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Effective Prayers for Peace and Comfort in 2024

Sometimes in life we are disturbed by happenings around us, events and circumstances we cannot control affect us, making us lose our peace. 

Where do we turn and to whom do we run in moments as such?

Only in prayer can we find comfort and our heart be made at rest for God cares deeply about us. When we seek him in prayer, we are assured and we become aware of how much peace and comfort flows from him – to us.

Short Prayers of Peace and Comfort

Here are effective deep prayers of peace and comfort that can keep us going daily amidst it all. Short Prayers of Peace and Comfort you can use.

1. May your heart find peace and comfort regardless of what is happening around you both now and always.

2. Your peace is all I need, it is enough and satisfying, much more than Gold and Silver. I pray for your peace today and always.

3.. Grant comfort to my heart from all the troubles of the world and let me find peace as it comes from your heart I pray GOD.

4. Fill my heart with peace that I may rejoice all the days of my living and be comforted.

5. It is my prayer for you that in all you commit yourself into you will have peace of mind that evident for all to see.

6. Peace be upon my abode and occupy my heart I pray.

7. I bow my knees in prayers that my friends far and near find peace this day and always.

8. Unto the LORD, I pray for peace upon my heart, upon my soul and upon all my friends now and always.

9. For peace is an essence of the LORD presence, may the presence of the LORD that is peace itself be with me as I journey today.

10. I look not to the east nor to the west but rather unto the LORD in prayer for He shall comfort me beyond what I can explain always.

11. The able breasted one is my comfort and my peace comes from him always for my prayers are unto him alone.

12. He is sufficient and also the GOD of all peace, for that is the assurance that comes from seeking him and He has assured me as I prayed for you that with peace shall you lie and with comfort shall you rise daily.

13. For the LORD daily comforts me with the bread from his table so my prayers ascend unto him for He is true comfort.

14. Songs of thanksgiving will I sing unto the LORD and melodies of many tunes will I make in my heart for the LORD assured me of comfort and peace as I prayed for you dear friend.

15. Comfort as a garment and peace as a shield be upon you and your family always.

16. Riches I prayed for but above it all, I pray you always be comforted as you daily live upon the earth.

17. If I had the cheque I would deposit truckloads of peace upon you that they overwhelm you and that I will do for you my friend in prayer.

18. May your expression bring comfort to your heart and to the heart of everyone you come in contact with always.

19. Do not be discouraged for the LORD when I made mention of you in prayer that you will find peace both now and always for he cares.

20. Upon the mountain of peace will the LORD establish your feet and cover you always for He watches over you always.

21. Peace like a river flood your heart always I pray for you.

22. Give thanks in prayers unto the Lord for he has assured me that peace shall never depart from you.

23. May you find comfort in the assuring arm of the LORD always.

24. Peace is yours, Grant my friends untold peace in all they do I pray Lord.

25. To have peace is a blessing and this blessing I pray for upon all my friends and family.

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26. Comfort my grieving heart, satisfy my thirst and grant me peace now and always I pray.

27. Peace like river in my heart and comfort on all sides I seek for in prayer.

28. For it is better to dwell in peace than in abundance of riches so I pray the Lord make you dwell in peace all round you.

29. Let my heart know no sorrow but peace and know you will comfort me.

30. Without the LORD, peace will be absent for only him gives peace come to GOD in prayers and receive peace.

31. Be comforted on all sides with the things which matter to you as go out today.

32. Today I pray you find comfort beyond the works of your hands and the happenings around you.

33. The blessings of the LORD brings comfort and peace to a heart, enjoy the comfort that comes from the blessing of the LORD.

34. From deep within your heart like a garment may peace overwhelm you both now and always.

35. For the LORD’S people lies the assurance of peace regardless of whatever may assault them and since you belong to that class, I pray you enjoy the peace that belongs to the LORD’S elect.

36. I pray the LORD bless you with peace and grant comfort to your heart now and always.

37. In my heart lies a prayer for you my friend that you be grounded in peace on all sides and know no trouble.

38. Before the throne, I come this morning with a request that more than wealth and riches, I may enjoy peace daily and not be discouraged.

39. Like the refreshing coolness of dew upon the earth, may you be comforted by the mercies of the LORD as you go out this week.

40. Standing on the promises of God alone, my peace is renewed and I mount up wings like an eagle soaring high above evil reports around me.

41. Dear Father, I thank you for the mercies I enjoy every day and for continually keeping me under your shadows, fill me with peace and comfort my heart.

42. To the Father of life, I lift up my heart in humble adoration and cast my cares at your feet. Give ear to my cries and visit me with comfort as a covering.

43. From deep within my heart, shall come forth resounding melodies unto the Lord for he has set me up high and lifted up my head, in due season the LORD has released comfort unto me and made peace a companion.

44. There are no words to express all the LORD has done for me, His cares and mercies he has made to be like a wall of comfort round me all day long and my heart is assured in this for he has declared peace unto me.

45. My soul glorifies the Lord, my Spirit rejoice in the Lord my saviour, the Lord has done mighty things for my sake and made me relax in peace all day long.

46. Bless the Lord Oh my soul, forget not his deeds for mighty works has he revealed in righteousness and made mercy like a cloak round me in this my heart rejoice and relax in comfort.

47. Give ear to my cry, take heed unto my prayers for I shall pour them forth as a libation upon your throne and daily shall they ascend before you. In mercy satisfy my heart

48. This is my cry all day long that my heart might find mercy at your sight and I be granted comfort for only you can satisfy me

49. The works of your hand sing forth your praise and the heavens rejoice in knowing your mercy flows all around, establish peace as a foundation for my heart and comfort as a covering for me from the troubles all seen and heard daily.

50. What the Lord has done for me, I will declare on the rooftop and sing of his covenant upon the mountain with rejoicing and gladness of heart for I am confident in the outpouring of his mercy unto me.

Long Prayers of Peace and Comfort

Most effective deep prayers of peace and comfort even in hard times. Long Prayers of Peace and Comfort you can use.

51. I’m weak and heavy laden, give ear to my cry for they ascend unto you, am troubled on all sides help me to stand… This is my heart cry unto thee that you give me comfort beyond what words can express and lift my head up that I might find peace Amen.

52. I pray for those who are grieving today. I ask for your comfort to surround those whose heart bleeds and weep. I pray for the peace of your presence to envelop every mind and thoughts, such that we might be assured in the knowledge that the enemy can never steal us out of your hands.We are kept safe in your presence forever, whether in life or in death

53. Under the shadow are we kept safe all day long, under the wings lies our comforting abode where we are shed from every assault, make our hearts align with the desire to seek this abode of peace always that we might be comforted in thee O’Lord.

54. I look to thee, yes my eyes are lifted up to thee in the days of heavy battering and anguish on all sides my heart will find peace in knowing you are all with me, comfort me with your presence and let joy fill my heart at your presence.

55. I have tasted and seen that the LORD is sweeter than honey and of more comfort than all the earth may put together, in the days of sojourn upon the earth, I have known peace as a shield and comfort as a covering for I have placed my trust in God, therefore, I be not afraid.

56. I lay it all down at your feet, every burden, every care, every worry. This is my confidence that the safest place for it to be is at your feet and so I placed it there that I might return without any of them and be comforted seeing you have taken it all away.

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57. He has made me forgotten it all, yes he has made me forgotten it all the tears of the past, the disappointment of the yesteryears, swift is the work of God, I call upon him and swift is the work of God. Now am glad for He has replaced it all with peace.

58. Your ways are higher than my ways, your thoughts higher than my thoughts so also is your peace above all form of peace through it all I still have peace, I still have peace for you, LORD, are my peace.

60. Lord, how are they risen that trouble me, many are they that rise up against me, many there be which says of my soul there is no help for him but you Lord are the peace to me, you are my comfort you lift my heart, for you Lord are my peace alone, therefore, my heart makes merry for the peace is here with me.

61. Give ear O shepherd of Isreal you who me as like a sheep, Give ear O shepherd of my soul for at all times I lift up my voice unto thee… Give peace unto us that we might have comfort and be assured that you are for us.

62. In the morning it is you, at noon it is you and even in the night it is you for all I see is you as I worship and adore you, you are all the peace I need to me

63. Here and now, I lift up my hands in humble adoration and my friends in total submission to you as it is written “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses His people with peace” for the blessing of the LORD is peace, therefore, I bless all my friends now and always.

64. All power, all honour, all glory to you. Holy Father we worship you, previous Jesus our saviour, Holy Spirit we wait on you for comfort and more comfort upon our every deed for comfort.

66. Anchored upon John 14:27; Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. I, therefore, declare peace upon all my friends, the families and everyone associated with them

67. That you give thoughts to me excites me, that I found a place in your heart gives me comfort for what more can I ask of you than to be made a vehicle of your peace to all around me in every one of my transactions and interactions with people.

68. Dear Lord God, Father of all creations, who watches over us and who has made the earth his footstool. You created us upon earth as an extension of you meant to bring your dominion to bear in all we do but often times for we are on earth, we are depressed and confused by happenings around us. I pray that you will help us to always remember you are with us, comfort us amidst the storm with your peace and strengthen our hearts that we might always know that we have you as our outstanding peace.

69. In the morning my mouth will declare of you, you will be my song in the afternoon and yet also at night will I make melodies of what you have done and tell of how you poured peace upon my heart that is not moved and tossed to and fro by all around me but found an anchor in you upon which all am safely assured riding upon your comfort and dwelling in your peace.

70. Away from all the troubles of the world, the LORD has hidden me and bless His Holy Name for away from the curses, away from the afflicted He made my tent even away from the scourge of the enemy he took me, Father thank you for the working of your power towards me. I worship before thee O Lord of Glory and declare forth that you alone will be my God always for I have found no greater comfort than to rest upon your heart and upon your heart is where I want to always rest.

71. Jesus, you took it all away, the sufferings upon the cross a remainder of the thoughts you have towards me, from my sorrows and all my troubles I have come to you with a heart of thanksgiving, away from the distractions, away from it all I have come to find your peace and comfort. I receive both your peace that assures and your overwhelming comfort upon my life in the name of Jesus. Amen

72. Alpha Omega, beginning the end, Lord I stand before you Maker of the heavens and the God that spreads the cloud as a blanket, amaze at your work the invisible king who we see his works and give all homage to. All peace are in your possession for you are the God of all peace therefore for your people I know peace is assured and am saying thank you for peace that goes beyond my present situation. Grant more expression of peace in my living amen

73. All Glory, all power, all honour to you, Holy Father we worship you, precious Jesus our saviour, Holy Spirit we wait on you for comfort. Come comfort our hearts above the present circumstances and happenings in the nation. We look to thee as our refuge, as our stronghold, as our pivot… Speak Peace unto every happening, let our hearts identify with peace always. Amen

74. On my watch, I heard the LORD saying ” You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You”, I receive it for myself, my friends and family. Let it be unto us according to your word. We pray for this that the word dwells in our hearts and we understand it fully to be able to live it out always. Amen

75. All of my days I enquire in thy temple to know what you will say and have me know for your words are sweeter than wine then I hear “peace be still and know that I am God” therefore I pray for my friends that they enjoy peace and the issues facing them hear the voice of the LORD saying “peace be still” Amen.

76. God has done wondrous things, people said it is finished but the Father says it is not even close therefore I praise His Name. I praise Him always for the comfort of His presence is more than enough for me, the comfort of His presence I prayed for and He heard the prayers of my heart asking for comfort.

77. Bless the Lord all that is within me and praise His Holy Name for terrible things He has done in righteousness and answered me out of the heavens with great peace. Thank you for giving me comfort over everything and even beyond what I can explain in Jesus Name. Amen

78. Grant our heart peace, make us know that only you can give comfort beyond our acquisition and labours. The best of the comfort we can give ourselves is temporary and fleeting. Help us to know and identify the comfort that comes from knowing you. Father, we ask in Jesus Name. Amen

79. Father, help me to know peace, help me to see you as my peace. I need the assurance of your peace upon my ways, guide me and teach me how to always see you as my peace in Jesus Name.

80. Lord, I come to you pouring out all my fears, anxieties and worries at your feet. Bring me into the knowledge of peace that passes all worldly knowledge and experiences, make a shining light of the strength of peace. I receive your promises of peace and comfort over my life. Amen.

81. Periods I can handle alone stare me in the face, burdens I can’t carry along weigh me down. Would you hold my hands Lord and walk me through them all, bringing your peace to come for all to see, show forth the wisdom in your comfort and let my testimony be that it is you alone at work. Amen

82. Let me know you, let me handle peace, let the assuring wisdom of the many times you have led me through different circumstances comfort my heart. I welcome and receive all you have to give to me for peace and comfort to be seen and the strength that comes with it. Amen

83. I draw to you in prayers, you calm my fears and end my fretful behaviours just as you always in trivial and heavy matters not only give me peace but be my peace yourself. In stressful and anxious moments, give me the strength to run to you. Draw me close and personal that I might find comfort for my soul. Amen

84. I declare my trust in you even as I come to the understanding that trust is a big factor in understanding peace and say no to fear taking a position in my life. I release the reins of my life unto you and ask that you take control of it all, I turn it over unto you and help me to make and see this confession daily that I might be able to continually enjoy peace knowing you are in control. Amen

85. You bring good out of every circumstance when I believe and let go, thank you for every blessing my way, the trials my way and every good gift I have received for in both good times it is you and even in bad times you are all I have and none else. I surrender and admit and focus on your goodness which you have made me know for in your goodness I find peace flooding my heart and see comfort manifesting itself. Thank you for the goodness that is a comfort to my heart and life always. Amen

86. Calm my anxious Spirit, all the if’s and if not’s, if-only and what-if leave me drained and endless worry occupy my all. Confusion reigns and defeat starts to steal my joy but I need your peace that comes from deep down with my heart to be my comfort. Grant it to my heart and allow it be my companion both now and always. Amen

87. My heart feels like a battlefield with lots of varying thoughts taking dominance over my peace. My peace seems like a mirage and looks far from me as a distant memory. Lord, I run to you in prayer, Help me to know your peace and be rooted in it for it is all I need now. Amen

88. Weighed down, pressed down, in tears and torments I wallow on my bed, Help me Lord is the cry on my lips for peace seems to have deserted me and rest far from me. Help me Lord to have you as my peace, not for a moment but as my enduring peace for always. Amen

89. Keep me in perfect peace for my mind is steadfast upon thee, help me to trust you more Lord that I might enjoy the peace you give. Open my heart and cleanse it of all that plagues it such that your peace might continually be my shield. Amen

90. Lord, I come to you for I am weary and burdened, I am heavily laden and need rest. I take of you for with you is a peace that passes all understanding, Help my heart, strengthen me that I may not lose the peace you give. Lord, I pray that the peace be established upon my ways also. Amen.

91. O’Lord I hunger for more of you, rise up within me and let me know your truth, come, Holy Spirit, saturate my heart, let your healing flow. Come and make me whole and let the peace of God let it reign always.

92. I am forever grateful for the mercies you show, my heart leaps with joy at the hearing of your name, my being is filled with strength for you are the peace that is strength unto me. Let me know you as my peace and see you beyond my God alone. Amen

93. We have a Father that is above Fathers, we have a God that is above gods, we know the Lord that is above Lord whose very ways are peace. We identify with the way of peace for that is the Lord himself. We receive peace for all our ways and for all our doings. Amen

94. Guide me in the way of peace God, for your way is the way of peace, for the path of seeing you is peace. Guide me along the path of seeing you that I might identify with peace and therein find peace for my life. Amen

95. My confession and prayer are that you lead me in the path for I choose your way and your way is peace. You are my shepherd and the sheep always find comfort in the guidance of the shepherd, besides the still water you lead me, in the green pastures you feed when I follow your instructions which is life unto me. This is comfort and peace unto me I receive it. Amen

96. I have read of your works, I will sing songs in prayer of your doings for the cry of my heart is a confession of what I identify with you are my peace, my indescribable peace, my steadfast anchor and unfailing comfort. You are my comfort throughout all the ages and I declare it aloud that the Lord is my comfort. Amen

97. Forsaken by all I put my trust in, deserted by those I thought I could identify with, where is my God is the question upon the heart of those who make mockery of me, peace they say in their heart has fled from him then I lift up my head in prayers and remember the covenant of the Lord, then I cause to come to remembrance that I read in the scriptures in John 16:33″I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace”, then my heart is strengthened and I lift up my voice in cry that I may the Lord is my peace upon the land of living. Amen

98. Where is a peace that I might know, where is a comfort that I might be satisfied? All day long I search, everywhere I look for answers but find none so I bow my knees in prayer and the Lord began to minister peace unto me as a child receives nourishment, I rejoice because the Lord has nourished me with peace from his table and given comfort to me. Amen.

99. Bring me peace God, grant me comfort from all that afflicts me, my eyes and voice are lifted in prayers unto you Lord… In a due season that I might not faint, bring me comfort and cause my heart to find peace. Amen.

100. Looking unto you the author and finisher of my faith, I lift my voice in confession that I know peace, I receive peace, I am not bothered by happenings around me, I know the Lord is my peace and I am assured in the knowledge that I have peace. Amen.

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