2024 Daily Morning Prayers to Have a Great Day

God is an awesome God, deserving of all praises. No matter the situation you are passing through, He’s able to save, rescue deliver or help you. He’s a miracle working God. His speciality is handling the impossibles. He’s also great at solving seemingly trivial issues. Nothing is too difficult or simple for him to do.

Men are equal in His presence; everyone who knows and calls upon His name gets equal chance, audience, reception and response…according to His will.

All that’s required of us, is to come unto him. Call upon Him, anytime and anywhere; He’ll answer you.
He said, ” Come unto me if you are weary and heavy laden, I’ll give you rest”(Matthew 11:28).

Do you have a bothersome burden you are carrying all alone? Here are 100+ daily morning prayers for you to choose from before you set out for the day.

Prayer is a master key. It’s the key an ordinary human can use to become an extraordinary being. It’s the key that unlocks the realms of the supernatural, to alter physical situations via spiritual intervention. Prayer is not a manipulative key. It’s our duty to make our requests known to God, and keep on asking till He answers (Matthew 7:7); but it’s the Lord’s prerogative to answer immediately, even before we asked, delay or not all. He responds to us according to His permissive or perfect will.

He is a barrier breaker; protocol skipper. He’s all-powerful, mighty, compassionate and great. He consults no one’s past to settle his\ her present or establish his\her future. He’s awesome! He cares! He is unstoppable! He can do all things without being challenged.

Have you a problem giving you great concern? Are you tired of bearing all that burden all by yourself? Do you need help, but no one to turn to? Did you get help, but nothing has changed? Despair not, help is on the way. Just ask.
Everything in your life has been and jolly; great! All the more reason for you to secure your future with God by committing it into God’s able hands. The thief comes only to steal kill and to destroy. Allow Christ to come in and give you an abundance.

Do you want to make prayer a daily habit? You want to cultivate prayer as a lifestyle of testimony? It’s so simple, all you need do is to give it a try and continue to try until your time of celebration comes.
Here are some prayer points you can try every morning.

Healing: Daily Morning Prayers for Healing

Effective Daily Morning Prayers for Healing.

1. Dear Father, I thank you for the gift of life and eternal life. I thank you for being my father, my God and my healer. Your words say in 3John 2-5 you wish above all things that we may prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. I agree with you concerning my health today, that I shall be healed of all ailments and be totally rid of all physical symptoms of sickness in Jesus’ name.
Jehovah Raphael, you are the balm of Gilead, please touch every area of affliction in my body and heal me completely. Remove the pains and weakness and restore me back to good health. From the crown of my head to the toes of my feet, let your healing unction/virtue flow within me. Let the blood of Jesus, cleanse me from all sicknesses and diseases.
Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

2. Dear Father, I call upon you in the mighty name of Jesus, to heal me completely. I have done tests and taken medications as prescribed, yet nothing is working. Your word says in Jeremiah 30:17, “But I’ll restore you to health and heal your wound…”. Restore my health Lord, heal my wounds and take away my pains.

3. According to your word in the book of Isaiah 53:4-5, Lord I pray that you’ll take up my pain and bear my suffering, the chastisement that brought me peace was upon you and by your stripes, I am healed in Jesus’ name.

4. Heal me o Lord, and I’ll be healed; save me and I’ll be saved, for you are the one I praise. Jeremiah 7:14. In Jesus name, Father I pray a simple prayer of faith, that you’ll heal completely if every sickness within my body. Repair or replace broken down tissues or organs, and restore me to good health.

5. My sight failing, I ask o Lord that you’ll heal them and make them whole. You are Jehovah Raphael, protect me from blindness and overturn the prognosis of doctors and ophthalmologists. Give me brand new eyes or heal these ones in Jesus name.

6. Dearest God, you are not a man that you’ll lie or the son of man that you’ll repent: you said in the book of Matthew 7:7 that we should ask and we shall receive. Today, I ask for divine healing upon me and my household. Remove this sickness affliction and set us free from the bonds of illness. Perform this wonder for your name’s sake and the whole world will know that you are God, our God and our healer. This, I pray in Jesus name.

7. Dear Father, today I come boldly to the throne of grace by the precious blood of Jesus, to ask for mercy and healing. Forgive me of every known and unknown sins. Let your mercy speak for me today and deliver me from every affliction in my body. Let the blood of Jesus cleanse me from every spiritual and physical venom and impurity. Make me whole again, that your name alone may be glorified, in Jesus awesome name I pray.

8. You are the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too difficult for you? Jeremiah 32:27. Nothing is beyond your power, o God of my salvation. You are able to heal, restore and do the impossibles. My case has been written off by men and doctors, so I’m a viable candidate for your touch. Heal me o lord, take away my agony, pains and trouble. Go to the root of the sickness, and destroy its source. Let the whole world knows that you are a miracle working God and restore life and health back to me in Jesus name.

9. Dear Father, you are a wonder-working God, a miracle worker, an awesome God. I’m sick, depressed and lonely. Be with me, o lord. Let your joy be my strength (Nehemiah 8:10). Touch me with your healing virtue, Jehovah Raphael, and make me whole again. Then, the whole world will know that you are my Redeemer and healer. Take all the glory, in Jesus name.

10. Dear Father, your word is faithful and true. Let it be unto me today, according to your word in Psalms 103:3-4 that you’ll forgive all my sins and heal me from all my diseases. Redeem my life from the pit of despair due to prolonged sickness and pains, and crown me with love and compassion in sound and perfect health in Jesus name. Thank you, Father. You have been my help in times past, never failing.

Favour: Daily Morning Prayers for Favour

Effective Daily Morning Prayers for Favour.

1. Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Good morning, precious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, my saviour, I praise you. Holy Spirit, I honour you.
I commit this beautiful day into your powerful hands, I sanctify it in the precious blood of Jesus. Every evil the enemy has programmed for today, for me and my family, I cancel them all in Jesus name.
Dear Lord, I ask for uncommon grace and favour upon me and my household today; bless our jobs businesses and academic pursuits. Grant us favour in the sight of men and angels. Let doors of opportunities open wide for us, and gate will not be shut against us.
Give us the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places.
As I return home today with songs of thanksgiving, let shouts of joy and victory resound as everyone testifies to your greatness.
Make me an object of favour. Thank you, Lord, because you’ve answered. May your name be glorified forever in Jesus name.

2. Today is a great day, I shall be hugely favoured and blessed in all my endeavours in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, I commit my life and work into your hands today. I ask that you shall make everything beautiful for me today, for it is my time to be favoured. Honour your word, o lord and grant me an unprecedented favour today and the rest of the year, in Jesus mighty name.

4. I waited upon you o Lord, and you haven’t put me to shame. You said it’s my time to shine, for the race is not for the swift, the battle is not for the strong, bread does not come to the learned…time and chance happen to them all (Ecclesiastes 9:11). I’ve done my part, grant me your divine favour that will launch me into the realms unprecedented success and achievement, in Jesus name.

5. The steps of the righteous are ordered by God (Psalm 37:23), Holy Spirit, order my steps directly into doors of supernatural abundance you have opened for me today, in Jesus name.

6. O Lord, grant me unlimited favour in my work and other pursuit today in Jesus’ name. Give me a new song and put a smile on my face.

7. I call upon your name this day, o Lord, take me to the right place at the right time and connect me with my helpers of destiny so as to enjoy your uncommon favour. Thank you, Lord Jesus, because you’ll do it.

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8. Dear God, I ask you to go ahead of me today to smoothen every crooked way in my path; open doors of opportunities; and let your angels of favour guide me into your blessings; and let your glory be my rear guard, in Jesus’ name.

9. Dear Father, you are the living God of the army of Israel; therefore, I ask that you shall destroy every negative spirit in my life and destiny. In the name of Jesus, I overcome every anti-progress spirits in my life. I bind the spirit of disfavour and futility. O Lord, change my story and let your favour and fortune encompass me now and forever, in Jesus’ mighty name.

10. The stone which the builders rejected shall become the chief cornerstone; this is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our sight (Psalm 118:22). Dear Lord, break the yoke of futility and fruitless labour in my life. Turn around my captivity and grant me favour in the sight of men and angels. Let my enemies bless me too, that you alone may be glorified in Jesus’ name.

Success/Breakthrough: Daily Morning Prayers for Success/Breakthrough

Powerful Daily Morning Prayers for Success/Breakthrough.

1. Dear Father, according to your word, I come boldly to the throne of grace in order to obtain mercy in my times of need. I need your help O, Lord. Deliver me from failure, futility and shame. Take away my reproach and grant me success. Everywhere where I have been put to shame, grant me honour and grace there.
Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are exalted as head over all. Riches and honour come from you, for you rule over everything. Power and might are in your hand. In your hand, it is to make great ( 1 Chronicle 29:11-12).
I ask for supernatural breakthrough and success in all my endeavours and financial pursuits. You are able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I ask or imagine, according to your power at work within me ( Ephesian 3:20); I stir up that mighty within me today. I put you to work, in Jesus’ name. Bring my blessings from the four corners of the earth. Dear Father, give me a testimony that will bring glory and honour unto your holy name, in Jesus’ name I pray.

2. Dear Father, it is you that gives men the ability to create wealth, I ask O Lord, that you shall give me the ability to create, enjoy and distribute wealth according to your will in Jesus’ name.

3. Every door of success that the enemy has shut against me, I smash you into pieces today, in Jesus’ name. I command supernatural breakthrough for me and my family today and forever.

4. Dear Lord, I ask that you shall open doors of supernatural success and uncommon breakthrough for me today. Bless me, O Lord and bless the work of my hands tremendously, that you alone may be glorified in Jesus’ name.

5. In Jesus’ name, I command the angels of blessings to bring all my blessings and breakthroughs to me, from all the four corners of the world.

6. Dear Father, I ask you to open the gates of heavens and cause showers upon showers of blessings to rain upon me from today; let the earth open up and vomit my breakthroughs, in Jesus’ name.

7. Dear God of heaven, I pray that you’ll open doors success and unending breakthrough for me, and gates will nor be shut against me. Lift up your head, o ye gates, and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors, that my season of breakthrough may be ushered in without hindrance in Jesus’ name.

8. In the awesome name of Jesus, I rebuke the devourer of blessings; I bind the cankerworm and hindrances to breakthrough. Everything that has been stolen from me, I recover them all from today in Jesus’ glorious name.

9. I paralyze the activities of demonic forces and monitoring spirits working against my finances and success today, in Jesus’ name. O Lord, grant me success in all the work of my hands, let me not wake up early and sleep late, only to eat the bread of sorrow. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray for all round breakthrough for myself and loved ones, henceforth.

10. I bind every spirit of unprofitable business ventures, unemployment and frustration in my life. In Jesus’ name, I decree that I shall enter the realm of unending breakthrough, success and abundance from today. O Lord, give me your blessing that maketh rich and added no sorrow, in Jesus’ powerful name.

Employment/Promotion: Daily Morning Prayers for Employment/Promotion

Powerful Daily Morning Prayers for Employment/Promotion.

1. Dear Lord, you are the Lord that makes a way where there’s no way for your children. I’m your covenant child, the sheep of your pasture, therefore, open door of gainful employment for me in Jesus’ name. Reach down from heaven, and break protocols for my sake. Connect me to the job you’ve provided for me and grant me favour in the sight of the recruiters.
Please, Father, give me a job with a great prospect where I can grow and be groomed for great exploit. Open my eyes to see where you want me to be, though the beginning may be small. Help me not to spite the days of little beginning nor let me be content with little when you offer me greatness.
Show me all I need to do now in preparation to connect to my dream job. Take me to a place whose working environment is conducive to personal professional growth and spiritual exploits.
A man’s life is not is own, it is not for him to direct his step, so I surrender my will to yours, dear God. Give me a job that will not cut short my life or destiny. A job that will continually cause me to give you all the glory all the days of my life. In Jesus’ loving name I pray. Amen.

2. This is the confidence I have in you, that if I ask anything according to your will, you hear me (1John 5:14-15); therefore I call upon your name with boldness, bless me with a good job, my Lord. A job with a good welfare package, conducive working environment, and mouthwatering emolument. Thank you, Lord, because it’s done, in Jesus’ name I pray.

3. Father, I thank you for being my help in times past. Thank you once more for sustaining me all through my educational pursuit. It’s been you all through. Once more, I need your help, in obtaining a job, please make a way for me. As I go about job hunting, let my efforts be rewarded with gainful employment. I’ll surely return to give you praise. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

4. Dear Lord, I need your help. Please, divinely intervene on my behalf in my place of work; to give me the promotion I desire, deserve and have toiled for. Break the yoke of delay and denial in my life. Open the book of remembrance on my behalf; let my boss and those involved remain restless until they remember my good deeds and give me my just rewards. Thank you, Lord, because you’ll give me a testimony this month. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

5. I need a miracle, Father. You are a miracle-working God and a way-maker. I’ve toiled and laboured for months on end, yet no job is forthcoming. It’s as if the heavens are shut against me: so, mighty Father, rend the heavens opened, and shower your blessings upon me. Break the yoke of joblessness in my life and give me a job that will bring glory to your name. Connect me, Lord, and glorify your name, in Jesus’ awesome name I pray.

6. Almighty Father, king of creation, blessed Redeemer, Hope of the hopeless, Help of the helpless; please help me to secure a job. I’ve done my part by applying to different places; please do your part by giving me a good job. You are God, you take delight in giving good gifts to your children, so I ask for this in Jesus’ name.

8. Every good and perfect gift comes from God, the Father of all lights, in whom there’s no shifting of shadows (James1:17); therefore Lord, I ask you today to go ahead of me and direct my steps to the place I’ll be connected to the good job I desire. Let my Resume receive favour, and all interviews lead to the joy of being employed in a good establishment. Thank you, father, because you’ll perfect it, in Jesus’ name I pray.

9. Merciful God, I need a change of employment, please divinely connect me with one that will be more financially rewarding with greater job satisfaction. Your word says that the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off (Prov 10:24); my hope is on you as I make enquiries, submit my CV and other necessary steps, to obtain the desired change. Thank you, Lord, because you’ll help me, in Jesus’ awesome name I pray.

10. Dear Father, this is a moment of truth. I need your help. I’m absolutely at your mercy. In my arrogance and conceit, I thought I could do it all by myself, now I see the error of my ways. You are the chairman of all chairmen, the managing director of overall Human Resources and other recruiters; I need a good job. I know I’m qualified and I promise to do you proud. Lord, I pray this month will not end until you provide me with a miracle job, in Jesus’ name.

Safety/Protection: Daily Morning Prayers for Safety/Protection

Effective Daily Morning Prayers for Safety/Protection.

1. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and is safe (Proverbs 18:10). Heavenly Father, I ask for your protection over me and my entire family today. Please, be with us and keep us safe, Jehovah Shamma. I hide myself and my family in Christ with God. I plead the blood of Jesus. When the angel of destruction is causing havoc in schools, homes, places of work, or on the road, I pray they will see the blood and pass over us, in Jesus’ name.
Dear Lord, as the mountains surround Jerusalem, surround me and mine today now and forevermore.
I redeem my family and me from every evil in today, with the blood of Jesus. Gracious Lord and Redeemer, please surround us with your impregnable walls of fire and angels. Paralyze the activities of the enemy within and without. Take charge over us, O Lord and we shall come back safely; with songs of joy and praises to your holy name; in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear Father, as I set out today, I ask for your protection upon me and all that concerns me. I pray that no evil shall befall me and no scourge come near my dwelling place, in Jesus’ name.

3. Mighty God of creation, today is the day you have made; I’ll rejoice and be glad in it as you keep me safe and well throughout my daily activities, in Jesus name.

4. I am that I am, be there for me today. Put your loving arms around me and keep me from all evil. You are my shield and fortress, my ever-present help in trouble. Father, keep me away from trouble. When trouble comes without warning, deliver me from all evil, in Jesus’ name.

5. Dear Father, I throw myself at your mercy, protect me, Lord. Deliver me from my fears, for they are not from you. For there’s no fear in love, let your perfect love drive out my fears (1John4:18). As I go out today, return home and lay on the bed to sleep, keep me safe from the arrow of the day and the evil pestilence that stalks in the night, in Jesus’ powerful name.

6. As I set out on this trip, this morning, O Lord, grant me journey mercy in Jesus’ name. Clear the road of every blood-sucking demon. Take control of the driving itself, protect me from all mishaps, let the road be empty of armed robbery operations and keep me safe till I arrived at my destination unharmed. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

7. Dear Father, I commit my journey into your capable hands. Grant me a safe flight in Jesus’ name. I pray for a clear and favourable weather; and smooth running aircraft with efficient crew. Thank you, Lord, for a safe landing, in Jesus’ powerful name.

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8. As I lay down to sleep tonight, O Lord, keep me and my household safe and secure from every physical and spiritual evil. I cover everyone in the blood of Jesus. Grant us sweet and refreshing sleep, as you enfold us in your loving arms, in Jesus’ name.

9. I’m going to bed Lord, I ask for your divine protection over me and my loved ones. Except the Lord watches over a city, the watchman watches in vain(Psalm 127:1). I commit our safety into your able hands, Lord. The security personnel has no power to protect us from thieves, kidnappers or killers; you do. Thank you for keeping us safe Father, in Jesus’ name.

10. Heavenly father, king of glory, I commit myself and my entire family into your hands today. The times are perilous; evil is everywhere. One cannot be too cautious, yet many have fallen prey. Therefore, my God, I hand over the safety and security of my family in your hands. Protect us from the power that worketh in the children of disobedience, in the air water or land. Let’s not fall victim of ritual, accident, kidnapping or any form of robbery. Thank you, Lord, for I know you’ll keep us safe day and night, in Jesus’ name.

Deliverance: Daily Morning Prayers for Deliverance

Powerful Daily Morning Prayers for Deliverance.

1. In Jesus’ name, heavenly Father, I stand upon your word that can not be shaken or defeated. Your word says the lawful captive of the mighty shall be delivered, prey retrieved from the fierce, contend with those who contend with me and save my children (Isaiah 49:24). This morning, I ask O Lord, that you shall break me free from the shackles of the wicked. Destroy every household enemy and deliver me from enemies within and without. Save me from those who bless me with their mouth, but curse me in their hearts. I separate myself and my seed from the destiny of the Assyrians. I cut myself and my seed till the coming of Christ, off from every satanic heritage from my mother and father’s families. I break every generational curse in Jesus’ awesome name. I destroy every work of darkness, uproot their evil works and cancel every written ordinance with its regulation, with the blood of Jesus.
I redeem myself and family from sickness, poverty, afflictions and reproach. From today, I decree success, sound health and mind, joy, blessings, breakthrough and unlimited favour; for me and my loved ones. In Jesus’ powerful name I pray. Amen.

2. You are my hiding place. Protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance (Psalm 32:7). What time I’m afraid, I’ll trust you, my saviour. Save me with your mighty right arm and let your peace and sure salvation encompass me now and forevermore, in Jesus’ name.

3. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, the Lord delivers him from them all (Psalms 34:19). Mighty father, deliver me from affliction, trouble and evil yoke. Set me free from strange sickness, wasteful illness and unproductive labour. Turn my captivity around, and change my story in Jesus’ name.

4. Deliver me from my powerful enemy, from those who hated me; for they are too strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but you are my support (Psalms 18:17).

5. Heavenly Father, eternal rock of ages, you are the living God of the army of Israel. You are the help of the helpless, please, help me. Deliver me from this trouble that confronts and afflicts me without relenting. Set me free from its death grip, for it is for freedom that Jesus has set me free. In the name of Jesus, grant me total deliverance. This grateful servant will surely praise and testify of your awesome power, in Jesus’ name.

6. Mighty deliverer, a powerful king of glory; I come into your refuge this morning. I abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I cancel every evil dream, by the precious blood of Jesus, my Lord. Deliver me from the evil details of the dream. I bind every demon and spirit attached to the dream and I render you powerless and your evil of no effect, in Jesus’ mighty name.

7. In the mighty name of Jesus, Lord I decree, no evil dream or prophecy shall have power over me. Your word says, “Surely they shall gather, but not of you. Those who gathered against me shall fall for my sake( Isaiah 54:15). No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against me in judgment, I condemn (Isaiah 54:17), in Jesus’ name.

8. Dear Lord, you are the giant slayer. I’m troubled and afflicted on every side. I have endured shame and contempt. I have been ridiculed and mocked mercilessly. Lord Jesus, you bore my shame in the cross of Calvary. You took my affliction and reproach upon yourself. You removed my burdens and destroyed the power of hell. Thank you for the awful price you paid for my redemption. Today, I nail all my problems to the cross of Calvary. I spoil every principality and power attached to my woes. I frustrate your counsels and render you powerless from today, in Jesus’ mighty name.

9. Your word says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1a). Therefore, I stand against every satanic burden, yoke and oppression in every area of my life today. I set myself free from your evil hold in Jesus’ name. From today, I’m a fortified city that cannot be destroyed, a pillar with a foundation that cannot be shaken and a bronze wall that cannot be pulled down. Lord, turn me into an impregnable fortress the enemy will never be able to conquer in Jesus’ name.

10. Dear Lord, this morning, I run to the Rock that is higher than I. Save me, Lord Jesus. Deliver me from my troubles, they are numerous and crippling. Lord, those who trouble me have increased. Many have risen against me. O Lord, you are my shield, my glory and the one who lifts up my head (Psalm 3). Thwart the schemes of the crafty, so that their hands cannot achieve their enterprise, in Jesus’ name. Grant me eternal peace and joy, that only you can give to the glory of your name. Amen.

Salvation/Peace: Daily Morning Prayers for Salvation/Peace

Best Daily Morning Prayers for Salvation/Peace.

1. Eternal Rock of ages, you are the Prince of Peace, the hope if my salvation. This morning, I thank you so much for the salvation of my soul. Lord Jesus, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you paid on the cross of calvary, for my redemption. Thank you for saving me from sin, hell and eternal damnation. Thank you for the gift of eternal life. Father, you are awesome. Lord Jesus, you are great. Holy Spirit, you are wonderful.
As I set about my business/work today, I ask that your peace that passeth all understanding, shall fill my whole being; to guard my heart and mind, through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7). Pour your love into my heart, by your Spirit.
No matter what the challenges today may bring, let me enjoy your peace and grace all through, O Lord. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

2. Dear Lord, I pray for the salvation of every member of my family. Please, touch their lives and changed their hearts. Open the eyes of their understanding so that they may see their need for a saviour, and accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour. None shall die in their sins in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord, for answering me.

3. According to your word in Psalm 2:8, I ask for the salvation of the souls of my children, their future spouses and their seed, until the coming of Christ. Let your righteousness rule their hearts and your peace to govern their destinies, in Jesus’ name.

5. Dear Lord, as a Sunday school teacher, I lift all the children you place in my charge before you. I pray none of your words spoken into their ears shall fall unto the ground. I pray it’ll yield the fruit of salvation and fulfilment of godly destiny in their lives, in Jesus’ name. Protect their hearts against the evil in the world with your peace, righteousness and love. Thank you, Lord, for honouring this prayer in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, you said all my children will be taught of the Lord, and great will be their peace. Therefore, I pray for the fruit of my womb, spouses and seed; they shall know you and serve you all the days of their lives, in Jesus’ awesome name. I dedicate my seed yet unborn to you. Let your peace fill their hearts. When they search for you, be found by them in Jesus’ name.

7. Dear Lord, you are the love of my life. You are the Prince of Peace. My spirit is troubled; grant me peace in Jesus’ name. Every area of concern in my life, I commit to your care, help me to settle them all. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Peace as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. I claim it now, in Jesus’ name.

8. Dear Lord, my home is troubled. Please, let your peace reign. Avert disaster as planned by the evil one. Destroy the spirit of confusion and contention. Let there be love, unity and accord. Let the chord of genuine love and oneness that binds us together, remain strong and unbroken in Jesus’ name.

9. Dear father, I come before your throne once more on behalf of my husband\wife. Jesus, you are the way, the truth and eternal life; reveal yourself to my husband\wife. Expose every lie from the pit of hell hindering his\her salvation. Let your word break every resistance and let your fire devour every excuse until there are total surrender and conviction, in Jesus’ name.

10. Dear God of heaven, I worship you. I bow down before you, in adoration of your holy name. Let your peace reign in my life, home, my relatives, friends body of Christ and my country. Pull down the walls of corruption, moral decay and sin. Bring an end to war and evil. Let your peace and glory fill our lives and communities.
Today, use me as your oracle to save souls today and reached out to those who need you. Let your peace reign, in Jesus’ name.

Wisdom and Understanding: Daily Morning Prayers for Wisdom and Understanding

Powerful Daily Morning Prayers for Wisdom and Understanding.

1. Dear Father, your word says, ” wisdom is profitable to direct.” This morning, I pray that you’ll fill me with great wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all my dealings today. Give me an excellent spirit like you gave to Daniel. A distinguishing spirit, that will take me to the realms of upliftment. Let me be conscious of your presence throughout today. Be with me O Lord. Let me be like men of Issachar, who understand the times and know what Israel ought to do.
In every situation that confronts me today, give me knowledge and understanding to grasp the scope if its complexities or simplicities. Give me the wisdom to handle them appropriately, in such a way that will meet the demands on the ground, without compromising my faith, and still bring all glory and honour unto you, in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear father, thank you for being my help in times past; I’m grateful. This morning, I ask for a discerning heart, to be able to distinguish between right and wrong. I also pray for the grace to do what’s right and pleasing in your sight. This is true wisdom. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers.

3. O Lord, I thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being my ever-present help in trouble. This morning, I ask for your wisdom, in tackling that knotty issue left unresolved, at work. The situation is currently beyond me, but right up your alley. Give me insight. Holy Spirit, take control so that the father might be glorified and all parties involved will be satisfied. Thank you, Lord, for granting my heart desire today. Jesus’ precious name I pray.

4. O Lord, you are not the author of confusion. I’m confused and perplexed. This challenge has defied all solutions, but I know you are able to handle it. Father, grant me needed wisdom, knowledge and understanding to be able to tackle the mountain of a problem. Let me return home with songs of praise and thanksgiving, in Jesus’ holy name.

5. I can’t do without you, O Lord. I’m completely dependent on you ancient of days. My success till date has been as a result of obedience to your words of wisdom. In the name of Jesus, I ask for a fresh release of your wisdom upon my business, such that will take me to a greater level.

6. Heavenly God of glory, I commit my children into your care. Grant them wisdom and understanding in their studies. Protect them from distraction and worldly influences. Let your excellent spirit rest upon them so that they will come out in flying colours. This I pray, in Jesus’ name.

7. Dear Lord, I pray for my husband today. I ask that you will give him wisdom that will make him an excellent leader, both at home and work. Give him great insight that will distinguish him among his colleague and results to accelerated progress. Equip him with all he needs to be an ideal head, exemplary mentor and role model to me and our children. Thank you for answered prayers, in Jesus’ name I pray.

8. Oh Lord, I lift the Pastor and church leaders before you; grant them great wisdom, knowledge and understanding, to be able to do your will at all times, without compromise. I pray for the leadership in my church, that by your grace, discernment and wisdom; they’ll not fall into error or lead the congregation into destruction, in Jesus’ name.

9. Nothing is clear, except that which you have made plain, O Lord. I beseech, father to reveal your plans for me and my family, in every phase of our lives. Open our eyes to know your will, give us an understanding of your purpose and wisdom to do according to your plans. Thank you father, in Jesus’ name.

10. Many options are opened before me Lord, but only your will be done in my life. Show me your plans for my career. Let me know the path you want me to tread, my father and reveal his you want me to embark on it. I want to be at the centre of your will, now is the time for you to shower me with the gift of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for responding to my prayers.

Guidance: Daily Morning Prayers for Guidance

Effective Daily Morning Prayers for Guidance.

1. O God of my salvation, I acknowledge you this morning. Direct my path. Guide my steps in all my undertakings. Let my teacher be right by my side, leading me in the way I should go, without swerving to the right or to the left.
Lead me in the way that is best for me, however rocky or rough it may be. Be my light and anchor, in the high seas and storms of life.
Lead me to the right place at the right time and connect me with godly friends, helpers of destiny and those whom you want me to bless. If I prove stubborn, chastise me with the rod of correction. Every step I take in obedience to your word, honour it with your blessing and peace.
Go ahead of me, Lord. Let your Presence be with me to guide me, and let your glory be my rear guard.
Holy Spirit, I need you this morning and every day of my life, till eternity.

2. Father, I call upon your name, this beautiful morning. Give me divine guidance, clear direction and unfailing help. I’m greatly disturbed and completely at a loss as to the course of action to take. The crisis is too much for my feeble hands, I need your mighty right hand to support and uphold me. You know what’s best for me, lead me till all the glory returns unto you, in Jesus’ awesome name.

3. Heavenly Lord, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit, who reveals your will to me at all times and nudges me in the way I should go. Without you, I’d had been totally lost. I’m sorry for running ahead of you, at times. Forgive me for the times I’ve been stubborn and disobedient. When I get burnt, I know the fault is all mine. You are vindicated, completely. This morning, my fervent prayer is that you’d guide me all the way in this new season of my life.

4. Dear father, when the time comes for me to choose a partner, guide me. Let me not choose according to the desires of my eyes alone, let your precious Spirit guide me in making the right choice. Speak to me in a way that will be clear and unambiguous. Let your peace be my confirmation, in Jesus’ precious name.

5. Dear God, I lift this business proposition to you. Speak your mind into my heart, so that I’ll be free from regret, in Jesus’ name. The plans look great, the rewards seem wonderful, but I can feel a check in my spirit. Is it a caution to watch out for or a warning to withdraw? Whatever you reveal, I’m willing to obey. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for bringing into light, that which has been hidden in the dark.

6. Shepherd of my soul, I give you full control of every area of my life. Wherever you may lead, I’ll gladly follow. I know you own the blueprint of my entire life, and your plans for me are for good, not evil, to bring me to an expected glorious end. Take the steer of my ship, you are the captain.

7. In Jesus’ name, heavenly father, I thank you for all the evil you’ve averted in my life by guiding me. I’m humbled and highly honoured that you love me so. Once more, I pray for your guidance and discernment through the Holy Spirit in this new venture of mine. I’m looking forward to hearing your gentle voice today. I intend to take no further step until you’ve spoken. Thank you for your awesome love, in Jesus’ name.

8. Your ways are perfect Lord. Lead me in the right path. Holy Spirit, I need you more than I need to breathe. I open my heart to you, I’m totally relying on your help in my work today. I seek your guidance, strength and provision. Help me, in Jesus’ name.

9. I commit today into your hands, precious Spirit of the living God. Take absolute control. Clear my way of confusion and mistakes. Save me from making a fatal error and put a strong check on my spirit when I’m about to step out of line. Thank you Holy Spirit, for being my friend, partner and mentor.

10. Lord Jesus, revealer of all secrets, let your light shine upon my way today. You said my teacher will no longer be hidden but will guide me in the way I should go: let your truth be my guide. Help me to retrace my step back into your will if I step out of line. Carry me in your loving arms and lead me all the way, till my grey hairs. This I pray in Jesus’ powerful name.

Strength: Daily Morning Prayers for Strength

Trending Daily Morning Prayers for Strength.

1. I’m weary, Lord. My strength is waning. I’m tired, weak and needy. I reach out to you for sustenance and restoration. Touch me one more time and strengthen me. Restore back to me, the joy of your salvation and renew your spirit within me.
Right now, I’m physically drained, and spiritually empty. The arms of flesh cannot help me, hard though they tried. Only you can. So, turn to me and fill me with unshakable faith, unspeakable joy and unfailing strength.
Let your joy bring me back to life, restore hope to my soul and revive every part of my body that seems dead or failing.
You are my solid Rock and my salvation. Give me fresh unction and strength to be able to do new exploit. I’m worn out and totally drain, fill me with your Holy Spirit. A fresh and invigorating fire that will not allow me to be burnt out.
Help to soar in the midst of the storm, like an eagle who gains strength from it and rise above it. Thank you, my precious saviour, for patiently listening to me and granting the desire of my heart, in Jesus wonderful name. Amen.

2. Dear Father, right now I need your help. It’s really an urgent matter. Hear me Lord and hearken to my cry. I’m being sorely tempted to sin against you and my resistance is waning by the minute. I had fled from this temptation, but I find myself returning to my vomit. Help me, Lord. Strengthen me, Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit, give me strength and self-control. Help me to flee or resist as the occasion demands. Let me be immune to sin that my testimony may stand and bring glory to your holy name, in Jesus’ awesome name.

3. Your word says sin shall no longer gain dominion over me, so I turn to you for strength over sin that so easily besets. I don’t want to be a slave to sin, but my struggle is real and energy draining. I can’t fight this battle alone, so give me the strength to overcome, master Jesus. Help me to be dead to sin, overcoming daily by your sheer strength. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and strength.

4. You are my rock, Lord, the rock of ages. I run to you this morning, for strength. I’m weak and weary, strengthen me and hold up my head on high. Let me not cave in under pressure; refuel me in order to be refired. Use the obstacles in my way as a platform to strengthen my faith.

5. I have failed repeatedly and tired of woes. I feel like giving up but my conviction is strong. My resolve is failing, I’m barely surviving. Each day is a struggle, yet calling it quits isn’t an option. O Lord, give me strength, to face and overcome the challenges that confront me daily. Give me the supernatural strength to overcome. Thank you, my blessed Redeemer.

6. I set my eyes on you, O Lord. Please, renew my strength, for my heart is faint and my body is bone- weary. Give me supernatural power, strength and grace, to overcome each day’s obstacles that come my way. Help me not to succumb to pressure or give in to the enemy of my soul. Let Jesus win all the way in my life. Your grace and strength are sufficient for me.

7. I have a confession, dear Lord. I’m weak, afraid and overcome with feelings of utter helplessness. Give me hope, Lord Jesus, and renew my strength. Let my strength not fail in the day of adversity, I put my trust in you. Help, Lord! Your daughter\son needs you without fail.

8. The storm of oppression and adversity has tossed me up and down until I became weak and fainthearted. My faith is weak, my hope is dimmed, but I cling to you, my Redeemer. Help me, Lord. Give me supernatural grace and strength to overcome and prevail to the very end, so that the enemy will not rejoice over me. Thank you, Lord, for your help.

9. Dear Lord, you are my refuge and strength; my ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). The trials and tribulations of my life have drained me out completely. I’m barely struggling to survive. I know you are my Redeemer, but you seem very far off. Draw near to me, my saviour, and give me strength. Restore my hope, renew my strength; that I might be able to stand firm in the days of adversity. Thank you, most high God!

10. Lord, you are my strength and my shield. Let me trust in you remain unshaken, give me a new song. I wait for you, blessed Redeemer, renew my strength. Help me to mount up wings like an eagle; to run the race of life without being weary and to walk in faith without fainting (Isaiah 40:31). Thank you for your timely intervention, my Lord.

Fruit of the Womb: Daily Morning Prayers for Fruit of the Womb

Powerful Daily Morning Prayers for Fruit of the Womb.

1. Dear Father, I thank you because fruitfulness is a command and your word says none shall be barren among us. I believe, therefore, I confess that I’m fruitful and a happy mother of children settled in her home by the Lord.
Hannah called upon you, and you gave her Samuel. Sarah’s faith wavered, yet you gave her a son in her old age to fulfil your word. You made her laugh, and so, people who laughed at her before now came to laugh with her.
Answer my prayer with a Samuel, Lord. Give me an Isaac to fill my heart with laughter. Give me a miracle baby that will take away my reproach and shut the mouth of mockers effectively. Bless my womb with godly offspring, who will be a great instrument in your hands.
I have refused to compromise by seeking ungodly means of having a baby. I’ve done all I’m required to do medically, so I await your miracle. You are able to give me triplets. She who has no womb has been made a mother, by your awesome power. My time is now! Be glorified!

2. Dear Father, break the yoke of childlessness in my life and bless me with the fruit of the womb. Deliver me from miscarriages and the terrible yoke of stillbirth. Bless my womb and strength it to carry a baby to full term. Let my newborn life and not die, so that the whole world will know you are the Lord that answers prayers.

3. I’m scared Lord, of being childless and labelled a barren woman, an empty barrel. I’m tired of snide and hurtful remarks and insensitive and unsolicited advice. My pillows are soaked with my tears, my heart is broken many tears over, with failed expectations. Today, I call upon you, change my story. Remove my reproach. Smile upon me and give me a child of my own. Age isn’t a barrier to you. Punctured womb isn’t a problem for you; doctors gloomy reports and prognosis can never stop you. I need a miracle; bless me, Lord.

4. I need a miracle baby, Lord. Remember me, and open my womb like you did to Rachel. Give me a covenant child, my heritage. Make me a happy mother of godly offspring. Perform your wonders on me, so that your name alone will be glorified.

5. Dear Lord, deliver my womb from unfruitfulness. Rescue your daughter from the shame of barrenness. Wherever my womb has been tired in the realms of darkness, set me loose and destroy the Devourer. Bless my womb with multiple babies to shame your enemies. Thank you Lord for this is my season of rejoicing, in Jesus’ awesome name. Amen.

6. Everlasting King of glory, you are the I am that I am. What you say is what you do. You fulfil your promises and accomplish all your purposes in the lives of your children. I’m your child, Lord. I thank you for blessing me with a wonderful child. Yet, you know my yearnings and desires. I’m not ungrateful, my Father, but I have a strong desire to have and nurture more children. Children like Daniella and Esther, who will bring glory to your name in their generation.
You’ve done it before, open my womb once again and bless me with a child, or two or more. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me, in Jesus’ name I pray.

7. Dear Father, I strip myself naked before your throne, cover my nakedness with your glory. I bow down in worship and utter submission to your awesomeness; take away my reproach. Being childless has made me a laughing stock, an object of mockery and ridicule. Years of tears and sorrow has made me weary, so I run to you my Rock, save me from barrenness and bless me with a child of my own. Bless my womb, O Lord and give me a song of victory. In nine months, let shouts of joy and victory resound in my home, in Jesus’ awesome name.

8. My Father, I rest completely on your unchanging grace. You know I love children: it’s you that put the love in my heart. I cherish babies, so much so I rejoice when I see one. I’ve been married for years without conceiving even for a single hour. I don’t even know how it feels to be pregnant. I bore the pains of endless tests and treatments silently, all to no avail. From today, Jehovah Raphael, you are my Doctor. I believe your report of fruitfulness. I believe you are ready to save me and settle me as a happy mother of children. Thank you, Lord, because my expectations will not be cut short.

9. Heavenly Lord, I come to you with my pains and agony. I’m frustrated and despondent. Being childless is not a fitting description for me. Give me a new name. A new title. A mother of triplets! You are able! If my barrenness is a curse, break the curse totally today, in Jesus’ name. There’s no enchantment against Jacob, no divination against Israel(Numbers 23:23). If it needs only a certain diet or drug administration for me to get my miracle baby; please give me divine insight and direction to the solution. If my womb isn’t fit to for conception, go ahead and heal me or give me a brand new one. You are able, Lord! Thank you for changing my story.

10. My heart is steadfast, O Lord. I refuse to seek help from man-made god or idol. If you have made up your mind to keep my womb sealed, then I rest upon you. You are a gracious God; you sit enthroned forever. You’ll arise and show me your compassion, for it’s time for you to show me your favour. The appointed time for my visitation has come. Just as you visited Sarah, visit me this very day and give me a child that I’ll hold and cherish by this time next year. Wipe away my tears, Father and give me a new song, in Jesus’ name.

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