2024 Heartfelt Apology Letters to Boyfriend After Breakup

Apology is exactly what we need when we feel the pain of a mistake and the burden of guilt. It comes handy when we are weighed down after realising the truth of our actions.

Cowering into quietness neither rights the wrong nor eases the pain, so, a well-crafted apology letter is the easiest way to gain back the lost peace of mind.

Do you see the need to apologise to your boyfriend after your nasty break up? Even if you wish to lift the burden of guilt, then, these 2024 Heartfelt Apology Letters to Boyfriend After Breakup are certainly in your honour and at your benefit.

Make a quick fix of your broken relationship as you apologize from the effective words of these letters to your boyfriend. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m Sorry Letters to Him After Breakup

Do you know who loves the more in a relationship? The one who apologises more or settle differences the more. In this case, that’s you? Well, that you want to Apologize for means you are sorry and want the best, so I’ve written these apology letters to boyfriend after a breakup. Send to him and be glad you did.

1. The Galaxies are Gone With You
Gloomy and cloudy; day and night have become. You’ve taken the beauty of the galaxies with you. The clouds are now dark and the moon doesn’t give light anymore. The stars are no where to be found at night. Bring back light and love with your warm hugs, bring back all the laughter and joy with every word of your mouth. From the deepest part of my heart, I render to you my apology. For every wrong I’ve done against you, I now clearly see. It hurts like the bite of a bee and torments like the waves of a tsunami to remember how sadly I’ve hurt you. It is sorrowful to see that the past’s burden I still bear. Let your words of forgiveness fall on me like comforting rains, let me find peace knowing you’ve healed from every pain I caused. I need you in my life, sweetheart. Do not let me go.

2. Sometimes it is when it is Over, You See How Badly You’ve Done
Sitting quietly upon the seat of loneliness where the flashes of every wrong done by me keep on coming like a judgment, I’ve got desperate urge to seek your mercy and forgiveness. Sometimes, when the kisses and hugs are gone, you see just how badly you’ve done when you had them all. Now that I know how I wrongly played my part, I desire you to see that I’m humbled by the feeling of guilt and I seek redemption and ease from the deepest part of your heart. Show me your kindness once again, give me even a third chance if you have to. I apologise for the pain I let into your heart when I promised happiness and love. I want you back, sweetheart. It doesn’t feel right seeing how we’ve drifted apart.

3. It Hurts to Now Be in the Past
I never imagined a moment like this, cause I did believe we belonged in the future together. I never dreamt of a moment we’d drift, cause I wanted forever with you. It hurts to now be in the past and it’s doom to not tell you how much I’m regretful of now. I want the past back, for it was more pleasant than the present. I want you back, cause I’m lost in the times we had. I seek forgiveness had I broken your heart. I seek a second chance to mend the pieces that are shattered. I ask for your forgiveness because I know at a point I was wrong. I seek your face continually, cause my gazes desire to be set on them. I need your hugs, for I’m desperate for some peace of mind. I want you back, cause nobody does it better than you, my love. We do not belong in the past, let’s go on to the future where all our dreams can come true.

4. Forgive Me, My Darling
Forgive me, my darling for every moment of pain, shortcomings and rage. Let it all go, but not me. Let them all perish but not the foundation of our love. Behold the rainbow in the sky, promising a future so bright void of destruction and guilt. Let’s take a step towards our dream. Do not give up on it, for the time is only near. And with the grace of forgiveness, all our dreams can still be true. Do not let me bear this weight of guilt forever. Do not let me carry upon my shoulders the heavy feeling of loneliness. Let’s be sweet again, and stare into each other’s eyes again, let’s make love again, and make happiness our company once more, my love. Surely, it’ll happen if you let me in one more time and this time, I wouldn’t cause you any hurt or pain.

5. I’m Saying that I am Sorry
Forgive me for when I did you wrong. I’m cold, for you’ve taken your warmth and hugs with you. I’m saying that I am sorry, for there’s no perfection in me. I’m willing to make this work if you let me inside your heart again. Check the corners of your heart and see if there are still remains of us; let’s build again, let’s love again. Let’s kiss again and be cool again. Forgive me, sweetheart. For our break up hurts more than the weapons of war. Telling you it was over, I shouldn’t have ever said. Doing away with you was the wrong I shouldn’t have made. Do not turn away your face, my love. Come back with sweet hugs and warm kisses. Let us be what we used to be and even more, my darling. Let’s not build castles in the air but in reality this time. I need you and it’s impossible to hide. Let’s be what we wanted to be, cause I still want to be it with you, my darling.

6. Look Beyond The Moment
I know it hurts to be disrespected. I am sorry for making you look small in my eyes. Kindly, look beyond the moment and bring me back to you. It breaks my heart that we are this way. I remember the days we couldn’t do away with each other, now we barely talk to the other. These tears are bound to flow ceaselessly from my pained eyes, for you’ve taken away all the joy I used to feel. No matter how mad you stay at me, I’ll never think ill of you, for you’re the best person to have ever owned my heart. Remember the promises we made to each other, think about them, my love and see why we shouldn’t be like this. I am sorry!

7. The Fault is Mine, This Time
Pride overruled my mind during that darkest moment. I chose to be ignorant and arrogant, while I could have been wise by staying humble. I shouted when I could have maintained my calmness like a still lake. It was stupid of me and brave of you to be calmed and comported during those crazy moments. The fault is mine, this time. Please forgive me. I apologize because I want us back desperately. This break up is cancerous and killing me faster than I could have seen it coming. I look so torn apart like the veil of a lunatic. Mend my broken heart through your precious forgiveness. I miss how we used to be. This will be the beginning of my pain if you don’t look down on me to pick me up. I’m sorry!

8. How Can I Make It To You?
Time after time, I’m bothered by this question in my mind, “how can I make it up to you?” I ask because I need to know. You’re a great person and never deserved what I put you through. Never have I seen any man pavilioned in splendour as you are. Your grace is special and befitting. You talk with a soothing voice that calms the storm down even before it roars. Speak peace unto my heart by offering me your forgiveness. Give me another chance. I know you for love, I want to know you for forgiveness, too. Oh, my baby, I need your arms stretch of love. Bring me back this moment, I plead with you.

9. I Wish I Had Never Gone Astray
With you, I always made the right decisions. Now, that you’re gone from my side, there’s no one to lead me unto the right path. When you left, I was stranded like a lake in the midst of a thick forest. I am deserted like a dry land. I wish I had never gone astray. I need to see what your smile looks like again. I need to feel my heart moving harmoniously with the rhythms of your laughter. Precious is your heart to me, but more precious is your forgiveness. So, now, I ask for it with every ounce of humility in me. I never saw beyond the moment, thus I reacted in the most inappropriate way. Sweety, let love lead.

10. I’ll Always Love You
My heart still loves you like it never happened. I’ll always love you is the only truth I know. My love is steadfast. I promise to work on my flaws. I wish to keep you in my life till my dying day. You seem so far away and my heart feels this horrible distance between us. I am being mocked for letting a priceless man of valour leave my side. I am being called names for underestimating the value of a strong man. You mean the world to me. Do forgive me and wash me clean with your love. Give me the chance to make up for my wrongdoing while I still have this breath within me.

11. There is no point bearing my pride whilst carrying the burden of guilt; forgive me, my darling, for I was truly on the wrong side.

12. I cannot do away with your kisses, for my heart still hold on strongly to them. I want all of you back, sweetheart.

13. It hurts to be separated from the one that is loved the most by one’s heart. Let’s make it work again, my love. I’m sorry for what happened in the past.

14. Our breakup shouldn’t have happened. Hence, I seek our make up. Let the pain remain in the past and dry up like the cursed tree. Let us go on, on the journey of our love, sweetheart.

15. My cheeks are dry and my throat desires no water, for I am lost in the desire of you. Forgive me, I apologise sincerely, my true love.

16. The songs of love have become torment to me, cause your loving arms are so far away. Forgive me and take me back, sweetheart. I’m not ashamed to say that, I love you still.

17. Even if my mouth denies it, my heart suffers it, cause I still love you greatly. So, forgive me and let us love as we should one more time until forever.

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18. Let this heart of mine be given a second chance to love you and I promise, I wouldn’t break any part of your heart this time.

19. The clouds are getting clearer because I’m apologising to you at the moment and I can see a trace of a future with you again, my darling.

21. Forgive me and love me again. It’s hard to do without you and even harder to be the cause of our break up. Let’s start all over again, my darling.

22. It doesn’t matter if I was on the wrong side or not, all I want is me on the right side of you. Please, forgive me as I apologise to you sincerely.

23. Make it rain again with love. I hope our future together matters to you like it does to me. Love me again, my darling. Forgive me one more time without refrain.

24. The power of guilt has stricken me, and the pain of it I bear without mercy. Show me your kindness and forgive me, my love.

25. I want you back more than I desire to see the stars at night. I’m hungry for your hugs more than I am for any pleasure in life.

26. Let’s dance to our love song unapologetically. Let’s fall in love all over again at the sight of each other. Forgive me, my love.

27. Your words changed me as much as your love blessed me. I need you, my love. Forgive me and do not hide from me.

28. My heart is full and my arms are longing for you. I need you one more time again. Forgive me, sweetheart.

29. I need you to be what you used to be to me again. You’re now a past that I can never forget. Truly and deeply, I want you back. I apologise for the mistakes I made.

30. Even if darkness turns to light, it matters not to me until you pick me from the dungeon of guilt into the comfort of your heart again. Forgive me, my love.

31. I’ll make amends; please let me. I’ll find a way; kindly come with me. I’m sorry, my love. Let’s love again without guilts and suffering.

32. My tongue is sour because your sweet kisses are lost. I’ve turned a new leaf, so forgive me, sweetheart.

33. How many days can I see if I wallow more in secret guilt and pain? How much hope do I have if I keep silent my apology? Forgive me, sweetheart. I love you still.

34. Have my heart forever cause I still want yours even in my lonesome. I’m sorry for the past, my love. Kindly look beyond my fault.

35. I still wish for your gentle touch and loving gaze. I miss you terribly much, sweetheart. Forgive me of all my sins, my darling.

36. If tomorrow comes without you, then, I prefer to be caught in yesterday. Forgive me today, my love. So, tomorrow can be hopeful.

37. I need the sunshine of your love, I need the rains of your forgiveness and the winds of your mercy. I love you, my darling.

38. My eyes were closed to my wrong, sadly, now I see better. Forgive me, dear king of my heart, for I’m lost without you.

39. I need to be where you are, I desire to be close again to you. I’m sorry for breaking us up. Let your forgiveness bring us even closer. Please, my darling.

40. Not another day without your mercy. Forgive me, my true love.

41. I’ll do everything that I can do right to have you back. I’m sorry for letting you go.

42. Sorry to have hurt your feelings, sorry to hit you where it hurt. Forgive me; it’s the only song I’ll sing until I find you near me again.

43. No matter what it takes, I’ll seek your forgiveness day and night till I find it. I’m sorry, my love.

44. I just want you to utter the words of mercy and set the gaze of love upon me again. Forgive my mistakes, my love and have me back to yourself.

45. I’m not whole without you. I miss you from dawn till dusk. I see you in my dreams, but I’m desperate for you in my world.

46. I wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice, cause I’ve learned from this burden. I’m sorry, my dear. Let’s make up!

47. Cleanse me with your kisses. Caress me with your mercy. Forgive me now, I plead.

48. It’s hard surviving a moment without you. Let the next second I breathe be of your mercy and love, sweetheart.

49. My eyes are dim and my voice is lost in the wails of guilt. Sorry to have wronged you, my darling.

50. Every second without you takes away my peace of mind. I need you back, cause you’re my peace.

51. I’m asking for a second chance as I confess also to you how much change I’ve made to be a better partner to you, my darling.

52. You’re the best and never deserved my stupidity. Forgive me, for I’ll do anything to have you again.

53. Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing you’re away from me and unwilling to return. By every chance, forgive me, my darling.

54. Waking up with guilt takes away the sunshine of the morning. I’m sorry, my darling. Forgive me, kindly.

55. I detest thinking that it is over. Let’s go on till we fulfill our old dream of love while we make new ones. Forgive me, my love.

56. My breath has turned sour. My thought has become ashes of love. What is remained of my heart is nothing, but an empty heartbeat. I am sorry, my love.

57. If you can see through me, you’ll know how much my soul is wreathed in pain. Only your forgiveness can set me free from the captivity of sorrow.

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58. Regret has gotten a grip over me, while your love has escaped from my abode. Forgive me, for I want to feel the warmth of your passion for me.

59. Kindly make up your mind to bring me back. Time is ticking fast, whilst I’m dying faster than time. Please forgive me before I lose it all.

60. I lay down like a helpless soul. Your love is the remedy my heart needs to function again. Save me from soulful destruction.

61. I am deeply sorry. My apology goes deeper than the depth of the sea. I will never stay mad at you, cause you’re my love.

62. All I want is for you to love me again. I never stopped loving you even when your anger beclouded your judgement. It’s my turn to seek your forgiveness and I hope I can have it.

63. I still breathe because I am hoping on your kind heart to forgive me one day at a time.

64. I know your heart which is capable of love will also be capable of forgiveness. I am so sorry.

65. If I had known things would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have taken the route that I did. I am sorry for going against your will.

66. My stars no longer spread across the sky, for they have fallen down into bewildering darkness. Please, light up my world again.

67. You were like an ornate tent that I found refuge and succor in. Now, I am unprotected and unsafe because you left me stranded.

68. My spirit and soul left with you when you broke up with me. I’ll only have them back when we make up. Your forgiveness is all I ask for.

69. I feel like a bullet has been shot at me because I nurse the pain of heartbreak and it burns like hell.

70. If you forgive me today, I’ll know what love means to you.

71. I wish I could fight to get you back. But that isn’t the case, for I can only beg for your forgiveness.

72. Hand over your forgiveness to me like you did your heart. I am so sorry for causing you so much pain.

73. My heart is yours, so I once told you when the going was good. I’ll like to let you know that nothing has changed even if you are mad at me.

74. I know in the nearest future, you’ll find a safe place in your heart to forgive me.

75. Once upon a time, you believed me when I told you that “I love you.” I hope you do the same when I say “I am so sorry.”

76. My heart pants for your forgiveness like a child longing earnestly for the breast milk.

77. Hell would have me if I do not obtain your forgiveness. Save my soul from destruction, baby.

78. Just touch me with a finger of your forgiveness and I promise you repentance, sweety.

79. My heart is angry with me cause I brought her untold pain. You alone can give me back the joy that was once there. I am sorry.

80. My heart will breathe again if only you’ll forgive me one more time.

81. I’m torn between shame and regret. My offence was going against you.

82. This is the consequence of my action. I should never have jilted you. I am deeply sorry.

83. I plead for your forgiveness. All my strength is gone from crying and lamenting.

84. I know how big your heart is. I am hoping you’ll bring me back to you someday.

85. I’ll wait on you, till you’re ready to forgive me. Believe you me, I’ll never leave you alone.

86. It’s the worst kind of pain knowing I did this to us. Forgive me, my love.

87. I cannot say goodbye to you, for I am not ready to let you go.

88. My warmth and love still remain the same. Forgive me and come have a lifetime within my bosom.

89. I pray the heavens hear my prayer and give you the heart that forgives today.

90. It’s so hurtful that all I am to you right now is an offender. I desperately want to be more.

91. I know you for love. Purge yourself of bile. Do not wallow in pain. Forgiveness will help you to be happy again.

92. I know I caused you this pain and that’s why I am ready to heal your heart of all wounds. So I say, ” I am sorry.”

93. I dreamt of your forgiveness. I hope I can obtain it in reality, my love.

94. Do not strip me of your love. Cover me with your blanket of forgiveness.

95. You made my world go round, but now, my life is still in pain because you’re gone with my heart.

96. I apologize not only because I wronged you, but because I still love you even more than ever.

97. I was stupid when I left you for something that was never worth it. I know it will be wise to seek your forgiveness.

98. If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would never have broken up with you, my love.

99. I never saw my wrong, until now. I guess love isn’t the only thing that is blind. I am sorry.

100. I’ll perish if you don’t save me with the hand of forgiveness right away. I’m truly sorry.

How effective are the right words! Go make a quick amendment of your broken relationship and testify to the wonders of a well-crafted apology letter.

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