100 Samples of Prayer for the Day for Strength in 2024

When we are faced with life challenges, let’s hold on to God, who never fails, he will strengthen and uphold us and would never leave you. let’s stick to God at all times.

Best Prayers for the Day for Strength

Below are powerful prayers points for daily strength you can pray for yourself for strength that will suffice for a great day like this.

1. Dear Lord, the helper of the helpless, the source of strength, I adore you. I come into your presence today, I ask you for strength, oh Lord to perform today’s tasks, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

2. Lord, I am weak, I need your strength. Without you strengthening
Me, I would be lifeless. Please send forth your divine strength and give life to every bone in my body in Jesus name. Amen.

3. Oh God, my healer. Heal me, I need divine health. Strengthen me and make my bones strong. Remove this sickness from my body and make me whole again in Jesus name.

4. Give ear to my prayer, oh Lord and let my cry come to you. I cry unto you for help, please, help me.

5. Lord, there is no one else like you to help the powerless. The Almighty, oh Lord, my God, for I rely on you.

6. God, the situations around me seems to be too much for me to handle. I need you to help because its only through you that I would be able to do all things.

7. Jehovah, people around me seem to look down on me, I feel like being a cast out. Lord, my faith is growing weak. Let your strength be made sufficient to me in my weakness, let your power rest on me.

8. God, you are my strength and refuge, my ever-present help in trouble, therefore I would not be afraid, please strengthen me.

9. I am in a dangerous situation, I cry to you, come to my rescue, because your name oh Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it, and are safe.

10. Oh Lord, how many are they that are after my soul. God, fill me with your joy, for the joy of the Lord is my strength.

11. Oh God, renew my strength, let me mount up with wings like an eagle. Let me run and not be weary, I will walk and not faint.

12. Dear God, I am financially broke and need you to bless me with money. Be with me, supply all my needs, according to your riches in glory. Amen.

13. I need victory on all sides oh Jesus. Make haste and help me. Don’t let my enemies triumph over me in Jesus name.

14. From the ends of the earth, I call to you. Oh Lord, when my heart is faint, lead me to the rock higher than i. strengthen me.

15. God, always help me to know you are always there for me. Let me know that you are the miracle working God. Your name is Yahweh.

16. Almighty God, the creator of the universe, the all-knowing God. Please give me the strength to carry on with this project.

17. I need your strength dear Jesus to carry on with life’s journey, the strength to keep holding on to you.please give me God.

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18. The mountain is too high. I can not climb it alone, except with your help, God. Please help me. I need your help.

19. No matter what happens, God is my refuge and fortress. Let not the sun smite me by day, don’t let the flood sweep me away.

20. For you alone God is my keeper, you are my shield. therefore keep me from every form of evil and strengthen my faith in you.

21. The Lord will strengthen you, uphold you and grant you a speedy recovery in Jesus name.

22. No matter how life seems so difficult to you, the Lord will strengthen you and you will overcome all difficulties, in the end, you will come and testify.

23. Don’t lose heart, God is there for you, to watch over you. He will strengthen you in the mighty name of Jesus.

24. Jesus, it is written in your world that when two or more are gathered in your name. you are there with them. Dear God, be with me and my family.

25. Jesus, you are the life eternal, your eyes shine like the stars of heaven. Lord let my hope in you be renewed in Jesus name.

26. Spirit of the living God, fill my heart with your joy. Let your joy give me the courage to carry on with life’s challenges. Amen.

27. God, you created heaven and the earth. You created light and darkness. Let me face each day with boldness.

28. Oh Lord, be a wall of fire around me by day, be my guiding star, make my path smooth, be my shepherd. Guide me oh Lord.

29. God, I have a busy schedule today, but help me oh God to always remember you, never to forsake you.

30. Jesus, use my hands, let them work for you, let me see through your eyes, think through me, Lord.

31. Lord, you told me not to worry about the future. You taught me how to trust you. I ask for your power, Lord, to remain positive.

32. God, you can change people’s lives and situations for good. Give me the power to be triumphant in situations of life.

33. God, you know me even before I was formed in my mother’s womb. Please make me a better person each day of my life.

34. God, please guide me, give me utterance, be my guard. Protect me when I am in danger and be my source of strength.

35. Make me a reflection of your love, inspire me to treat people equally, strengthen me oh Lord, in your love. Let me treat people with respect.

36. Be my teacher today, oh God. Put on me the good things in life. Let me seek you, show yourself to me.

37. Lord, have mercy on me, forgive my sins, fill me with your grace. Give me the heart to adore you, give me a heart that delights in you.

38. God, help me to give you my best, to value others, help me never to judge people and to accept people that way they are. Help me, oh God.

39. Lord, I commit my short-comings to you. I need your divine health. Give me courage and strength to move on. Lead me aright oh Lord.

40. Please, empower me with your spirit, help me to overcome the wiles of the devil. Help me to choose life instead of death.

41. Please bind up all my wounds, give me the strength to forgive all those who offend me. God, strengthen me.

42. Lead me each day to have strong faith, to be closer to you, enable me to see you more clearly.

43. God, when I walk through in the dark, you are with me, help me to conquer my fears. Strengthen me.

44. God, help me to overcome my negative emotions. Help me to free my mind from hatred and bitterness.

45. Lord, help me to talk care of little things of life as well as the bigger things in life. Help me to carry on.

46. Father Lord, you know my inner thoughts, you shield me from all harm. Guide me in your ways.

47. Open my eyes oh God that I may grow more and more in you. Purify me. Let my thirst for more and more in you.

48. God, help me not to jump to conclusions about people. Help me to grow in appreciation. help me to walk in your will.

49. Make me worthy God, to open doors off financial abundance unto me. Give me my daily bread. Be my strength.

50. Hear my voice oh God. Deliver my soul from harm. Let not wars overcome this land. I rely on you for strength.

51. Put an end to injustice and total deception in the land. Lord, let your peace reign in the land.

52. Father, let me reflect the light of your son, Jesus Christ, strengthen my body, help me to live fully.

53. Oh Lord, provide for those who do not have anything to eat. God give strength to the weak.

54. Oh Lord, fill my heart with great love for those who suffer. Give strength and comfort to those who mourn.

55. Purify my heart oh GOD. Let my gaze be on you. Help my life, teach me what to do, per time in Jesus name.

56. For my sake, you remained poor, oh God. Give me the strength to be willing and ready to help those in need and to mend broken homes.

57. Give me the grace to work for you oh God without any grudges in me. Help me to serve you completely.

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58. Bless the works of my hands oh Lord, increase my faith in you. Please do not let me backslide.

59. Whenever there is hatred, let me radiate love where the is doubt, let me radiate faith, there is sadness, let me radiate joy. Strengthen me oh Lord, to do your work.

60. Console me oh Lord, help me to understand you more and more. strengthen me. Fill my heart with your love.

61. God, as I go through life, wipe away my tears, make me happy. Help me to make people smile, even in this harsh world we live in.

62. Oh God, my father, strengthen me for I am sick. Lead me to make the right choices and develop good attitudes

63. Through difficult times. Give me the strength to build on the good choices I made, in the past. this I pray in Jesus name.

64. Help me to have no regrets, but to put all my trust in you. Help me to make my future secure in you, Jesus.

65. Teach me, Lord, to do little things faithfully. Help me, strengthen me to be hard-working in Jesus name.

66. Remind me father, to create time for myself and for others as well. Inspire me to remain committed to my work.

67. You made me in your image, teach me to be sensitive to individuals, that I may be more compassionate

68. Give me the strength to accept things I cannot change and change the things I can.

69. Help me God to serve you as you deserve, help me to labour and not ask for any reward in Jesus name.

70. Lord, you are the way, the truth and life. Help me not to stay away from you.

71. Father, strengthen my inner man, that I may do your will. Give me the strength to fast. Help me fulfil my ministerial calling.

72. God, give me the strength to walk in obedience to your word, prepare me Oh Lord, for top positions in life.

73. Lord, I ask for the grace to tame my tongue. Let my words be pleasing unto you oh Lord. Help me to be able to control my temper.

74. Jesus, help me to work in humility, transform my speech and actions in Jesus name. I need your strength.

75. God, strengthen my inner man with peace in areas where I feel rejected, strengthen my mind. Free me from confusion.

76. God, I receive divine strength to be able to control my emotions. Let your spirit of self-control be at work in my life and strengthen me.

77. My master, order my steps, open new doors onto me, lead me, help me work in divine prosperity in Jesus Name.

78. Oh Lord, by your supernatural strength, make me the salt of the world. Give me your ideas oh Lord.let me reach the world with your love.

79. Jesus, let your spirit be at work in my life. Please show me who I am in you. Be close to me, fill me with your power.

80. Lord, I want you to be of great importance in my life. Make me love you, like never before. Let your strength dwell richly in me.

81. Lord, to those who are weary, give them rest, give them strength. Be with them.

82. Dear Lord, heal the sick, bless those who are down, pity those who are in great pain.

83. To those who are very sick, deliver them from their chronic illness, when they feel weak, hold them. Jesus, when they are fragile, strengthen them.

84. Today Jesus, I pray for Sharon, because she is the one you love. she is ill, I ask that you heal her in Jesus name.

85. God, please support me in all I do. Calm my spirit. Strengthen me, for I am without strength.

86. Guide me into your truth. Hold me, increase my faith. Embrace me Lord in Jesus Name.

87. Heal me, Lord, if I am spiritually sick. I need your light to overcome powers of darkness so that I would resist the devil and he shall flee from me.

88. I am a sinner, Lord, rescue me from the grip of the devil, restore me back to you. Strengthen me.

89. Lord, let you will be done in my life. I feel I can’t go on, the pain is too much. I don’t have the strength to go on. strengthen me.

90. Put me in your arms oh Lord. Shield me, have mercy on me and refill me with your strength.

91. God, give me the strength to face every day. You said I should not worry about tomorrow. Therefore, help me.

92. Oh Lord, give me the strength to overcome hardship, to overcome the pain and struggle of life in Jesus name.

93. Don’t worry, I am with you, for I will uphold you, strengthen you, saith the Lord.

94. Life seems rough as if there is no hope for a better tomorrow. Yely weak and disturbed. Please do not worry, for I am going to make every crooked way straight, I will strengthen you, saith the Lord.

95. Without you God, I feel weak and lonely. God be with me, let me regain my strength.

96. In Jesus name, your health would be restored and your strength regained.

97. Dearest friend, today makes the day you made me happy. I pray that God locates you with his favour and strengthen you.

98. You will overcome the battle of life you are currently facing and the strength of the Lord will not depart from you.

99. My daughter, be of good cheer I have overcome the world, I will strengthen you.

100. The blood of Jesus mix with your blood and set you free from every form of infirmity. The Lord will strengthen you.

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