2024 Best Christian Thanksgiving Quotes for Gratitude

Thanksgiving day has been a day dedicated for the celebration of the blessings of the harvest and that of the preceding year; it’s a warm gratitude for the outpour of blessings from above.

However, at all times, all day and seasons should the heart merry and the tongue speaks in gratitude for all the great and even the common things that surround us.

For this special reason, quotes that truly show a thankful heart and makes the mouth full of praises are provided here to meet your need on this lovely day and even beyond.

So, be gracious enough to spread words of gratitude, laying forth the bricks of appreciation to the high heaven by posting or sending any of these Christian thanksgiving quotes for gratitude to your loved ones, family and friends.


Christian Thanksgiving Sayings for Gratitude for 2024!

Religious Thanksgiving Quotes

Religious Thanksgiving Quotes. Christian Thanksgiving Quotes.

1. There’s a great joy in my heart; it symbolizes my earnest gratitude to God for all the days I’ve lived and I’ve been surrounded by loved ones.

2. Happy thanksgiving, mom. The pinnacle of this year’s celebration is still having you in my life. You’re worth being grateful for.

3. Today is the most privileged day to be alive, cause it shows you have something to be thankful about. Happy thanksgiving, dear friend.

4. Lives have been lost, dreams have been washed out. Nevertheless, here I am with a grateful heart for the breath of life.

5. Year in year out, one thing has been steadfast and that’s the faithfulness of God.

6. If I could say it all then, I have nothing to be thankful for. Since I cannot, then I have every reason to be thankful.

7. His mercy kept you. His faithfulness trailed you and His love covered you. Happy thanksgiving, dad.

8. Without a sacrifice of burnt offering, He’s been faithful. Without an insurance of health, He’s been keeping us healthy and strong. Happy thanksgiving day.

9. It makes me happy when I see the sunshine. I’m even happier when I can see and feel the people around me.

10. My utmost gratitude goes to God for adding days, weeks and months to my life. He’s kept me rooted in His words.

11. Everything I laid my hands on in the time past, up till now has been nothing but a blessing. I’m grateful for this shower of prosperity upon me. Happy thanksgiving.

12. Waking up in the morning to the beauty of the sunshine and going to bed at night with the stars in the sky are unworthy privileges, yet gotten on a silver platter. I’m grateful.

13. He isn’t my mother, yet He watched me grow from my cradle bed to my old age. Neither is He my angel, yet His spirit goes around with me. Not even my father, still He provides for me. He’s everything to everybody.

14. I have something to show for these past days, weeks and months. And I call it, my life. He’s kept me alive. Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies.

15. Nights came and left but our love wasn’t gone with the night. It stayed true and scaled through all the turbulence. Happy thanksgiving, darling.

16. Our garden is full of our children. Our home is full of our loved ones. What else do we need before we can be grateful? We simply have it all. Happy thanksgiving, wifey.

17. The job wasn’t stable, yet He fed me. My health wasn’t sound, yet He kept me. It’s a miracle and I’m thankful for it all.

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18. Even the angels in heaven split with envy at the show of my gratitude; cause with every strength that abides in me do I lift my heart and hands in worship.

19. I’ll sing my heart out to show my gratitude to Him. I’ll dance without music and I’ll hum without a melody just to show how appreciative I am to Him.

20. He didn’t live us to die. He clothed us and gave us food in time of scarcity. It’s a great demonstration of love. Happy thanksgiving, dear family.

21. A little became a thousand. Nothingness became abundance. He’s a miracle working God. I have my hands lifted up to Him like those of Moses.

22. He blessed me with the understanding of His word. Here I am transformed. Happy thanksgiving.

23. His name is wonderful. The work of His hand is exceptional. There’s none like Him. God be praised now and beyond.

24. My life is beautiful because He’s been the reason behind my smile. As the year goes by, His faithfulness is multiplied. Happy thanksgiving, everyone.

25. He made us the best team. He established the work of our hands and beautified it. Happy thanksgiving, colleague.

26. Because I have reasons to smile, guffaw and to ponder over His faithfulness, then I have every reason to be thankful.

27. Thus far, I have no reason to question His deeds, the work of His hand and His faithfulness. All I have to give is gratitude.

28. He’s the God that doesn’t judge me. He’s the God that vindicates me. He’s the God that has been fighting my big battles and crowning me with the glory. Thank you, heavenly Father.

29. Like a building on top of the mountain, He lifted us up and made us a great household. Happy thanksgiving, dear family.

30. He shielded me from all calamities. He defeated the devil countless time. I couldn’t have done all of these for myself. Thank you, Lord.

31. He took me from the sinking sand and placed me on the solid rock to stay. He’s the reason I am alive and not perished. Thank God with me, everyone.

32. I am not a history today, because He kept me. I am loved today because He loved me first. He deserves my life; hence, I dedicate it to Him.

33. Darling, our marriage has yet survived another year. Our union has been blessed with things we couldn’t have achieved alone. Happy Thanksgiving day, hubby.

34. I’m grateful for constantly seeing an undying love in your eyes. It reminds me of the love of God.

35. I am no longer a slave; I’m a royalty. He gave me His freedom and took away my captivity. Happy thanksgiving, friends.

36. We’ve come a long way. Life has been more beautiful with you, my friend. Happy thanksgiving, bestie.

37. Yet, I won by His grace. And, I’m alive by His will. I’m the most blessed not the most cursed. I’m grateful, that’s why I confess His faithfulness.

38. Who knew my life could change diametrically for the best? Who knew I could be the head and not otherwise? He made it possible for me. Lord, I’m grateful for your hand in my life.

39. He never took permission from anyone to lift me up. He didn’t cajole with the devil to bless me. He touched my life unquestionably. Lord, I’m in awe of your greatness.

40. I’m deeply thankful for my marriage. I’m in love with my kids; I’m grateful for the blessing of fruitfulness. Thank you Lord is all I have to say.

41. He gave me the best quality of everything I ever asked for. He clothed me with ropes of many colours, quenched my thirst with fine wine and housed me in a mansion. He’s a faithful God.

42. I don’t need more to be grateful, cause I have everything I need to show forth His faithfulness before all men.

43. Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family. I’m in awe of the love we’ve shared and the helping hands we’ve lent to one another. This is indeed what relationship is all about. Thank you, all.

44. Thank God for the harvest. Thank God for the rain and for the blessed soil. Happy thanksgiving, dear friend.

45. He kept me from nightmares. He gave me beautiful dreams. He made my reality beautiful. I’m grateful, Lord.

46. He turned my hopelessness into a bright future. I’m eternally grateful for this testimony. Thank you, God.

47. By His grace, we are not in the graveyard. By His mercy, our sins are forgiven. We have everything to be appreciative. Be praised, heavenly Father.

48. He gave me the best man I could ever wish for. Afterward, He blessed me with a lovely home. Happy thanksgiving, honey.

49. I have something better than gold and silver; good health, long life, and a good name. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with what money can’t buy.

50. I’m glad I have the best woman in my life. My visions are clear because of you. I’m fulfilling my purpose because of you. Thank you, God, for blessing me with a great woman.

51. Today is the best day of the year cause all we have to do is give thanks to the one who made us. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

52. I’m in awe of your wonders. I’ll praise your name amongst the living.

53. I won’t sit back and relax. But I’ll put on my garment of praise to reverence you.

54. My troubles will I not let take the place of your worship because you deserve all the glory on this day.

55. All I want to say is, thank you to the Father of creation, who has made me beautifully and fearfully.

56. I worship you for you do greater things than in the past times.

57. You need not worry about your needs nor care for your burdens. Because beyond them, you’ve got reasons to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

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58. For the rest of my life, I’ll praise you, dear King of kings.

59. I’ll lift up the banner of worship. I’ll exalt your name in all places of the earth.

60. The Lord deserves a lifetime of worship in my heart. So, I say thank you, Father.

61. I stand on a higher ground to worship my Father above all the earth. I’ll take my praises to the city centre and my garment of worship to the temple. I praise you, God.

62. With joy in my heart, I welcome you into the Thanksgiving day, mom.

63. The beauty of the moon, the goodness of the sun is worth every gratitude to God.

64. You remain Lord and King over all for you are the one who made the heavens and the earth.

65. I’ll bow before your throne for lifting me out of the dungeon to seat amongst kings and queens.

66. I reverence your holy name for all the things you do including the grace to breathe in oxygen freely.

67. You’ve kept me against all oddities of life and the wickedness of man. Lord, I worship you.

68. I made it to this point because you’re good and you let me triumph over my enemies with grace.

69. You’ve blessed this family with the happy cries of a newborn in our home. For this, we give you all the glory.

70. With my legs, I can walk and with my eyes, I can see. Father, you’ve done well for me.

71. You’ve made me a blessing to my generation. You’ve lifted me up above my contemporaries. Lord, I’m so thankful.

72. Happy Thanksgiving, dear colleagues. I believe more than anyone else we have reasons to be thankful.

73. Regardless of our government’s inadequacies and the land’s turbulence, you’ve made us prosper. We worship you, oh Lord.

74. In times like this when men say there is a casting down, you’ve lifted me above crisis and tribulations. Thank you, Father.

75. I’ll name my blessings one by one, I’ll name them after your many names. Because out of the generosity of your hands, you’ve blessed me with them all. Thank you, my Father.

76. You are faithful at all times and holy in all generations. You’re not a man but you’re God.

77. Your deeds are great and mighty. You make a way in crooked terrains and rivers in the desert.

78. You forsake our sins and embrace us with the love of the Father. All glory belongs to you.

79. I feel your power and might as the breezes blow, the clouds roar and as the mountain stand in awe of your wonders.

80. Round my table is a lovely family you’ve blessed me with. I take not this blessing for granted.

81. You have provided a man to love me, a child to care for and a home to happily return to. These and many more, I am truly grateful for.

82. Spy into your past, observe your present and worship the one who has brought you this far. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

83. For the future that I see and the prophecies you gave that are yet to come to pass, I say a very big thank you to you, oh God.

84. Here I am still standing in the days of murder and suicide. I thank you for the grace to be alive.

85. Thank you for calming the storm and for preventing the waters from consuming me.

86. Life is no bed of roses but you’ve seen me through the hard times with grace and mercies. Thank you, Father.

87. Scatter your praises across the borders. Let every eye behold your gratitude for your life is a testimony. Happy Thanksgiving, sister.

88. Because I am alive to witness my freedom and peace of mind, I worship you, oh Prince of peace.

89. You deserve the praises of my lips because you stick to your words and bring your prophecies to pass in time.

90. You are so good and kind. You supply my daily needs and even the lily’s in the valley.

91. I reverence you for all the troubles you’ve obstructed from coming my way and the favours you let stop by my doorstep.

92. Out of your benevolence, you’ve blessed me with wisdom and gifted me with understanding.

93. Let’s praise the Lord in many languages. Let’s lift up our voices as one to show forth His glory. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

94. The temptations of life are many, yet you’ve made a way out for us. I lift up your name in praise.

95. I’m grateful to my Father in heaven for making all things beautiful in His time.

96. You’ve sent good friends my way who are my support and backbone in times of need. I cherish you, oh Lord for you truly care for me.

97. I’m forever grateful for your amazing grace that saved a wretch like me and transformed a pauper into a blessing.

98. I wouldn’t know why you look beyond my fault and you know me by my name. But I worship you for your unconditional love.

99. Thank you, Father. For you’ve lifted me up from the sick bed with your healing hands.

100. Thank you, Father, for blessing me with all spiritual blessings. You never let my shortcomings count but your grace.

Now thank the giver of these testimonies and see your life shinning so bright than it ever was.

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