Thanksgiving Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart

100+ Thanksgiving Messages for Boyfriend from the Heart 2023

Thanksgiving Day is that special time each year to be thankful and show gratitude for all the great things in your life. It is also a good time to show loved ones you are thankful for them. Sending a message to your boyfriend on such a great day will show him he is special and he is one of the people you are thankful for and happy to have in your life.

Thanksgiving Sms for Boyfriend from the Heart for 2023!

Thanksgiving Texts to Boyfriend

Sweet and Romantic Thanksgiving text messages to send to your boyfriend to say you are thankful for the gift of him and happy to have him in your life.

1. My heart brims with joy for the good things I have; a great family, a great job but I’m most grateful for having you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

2. Thanksgiving Day is set aside for saying who or whom you are grateful for – even though I’m grateful everyday that I have you – I am reminding you again this special day how thankful I am for having you. Happy Holidays!

3. I was asked to say what I’m grateful for, just then, your laughter ranged in my ears and I smiled and said, “I’m grateful for love”. Happy Thanksgiving Baby.

4. Amidst all the good things I’ve experienced this year and the great people I’ve met, you top the list and for this I’m grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

5. You were sent into my life when I was completely lost and despite all odds, you believed in me and for that, I’m thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear.

6. The sweet memories we’ve made fills my heart with joy and makes my smiles come alive and I’m most thankful on this day more than ever. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

7. You have filled my life with so much laughter, adventures and tender love, I’m most thankful for having you! Happy Thanksgiving, dearest.

8. To be a friend to someone like me isn’t easy, what more, to be a lover is more tasking, thank you for taking up the job of being my boyfriend! Happy Thanksgiving, love.

9. Thanksgiving Day only gives me another platform to tell you how I feel about you: I love you and I’m grateful to have you in my world! Happy Thanksgiving Day.

10. The essence of Thanksgiving Day was lost to me until you showed up. Now, it’s filled with essence and meaning and most importantly someone to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

11. We come together on this day to be thankful for what we have, the family we love, the friends we hold dear and the lover that keeps us sane. Thank you for being part of my story! Happy Thanksgiving, love.

12. This day fills me with much joy, hope, and thankfulness because I have you and with you in my life, there are more blessings to come. Happy Holidays!

13. Thank you for saving me from the abyss of despair and teaching me to love again. I wish you nothing but joy on this Thanksgiving.

14. This is a special day to recount our blessings and I counted you twice! Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

15. For the sacrifices you’ve made, for the things you’ve done without batting an eyelid, for every moment spent with me, I say thank you. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

16. Cheers to another year of celebrating our love and being thankful for it. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear.

17. For always been there for me, I’m most thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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18. You put up with my flaws and inadequacies when no one else did, you stuck with me even when I tried to push you away. I’m thankful to you for staying and giving me a taste of love. Happy Thanksgiving Day, my love.

19. I appreciate all the things you do for me more than you can think or imagine. May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with bountiful joy!

20. I’m truly grateful for you being such an amazing lover. I am so blessed to have you. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

Thanksgiving Message to Your Boyfriend

With this sweet thanksgiving messages for boyfriend on a day like this, you can make your boyfriend, love you and also do more to satisfy out. All you need to do is to send it to him.

21. For being my close friend and confidant and not only my lover, I’m most thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

22. I want to let you know on this special day that I treasure you every single day! Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart.

23. My thoughts and prayers are with you today! Happy Thanksgiving, lover.

24. For being the listening ear and the shoulder to cry on, I’m most grateful. Happy Holidays!

25. I love and cherish what we have, it is a beautiful thing and I’m grateful for it! Happy Thanksgiving, darling.

26. I never thought I’ll have something to be thankful for until you came along! Now the list is endless. Happy Holidays.

27. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have you, may we continue to have a flourishing and loving relationship. Cheers to our love on this Thanksgiving Day.

28. You were never in my plans and I didn’t budget for your advent but now, I can’t do without you and you are an item always on my list (heart)! Happy Thanksgiving Day, dearest.

29. To give thanks for love is to give thanks for having you! Happy Holidays!

30. You’re absolutely amazing! We make a good team. Cheers to our friendship and love. Happy Thanksgiving, dearest.

31. Here’s to remind you – in case you forgot – that I love you and I’m thankful for having you. Happy Holidays, sweetie.

32. It’s a day to be with family and friends and to eat a sumptuous meal, but mostly, it is a day to whisper a ‘thank you’ to God for giving me You!

33. With all my heart, I give thanks to God for sending you my way! Happy Thanksgiving, love.

34. Thank you for being my rock to lean on, my shelter to weather the storm of life and my constant reminder of how beautiful love is. Sincerest Thanksgiving Day wishes to you.

35. For your support, care and love, I’m most thankful, I appreciate you today and every other day. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

36. May you have a long, healthy and happy life but most importantly, may we spend it together! Have a great Thanksgiving filled with lots of joy.

37. It is an honor and privilege to know you but it is a blessing to have you in my life. I’m thankful! May you have a joyous holiday.

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38. With you, every step I take forward is to achieving something bigger and better! You’re my lucky charm! Happy Thanksgiving Day, dear.

39. Last year, I prayed for something or someone to be thankful for and you came knocking! I’m so thankful for having you. You are a Godsend! Happy Holidays.

40. You are worth much more than I do show and I’m thankful for having you. Happy Holidays.

Thanksgiving Wishes for Boyfriend

Do you need top thanksgiving wishes and messages to appreciate your boyfriend follow the love he has shown you? Here are perfectly constructed thanksgiving messages for boyfriend that you can send to him.

41. As I stuff the turkey in my mouth and chug down some juice, I whisper a heartfelt appreciation to God for giving me someone – You – who can put up with a crazy person like me. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

42. The thought of being with you soon warms me up and gives me something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

43. At this time of the year, my thoughts turn thankfully towards you with warm appreciation and love. Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart.

44. This is one of my favorite days of the year because it reminds me of the advent of love – You – in my life! Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving, baby.

45. Beyond the festivities, I ponder on the great times and memories we’ve shared and I’m most thankful for more to come! Happy Holidays.

46. Just as you have infused my life with so much happiness and love, may you and your family experience bountiful joy and blessings. I appreciate you!

47. My tummy is full and so is my heart with gratitude for having you. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear.

48. The gifts of a loving family, wonderful friends, and an awesome boyfriend are the nicest blessings of all. You are in my heart and prayers. Happy Thanksgiving.

49. You are a very special blessing to me and my family, may love and happiness be yours today and always. Thank you for all you do! Happy Thanksgiving, love.

50. I’ve come to appreciate Maths the more ‘cos ours is the simplest formula; Me+You=Love. Thanks for being there for me. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

Happy Thanksgiving Messages to Boyfriend

Let you awesome boyfriend know how well you appreciate all his gift of love for you, with the following heartfelt thanksgiving messages to him, to win his love completely.

51. I was afraid of the twist and turns of life and those I’ve not seen but you became my navigator and life has not only been bearable but pleasant and worth living, I’m thankful.

52. For accepting me, for seeing my flaws as amusing and for cheering me on, I’m most grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

53. When I look at my side and see you; cheering, supporting, encouraging and praying for me, my face lit up with smiles and my heart is filled with gratitude for having you.

54. For being a role model, for being patient and for teaching me the tenets of love, I’m most appreciative. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

55. Last year, I received a bundle of joy, warmth, laughter and happiness! How do I describe such a gift? In one word, its YOU. And I’m thankful I still have you. You rock!

56. You are an incredible person, you’ve surprised me with things you do and touched me with your thoughtfulness even in little things. I appreciate you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

57. It’s funny to think of how we came from rivals to not just being best friends but best partners. I’m most thankful for having you and all the craziness that comes with you.

58. Happy Thanksgiving, my muse, my strength, my supporter and my biggest fan. I’m grateful for being part of your life. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

59. Out of all things I’m sincerely grateful for, you top the list! You’re the best person in my life. Happy Thanksgiving Day, sweetheart.

60. I thought of the best thing to give you to show how much I appreciate your presence in my life and all I could come up with is a chant of ‘Thank You’. Cheers to another day of life spent with you.

61. You’ve given me so much, more than I bargained and requested for. You’re my lifeline and I’m thankful for having you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

62. When I spoke of the reasons to be sad, you showed me things to be much thankful for, when I thought of reasons to give up, you stood by me and showed me much more reasons to continue plodding on. You are my rock and I’m thankful to have you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

63. In a world of chaos, pain and suffering, the thought of you by my side gives me peace and strength to live on. Happy Thanksgiving Day, dearest one.

64. It’s funny how I thought I needed no one to compliment me but I discovered the part of me that I don’t know of in you! You are my better part and I’m grateful to have you.

65. For being there during the good and bad, sweet and hard times, easy and tough periods, I’m most grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

66. On this special day, my heart fills with love for you and my gratitude knows no bounds, not just because I have you in my life, but because I’m assured that whatever happens, you’ll always be there, for all you do for my family and myself, I say thank you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

67. For being such a wonderful boyfriend who puts my needs first before yours, I’m grateful. Your type is rare! Happy Thanksgiving Day, sweetheart.

68. You’ve infused so much positivity into my life, you’ve brought out the best in me and make me optimistic than ever before, I’m glad to have you.

69. For making me feel special and loved, for putting up with my moods, for accommodating my silliness, for allowing love to prevail, I’m most grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

70. I thought my heart was made of glass until you came and showed me that it was made of flesh and blood, you chipped off the glasses and brought out the best in me. I am grateful and I love you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cute Thanksgiving Messages for Boyfriend

It is good to be appreciative now and every time. Make use of the following heart touching thanksgiving text messages for boyfriend to truly appreciate your his love.

71. We’ve been through so much together and sometimes I can’t long and strong you’ve stood. For that, I will always be grateful. Happy Holidays!

72. You’re simply amazing, you’re such a boyfriend with substance, thanks for always being truthful, honest, fun and daring.

73. You fill my heart with so much memories of laughter, happiness is never far from me because of you. I’m grateful to God for gifting me a precious jewel. I love you always.

74. The thoughts of you remind me of God’s goodness and how I’ve been a recipient of so much of it. Thank you for always been there.

75. You’re my cheerleader! You’re my number one fan! For believing and investing in me, I’m forever grateful to you! Happy Thanksgiving Day, sweetheart.

76. You’ve taught me a lot of things, your presence in my life makes all the difference! You’re my teacher, my mentor, my model but most of all, you are my best friend. I’m appreciative of all you do. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

77. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself and then others, since you’ve opened my eyes to the potential to love, I’ve not stopped exploring!

78. I don’t take you for granted and I know I don’t say it enough but you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m thankful to have you in my life. Happy Holidays.

79. Happiness wasn’t strange to me but you make it feel so much real and solid thank you for all you do!

80. So much happiness, excitement, anticipation, richness and color! All because of you. You’ve given my life a whole new dimension, I’m thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Day, honey.

81. All the heartbreak and disappointments I’ve experienced faded into vague memories when you came on board. Thanks for coming!

82. You inspire me to be a better version of myself, to see the good in others, to love without constraint and to give without expectations. I’m immensely thankful. Happy Holidays.

83. My world is a better place because you are in it! I have you and I just want to say ‘Thank You”. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

84. Many times I’ve pushed you away but you kept coming back. I had no choice but to let you in and it turns out it’s the best decision I’ve yet made. Thank you for staying against all odds.

85. It is a warm feeling knowing you’re part of my life, so many things are unimaginable without you. Thanks for your genuine love and Happy Holidays.

86. No one else can love me the way you do, I’ll make everyday an opportunity to show how thankful I am to you and how much I love you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

87. You showed up when all that was left of me were broken pieces, you didn’t mind picking ‘em up, didn’t flinch when they hurt you, didn’t mind when the going became tough. You are one of a kind. Thank you for being there.

88. I desired a healing process and got you! My faith in love became restored because of you. Thank you so much. I love you dearly.

89. The things you do, the things you say, the way you make me feel precious and wanted, I just want to say ‘thank you’ for everything. Happy Holidays.

90. When I lost my family, I thought I had lost everything but you gave me a second chance at love, life and family again. You’re my anchor! Thank you for all you do.

91. I know holding on to me must have been tough but I’m glad to hear it was worth it because now, I’m never gonna let go of you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

92. In the little things, your thoughtfulness is always showcased. You move me to tears with how you protect me and make me feel loved. I just want you to know how thankful I am.

93. For choosing me to be the receiver of all the love and goodness you carry, I’m grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

94. You’re an embodiment of love! You’ve shown me over and over again what it means to care, give, love and live. I love you always. Happy Thanksgiving.

95. You’ve filled my longings and emptiness, now I’m brimming with love and laughter. Thank you for coming in! Happy Holidays.

96. To know that I have a great boyfriend to rely on even at the darkest days is a great relief. Thanks for being there.

97. The way you see past the walls I erected, chipped them down and stay in my heart is amazing. Thank you for staying through it all.

98. I believed in poker and straight faces or how else do people take one serious? But you’ve made my laugh lines come alive. Your laughter and liveliness are contagious. I love you always.

99. I look at where I was before and where I am now, I see more growth, more care, more understanding and extreme love. For all these, I have you to thank.

100. One of my greatest achievement is letting you into my heart, life and family and you’ve always been a source of joy and blessing. I’m grateful to God for sending you my way.

101. Distance doesn’t diminish my love for you, my thoughts and prayers are with you on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving Day, love.

102. Divine is the day you came into my life. I knew God just had something to do with it all. Thank God for us! Happy Holidays.

103. Watching you do all you do so selflessly, giving so much of you to others, so spontaneous in caring and loving, my heart feels with gratitude.

104. For giving me the chance to be the one to share and hold sweet memories made together, I’m grateful.

105. You invested your love in me when the ebb was low but see how it yields bountifully now. Thanks for being there.

106. The peace, joy and calmness I experience whenever I’m with you can’t be substituted or compared to anything else, I’m forever grateful. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

107. God loves me truly and he gave me you to show just how much, so far, you’ve done a great job. Thank you!

108. When I think of how long you pursued me, how relentless you were, how devoted you were to loving, my heart fills with so much appreciation. I can never thank you enough.

109. The thought of living without you is not something I entertain, you’ve come to be the essence of my living. I’m thankful that I have you.

110. For making me the happiest person I know, I say thank you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, darling.

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