2023 Best Inspirational Quotes for the Weekend

2023 is almost here, in few weeks, everyone with euphoric happiness in their hearts, will be screaming and shouting Happy New Year, sharing gifts, love and smiles.

For some, New Year resolutions would be made, many would chart a new course, and it would be a year to start new goals, venture into new businesses for many people.

Therefore, these set of people would need some kind of encouragement and inspiration, to go through and never to quit when faced with different issues.

And after taking care of the business and works from Monday to Friday, people need an inspirational charge to enjoy their weekends and be motivated for the new week ahead.

Here are some inspirational weekend quotes for the New Year, join us and share with your family and loved ones.

Inspirational Quotes for the Weekend

Best Inspiring Quotes for an Amazing Weekend.

1. Never let it come out of your mouth, that it is not possible, though it looks cloudy, it’s always darkest before dawn. Happy Weekend.

2. Let your daily lifestyle be an example for people, let your attitude inspire others, be the one someone out there looks up to, have a lovely weekend.

3. Let your imagination to be successful be seen in your lifestyle, time and in your becoming. Happy Weekend.

4. If success is your goal, surround yourself with success-oriented people, iron only sharpen itself, enjoy your weekend.

5. Spend your time wisely, let every 24hours in your week be to your management, and to your upbringing. Have an amazing weekend.

6. Build up your vision, spend more time on it, it might just become a household name, if it didn’t, you’ll have something to do, happy weekend, friends.

7. This year, make it a priority to manage your life and time, let every minute of your day be spent with wisdom. Happy Weekend.

8. Put a foot in front of the other, then take it one step at a time, and before you know it, will be covering some distance, that’s how progress is made. Have yourself a happy weekend.

9. There’s more sweetness in the future if only you’ll work hard towards it, just focus on the prize ahead and close your eyes to distraction, happy weekend.

10. Be more positive in all you do, let your positivity be more active than the negative, for whatever your mind think, is what you produce, have a great weekend.

11. To do your best is what is required, you need not go overboard, just do your best and let your best be great. Enjoy your weekend.

12. Just look at the sky, big and wide enough to be yourself, don’t try to be like anyone else, be yourself and feel the vibe of the weekend.

13. Dare to be different, for every other role is taken, be honest and integrity worthy, and you’ll be different from the rest. Happy Weekend.

14. Let your dream scare you, either little or too big, I hope it steals your sleep but not your peace of mind as you run with it, have an adventurous weekend.

15. The fact that it doesn’t work out the previous year, or that it hasn’t worked out this time doesn’t mean it won’t work out later, never give up. Happy Weekend.

16. The key to being great and successful is just something very simple, it’s faith, having faith in your very self. Great weekend ahead.

17. Our destiny isn’t written in the stars, but first in our mind, then in our attitude, and then in our lifestyle. Happy weekend.

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18. If you are not willing to go out in the morning, then you are sure not ready to see the brightness of the sun, have a pleasant weekend.

19. If you can’t run, please, try to enjoy your walk, it doesn’t matter when you get there, what matter is that you get there, happy weekend.

20. Don’t let good be your be your aim, learn to do more than good, so you can show that you also know how to be best and even better. Lovely weekend.

21. Little by little, one step at a time, and you’ll see the end of the world. Have a weekend full of smiles.

22. They say, the more you look, the less you see, but I say, never lose your focus, and be observant still.

23. Never allow failure scare you away from your goal, failures are there to fine-tune our ability for future tests. It’s the weekend, enjoy it.

24. Always push yourself, but not too hard, take time to relax your mind and rest your brain, and begin again. Happy Weekend.

25. Let every minute of your time be associated with you doing something, not just anything but something positive.

26. Do not despise unpleasant situations, more than often, there are great opportunities that come within it, open your mind and have a lovely weekend.

27. The sun is out and calling, step out and seize the day in an amazing way, never let the day run you. Happy Weekend.

28. Life is rather too short, do something today, so you don’t wake up in the future and look back with regret. Say hello to the weekend.

29. As the sun inspires us to shine, and the air inspires us to want breathe, every day you wake up, let your dream inspire you to be successful, bop to the weekend.

30. In the worst moments, put on a smile, and let your positive thought be activated, and you’ll be surprised how the moment will be turned around.

31. Make yourself happy enough during the weekend, and you’ll be charged up for the new week. Have a lovely weekend.

32. Anytime you notice that things around you stopped being easy, smile and buckle up, you’re just on the right path, beautiful weekend to you.

33. Don’t get me wrong, luck sure exist, but it never comes alone, it comes with hard work and persistence. It’s the weekend, enjoy yourself.

34. Do not run away from that road because it’s rough and difficult, it’s a path to a destination that’s yet to be discovered.

35. While you’re working, be sure to create enough memories, so you’ll have something to laugh about when work gets overwhelming. Happy Weekend.

36. Be happy, it’s another way of motivating yourself and even those around you in a difficult situation.

37. To be above the water, you don’t need to struggle, all you need is to be still, so you don’t sink, and that’s how you strive in life. Happy Weekend.

38. Try to do the right thing, so that when you look back, it won’t be for regret but for encouragement, have an awesome weekend.

39. Be grateful for your little results, cause being grateful for small things have a way of carving a way to great achievements. Enjoy a fun-filled weekend.

40. Your whole life is ahead of you, but everything you’ll be doing to create your own life sits within your very self.

41. I hope you know that life would only give you what you want if you’re only willing to go the extra mile for it.

42. You must work on yourself first before you can work with others, your attitude matters a lot to work with people. Have a sensational weekend.

43. You can’t solve all problems, and that’s alright, some problems are meant to just be ignored. Happy Weekend.

44. If you want to sleep well when you’re old, you need to wake up every morning to preparing for it now that you’re young, enjoy a lovely weekend.

45. Every morning, take your passion in your heart, go as far as you can, and see what you’ll achieve with it at the end of the day.

46. Make sure your dream and imagination is a friend of your determination, and your success would be visible early enough. Happy Weekend.

47. If someone says you it’s impossible, don’t let it bother you, it’s either you can’t do it in their own way, so you choose your own way of doing it.

48. Instead of looking back in future to wish you’d started earlier, take a step now and do something with that plan. Lovely weekend to you.

49. Whatever you do today would definitely reflect in your future, be wise about the decision you make today. Happy Weekend.

50. Each and every idea you have in your head, someone else is thinking about it, while another is already taking a step on it, do something about your idea, lovely weekend to you.

51. Every day you wake up, make sure you make it count by doing something extra special for someone. Happy Weekend.

52. Happiness will only come back to you after you’ve spread it around to those in need of it, enjoy your weekend.

53. Not all day ends good, but you can’t afford to miss the good in the day, always be on the lookout for the good in the day. Have a great weekend.

54. Never be afraid to be yourself in the midst of many, you don’t know how many people you’re inspiring and standing up for, have a lovely weekend.

55. If we try not to be complex and just appreciate the simple things in the world, maybe the world would be simple to us too. Enjoy your weekend.

56. Never look down on anyone, treat everyone with respect and let your attitude put smiles on people’s face, do not force it, let it come naturally.

57. Each day comes with blessings, do the right thing, and you’ll find some of the blessings deposited at your doorstep, lovely weekend to you.

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58. No matter what your age is, your dream should never die, to put a smile on as much as many people’s face should be your lifelong dream, have a happy weekend.

59. Everyone on this earth has one or more talents inside of them, if you haven’t discovered yours, you should help others discover theirs, that way you’d still feel fulfilled. Enjoy the weekend.

60. Wake up one morning, chase after happiness, go to an unknown destination, talk to an unknown person, break unknown boundaries and make other people smile, it’s the weekend, take advantage.

61. Life is full of pain and suffering, but it is your duty to turn every wound into wisdom and make joyful moments out of every pain. Have a smooth weekend.

62. Being happy doesn’t mean everything is great, happiness begins from within and you alone can decide how you want your life to be.

63. To be happy is a thing of the mind, it only takes you making someone happy, then see the happiness extends to you.

64. Why are you scared to be different, it’s not as if you can take over another persons’ spot, so why not just be you. Happy Weekend.

65. Always be yourself, with so much enthusiasm and watch how people will offer you help to support your dream. Enjoy your weekend.

66. Nothing is given freely in life, you have got to stand up for yourself, and by extension, for those who can’t help themselves. Happy Weekend.

67. Whenever doubt is creeping into your mind, counter it with a positive energy, show it that you have a stronger mind. Have an amazing weekend.

68. You’re really the change, the change to happen to your situation, to turn the soreness your situation into a happy ending, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

69. Another way to enjoy happiness is to be a little sensitive to people’s feelings, be empathic to another and happiness would always visit you. Happy Weekend.

70. Never think of yourself as a failure, some of the greatest men in the world have had their share of failures too, before making a name for themselves.

71. If you don’t be the change, things will stay as it is, you’re your own salvation, the hope to your story. Happy Weekend.

72. Stay positive and attract happiness to yourself, happiness won’t come until you change your mindset, and optimistic. Have a blissful weekend.

73. The more worried you are about what you’re going through, the more unhappiness you’ll heap up for yourself, change your strategy and face the situation.

74. Do not look up to any hero to change your situation, if you haven’t taken any step before any situation will change, be your own miracle.

75. Do not carry yesterday’s worry into a brand new day, begin each day with a fresh mindset of optimism and see what you’ll achieve at the end of the day. Have a lovely weekend.

76. I’ve seen the sorry state of people, who gave up on themselves even before they start, I hope you won’t settle for less too, make sure you chase your dream.

77. There is a lesson or two in every mistake, take advantage and learn from it, it’s going to help you achieve your aim quicker. Have a great weekend.

78. Each memory you make is meant to give you a merry heart when you’re attaining old age, make sure you make plenty of good memories each and every day. Have a happy weekend.

79. Today is your day, to begin what you’ve been dreaming about, don’t leave another room for procrastination, just go through with it.

80. This day, this chance, this moment, is given to you, to make yourself into whatever you desire, but with a condition that you do it wisely. Happy Weekend.

81. The world, out of nothing was created, that is a great example from God of the Universe, that our mind can achieve whatever we imagine, what’s on your mind?

82. Think of the melodious sound of the bird, without learning how to sing, you would realise that the Creator has completed you, the world is only waiting for you to bring out your gift.

83. Let us be grateful for little ideas that got us where we are right now, maybe we’ll get bigger ones to push us further than where we are right now. Happy Weekend.

84. It’s a two-way thing, it’s either you look up to them or you learn from them, but never let it happen that you compare yourself to them. Have a wonderful weekend.

85. Take your mind off the past, it can’t change anything for you, learn to let go and face the future. Happy Weekend.

86. Learn to rest after each day’s work and struggles, that way, you will feel ready for the next day and your mind will feel happy.

87. Never let your happiness be based on material things, because those things can fade away, let your happiness come from within.

88. Don’t be too busy and miss memorable moments, stop in between works, take a deep breath and enjoy every moment that comes your way.

89. Whatever you start thinking in your mind becomes your reality, why not think success, happiness and love, and expect to get them in return.

90. Before you take on another goal, reminisce on your last ventures, take all the failures and learn from it to face the venture. Happy Weekend.

91. Don’t regret your fall, cause it happens for you to learn where to thread when next you want to try. Enjoy the weekend.

92. Disappointments are part of growth, you can’t run away from it, you should only learn to handle it when its thrown at you on your way to success.

93. Passion mixed with a little fun will take you very far on your quest for success, even if you won’t make enough, it would still be worth it.

94. If you want to turn the world around, stand before your mirror, and start with the person you see on there, then you can begin with the world. Happy Weekend.

95. Don’t pretend to be someone else, you don’t make changes that way, you only make changes by being you and not someone else. Have a lovely weekend.

96. Your big break could be right where you are, you just need to look closely to see where it’s coming from, enjoy the weekend.

97. If you go far, you’ll see very far, if you go too far, then you’ll definitely see the world, it’s up to you to choose how you want to go.

98. There is no stopping to what you can achieve, if only you’ll not stop, no limitation can stop you except your mind. Happy Weekend.

99. When they tell you that you can’t do it, do not argue, prove them wrong with the result, achieve it. Have a blissful weekend.

100. Let your vision be within you until you’re sure and ready that it’s time to bring it out. A lovely weekend ahead.

101. Be proud of your scars, it shows that you’ve not been scared, that you’ve been facing your fears and fighting it out.

102. Don’t let your fears get in contact with your ideas, or you might lose those ideas, distance them from each other.

103. Make sure you’re always up to something, even if you’re jobless, find something to get busy with, whichever way it is, just make sure you’re doing something.

104. Sometimes, you have to let go of all that you are holding in your mind, and let your mind have a fresh start. Have yourself a lovely weekend.

105. When you finally realise why you were born, that day is the day your life begins a new journey.

106. Embrace your mind, your feature, in fact, embrace your wholeness, cause until you accept you, no one will. Happy Weekend.

107. Work on your patience level, learn how to endure, there are so many things in life that are going to test your boiling point.

108. Don’t try to look at an issue from one perspective, look at it with different eyes, reason it in different ways, so you can have different views.

109. Train your mind to be wise and discerning, so it doesn’t just accept every advise offered to it.

110. Try to look deep inside of yourself, because the greatest treasures are always hidden in a deep and unusual place. Have a beautiful weekend.

111. Surround yourself with happy people, and you’ll never lack, cause happiness is all that matters in life.

112. You may not discover what you’re looking for unless you search within yourself and bring it out. Happy Weekend.

113. On your way up, make sure you help as many people up, life can be very funny at times.

114. Never treat anyone with contempt, everyone is a king in their comfort zone until they are out of that zone.

115. Learn to develop your listening skills, never be too quick to respond and most importantly, let your ear be as sharp as that of a bird.

116. Fight for what you believe in, no one out there is ready to do you the favour, you can only do it for yourself.

117. Don’t wait for success to come find you, put on your walking shoes, wear your thinking cap, and go look for it. Have a jolly weekend.

118. Stand up and go look for what you want, even if you don’t find it, it would be known that you take a step towards it.

119. Never stop believing in you, cause if you do, others would too and that might be the beginning of the end of you.

120. Your voice is your passport to the world, don’t you dare lose it, it’s your demanding power. Happy Weekend.

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