2023 Thanksgiving Messages to God from the Heart

Always having a heart full of gratitude to God is a habit that should be desired by all, it does not only show that you value His blessings and who He is, it is is also a tested way of invoking more of His blessings.

Even though the Thanksgiving presents us with a golden opportunity to express our appreciation to God, our gratitude must not be limited to that. When we show our gratitude to God at all times, we are opened to an unending outpouring of His goodness and blessings.

Since there is no way we could repay God for all he represents in our lives and for all that he has blessed us with. The best we could do is to offer to him our heartfelt gratitude and to thank him for everything

Don’t wait till Thanksgiving to do this, it must be a habit and not just a once a year ritual.

Find below thanksgiving messages to God from a grateful heart. I am sure you’d love to share with friends and loved ones.

Awesome Thanksgiving Messages to God from the Heart 2023!


Thanksgiving Quotes to God for Everything

The best of Thanksgiving Quotes and Messages to God from the Heart. Thanksgiving Quotes to God for everything.

1, Looking back to all you have done, I am short of words to express how good you’ve been to me, and how grateful I am. Deserving nothing, you chose to give me all. Thank you Lord, you are a super God.

2. My work could not have brought me this far, not even my righteousness, what I am and have today are all products of your mercy. That’s why I will forever be grateful unto you. Thank you, Lord.

3. For all the blessings you’ve poured on me, I have come to say thank you, you have been the singular factor why life is worth living. Thank you Lord for singling me out for your blessings.

4. I couldn’t but ask how loving you are to have chosen to bless a wretched like me. Your love for my soul is beyond description. Thank you, Lord, you are a loving God, thank you for another Thanksgiving.

5. It’s another Thanksgiving, and over the years, I have experienced ups and downs walking my path through life, but all along, you’ve been a reliable companion, a sure guide and an ever-present help in the times of need. What more can I ask for? Thank you, father.

6. Lord, I thank you for life and yet another opportunity to be counted among the living today. You are an awesome God.

7. My God has done it again, it’s another time to count my blessings, I am grateful for life, for your provisions, for your love and care. I am grateful for all the favours I have enjoyed, and all you have freely given me. Thank you, father.

8. There was no way I could have made it this far without your grace, whenever I felt discouraged and powerless, your saving grace always Come in handy. Thank you gracious father.

9. This morning, I woke up, not on a hospital bed, not in the prison nor in a rehabilitation home, what else can I say other than to thank you for all your goodness to me.

10. You didn’t consider my wretchedness, you pitched your tent with me. I was stinking, yet, you embraced me with your loving arms. Thank you, Lord, for loving me beyond measure.

11. It’s another Thanksgiving, I am alive to witness this, you kept me afloat this whole year by your grace, thank you Lord for being so good. You are amazing,

12. For your protection in all my journey in the past year, you deserve all the praise. Thank you for watching over me even in my careless moments. You are indeed my keeper.

13. From my first breath till this very moment, you’ve been so faithful to me. You never consider my unfaithfulness in any way, you’ve been such a magnificent God, and I will forever be grateful to you.

14. If I spend the whole of today singing your praise, you are worth much more than that, you’ve been so good to me and my family that we have become the envy of all. Thank you, father.

15. Even for a thousand tongues to sing your praises, it won’t be enough for the blessings and goodness on me. Thank you, Lord, for making my life a blessing.

16. For the joy you give and the peace you supply, I have come to say thank you. Thank you for satisfying me with all the good things of life. Thank you, Jesus.

17. My God is at it again, it’s my season of thanksgiving to the most high for his abundant blessings over me. Year in, year out, you’ve made my life a reference point for testimonies. Thank you, Lord.

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18, How can I thank you enough for all you’ve done for me, when I set out to praise you for what you’ve done, you are surprising me with yet another. You are indeed the God of all blessings. You are amazing in all ways.

19. Nothing compares to you in my life. You are the reason for my existence and the reason to live for. Thank you, Lord, for beautifying my life.

20. How could I have believed that I will be what I am today? You’ve simply transformed my life in the most amazing way possible. Thank you, Lord, for taking me from grass to grace.

21. I will open my mouth to sing your praises to all nations, I will tell.l the world of your kindness and love, I will proclaim your goodness for all to know that I have a loving God in you.

22. Having you a father as being the most amazing thing in my life, thank you Lord for taking very good care of me.

23. When I think of your blessings and goodness to me, I am convinced that I am the luckiest human being on earth, you never stop being awesome to me. Thank you, Lord, for being faithful to me at all times.

24. There’s absolutely nothing I could have done to have deserved your love. You enveloped me in your love so much that I feel I am the only one in the whole world, I can’t and won’t trade your love for anything, thank you, Jesus, you are the love of my life.

25. An opportunity like this remind me of all the goodness of God in my life. From his daily provisions to his ever-abiding presence, From his daily mercy to his guidance in all my ways, God has been wonderful in ways I cannot mention. Thank you, father.

26. When I was lost, you found me. When I was down, you lifted me. When I was stuck, you made a way. How wonderful you are Lord? Thank you for everything. You are more than I can ever ask for in a God. You are my everything.

27. Nobody cares for me more than you. Now I understand why you asked me to cast all my cares on you. You always show up when I least expected, even when I fail to pray, you are always there for me all the time. You are indeed a faithful God.

28. My soul will ever sing your praises for all you have done for me. Since you showed up in my life, I have not known a better yesterday, and the assurance of a better tomorrow in you crowns it all for me. I am so blessed.

29. I cannot thank you enough for all your blessings over the past one year, you never stop blessing me each and every day all along, I may not be able to thank you enough, but I will always sing your praises at all times.

30. Today, I have come to say thank you for all your gifts and talents in my life. I couldn’t have amounted to anything meaningful without you. Thank you for adding colour to my life.

31. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the good things in our lives and offer our appreciation to God, but as for me, I choose to praise you every day as long as I live. Every good thing in my life is from you, and you are my only source.

32. The fact that there’s a special day called Thanksgiving shows that there’s always something to be grateful for. As for me, there’s everything to be grateful for. I will make praising you my daily task. Thank you, God.

33. Lord, I want to take a moment to thank you for blessing me with sound health. Thank you for keeping me and my family in good health and perfect peace, we owe it all to you.

34. Each day I woke up, I think of all that might have happened while I was asleep. You were always there watching over me. I will always be in your debt Lord, you are a gracious God.

35. Thank you Lord for always being there to answer my prayer, you never gave me any reason to doubt you. You answer even long before I call. Thank you, the prayer answering God.

36. You are the Lord that never disappoints, always on time, and ever reliable. You are the never-failing God. Thank you for who you are.

37. At a time when life was meaningless and I was hopeless and was unsure of the way forward, you came into my rescue and change my story altogether. I wonder where I would have been without you. Thank you Lord, the great Deliverer.

38. God, with you on my side, I have never lacked anything good, you are always on hand to provide my daily needs even before I asked. You are indeed a great provider. Thank you.

39. I will live the rest of my life in offering thanksgiving to you for all your blessings and goodness. Thank you, Lord, for giving me another miracle to celebrate.

40. When everyone gave me no chance of becoming anything, you showed up and made me something, in spite of my unfaithfulness, you remained committed to bringing the best out of my life. Thank you awesome God.

41. On the occasion of this year’s Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude to God for his unending joy, his peace that permeates my heart and his all-around blessings for me and my household, it’s such a joyful experience enjoying God in all areas of our lives,

42. If people were to be arranged in a Peking order to receive God’s blessing, I sure would have been far behind, but surprisingly, you overlooked all my shortcomings and made my life the center of your blessings, I will forever be in your debt father, you are a loving God.

43. Your daily blessings for me and my household are innumerable, yet, you never stop adding to our joy, no one else could have done this aside you. That’s why we will always praise your majesty.

44, When I think of all you have done for me, I stand in awe of how good you have been as a father. There is absolutely nothing I have to give other than to say thank your daddy.

45. Indeed, nothing can separate me from the love of God, not even the greatest storm of life, your love for me transcend my understanding, and I full of your praise to you my God.

46. For a man that I am, absolutely nothing makes me merit your blessings, I am alive because your mercy always speaks for me, and I can’t but wonder how lucky I am to have you.

47. Today being Thanksgiving, gives me another golden chance to express my gratitude to my God for all his cares. You have demonstrated to me how much you love me and for this, I will ever be grateful.

48. I feel on top of the world to have you as my father, right from birth, you’ve been a formidable support, I am in awe for the way you have stood for me all of the time. Thank you dependable God.

49. For your mercy that is ever renewed over me every morning, I say thank you, all that I am and have is by your mercy and I have come to say thank you able God.

50. I am what I am today because of you. Without you, I am nothing, and with you, I can look forward to a more glorious future. You are my all in all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

51. My God of sufficiency has done it again, thank you for meeting my needs in the most miraculous ways possible. You are the all-sufficient God.

52. Today, I Woke up full of life, hale and hearty and with so much energy to take on the task of the day. None of these is ever possible without you. Thank you, father Lord.

53. Thank you, father, for always showing up whenever I need you. Thank you for leading and guiding me to make the right decision at all times. I am so fortunate to have you.

54. I will tell of your love to the whole world, an unfaithful person like me deserves to be forgotten and left on my own, but rather, you chose to be merciful unto me. You showed me love when I least deserve it, no wonder your name is love.

55. I will join the rest of the word to sing your praises today and always. You are the God that rules in the affairs of men, you make everything beautiful in its season, you are a magnificent God.

56. My God of signs and wonder is at it again, you have proven again that you’re a miraculous God who is capable of doing all things. Thank you, Lord, for yet another miracle to celebrate. You’re awesome.

57. When all hope was lost and my strength was gone, you showed up and carried me on your shoulder, you bore my burden and put a smile on my face, I will live the rest of my life praising you.

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58. Thank you, father, for making me what I am today, you were so meticulous in moulding my life into the beautiful being that I am today. I celebrate your wisdom, thank you, father.

59. Over the years, you have proven to be a God I can always run to. You always stand strong as a rock behind me, I am always at peace knowing that you’ve got my back. Thank you, Jesus.

60, I am alive, awake and enthusiastic to start another beautiful day, it gladdens my heart to know that even in my sleep you stood firmly by me, watching over me. I will ever be in your debt.

61. All I have is given to me by you. Even my very self is yours. I am less than nothing without you, and so, I will praise you from the bottom of my heart and rejoice in your name forever.

62. My God, the source of my strength and the strength of my life. Thank you for making me strong enough to pull through life’s challenges whenever they surface.

63. You kept me and sustained my life till now, this is an assurance that I can always rely on you in the journey of life. Thank Lord.

64. I stand in awe for the abundance of your mercy upon me. All that I have received from you are by your mercy, you are a merciful God.

65. From the day I was born up till now, you have been the one taking care of me, never have I had to worry over anything because you are always there for me. Thank you, my caregiver,

66. It’s that time of the year to give thanks to God for all he has been doing for me. I cannot enumerate the level of your impact and blessings on me, they are beyond what I can explain. Thank you, Lord.

67. When I was sick, you were my healer, my help in times of need, and my guide when I lack direction. You are simply the all in all for me. That’s why I will sing your praises forever.

68. Thanks so much for shining your light upon my path and beautifying my life. You are the source of every good thing in my life. You are such a beautiful God.

69. For all the good works you’re doing in my career, I say a big thank you. No one else can do this except you. You are my source.

70. In the face of life’s challenges, you stand tall as a strong courage to help me ride on obstacles, you are my strength in weakness and my hope in hopeless situations. Thank you, Lord.

71. Father, I praise your name for all the successes I can point to in my life. You are my only backbone in all I do. Praises be to your name.

72. All I have is given to me from God, my joy, my smile, my health and all I have, I cannot lay claim to any of these, they are all out of your treasures. Thank you, Lord, you are all I have.

73. To God be the glory for another Thanksgiving, your grace kept me over the past year and sustained me all through. Thank you for all your blessings and goodness and for making my life better than it was.

74. It’s another Thanksgiving, I am alive to witness this in sound health. God was more than sufficient for me and my family and we have every reason to praise him.

75. Right about this time last year, I was almost at my worst moment, but in a miraculous way, you changed the narration for me, now I am living my best life ever. That’s how miraculous you are.

76. You made my need your priority, I am bouncing in your care and radiating your glory. You are such an awesome God. Praises be to your name.

77. Today may be Thanksgiving, but my thanks will forever flow towards you my God. That’s the least I can offer to you for all your wonderful works in my life.

78. A lot of time, I am guilty of not praising you enough, a lot of time I allow challenges to take the shine off your blessings on me. But, still you never stop blessing me, you are a sweet God.

79. Whenever my soul is troubled, you show up with your peace that passes all understanding, I live daily in the assurance that you are always there for me, and you never fail. I am such a fortunate creation in the hands of God.

80. In the pit of my unfaithfulness, you remain steadfast in being faithful to me. Even when I least expect, you are always there, thank you God for loving me in the most amazing way.

81. A lot has happened over the years, many have fallen victim of circumstances, as for me, I am swimming in the pool of your goodness. I am a product of your mercy and grace and I will live to sing your praise all my life.

82. Today is another golden chance to reflect on your goodness to me. You are always in the business of meeting me at the pint of my needs and blessing me with good things. Thank you, God.

83. You are my secrete, my strength and my source. You have made my life a shining light for the world to behold. You are an amazing God.

84. I thought I know what love is until I found you. You’ve demonstrated to me what it truly means to love. Thank you for loving me in an extraordinary way.

85. You are my confidence and the source of my inspiration, you are quick to strengthen me when discouraging situation arise. No wonder I am so confident in your ability. You are the able God.

86. Thank you Lord for giving me the spirit of excellence, you make me stand out in the midst of the crowd and I am eternally grateful to you excellent God.

87. People ask for the secrete of my happiness, I simply smile and say it as it is. You are the source of my happiness and joy. You are a fountain of joy to me.

88. You lifted me above my faults and made me a cynosure for all to see. I never could have attained this height without you, you made it happen. Take all the glory, my father.

89. To God be the glory great things he has done. You are far greater than the greatest of men and wiser than the wisest of men. You are incomparable.

90. With you, I know I have a bright future ahead of me. You are the beginning and the ending, and the hope for my future. You are my alpha and omega.

91. My God is at work in my life, so I will praise him. He has done so much, and he is not stopping just yet. Thank you, father, for all the good works in my life.

92. Thank you, Lord, for all the free gifts of life. For the air I breathe and the gift of nature, thanks for making the world a beautiful place to live.

93. I may not be where I want to be, but I am no more where I used to be, and I am so glad that I am a work in progress in your hands. Thank you, father.

94. Today, I want to take a moment to appreciate you for all the beautiful things in my life, friends, family, work and all the great things you gave me. I am grateful for everything father.

95. When I pass through challenges, you are always there with me, you are the invincible helping hands in my life. Thank you for all your help and support.

96. When men are saying there’s a costing down, you are lifting up, thank you Lord for setting me apart for the miraculous. I am grateful.

97. Morning by morning, I see your mercy, you blessed my life with the gift I don’t deserve. Blessed be your name father.

98. My life would have been meaningless without you. When men thought nothing could come out of my life, you made me a reference point of good things. I will sing your name forever my God.

99. Your name is a strong tower I can always run to. You back up your word with action that silent all circumstances. I’ll live my life praising your name.

100. Father, I want to take time to thank you for bringing order to my life. When I was heading nowhere, you directed me to the right part. Thank you for being the guide my life needs.

101. I thank you father for all the success in my life. I prosper at whatever I lay my hands on. Your presence in my life makes all the difference.

102. What a wonderful day I have today to sing your praises to the whole wide world. Thank you, Lord, for making my life a melodious song.

103. You are the air I breathe, the song I sing, the life I live and the hope I have. What a privilege to have you in my life. Thank you father, you are the source of my being.

104. Your steadfast love never ceases, your mercy never comes to an end over me, I say thank you because great is your faithfulness.

105. I woke up to another bright new day because you kept and watch over me throughout the night. Many were the happenings that could have sucked life out of me, but you remain resolute in keeping me safe. You are my strong tower.

106, I worship you, almighty God, there’s no one like you, I sing your praise, my prince of peace, you are my light and righteousness. For my life, take the glory!

107. For the warmth of each day, for the sunshine that brightens my day and the dew that comes from above, I have come to know that I have a beautiful God above me. Thank you Lord for all your astonishing wonders.

108. You made me in your likeness, you formed me to reflect your glory and live a life of dominion. Thank you Lord for your grand plan for me at creation.

109. When I am in desperate need, you are always swift to attend to my needs, you never made me live in want. You are indeed Jehovah Jireh.

110. Glory be to God for another Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t have pulled through the last year without you. Your presence in my life is the difference between then and now,

111. I will sing unto the Lord a new song for blessing my life with the good things of life. Thank you Lord for your abundance and faithfulness to my cause.

112. In trouble, you rescued me, you turned my shame to fame and my agony to glory. You brought positive changes to my life. Thank you Lord.

113. You always make a way when things are tight. My righteousness couldn’t have done this, but your goodness transcends my imagination. You are simply amazing.

114. I bless God for who he is, you are not man, and that’s why you can put up with someone like me. What I deserve is rejection, what you give is accepted without reservation. What a God you are.

115. Thank you God for a wonderful family like mine. I cannot ask for more. Thanks as well for your works in my family. You are to be praised forever.

116. Going by merit, I will get absolutely nothing from you, but your mercy remains my advocate where my voice could not be heard. Thank you for you are merciful God.

117. If I dedicate my entire life to sing your praise, it won’t be enough for what you have done. Your countless blessings on me can’t be repaid in any way. You are too much a God.

118. With you, impossible is nothing, you ride on impossible situations to show to the world what you are capable of. Thank you for making my life a living wonder.

119. It’s being from one level of blessing to the other, never will a day pass without blessing me with something new. Out of your abundance flows your unending blessing towards me. Thank you, my father

120. Today being Thanksgiving reminds me of my ingratitude, being such an ingrate, you still find me suitable for your blessings, this is love in action. Thank you my father.

121. I thank you father for all the success in my life. I prosper at whatever I lay my hands on. Your presence in my life makes all the difference.


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