my crown. my everything. I love you, sweetheart.

10. I know what I’d rather spend my life doing. And that is, loving you, caring for you and fussing over you. I really really love you, baby.

11. Every day, you give me new reasons to fall in love with you over and over again. Thank you for this. I love you.

12. I could try, but I know I’ll never find a man as good and kind-hearted as you. And I’m so in love with you.

13. You said I was going to be safe with you. Babe, you have never given me a reason to think this as a lie. Thank you.

14. Thank you for the constant support and confidence you willingly supply to me. I’m grateful for this and so much more.

15. You are my boo for life. Never forget this. I love you!

16. God said our marriage would be an amazing journey. And truly, it’s been amazing with you. I love you, sugar.

17. You are the man I’ve always prayed to spend my life with. Kind, caring, God-fearing and handsome. I thank God for you.

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18. Honestly, I love being married because it has you in it. Thank you for the beautiful memories we’re making.

19. You are my slice of heaven; my lover; my best friend; my everything!

20. You always go out of your way to ensure that I’m comfortable. You always find ways to ease my tension inside and outside. I’m so thankful, sugar.

21. But if I don’t praise you, who will? I just have to, sweety.

22. I promise to always support you, help you, love you, and care for you. You are simply my everything, baby.

23. There’s nothing I want more than to be your wife and the mother to our children. I so can’t wait!

24. See how strong your love makes me? it’s like I have the strength of a thousand in me. Oh, I love you!

25. I won’t grow tired of thanking God for giving me the most beautiful man in the world. You are my king, baby.

26. I pray that God keeps blessing you and prospering the work of your hands. I love you, darling.

27. I want you to be reminded that I’m not going anywhere. In spite and despite the ugly situations. I love you that much, to stay and fight by your side.

28. I know that we’ve got something special between us. And I promise to give my all to make sure this works out.

29. The fear I’ve had for relationships disappeared the moment I saw you. I’m so glad I took that step with you.

30. I’ve so enjoyed being your woman. And I love that you’re my man.

31. If I counted how much you mean to me, it’ll amount to one thing. And that is, you are my everything.

32. I just want to scream my love for you to the whole world. I love you, boo.

33. I just had to tell you that you mean a lot to me and that I love you. Have a swell day.

34. You’ve brought ease and comfort to my life. You came at a point where I really needed someone that’ll love me specially. Thank you for all you do, baby.

35. I know your day will be blessed and will be as beautiful as you. I love you, husband.

36. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you smile, and ease out the creases on your face. I love you plenty, baby.

37. You bring in so much color and adventure. I know my life is going to be one hell of a ride!

38. You make me so happy that I just want to kneel down and continuously thank God!

39. You’ve loved me against all the odds life has brought our way. I couldn’t ask for a better man.

40. Babe, I couldn’t even compare you to another man because every other man pales in comparison. You are my everything.

41. If you were the only one in my life, I know I’d still be set for life. You are my everything, honey.

42. How is it possible that I’ll hurt you? I just can’t imagine it. I love you, sweety.

43. My day literarily starts with waking up beside you, and it ends with wrapping you in my arms.

44. I love you more than all the words in all of the books. I love you, baby.

45. Not everyone will find true love. I know I found true when I found you, and I’m not letting go. You are my everything.

46. I love being in this relationship with you, and I’m looking forward to the rest of our lives together.

47. You are not just my husband; you are everything wrapped up in one.

48. I promise to love you till the very end. This isn’t changing at all.

49. Even when there are no reasons to love you, I’ll still love you.

50. When I say you are my everything, you really are!

51. There are so many goodies that come with you. And I sure can’t wait to spend the rest of my life unwrapping you.

52. I know I can always come home to warmth, laugh and care. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what I’d do without you.

53. I want to be childish with you; I want to grow old with you; I want to create beautiful memories with you. I love you.

54. I’d never want a break away from you. I can barely function without you. You are my everything, honey.

55. You’ll always be the blast of sunshine in my life. I love you.

56. Thank you for always sacrificing your meat. I’m looking forward to more of that. I love you!

57. With you, there are no inhibitions; I can always laugh out loud!

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58. Gossip partner; Mr. lover-lover. Hope you know I love you? Cos I really do.
I don’t need other men; I only need you!

60. Most days, I pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming; that you are truly my man. I’m that lucky.

61. Babe, you are my everything. And that’s just it!

62. I would gladly and gratefully spend the rest of my life with you. I know this as I know my name.

63. Sometimes, I feel so undeserving of your love. You’re still too good to be true. But I love you.

64. You push to strive for the best version of me. Honestly, I found gold when I met you.

65. You are one of the few good ones. And I’m blessed I found you.

66. I really can’t wait to flaunt you to my family. In short, the whole world must know how much I love you.

67. Your love isn’t abusive; it’s a safe haven I feel safe within. Thank you.

68. Thank you for all the laughter we’ve shared. Honestly, our children would be blessed.

69. Having our baby grow inside of me is something that makes me want to weep with joy. God, I love you!

70. I’ll never tire from loving you; even when our hair become grey and the memories start to fade.

71. Being in your arms is where I’d always want to be. I love you, man!

72. Nothing will ever take your place in my heart and life. You are my everything, sugar.

73. Life with you in it can’t get any better. And I’m happy I’m living it with you.

74. Honestly, I can’t wait to grow old with you, regale our grand-children with fond memories.

75. You and me, we’ve done something special between us. And I’ll keep fighting to keep it that way.

76. You’re my angel sent from heaven. Never forget this, honey.

77. If I had to live my life again with someone, it’ll always be you. You’re my special person.

78. I’ll never stop falling in love with you. And this is because you keep giving me reasons to. I love you.

79. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. And I’ll stay grateful to God for this.

80. Forever and always is what I’ve got to show you just how much to mean to me. And I’m definitely using the time wisely. I love you, baby.

81. Even when everyone in my life leaves, I can always trust you to stick with me. Thank you for always, Ola mi.

82. I’ll always be yours, baby. This won’t change. I love you.

83. I truly grasped the meaning of falling in love when I met you. Thank you for the amazing years together.

84. I promise to share everything with you; to stick by your side through thick and thin. I love you, sugar.

85. Sweety, I love how you love me. Hope you liked the package I sent to you? I love you.

86. Lord knows you deserve everything good that has come your way. And here’s to years of greater feats.

87. I may not be sure of a lot of things in my life, but I’m certain you’re the right one for me. I love you, sugar.

88. There’s nothing I wouldn’t trade to be in your arms. You are my everything.

89. If I have to spend the rest of my life, listening to the radio and eating dried meat with you, I’ll be content. I love you, honey.

90. As busy as you are, you always find time to check up on me. I’ve learnt, and here’s to more messages from me.

91. Thank you for not giving too many hassles in this relationship. Thank you for all the good things you keep doing for me. I love you.

92. Ayo mi. You’re my joy. Here’s to many years together.

93. No bed or surroundings can be as warm as your arms. I miss you and I can’t wait to get home to you.

94. I can’t wait to spend Saturday evenings sipping tea and watching our favorite show together.

95. Even in my dreams, I know I’ll still seek your arms. You’re that good for me. You are my everything.

96. You deserve all the loving you get; you’re the most loving guy I’ve ever met. I love you, sugar.

97. I’m always eager to come home to you. You cook the best meals, and I love you.

98. Your thoughts are always in my heart; amidst the busy schedule and all. Sweety, I love you.

99. I love everything about us, including our fights and farts.

100. My forever love; na me and you forever. You are my everything.

101. My knight in shining armor; my prince charming; the one I’ll always love.

102. You are everything; my everything. And I love you.

103. No moment I spend with you is ever a waste. You are my everything, honey.

104. Tonight, I’ll sleep calmly; knowing that the best man in the world is in love with me. I love you, dear.

See how showing him love can be both simple and still be everything? So, keep the texts and calls rolling in, Ladies!

And you can share his reaction in the comment box; would definitely love to read them!

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