2023 Motivational Sms Messages with Inspirational Quotes

You know sometimes the bustles, hustles and hassles of life rattle us to the bone. You want to just cave, call it quits or vent your anger, frustrations on something or someone.

At other times, you are so down that gloom spreads around you like cobwebs. Sorrow raises its head and you fight through tears.

Don’t fight it further. I have been there and almost everyone has.

Check out these subtle words; these soft messages and get your hopes back.

Do you know a friend who may need these words too? Then don’t waste time, send one to them…

Amazing Motivational Messages with Inspirational Quotes

Best Motivational Sms Messages alongside Inspirational Quotes you can use and send to loved ones.

1. When the cloud gets bigger and blackens the sky, and everywhere succumbs to the reign of the clouds. The Sun stays above and keeps smiling knowing that the cloud appears and disappears but its own rays will soon penetrate it. So, whatever happens, just smile at the storm.

2. You don’t need too many rules to live at the lower level; it can conveniently accommodate all. But as you climb remember that the upper part of a tree is the weakest part of the tree. Be more disciplined.

3. As long as the mountains and hills do not turn upside down and take their base from the sky, they are not a concern to the eagle.

4. Except for Adam and Eve, we all started from the cradle and then to the grave. Take life easy because you cannot skip any stage. Be patient utilizing efficiently the stage you are.

5. When you were born, you cried and others rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, you will be rejoicing while others are crying.

6. It’s easy to envy the bird because they operate where there is no traffic. But if you want to join them over there, you must learn how to fly.

7. Do you know what qualifies a day to be called a New day? They are the new things you do or things you do differently. Other than that, there is no difference between yesterday and today.

8. A road may lead to several places but your destination can only be just one place.

9. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean giving up yourself for assault; it only means turning the side of peace to a confrontation. It means giving up your ego, sometimes your rights for peace.

10. Many have asked why God has decided to endow some people more than others, and I have answered that God made the universe an expanse so that we can expand.

11. “It’s not easy” is not an excuse not to try.

12. The fish is a champion in the waters. On the land, the sceptre belongs to another person. You needn’t envy. Life is in different departments.

13. The inventions of man are never a surprise to God because the sketches of them all He implanted in our DNA. It takes those who can dig deep to find it.

14. If you want to inscribe your name on the rock, you need the proper tool and more effort.

15. Never be rigid. Remember he who uses the tools of yesterday to do the work of today will fail tomorrow.

16. Your heart is very large yet it can be limited in space. Release those who are occupying good spaces for free as a result of the unforgiveness you harbour for them. Give yourself a space for better things.

17. Everyone is unique but our problems are not. Worry not over your mountains instead focus on improving yourself.

18. If you are looking for a Queen, you’d better appear like a King.

19. The reflective lenses of life respect nobody. Give to life what you want to receive from it because everything comes back one way or the other.

20. There many ways to be happy, but your own way is most suitable for you.

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21. If your joy comes from without, then you are limited. But if your joy comes from within, you experience bliss.

22. You stand to lose if the attitude of others make you change yours. You automatically put them behind the wheels. But if you keep to yours in spite of theirs, you are a winner.

23. There’s more to life than what we all display. If you let what you see move you, you will deprive yourself of the joy in appreciating what you have.

24. Be proud that you are young; the more your years the more chances you have to surprise those who thought less of your abilities.

25. Of what importance is it if you know how to read but do not read? The difference between the dumb and those who can speak in a gathering is when the art of speaking is exercised

26. Do not be too quick to judge. No man can stand to defend all he’s ever done if all possible witnesses at all the scenes of his life are present.

27. Loving does not kill. Kindness is not a poison. The opposite is.

28. Even if the alphabets start with the letter “A”, “Z” cannot be overlooked when its functions come in the word “ZIP”.

29. Most of the early inventors never saw a prototype of what they eventually invented. So where did they get the picture? Deep down their minds.

30. Ripe fruits on trees attract stones from people. When you are important, never expect a smooth sail.

31. Everybody can fight bit a warrior is defined by his wars. Face your fears.

32. Encourage yourself, you don’t pay for that.

33. The dead are resting, but the living is to keep moving. That you woke up today means there’s still a task ahead which only you can do.

34. You are important but you are not indispensable. Don’t stretch life too hard.

35. Experience is good but it hurts. Learning from the mistake of others is better because it saves you from the pain of experience.

36. Do not reject a helping hand, they don’t show up all the times.

37. When the delay is becoming unbearable, then the answers are nearer. Ask a pregnant woman.

38. Pain has its gain. Sometimes we experience pains so that we may know the worth of happiness.

39. I want this, I need that, I love those; that’s the secret behind the mentally deranged man who goes about with a heap of rubbish.

40. True happiness starts with little things, little achievements. It doesn’t have to be the big things. Little things count.

41. You know what the morning said when it dawned? “Don’t mind the tricks of the night, when I appear it disappears”.

42. Man is characteristically selfish, so depend not on them but solely on your creator who gives you all that you need to function in your position.

43. Don’t be quick to cast aspersions on people; if you were in their shoes, you may appear worse.

44. As long as the finishing line is still ahead of you, keep running even if you are not the first.

45. Be not afraid to make mistakes, but dread the repetition of mistakes.

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46. The more you look at what you want and not what you have, the more you lose touch of the importance of what is with you. Its departure is around the corner.

47. The road may have rough bend; slow down because you know that the long straight path is just ahead.

48. The universe cannot function for you without your support. Whatever you speak, imagine or do to it are the primers of what you will receive.

49. Greatness doesn’t mean doing great things; greatness is doing common things in a great way.

50. Ignorance may be bliss but its repercussion is grave.

51. The most interesting part of a story is never at the beginning.

52. There’s only one currency that is available to both the Rich and the Poor. It’s called Time.

53. Your life is not determined by just an event, failure or success; it’s the sum of all that makes the real you.

54. If you cannot the right picture of yourself, no one would paint one for you.

55. Endeavor to always them a try; those big plans that look like fantasy. You’d be surprised at how far you had gone.

56. Your dreams remains a dream until you wake up to do something.

57. Of course, there’s always a chance for someone, somebody. Yet, that someone can be you. Be the somebody people rely on.

58. You will always remain on the wish-list of others until you take action for your own course.

59. Negative words hurt. It demoralizes. You can allow it to hurt you or you could counter with yours.

60. The way up is the way down; the difference is in the direction.

61. Give your life a definition or you will be confined to living in the definition of others.

62. At the end, it’s not those who started that receives the crown, but who ended and ended well.

63. There’s something you don’t have that you need. No problem but only remember there something you have that some other person wishes to have.

64. There are three ways to live; obey the rules, break the rules or make the rules. Whichever way you choose, the results are waiting just ahead.

65. All modern aeroplanes have inbuilt the autopilot. Why then do we still need human pilots? Because we all have something upstairs that can be quantified. It’s called BRAIN.

66. The ants love to rest, believe me. But rest they can afford when there’s work to do. Learn from them.

67. Learn not to fly too high to avoid crashing from a height too far. Learn also not to fly too low to avoid crashing into a building.

68. The clock tells just a single story; “I’m busy, are you?”.

69. The best psychologist in the world cannot read you like you would do to yourself.

70. When you say I can’t. Only two people know the truth; Your Maker and You!

71. Write down your goal, give it a time frame and break down into pieces. This is the distinguishing factor between it and a wish list.

72. Often we sulk over the loss of our joy and happiness that we forget to see the other door of happiness that beckons us to come. Look around you, everything you need is there.

73. If happiness originates from material things, then the rich should be the happiest; but that is not the case because true happiness is immaterial and it springs forth from the soul.

74. By sharing happiness and joy, you are increasing your own store of wellbeing. Share your joy with others.

75. Most times, our happiness doesn’t really hang around how situations present themselves to us but how we react to them. Get the best from every situation.

76. Being ostracized for the truth is the reward for the strong because they long for integrity but the weak seek acceptance for in his deception.

77. The love that cannot resist the storms of life is not backed up by knowledge for wisdom is the arrow of the prudent. Add to your value.

78. Contentment is that part of life that knows what it desires but is ready to forfeit all and attend to the one at hand. Contentment is profitable, secure it.

79. If you cannot find another path when you get to the end of the road, then it’s time to open new roads. You are what is needed to get it done.

80. A negative mindset cannot possess a positive lifestyle, a positive mindset cannot miss a positive lifestyle. Your mind is the engine room of your life.

81. When you get to ‘Z’ and there is no way out, then it’s time to start combining letters, the solution may lie therein.

82. Live like an eagle who see the storm coming and decides to ride on it for it the storms of the sky is its refreshment.

83. Faithfulness is not just a concept of marriage and religion, it is the concept of life in its entirety. Most of the great people achieved greatness without really knowing how and where they started from.

84. The opportunities life present to us are the ingredients of a success. When you take opportunities in life for granted, you despise success and ultimately despise your existence.

85. Persistence is the key to great achievements in life, even something as powerless as water wears and reduces rocks. Hold on a little!

86. Success is better predicted with many attempts, you have a better chance of succeeding if you keep trying.

87. Disappointments are temporal when we must see them as thus, so we shouldn’t lose hope which is permanent because of a temporal thing.

88. Physical strength may be needed to win a duel, but it takes mental strength to actually win a war. The limits of the physical should be the kickoff of the mental. Encourage yourself to get more out of life.

89. Life’s changing occasions are few and very few but even those who have taken the best of it are fewer. You can add up to the list. Go for it!

90. When you realize that many people can no longer continue because of the hardship along the way, then you should know that the crown is just ahead. Move forward and do not stop.

91. No man has ever been given the most ideal of circumstances, neither has there been the right time, but those who have prospered used what they had to get what they needed because waiting for the ideal is like waiting in vain.

92. You don’t need the crowd in times of adversity, you need just friends. Crowds automatically turn up when you climb the stage. Don’t stop, keep moving.

93. Your fears fear you but they won’t succumb until you face them, then you will know what powers had been inherent in you all this while. Scare away your fears for they are feebler than you think you are.

94. Destiny is the prepared destination of every man where all men will have to find, seek and race to not minding the obstacles along the road. Your journey to destiny depends on you; don’t wish, start running.

95. Without adversities, we will never know the importance of the moments of joy and pleasures that come to us. Challenges make us grateful for the good things and moments that we have.

96. The past and its scare are gone, do not dwell on them. Take hold and work on the present for it’s your gift. Take up the unseen future with hope and a brave heart. The future belongs to you if you can face it.

97. The only way to become who you want to be is your stubbornness and determination not remain in what others have made of you. Build your life with your hands and refuse to rent a space in the life of others.

98. It is a simple delusion to think you will be satisfied in the joys of others. Whatever you cannot find in yourself cannot be found elsewhere.

99. Many of us what to change our spouses, the society and the world at large but have forgotten that those are easy tasks. The most difficult and the primary thing to do is first to change ourselves.

100. Comfort belongs to the past, we can choose to go back and remain in comfort. Growth belongs to the present and future, we can also choose to use the present to better our future. On us lies the choice.

101. You’ll be greatly astonished at yourself if you do all that you are built and enabled to do. Greatness lies inside of us, so explore yourself.

102. No man has really discovered all about himself but being a friend to yourself is the beginning of wisdom. Learn about yourself as you wake up daily.

103. When heaven wants to help a man, it connects the universe; the universe, in turn, connects to your mind. The universe uses the foundation of your mind to build the castle you deserve. Feed your mind with possibilities.

104. Whatever does not run into your mind cannot run into your face. The reality of what happens in your life is the bricks laid in your mind. Change your thoughts.

105. The best definition of who you are can only be known by how you act when you get to where you had ever desired to be. Start building yourself to get the best definition you deserve.

106. You can conquer the world but if you haven’t conquered yourself, your battle hasn’t ended. You can be defeated by the world but when you get defeated by yourself then you are truly defeated.

107. Like a goldsmith endures the heat to bring out the best and the lustre of gold, so you are to endure the heat of bringing out the best in yourself because no one is ever at his best without passing through the fire.

108. Before you criticize others for not being the best you expect them to be, think about if you have attained the same best you expect from them. Life is a mirror, use it wisely.

109. Hard work can take you to the top, reputation can make you known in the company of many but your character is what will determine the duration.

110. An image is what you present to others, a charisma is what you speak to others, antecedents are what you are known to be but a character is what you think when you are alone. Work on it.

111. Of all the good things others especially our loved ones can do for us, the best is to wish us well and guide us well but the finishing touch of who we want to be is our personal responsibility and task. Endeavor to do it well.

112. If you keeping looking at the failures of the past and the uncertainty of tomorrow, you will end up missing out of the joy of today and relishing in the importance of the moment. Stay happy.

113. You can desire a castle but if what you have at the moment is a tent, gratefully take it and enjoy it to the fullest while looking forward with hope to the future. Enjoy the moment while it lasts.

114. Life’s hardships, troubles and challenges are common to both the slave and the freed. Let not your heart be troubled.

115. When you are pressed on all sides and are caved in, do what the weather does; let the rainfall and give room for the sun to shine again. One moment of life should not forbid you from getting ahead.

116. How much joy we have missed because of problems that never really come our ways. Cheer up and hopefully probe into the future.

117. It takes courage to move with people but it takes exceptional qualities of move people in your directions. You are meant for the top because that’s innate to you.

118. The power of dreams lies in the lonely and thoughtful moments of imaginations but the fuel for dreams is hope which is the power of a man in action. Do not give up on your hopes.

119. Comfort is the dread of successful people because they know that to keep your competitors from getting close to you, make them comfortable where they are. Don’t be carried away by the comfort of the moment.

120. You are closer to your dreams when you wake up and start acting, for no matter how scintillating your dreams are without corresponding action, they are just like the wind that blows away.

121. Fears are the most effective clips of the wings of dreams, but when you overcome your fears, all you need is the bidding of a ‘safe flight’. Mount up on wings and soar.

122. No matter how beautiful your history is, the aspirations and dreams of your future are far better than it. Cherish your dream and archive your past.

123. The greatest threat to the breakthrough of today is the success of yesterday. The greatest threat to the success of tomorrow is the comfort of today. Live your life with the future as ahead.

124. If you decide to change your good attitude because of the bad characters of others, you have ended up throwing away your hard earned treasure in the trash for junks. More so, you are no longer in charge of yourself.

125. Criticizing others requires minimal effort yet very costly. Silence is cheap and endearing to oneself and to others. Maintain silence when necessary, it is a safe harbour.

126. The smallest act of kindness is more important than the biggest intentions. Do not despise them.

127. Honestly, accept criticisms even when it hurts as long as it is true, but if it is a lie, shrug and move away from it.

128. Everyone is important only when you decide to know who they really are. The knowledge of the people around you is an added advantage to yours.

129. Brevity is a virtue. Learn to speak less and give others chance to express themselves. They won’t forget your silence while they speak.

130. Firsthand interaction with people is more reliable than the many hearsays of others about them. Do not believe what others say about someone else because many are being said about you.

131. Always leave a positive mark behind in the lives of the people you meet, for who knows, you may never meet them again.

132. Why get discouraged because of failure? Failure is just another chance of getting to know the how-not-to-do the right thing. Cheer up.

133. The words you left behind resonates when you are gone, learn to leave with positive words; they echo in your absence.

134. There is no ending for a goal because a goal attained is the pathway for another. You cannot afford to be complacent.

135. Bit by bit, step by step, one at a time, you realize that impossibility is only the scare of the weak. Take it one after the other and you will be surprised at how far you have gone.

136. No matter how long your hand is, it still reaches for things ahead and until it grasps that which it reaches for, you have not arrived. Go for it.

137. If what you are yet to do doesn’t thrill you, then your dreams are not big enough. Let the glory in what you have not vanquished the spirit to get more done.

138. Dead men are remembered for what they achieved but the most notable of ways a living man can be significant is what he hopes to achieve. Dare for more.

139. I Will Stay Forever

I believe that all can be well
I believe that you can make it
And I promise to stay with you
And I dare you to succeed.

140. It Promises to Be Great

Great oceans start with drops
Great trees start with seeds
No matter how you see it now,
I just believe your tomorrow is great!
Be Motivated and be inspired!

141. Keep Going!

Nobody sees daylight without first seeing the night
No winner gets the prize by quitting half-way
Success, my dear, comes in bit,
And I believe you will get there if you won’t quit.

142. I Believe in You

If nobody does, I believe in you
I trust you can get the best out of life
And I just know that you can survive
Please stay strong for me dear.

143. Stay Strong

Sincerely, no Rome is built in a day.
No cock crows without getting hatched
And no matter how hard it might seem
I believe you will get to the pinnacle of success!

144. My Best  Inspiration

In you, I find my daily motivation
And nothing is more inspiring than you are
If for source of inspiration, you are the only one
I choose to love you every day until death do us part.

145. The Power from Within

The best motivation you can get is the one you can give yourself.
Let your motivation come from your within.

146. I’m Here for You

In all the trials of life, with you I’ll always be.
In all the challenges of life, Your hand will I hold.
I will ever be with you no matter what the case may be.
And come rain come shine, all about you will I uphold.

147. Stay Focused

Whenever you see a tunnel
Just try and remember this:
Anyone who doesn’t lose his sight when in it
Will surely see the light in the end of it.
Please stay focused and be hopeful, dear.

148. When There’s Life

The best of peace is gotten after a war
And every bright day starts with a dark night.
No matter how life treats you in any condition
Just know that hope and life works together.

149. Your Victory is Near

I don’t like hearing about failures
I hate seeing the sight of a defeat
But I love the sound of victory…
Your victory is near, dear!

150. You’re a Winner!

I dislike quitters but I like winners
I detest defeat but I love victory
I hate failures but I admire success
A winner, a success and victor is you!

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