2023 Trending Sweet Messages for Loved Ones

Do you know one thing? They say that when all are gone, when the life is being used up, we do not remember our bank accounts nor do we remember our titles.

All we relish is the memories and beautiful moments shared with loved ones and families.

Strengthen that bond. Surprise them with one of these. You may be building a cord that will remain unbroken.

Below are messages for every day living of families and loved ones. Enjoy…

I Love You Messages for Special Ones

You want to tell your loved ones how much you love them? Below are perfect messages for that.

1. Loving you is part of my life. Being with you have always taught me endurance, responsibility and kindness. Love you dad.

2. A mum is not just defined by blood but by responsibility. Your unreserved love for me has endeared me more to you. I love you mum.

3. Families are what we have when everyone else leaves. I cherish every moment we have lived together. Thank you big brother.

4. My family is my asset not a liability. You add value to me and I love you in return, sister.

5. There are dads and there are moms, but my dad and my mom are not  common species. They are gems. Love you both.

6. Hello young blood. I cherish your naughtiness, your smiles, your sometimes inquisitiveness. They all add up to what makes me love you.

7. A drop of blood leaves traces, a drop of water vanishes without mark. You will always remain special to me dear, love you little niece.

8. The blood flowing in our veins connects us together even when we are not within sight of each other. You are one in a multitude to me. Love you cousin.

9. Life is all about making impact. You have trained me and have brought out the best in me. I see you everyday in the mirror of my life. I love you mum.

10. Though we may not be able to live under the same roof forever, yet the courtyard of love that binds us together will always remain unbroken. Love you dad.

11. You wake very early I’m the morning to ensure that I slept well at night with my tummy loaded with proper nutrients. Only few mothers could do that. You are the best!

12. In the midst of my busy days, your name and memories keep ringing in my head. Just to say I love you mum.

13. On the first day of my life, you were present. Since then, my attachment to you have grown stronger. Love you mum.

14. What is brotherly love? It’s simply the one you shared with me. Thank you for being there
I love you bro.

15. The last letter in LOVE is “E”. It stands for EXAMPLE. You are my role model. Thank you dad. Love you bunch.

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16. My love for you will continue to grow cos you are more than a sister to me. You are my support when needed in convenience or out of convenience. Love you sister.

17. Some people look at the calendar before they can help you. But you have always proven resourceful even at the shortest notice.  I love you cousin.

18. What we share transcends blood; we share pains, joy, sorrows, struggles, wants, and surplus. Through it all, we have remained stronger. Love you always little brother.

19. The absence of an important person may create a vacuum but not emptiness. The times I share with you always are my solace. I love you dad.

20. When I look at you, I see myself. You are my reflection. I love you mum.

Good Morning Message for Loved Ones

Cute Good Morning Messages for Your Loved Ones

21. There are many ways to say good morning, but the best way is to hear it from your very own. Good morning dad.

22. Each day has its own uniqueness. May the goodness embedded in this beautiful day be unleashed to you. Good morning mum.

23. The dawn of the day is the victory of the morning over the night. May your challenges be swallowed up in victory. Good morning sister.

24. Every day has its own register. Some names were dropped from the register of yesterday. Thank God for another chance. Good morning bro.

25. When you wake up in the morning; life tells you “You can still have one more shot at it”. Take the chance and excel. Good morning nephew.

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26. A good night sleep brings refreshing to the body in the morning. Stay refreshed mum. Good morning.

27. Though there many sorrows yesterday, let them go with the passing of the day. It’s another morning, take this new life and climb higher. Good morning bro.

28. The announcement of the new day is it’s dawning. May the dawning of the day announce you to the world. Good morning sister.

29. Shhhhhhhh……. Don’t panic. I just wanted to say Good morning niece.

30. The Sun is not yet out but the morning has come. While the sun is preparing, you also have to get up and prepare for the day. Good morning dear.

31. It’s the morning again. Arise and enjoy the beautiful opportunity to flourish just waiting outside for you. Good morning dad.

32. Do you know why the morning is so important? It reminds you to brush your teeth. Good morning little brother.

33. The silent night is greeted by the gentle morning. It says “Over to you”, so Rise up and shine! It’s the morning.

34. In heat, in cold, the morning never misses a day. Don’t miss yours. Good morning mum.

35. Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong. Oh, I wanted to be the alarm that would wake you this morning. Good morning sister.

36. Don’t worry about yesterday. The morning has overcome. You will overcome. Stay alert and enjoy the day starting from this beautiful morning. Good morning dad.

37. Every new day is a new blank sheet placed in front of us. What you start the day with is your first entry into this new sheet. I choose start mine by telling you with love from my heart Good morning mum.

38. The blanket of life is so large that everyone can comfortably lie inside, but only the privileged are able to see this morning. You are part of them. Good morning to you bro.

39. It’s always good to see your loved ones everyday. It’s better being with them daily, but the best is wishing them a very good morning each day.

40. The darkest part of night comes when the day is about to break. Just like this morning, go on ahead and push forward, the day is ripe. Good morning cousin.

Goodnight Message for Loved Ones

Sweet Goodnight Messages you can send to your Loved Ones.

41. Everyone desires a very good rest after a fruitful day. Have yours dad. Good night.

42. The day is over, it’s time to turn in. Let the smile on your face drive you into the dreamland. Good night mum.

43. You have been such a loving brother and you deserve a loving rest. Close your eyes and sleep in peace. Good night brother.

44. If your strength is gone, don’t give it a thought. The night is here to give you a refreshing rest. Good night to you brother.

45. The Sun has down its way. Our friends have gone their ways. The environment is obeying the next order: It’s time to sleep. Good night sister.

46. Twenty-four hours is about being used up again. The next part of it belongs to you because you deserve it. Sleep dad. Good night.

47. Put on your seatbelts. Be ready for this flight. Your bed is the plane, your pillow is your pilot and your blanket is your seatbelt. Enjoy your flight. Good night dad.

48. Night appears dark so that we may be prepared for a sound sleep and eyes closed. Happy night rest mum.

49. Never be perturbed by the noisy day, when night comes, even the jackals find their way to their homes. Have a splendid night rest dear brother.

50. Most activities are paused to respect the sanctity of the night. Tomorrow is another day but for now, take your deserves rest. Good night mummy.

51. Let the fragrance of the night usher you into a wonderful night. Good night sister.

52. The night brings its own share of blessings; start your journey into it now to acquire yours. Good night mum.

53. These words “HAPPY NIGHT REST” are meant to their very letters. Sleep well bro.

54. Your body wants to reset, allow it. The day is used up. Get your rest. Good night cousin.

55. The quietness of the night is for new revelation; as you sleep tonight, solution of yesterday’s problems are revealed. So, go for the rest. Good night dad.

56. A loving mother deserves a good rest. Sleep mum for the day is over and nigh has come. Good night.

57. One day all our struggles would be over and we would have a total rest. Tonight is another chance to prepare for that. Sleep well for that’s the key to a healthy life. Good night brother.

58. Breeze into it. Don’t resist it. Release yourself into it. It’s the night. Enjoy it. Good night sister.

59. Don’t allow the night to pass you by. Join the train. Let’s sleep away our troubles. Tomorrow will be better. Good night.

60. May the peace that you crave for guide you into a world without stress. Good night mum.

I Miss You Message for Loved Ones

These are perfect for when you miss your loved ones.

61. The heart is not built to resist too many vacuums. I miss you daddy.

62. Another day without tour presence is incomplete. Come back quick mum. I miss you.

63. I have been given everything today except you. I miss you. See you soon.

64. Your absence has an obvious imprint on my life. Please come back fast. I miss you mum.

66. The day I lost my jewelry, I couldn’t sleep well but your absence has kept me wide awake. You are more to me than a jewelry. I miss you bro.

67. With every passing vehicle, I peep at my window hoping it would be you. Please come back soon. I miss you dad.

68. My heart longs for your presence, your touch, your voice. Come home mum. You are being missed.

69. I had always cherished your importance but I had never experienced your absence. But with this void left behind by your absence, I desire you back home fast. I miss you dad.

70. I thought missing people were for weak people until you left. You are being missed because the strength of your presence is better than the weakness your absence has caused in me. I miss you dear sister.

71. I treasured every moment we shared together. I despair every moment I know you won’t be around. I miss you mum.

72. Your absence is so obvious that I want to go into hiding till you come back. I miss you brother.

73. Though you are far away, your thoughts occupy mind and I long to not only think about you but to also see you. Miss you plenty my dad.

74. Your voice in my head reminds me of those moments I enjoyed in your company. Now being worlds apart, I relish in the words you always speak to me. They are my comfort when I miss you dear sister.

75. I have your picture right on the first page of my mind. You are far away but I hold you close to my heart. I miss you mum.

76. No one can have the same impact you have engraved in my life
Miss you bro.

77. When I say I miss you, know very well it’s because I can no longer hide it. Missing you dearly cousin.

78. The barrier of distance is so overwhelming. Don’t keep us all waiting because we want to be with you and feel your presence again. Missing you mum.

79. People say they are homesick when they miss their homes and families. But I say I’m “dad-sick” because I’m missing my dad.

80. Can I ever get enough of you? No, I want you back home quickly. I miss you bro.

Get Well Soon Message for Loved Ones

You want to send some get well soon messages to your loved ones to wish them a quick recovery? The ones below would do.

81. Your body is only resetting itself, you are not sick. Get well soon dad.

82. I was shocked when I learnt you are in the hospital. Beautiful people like you are needed for other purposes. Get well soon mum.

83. Illnesses are just hurdles. Prove to us all that you are a good jumper. Get well soon dad.

84. As you read this text, there’s a countdown starting. You have forty-eight hours to stand up from the sick bed. Your time starts now!

85. You are unstoppable, not even ailments can halt you. Please get well soon.

86. Everyone is in serious practice now because we want to go into the ring with what is holding you down. Get well soon.

87. Sick? It’s not possible. You are coming back stronger. Get well soon.

88. Your presence is being missed. We can’t let sickness come near you again. You are healed.

89. Please don’t be sick mum. No one can do what you are capable of doing in the home. Please get well soon.

90. I’m coming over to pick you up because I know you will get well before I arrive. Be strong brother.

91. This sickness has only come to appreciate your beautiful face but it’s time of welcome is overdue. So get well soon my lovely sister.

92. You are to special to be down. Rise up and shake it off. Get well soon dad.

93. I can’t keep replying those who are asking after you, so you’d better come back home and answer them. Get well soon bro.

94. You are a rare specie. Don’t bother about it because you are coming out better. Be well in health soon.

95. How are you feeling now? You should also long to see us as we long to see you back. Get well soon.

96. The neighborhood already knows that you are sick. Show your face by announcing to them that sickness is too little to stop you. Get well soon.

97. Your body is the temple of the Living God; sicknesses are not permitted. Get well soon.

98. You are made perfect in health now! Please get well soon.

99. Please cooperate with the doctors, I have spoken with them about you that you are more needed at home than there. Get well soonest.

100. Sweet sister, you are stronger than that little intruder called sickness. Knock it out and get well soon.

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