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Top 70 Breakthrough Prayers for Every Occasion in 2024

We must have heard the popular saying that “Prayer is the master key“. It is, indeed, the key to opening many doors of supernatural happenings.

When things are smooth, we pray. When otherwise we still pray. Different prayer points for different situations.

We all, at some points, need breakthroughs in different situations and stages of our lives. So when at those points, we channel our prayers to breakthrough.

Way to go?

Below are powerful breakthrough prayer points that cut across different life situations. You’ll definitely find them helpful, may our prayers be answered!

Short Breakthrough Prayers and Long Breakthrough Prayers for Someone You Care so much About.

Short Breakthrough Prayers

Do you need powerful but short prayers points to use whenever you are asked to lead prayer in occasion? Then this powerful short prayer points is made just for you.

1. As the year runs towards its end, may doors open for you financially, in Jesus name.

2. May you experience ease to fight the battles of your business in Jesus Name.

3. The power that raised Christ from death would raise you above your burdens.

4. I pray that lines fall for you in pleasant places as you strive through every stage of your life.

5. Every marital battle you’re facing right now, by the blood of the Lamb, you’re a conqueror.

6. Because we are sons, we excel above struggles in our academics.

7. The wisdom of God is made available unto us to restore our lost glory.

8. For our weapons are not carnal but mighty by the Word, Jehovah would fight our battles and declare is victorious.

9. Every plan of the enemies to make us barren, we overcome them in Jesus name.

10. The blessings of God that make rich without struggles would place is above every financial challenge.

11. Dry bones in our marriages shall rise again!

12. Because we trust in the Lord and are of good courage, we break free from every bondage of the devil.

13. God, who made a way for the Israelites in the red sea shall make way for you this month.

14. Before the end of this year, that sickness, you shall see the end of it.

15. The same God that stood behind David when he killed Goliath shall stand behind you as you conquer your enemies.

16. The peace of the Lord is made available to you above every stormy area of your life.

17. Every shackle of debt that has made you stagnant is destroyed by the power of Jesus.

18. Every area of confusion in your life is cleared in Jesus name.

19. I ask that before this year runs out, every problem that the devil has thrown at me is defeated.

20. As I go about my daily activities I overcome every plan of the enemy to waste me.

21. Every prophecy of doom over my life and family, I stand on the Rock of Ages and revert them.

22. For God’s word is Ye and Amen, doors are opened for us in glorious places.

23. The God that provided manna in the wilderness shall make a way where there’s no way!

24. Every terminal disease battling with my life and family is conquered by the Blood.

25. Every virus spreading in this generation is wiped out.

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26. The Word of God says our faith shall make us whole, we channel this same faith to every organ of our body and we declare every form of sickness wiped out.

27. Beyond physical comprehension, the Lord shall break you free from the yoke of barrenness.

28. Everything humanly impossible is made possible in Jesus name.

29. As the Lord parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, He shall make a way for me where there’s no way.

30. When I look back and see the battle behind me, the Lord shall go forward and clear the path for me.

31. The power that raised Lazarus from the dead shall raise every dead area of my life.

32. When the world has turned it’s back against me, Everlasting Father declare me conqueror.

33. The Superior Advocate shall release you from the bondage of incrimination.

34. You shall see the end of that storm tormenting your marriage.

35. The I am that I am would show Himself mightily in your business that’s battling stagnancy.

36. Holy Spirit of God moves ahead of you and scatters the camp of your enemies.

37. Protocols are broken for your sake as you experience a shoot up from that point of stagnancy in your life.

38. The Lord that answers by fire shall descend on every enemy of progress in your life.

39. The connection you need to link you with your financial breakthrough is made available to you in Jesus name.

40. Every lack of want in your life, the Lord shall provide where you least expected.

41. When there’s a casting down, for you there’s a lifting up. Above all life’s battles, you shall be lifted up.

42. The name in the power of Jesus shall break every chain in your life, family and business.

43. In the midst of the storm, you shall experience a calm!

Long Breakthrough Prayers

Do you need powerful but long prayers points to use  whenever you are asked to lead prayer in occasion? Then this powerful long prayer points is made just for you.

44. The Word of God says you shall tread on snakes and serpent, you shall drink poisonous substance but it shall do you no harm. This word is made alive for my family in the midst of life’s battles in Jesus name.

45. Peter fished all night without a catch but when he met Jesus, he got so much that his net broke. As you struggle to make it in life, now that you have met Jesus you shall triumph!

45. My Father and Saviour I ask that you lift me high above this tribulations for you’re the lifter of my head Lord, lift me higher than these troubles Lord Jesus.

46. Mighty God in heaven I plead in all humility before you Jehovah that you bless my finances to allow me settle my family debts that are about to render us homeless, Lord.

47. King of Kings and Lord of Lords you blessed Hannah with the fruit of the womb when she or even the world least expected, Oh Lord bless me with my bundle of joy and remove me from this prison of barrenness Lord.

48. Eternal Rock of Ages this is beyond me Lord, my academics needs your mighty hand Lord Jesus, intervene and break me free from the hands of constant failure might Father.

49. Everlasting King of Glory, the I am that I am, this trial is beyond my family Lord. Help us Lord to cancel these sudden deaths around us and in our family Jesus.

50. Because you said in your word that you shall bless everyone that blesses us and curse everyone that curses us, mighty God we ask that you curse every enemy of prosperity that’s blocking our financial sources in Jesus name.

51. Holy Spirit of God, I put all my trust in you because you’re the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, Lord Jesus this burden is too much for me to bear Father, rescue me from this marital crisis that’s breaking my home apart.

52. All of our help comes from you Lord Jesus, Lord when our backs were against the wall and we thought it was over you made a way, Lord do it again in our lives and send help from above to rescue my partner from the well if depression that’s drowning her Lord.

53. Rock of Ages I stand on your word and promises and I ask Lord that you set to work concerning the gridlock in my friend’s family right now and place them above every principality and power facing them in battle in Jesus name.

54. Good God, you said in your word, that those that wait upon the Lord, their strength shall be renewed, they shall run and not be tired, they shall walk and not be weary. Lord, we set your word to work in our lives that we’re strengthened at this time to face this battle of confusion and misunderstanding creeping into our midst in Jesus name.

55. Heavenly Father you work in ways we cannot see, beyond our readings beyond our comprehension Lord make a way for us and surprise us this academic session because you’re the one that crowns our efforts with success and we cannot do this alone. Your help is all we ask Father, make us victorious.

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56. Excellent God perfection is all I ask for Lord, you have started your good works Lord finish it up and give me cause to smile in the end because you said in your word that sounds of joy shall we hear from the camp of the righteous. Grant me cause to rejoice after all these Lord in Jesus name.

57. Glorious Father, you’re the unchangeable changer Lord but you can change everything in heaven and on earth, I choose to believe your report, Father. Change this declaration of a terminal disease in my body system Father because you sent your word and it healed my disease, heal me of this strange illness and make me an overcomer in the name of Jesus.

58. I break free Lord from every form of bondage holding me down from moving ahead in my business, I cast as bind every power of the enemy that has stagnated my progress in the mighty name of Jesus.

59. Lord, I pray, that as I step out today Father, every form of disappointment dangling over my head is cancelled and destroyed in Jesus name.

60. I do not want to be put to shame Father, set my feet upon the solid rock Lord Jesus and strengthen me to redeem my image in every area the devil has destroyed it and blocked opportunities off from me in Jesus name.

61. I am tired of this mountain Lord, I’m tired of trying and failing father, surprise me and remove me from the category of the unemployed Lord Jesus. Provide for me and make a way Father, that your name may be glorified, heavenly Lord.

62. Sweet Jesus, glorify yourself in my family. Your miracle is what we ask for Lord, make a way for us in this wilderness of homelessness Lord Jesus. A Shelter is what we ask for Father do what you alone can do in Jesus name.

63. Mighty man in Battle, Lilly of the valley Lord take me out if this singlehood that has aged me, Father. Do not let the world ask me where my God is Lord, connect me with my partner and other half and bring me out of this single state that has made the world to mock me, Lord.

64. My Father my God you went before the battle and consumed their enemies with fire, you have done it before Lord do it again in my life and conquer every enemy that always waiting for me at the point of success in Jesus name!

65. Lord you favoured a virgin and she birthed the saviour of the world, you visited Elizabeth and blessed her with a Child. I know you’ll visit my dear friend too Lord, visit her in due time and let the world rejoice with her and her family before this time next year in Jesus name.

66. Every spirit of forgetfulness, that ties my tongue where I ought to talk and be favoured, you have cost me enough, your time is up in my life, I declare in the mighty name of Jesus, expire by fire!

67. I pray for my children Lord God, that you own them but have blessed me with them to look over, Lord I’m tired of labouring in vain over them, touch their lives and make a way for them in Jesus name.

68. I’m tired of working when I should be resting Lord, I put all my trust in you, Father. Divine rest is all I ask for Lord, rest above all of these struggles father, snatch me and grant me rest in Jesus name.

69. Lord, I work so hard but I never have enough to live my life. Every spirit or curse of not enough in my life I declare them dead in Jesus name.

70. Lord, you said in your word that you died so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. I key into your word now and declare into this family, every plant of untimely death is uprooted in Jesus name. By the blood of the Lamb, you shall overcome!

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