2024 Romantic Words for Him to Make Him Feel Special

I can’t imagine your joy now that you have the man of your dreams.

Whether it is your husband or boyfriend, these special Romantic Words for Him will blow his mind.

Having a man to love you for who you are; heart and body is one of the most beautiful feeling ever.

Much more, having a man who you love with your whole self is a huge icing on the cake.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling your man how much he means to you.

So, as often as possible, go through our Romantic Words for Him and tell your man exactly how much you love him.

Sweet Romantic Words for Him

Sweet Cute and Romantic Words for Him – your Boyfriend or Husband.

1. Mr handsome, I look at you every day and I sincerely wish I had met you earlier.
I needed to have had a love like yours all along.

2. I can say that my best defining moments started when I met you.
I wasn’t exactly looking for a man yet but your love found me and there’s no going back.

Romantic Words for Him

3. You should know that you are one of my life’s best decision.
Sharing my life and heart with you is all I intend to do for eternity.

4. I bet you don’t know the effect you have on me; even on my rough days, you still put a smile on my face.

5. Darling, I will always be happy as long as I have you around me.
You mean that much to me.

6. There are problems only your big hugs can solve.
Yes, you have that huge effect on me.

7. Hey baby boy, I love you so much because you have seen me at my worst and you have loved me even more for it.

8. King of the best, you are a daily reminder of everything that is right with this world.

9. To the best man in the world, I’m in no hurry to get to forever so I can have all the time to love you.

10. Hey prince, there isn’t really enough time in this world to love you in all the ways I want.

11. Prince charming, there’s no night I don’t want to sleep in your arms.
When I don’t, you are all I dream of.

12. I never knew I could find a man who would be all I wanted and more. And in so such a short time, you became my everything.

13. Having you as the man in my life has made me forget the past and all it’s hurts and look to the future with all happiness.

14. Dear prince charming, I will fall in love with you over and over again.
Once is no longer enough.

15. I had no idea that a person could become a home until you came into my life.
There’s no man like you, you have my heart and love.

16. When I can’t tell you what I feel for you, I hope you will let me show you what it means to have a man like you.

17. I’m at my happiest when I’m with you.
No one else makes me smile this much, no other man makes me happier.

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18. I want to spend every minute of the day in the week of the months of each year being by your side and loving you.

19. Losing you would mean losing the best man and my soul mate, something I don’t wish for.
So do me a favour and stay.

20. After all these while, I still can’t find the right way to put into words what I feel towards you.
Darling, you are so special.

Romantic Words for Him

21. I don’t laugh this hard unless I’m with you.
My heart skips a beat every time I see you.
Everything about my heart is always going to be you.

22. I have always, still am and I will always be attracted to you.
Your heart is as amazing as your physique.

23. You are worth everything; my unconditional love and much more.
The reason I let myself be vulnerable to you without a doubt.

24. There is a whole lot of love in the world but I choose yours.
And I intend to keep choosing you always.

25. Hey, best guy, I want you to know that I’m always going to be here for you; time and time again no matter what.

26. For the rest of my days on earth, I want to come home to you; you have become my home by the way.

27. When I look at you, nothing else matters.
At that moment, my heart beats a little faster because I know that I have the man of my dreams.

28. In any other time, in any other life, be assured that I will always choose to be yours and you mine.

29. The best girl deserves the best man.
Your love was made just for me and now, we have each other.

30. If there’s anyone I want to make more memories with, it’s you.
I cherish all the beautiful moments we have had.

Romantic Words for Him

31. I am completely in love with everything you do, especially with the way you run your hands through my back as you unzip my dress.

32. There’s a feeling I have whenever I think of you, it’s a feeling I never want to stop having.

33. Hey awesome guy, you still take my breath away and even more, you do it without even trying.

34. I’m extra playful when I’m with you.
I’m extra clingy when you are around me.
I have peace just because you are here.

35. Hello prince charming, out of nowhere, you became the very core of my life, the love in my heart and the best part of me.

36. There are people who mean the world to me, who I care for as my own but I can say in all sincerity that above all, I care about you the most.

37. I can’t remember having bad days any more, it’s impossible to have such when you are here with me. You are such a gentleman.

38. At every single sunrise and sunset, I want to be right by your side, holding your hands and looking at the beauty of the world.

39. Although the future may seem uncertain, one thing I know for sure is that I want to have the best man; you, around forever.

40. It’s plain and simple; I love you very much, I want to love you until my last breath.
I want to be in your arms at night, I want to be your lady forever.

Romantic Words for Him

41. My every thought of happiness revolves around you.
When I think of the word happiness, I’m invariably thinking of you, my hunk.

42. You are the best guy that I know, you happen to also be my best friend and my favourite human too.

43. I no longer care how cheesy it is to say that I love you very much and I literally can’t stop myself from thinking about you and how much I don’t want to stop.

44. You have shown me what it means to be in love with a real man; you get to love not just my body but also my heart.

45. Loving you makes me feel like a very special lady; when I’m with you, I feel like the only girl in the world because of your love.

46. Most of the days when I’m with you, I wish the days last a little more than twenty-four hours. With you, there’s no such thing as too much time together.

47. I still ponder on how well you understand me; both on the days my hormones make me crazy and the days I’m struggling to be myself.

48. I have random thoughts of you in the middle of the day and late into the nights, oh how much of an ideal man you are, I love you every other day.

49. I know that things begin and end, I know that people come and go but you, my man are the special kind and I hope you stay forever.

50. You are my other half; sometimes my better half.
You are such a strong man, a great support system and I love you in every way possible.

Romantic Words for Him

51. Ever since I met you, it seems like forever is not as long as I thought it was.
I want to love you forever and way beyond.

52. Whatever happens, wherever we go, whatever we do, just know that I’m always going to be here for you.

53. The truth is: having you in my life as my man is the happiest I have ever been and day by day, the feelings keep getting better and more awesome.

54. You looked at me in a way no one else has before, at that moment I knew I wanted this for life. I knew I wanted to be in your arms for life.

55. And when I met you, it seemed like my life began to change all for the better, slowly and at the same time; all at once.

56. You are the best man I ever met, even though most of the times you drive me crazy, annoy the life out of me and make me yell but yet I still love you endlessly.

57. I don’t say I LOVE YOU because it’s something I have to say or because I’m trying to keep you but because I really mean it and that’s how you make me feel.

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58. You took my heart by surprise, changed my life forever in the most unexpected way, all these you have done in so short a time.

59. The beginning and end of my journey of love and happiness lie with you; never before has my life been gifted with a good man like you.

60. When I am in your warm embrace, I feel like such a little girl.
It means a lot to me that I have you with me.

Romantic Words for Him

61. In my heart, you have a place, one I hope you stay in for as long as life remains.
It’s like every day, I keep falling more in love with you.

62. To the man after my heart, I need you to know that I am completely and helplessly in love with you.

63. There are not many men like you and I’m grateful to have one of the best men alive.
You are amazing in all the ways one can imagine.

64. I totally love my personal space but you, my favourite man has become part of that space.
I love being alone, especially alone with you.

65. Even when I wasn’t sure I wanted to give my heart to another man, somehow, I knew it was you I wanted.
It has and will always be you.

66. The happiness I feel of late, I attribute most to you.
You totally know how to make me feel like a woman, loving my heart even much more than my body.

67. The things you say, the way you say them, how much we laugh together, even the silence is all beautiful.
Never met a more loving man.

68. The moon and the stars will stop shinning, I will stop breathing before I can stop loving you, my golden man.

69. The world is so beautiful, there are things that make me so happy but nothing makes me happier than being yours and having you as mine.

70. You make me so happy, I will choose you in all the lifetimes there is, there are just no choices to make, it’s you, only you.

Romantic Words for Him

71. The best part about our love story is this; I wasn’t exactly searching for a good man but I guess God felt that I deserve one.
You are my good man.

72. In a day, I get to meet a lot of people who in a way or another make my life better but none compares with how much happiness you bring to me.

73. Hubby of life, I hope you know that you are my world and my home and there’s absolutely nothing that can change that.

74. I heard a lot about good men, I have always wanted to have my own good man, and now I have you.
I love you so much.

75. When I’m with you, dear lover of my soul, it feels like this is exactly where I was born to be;
fitted right into your arms.

76. Having you as my husband has taught me a lot, all the things we have been through has made me love you even much.
Grateful we are doing life together.

77. One of the biggest reasons I look forward to each new day is because of the man that you are; the best man there is.

78. I’m in love with a man who treats me like a queen, who touches my body just the way I want it, who kisses my lips with a lot of passion.
That man is you and I love you so much.

79. I had no idea that it was possible to love someone just as much as myself.
This is what happens when I’m in love with a man like you.

80. Even the most little moments we spend together means the most to me, the little moments we spend apart tears me apart.

Romantic Words for Him

81. I have one wish and one wish alone; that forever you will be my man and me your lady.
Until then, I still am yours.

82. It still beats me how possible it was to find everything I was looking for in a man in you.
You are still and will always be my favourite person.

83. Lying next to you, talking with you, just knowing that I am your woman changes my entire mood; usually for the better of course.

84. When I first met you, I knew you were the kind of man I needed in my life so you can imagine the joy I feel every day waking up next to you.

85. I want to see your face and touch your broad shoulder every day, I’m not ashamed to say that I am a lot more obsessed with you every single day.

86. My heart and my brain are in sync on this one; loving you with all my heart until my last breath.
You truly are all that I need.

87. Until there are no more mornings, until there are no more nights, until my heart cannot love anymore, I’m going to keep loving you.

88. I only have one life to live and I want to live it to the fullest with you by my side.
The man of my dreams has become the man in my life.

89. Whenever you are happy, I want to be part of the reason why.
When you are sad, I want to be the one to turn your frown upside down.

90. It’s not even the middle of the day, yet all I want to do is have your warm lips on mine and snuggle perfectly into your arms.

Romantic Words for Him

91. Whenever you are not around, no matter the buzz going on around me, it still feels like my whole world is empty.

92. I am super delighted for your existence, my superman and nothing is as beautiful as me being part of your life.

93. To say that you consume me completely is, to say the least; I love you so deeply that I can go to the ends of the earth to make sure that you are alright.

94. I have always craved for the good kind of love; the type that you now give me and I know that I want to be part of the reason you smile forever.

95. I want to believe that our hearts were woven from the same fabric, how else do I explain this deep connection we share? We are one and the same.

96. We aren’t just best friends, we are much more than that.
We aren’t just lovers, we are soul mates now and always.

97. I am yours and you are mine, and no these aren’t mere expressions.
There’s so much of myself inside of you that you have literally become a part of me.

98. You love me so deeply in all my entirety despite all my flaws.
And for loving me for who I am, I promise my soul will always absorb all of your love.

99. Standing right next to you, I have seen the better side of love, the selfless side and on this beautiful path, I hope to hold your love forever in my heart.

100. Darling, it’s the little things that you do, the attention to details that you pay that makes me fall more in love with you on a daily. I couldn’t ask for more.

101. You are my significant other, the one who has completely defined the word ‘love’ for me in every language and from there ever could be. I love you too.

102. You are a very special man, I’d probably never meet anyone like you again.
You are a once in a lifetime kind of love and I intend to have you for a lifetime.

103. Do you know how much you make my days better? You really listen to me, you make feel like a queen and you truly care.
I want to see where this love takes us, I have a feeling it’s somewhere between forever and eternity.

104. And most of the nights, the only thing that calms my nerves is holding your hand while I listen to your breath. Or maybe, all of the nights.

105. Every single day that we wake up to, all I ever want to be for you is a symbol of a reminder as to what love truly means.

106. The things you say, the things you don’t, they all mean a lot to me.
I love to notice when you need a new haircut or even the slightest detail about you.

107. I lose count of the numerous times I think of you each day, well how can I not think about a part of me.
Because when I think of you, I’m invariably thinking of me too.

108. I find myself smiling just thinking of the moments we have shared and the ones we are yet to explore.
Totally looking forward to your company throughout this life.

109. When you became my husband, I knew I had found my home in a person.
And even though it took a while for our hearts to align, I know this is it forever.

110. I asked the universe for a little love and beautiful friendship, and I got you, the very best man ever.
You came around with a whole lot of love and a lifetime of friendship.

111. With you, all I wake up to are bright and beautiful days.
You give me the best feelings over and over again.
Let’s do this forever.

112. Even when I have a lot of work stuff to think about; you are still number one on my ‘thought chart’.
Even if I am in a room full of people, it’s still you I look out for.

113. I know that everything that starts has an end but I hope that it’s not the same as our love.
I hope to give you the kind of love that never ends.

114. Hey hubby of life, whether we have nothing to talk about or we have plenty of things to talk about, you are still the only person I enjoy having a conversation with.

115. I lost faith in genuine love until you came and made me believe yet again that a heart could be made for another person.
You were made to sing to my heart.

116. I know that love stories are different but I couldn’t have asked to share mine with any other than the most caring man I have ever met.
I love you so much.

117. My heart is down only for you; this means that I intend to stick around come what may.
Fasten your seat belt as we do this journey of love together.

118. I just know that I want to spend the rest of our live special together showing you what love truly means; like stroking your beard when we are old and grey.

119. I want to cry with you, laugh with you, make love with you.
I want to explore everything there is on this beautiful path we chose to go down together.

120. Having you, a perfect gentleman has reminded me what following through with actions means for a relationship.
Love is more than the words, love is action.

121. I crave a lot of intimacy with you, and no this is not about sex.
I need genuine affections and to feel like I’m truly loved.
And that and more have you done.

122. There’s a lot to love about your sexy and muscular body.
However, I don’t just wish to love your body but your entire being because in doing that, I will never let go.

123. There’s such a soft heart behind your hunky frame, a caring soul beneath the strength, the most gentle touch from you; you are a whole package.

124. Darling, you are worthy of every love and light I send your way.
You have done a whole lot more for me and all I can do is to be here for you as much as you are for me.

125. You have taught me what it means to be a man’s queen, something I hope I never take for granted.
You have the biggest and most caring heart any man could have.

Romantic Words for Him

126. I have searched high and low for the appropriate words to describe such a good man like you.
But at every attempt, words fail me.

127. With you, there are no on and off days of love.
Being in your arms makes me feel like I have everything I have ever needed.

128. I’m holding on to you, because you love me so much, flaws and all.
I promise to return the favour every single day of our lives.

129. The love I imagined growing up, that’s what I have with you now.
A love that makes me excited for each new day, a love that I’m grateful for each night.

130. I may not exactly know the perfect way to love you but I know that I am giving it my all; I’m loving you with my whole being and I hope that that’s enough.

131. You loved me at a time I couldn’t quite love myself, I’m only saying that I love you too and I’m never going to be able to replace you.

132. I have something to tell you, I’m absolutely and completely obsessed with you.
You are the only man I want in my life and I wish we are in each other forever.

133. Life has been good to me but with you, it’s never been better.
With you, I am completely myself and what’s more, you love me for me.

134. I have never felt lonelier than when you are not around.
Knowing that you are somewhere in this world makes me feel complete and all the more understood.

135. There are a lot of things that hurt me but having you around makes everything a whole lot better.
Having you makes things all the easier.

136. I love the way you love me in all the ways.
It’s the little things you do that make this love special.
It’s in all the million ways you say my name and touch my body.

137. Because you are my king of heart, you are totally worth all of my time and love.
My favourite thing about you is that I understand you a lot and that makes loving you so easy.

138. I sincerely wish you could see my heart, and then maybe you might understand half of how much I love and cherish you deep down.

139. Oh that you would kiss my lips with passion and touch my body like it was our first time.
Look at me with so much love in your eyes and never let me go.

140. I think every woman out there deserves a man like you, not you lol.
Because of every single time, you make me feel like I belong in your world.

141. There’s no bottom to the depth of my heart and how much it is filled with love for you.
You are such a wonderful being and there’s no time in this world where I would stop loving you.

142. And when our bodies meet, boy what a spark and beautiful chemistry.
What we have is what I want in my life as long as the sunrise exist.

143. We were two strangers who fell in love, two souls that found each other.
And now, we are two hearts that will beat in harmony forever.

144. Dear King of the best, my heart will forever reach out to you.
I am like a flower that blooms at your touch.
I am yours forever.

145. I could be in your arms and forget that the world exists.
You would kiss my lips and I would feel the world melting away leaving just you and me.

146. My friends call me a little crazy but I can hear the sound of your voice when I read your text.
I can see your face when I speak to you over the phone.

147. Have you ever listened to a song for the very first time and got hooked on it?
That’s how I felt when I first met you, I knew you would be my favourite person.

148. It took having you, my prince charming in my life to make me realise that one could possibly have a feel of heaven on earth.
Love like yours is true and loyal.

149. I’m so glad that I have you, love like yours gives me nothing but sweetness.
More than 7 billion people in the world and you are my most precious.

150. I always look forward to your warm embrace, the gentle feeling of your lips on mine and everything else that follows.
If there’s a life after this, I still want to have you in it.

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