Trending Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile

2023 Trending Sweet Texts to Make Her Smile

Millions of thoughts come to mind when it comes to our better halves. And sometimes, we express them discover that it sounded better in our heads.

If this is you, worry not. We’ve got you covered. Below are heart touching messages just to show your bae how much she means to you.


Sweet Words to Make Her Smile and Happy

The beautiful and romantic collection of sweet words to make her smile, merry and happy for being yours.

1. Hey gorgeous, I saw you today in that dress and my heart stopped for an instant. I don’t know what you’ve done to me to make me this hopeless. I love you.

2. I bring up a picture of you laughing at something and my day just gets better. I can’t wait to see you.

3. I want to talk to you all day, baby. Make that every second. Your voice calms the deepest anxieties in my heart. Thinking about you darling.

4. It’s not every day you get to be a boyfriend to a beautiful person. But it’s every day you get

5. I’m in love with every freckle on your lovely face and the very thought of you makes me long for you. I miss you

6. I’ve been away from you way too long. I’m dying to be with you. I have a surprise for you if you come early. *wink*

7. It makes me warm all over when I think about your arms around me. I can’t wait till you’re home.

8. May you glide softly among the clouds, till Sunrise kisses your dainty lips. Sweet dreams love.

9. Hey heart-stopper, you’re giving me goosebumps in my heart when you touch me. But I want goosebumps all the time. Come here, girl.

10. I want you. Nothing else. Just you. And your 400 pairs of shoes.

11. It’s no secret that you hold the key to my heart. I will give you everything I am, to show how you mean to me.

12. One look at you and all my fears fade away. I’m drawn by the serenity I see in your eyes. I love you.

13. The stars twinkle at night and I’m reminded of the mischievous twinkle in your eyes when you’re scheming. I want to stare into them again.

14. A, E, I, O, but I only want U.

15. My life was topsy turvy and very messy, but you came, with your cleaning crew and set things right. Now I can’t be messy any more thanks to your thorough cleaning lessons. I love you, babe.

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16. I love you, babe. And here’s why: you’re the finest blend of crazy and responsible that’s in the world. I’m honoured to be, honey.

17. My Queen, the very earth should be honoured to have your footprints in it. I’m still starstruck from the last time I gazed into your eyes.

18. Sometimes I pinch myself to find out if this is a dream. You’re so perfect it’s breathtaking.

19. It’s amazing how even the brightest colours cannot look more beautiful than my darling. You’re an amazing woman.

20. Eyes like the sunrise. Lips as red as the rose. A smile as bright as the sun. And all of these I get to see every day. I’m blessed to have you.

21. There’s nothing like a smile from you to make my day. You’re my personal sunshine honey.

22. The way you look into my eyes and see my soul gives me reason to live through the worst of times. Thanks for being a rock, my love.

23. There are many stars that fill the sky. But you’re the brightest among them. I love you, sweetheart.

24. If there is anything I never want you to forget, it is that you hold a special place in my heart that nobody can take away. I love you.

25. I have trouble imagining what my life was without you. You light up my life my darling.

26. Just a spark and you’ve started a flame in my heart you can’t quench. I’m yours, my queen.

27. Love, they say is a risk. But this is one I’d gladly take. Being with you is worth everything in the whole world.

28. To my lover, my best friend and partner-in-crime, you make my life worth living. You rock my world, love.

29. I think about you so much that if it was unhealthy, I’ll probably be dead. I love you

30. I’m grateful to God for making such a wonderful creature. I love everything about you. So much.

31. No matter where life takes me, you will be my number one woman. Always. Love you baby.

32. There are some things in this life that make you fly even without wings. You’re my reason. I love you dearly.

33. I’m listening to our song and I’m wishing we were dancing to it. I miss you.

34. The brilliance of the early morning sun cannot be compared to the joy that lights up your face when I look at you. You’re beautiful and it’s true.

35. I feel like yelling to the whole world that I’ve got a girl who loves me. And I love her too.

36. Your love for me makes me want to climb mountains and brace deserts. You make me invincible baby.

37. The rhythm in my heart is something you alone are responsible for. Making you smile is my topmost priority. I love you, dear.

38. Is there any way you can help me not to love you this much? You’re filling every space in my heart and I’m helplessly in love with you.

39. Is there a name for the way you make me feel when you touch me? It’s like everything in my stomach folds in and flies around in nervous circles. I love you, babe.

40. It’s not difficult to see why everyone adores you. You’re so sweet and caring. I’m part of them too.

41. I will keep you in my heart because I don’t feel anywhere else in the world is good enough for my darling.

42. You’re that call that triples my heart rate by a thousand percent. Your voice makes all my worries go away. I’m obviously smitten.

43. Friends come and go. But you my love, linger on and make it worthwhile.

44. I’m grinning like an idiot, reading our texts. I miss you, babe. Șaă

45. When you walk into the room, every head turns to look at the breath of fresh air that just walked in. You’re definitely a showstopper, hun.

46. You do things with so much grace and poise, I’m tempted to ask if you received royal education. I love how composed you are about things.

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47. You’re looking so radiant and bright in that breathtaking dress. I hope you take a picture of me.

48. There’s no escaping your loveliness. You’re in my eyes every minute, my heart every hour, and in my thoughts every day. I love you, hun.

49. Babe, you’re more than just special to me. You’re everything – lover, friend, teacher, mother, opponent, partner- all rolled up in one amazing person. I cherish you.

50. I’m so happy you’re not around. It gives me the opportunity to prepare that special meal you’ve been craving. I hope I get it right though.

51. Time flies by whenever we’re together, and it feels like moments together merge into this beautiful wonder that is our love.

52. There are a million and one reasons to love you; your beauty, your character, your intelligence. In another life, I hope that I have the honour to be yours again.

53. You have taught me what real love looks like and show me what it means to love a person. I can truly say I’m in love with you and mean it.

54. I saw a shooting star tonight and I made a wish: to have you beside me forever.

55. Babe, life with you has been brighter: the birds sing louder, the sun shines brighter, every colour is just a little livelier, all because of you!

56. I don’t know what it’d have been like without your awesome sense of humour to liven everything. I’m glad you’re in my life. Love you.

57. A piece of my heart aches when I’m not with you. I miss you more every day that you’re away. Kisses.

58.I really want to describe just what it is I love about you, but I’m speechless because there’s just too much: you’re indescribable, my love.

59. My ears tingle, my face breaks into a silly smile, my heart starts pounding, my feet start dancing, all because you’re around.

60. Hearing your voice every single day is important to my survival. I can’t do without you hun.

61. You fill every fibre of my life with your beautiful and amazing self. my heart has no room for any other.I’m in love with all of you.

62. You are the one that I want for the rest of my life. Don’t listen to everyone else, you are the only one, I swear on your pretty face.

63. You bring out the best in me with every situation we face together. You are honestly what I have been missing, my own piece of Heaven.

64. When you are with me, rainy days are not so dark, and sunny days are even brighter. You are lovely my darling.

65. No matter how horrible I’m feeling, there’s nothing like a word from you to make everything better.

66. Honey, you know you can count on me whatever it is that’s bothering you. I’ll always be there even in the midst of the worst because I never want to see you sad.

67. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give just for the opportunity to see you smile all the time.

68. Before I met you, I was afraid of love. Now that I have you, the only fear I have is losing you. I never want us to be apart, baby.

69. I started talking to you because you were the hottest girl I had ever laid my eyes on. Now I have fallen in love with you because you have the most beautiful heart. I love you, baby.

70. If I were to use my kisses to make you understand my love and affection, will run short of kisses, because I love you more than my lips can show

71. The first time I saw you, I was mesmerized
The first time I talked to you, I was blown away.
Eloquence failed me, thoughts mixed themselves up in a bid to be expressed.
You swept me off my feet girl. And I haven’t recovered yet.

72. I still can’t believe that you are mine girl. I pinch myself from time to time to check if I’m dreaming.
I am so thankful and blessed to have you.

73. Good morning babe, the day will hold lovely things for a lovely person such as yourself. Kisses

74. Money can’t buy love, but it can show just how much you mean to me. Ao, come let me spend it on you.

75. Only you make my heart warm and my blood cold at the same time. Only you make me invincible and yet malleable. I’ve smitten girl, I must confess.

76. For you, baby, I can rearrange the alphabets. Just so U and I can be together.

77. Everybody says I’m crazy. And I agree. I’m crazy about you.

78. I may not have gotten everything right, but as long as I’ve got you right now, I’m positive everything else will fall in place.

79. There’s no way to avoid this. I’ve tried to keep it in to no avail. But I can’t keep this in; I’m head over heels in love with everything about you.

80. I want to wake up next to you every morning, with my lips on yours. That’s how much I want to be with you.

81. You make me work extra hard just to be better for you. I love you, dear.

82. You really are the sugar in my tea, forget how corny this sounds. There are just no adjectives for your awesomeness. All I need is you and I’m good.

83. Hey babe, just checking in to see how my angel is doing. Hope your day’s a blast.

84. I just want to thank you for your support. It means a lot to me that you encourage me to be and do better. I love you, baby.

85. Are there any words to describe how you calm me down when I get upset about the most mundane things? I love you, my lady.

86. Just texting to say how much I miss you. Hope your day’s going fine. Xoxoxo

87. People say happiness is not every day, but I say, with you, I have found continuous happiness. I love you.

88. Your image is imprinted in my mind, my heart whispers your name and when I close my eyes, I see your face, you are the best part of me, I love you more than usual.

89. A lot of people think that love makes people vulnerable. But for me, I’m glad to be vulnerable with you because with you I feel safe and secure. I love you my darling.

90. When we began this thing, it was like every other relationship. But you have put your everything into making us be a couple and I’m grateful to you for everything. I love you, honey.

91. The only word is capable of making my heart beat faster and it’s your name. Thinking about you right now and my heart rate has tripled.

92. You’re one of the rarest mixtures of intelligence and modesty in such a sexy combination. I’m blessed to have you.

93. You’re the answer to my numerous prayers. It makes me happy to know that you thank God for me. I love you so much, babe

94. We’ve been through a lot together, seen up and downs, good times and bad times. And I’m grateful that you’re still mine after all that.

95. Your eyes hold me captive every time I stare into them. So it’s my prayer that I get to do that every day. I love you.

96. Have I told you that you mean the world to me?

97. Hurry home my darling, the night is drawing closer and I long to hold you in my arms again.

98. Every moment spent with you is special, we share our feelings and our life together and I love the wonderful feelings I have with you my darling, my dear girl.

99. If I had a choice between crying with you or smiling with someone else, I would choose you a hundred times over. You are the love of my life, baby.

100. If loving you is criminal, then I’ll gladly be in prison for a lifetime. I love you so much.

101. Is there a name for that thing you do with your eyes? I want to stare into them right now and watch you do that. I miss your face, sweetheart.

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