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100 Powerful Prayers for Strength and Courage in 2023

Prayers for Strength and Courage: Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re so crushed you can’t muster the strength or courage to move on. At such periods, you need the help of the supernatural, the power of the Almighty to rise from the doldrums and take on your challenges. You have the prerogative of prayer, take it. It works wonders.

Short Prayers for Strength and Courage

As much as you’ll love, below are powerful ut short prayers for strength and Courage. When you need to be praying for strength and courage for a friend, lover or a loved one, use these prayers.

1. Weak and shrivelled, wasted and frail, rest gone, faith withered. No one to help, no one to cheer. Yet a glimmer of hope remains, flailing, reaching out to heaven. To Him who alone can save. Fan this fledging fire Lord. Let it burn again.

2. Steep mountains, deep valleys. All threatening to subsume. Fear mounting, heart failing with each tentative step. Keep my heart strong oh Lord. Do not allow my feet to stumble.

3. Hold your head high. Keep your eyes straight. Take the storm, right in your stride. Greater is in you. You will overcome.

4. Life! never for the faint-hearted. The good, the bad, the ugly, all wrapped in a lifetime. Yet easier for some than others. Receive grace and be enabled.

5.Give me the courage to be the different one. I would stand alone, tall and gallant if you would hold my hand. I’m trusting you, help me.

6. Only a cub, almost harmless. Yet strength is inherent in me. I am of the Lion tribe. Full of great potentials. Ginger the roar in me. Sharpen my teeth and let me conquer.

7. When you have nobody, your nearest help is in heaven and He can use the least to confound the greatest. Let your heart cheer, the battle is the Lord’s.

8. Raging storms, howling winds. They are the Lord’s workmanship. At His command, they cease to be. So trust and have faith.

9. Secured like the Zion’s mount are those who trust in God. Stay strong, stay calm. God’s got you.

10. Let your hope remain unfettered. Let your heart remain strong. Never waver in your aspirations. Underneath you are His everlasting arms.

11. Faint-hearted, feeble hands, unsure steps, shamefaced. Afraid and alone, yet conscious of the Almighty’s power. Help me Lord, help me.

12. It’s a tough world. Conquered only by the brave and fearless. My heart is weak within me. Help me to be strong. Unshaking as a rock. Help me to conquer.

13. They say “winners never quit”, but here am I oh Lord, at the point of quitting. At my wit’s end, ready to give up. I’m clutching at straws, needing the supernatural to sustain me. Give me the strength to persevere and the courage to persist.

14. The night may endure but it definitely gives way to the day. I only wish that you persist in your efforts as I pray for strength for you. May you be enabled.

15. Make me stand like a rock against the wiles of the devil. May I never waver. May I never falter.

16. This is the prerogative I have, prayer. Here me now my father. Give me strength in the face of adversity. Grant me courage and grace and favour.

17. The wind howls, threatening to tear apart, shattering my defences. I cling to the rock of my salvation. Help me Lord, hide me or I’ll die.

18. In the midst of the fiercest battle. Surrounded on all sides by wicked enemies. Crushed and almost giving up. Nowhere to look but up. Courage Lord and strength I pray for. See me through this situation.

19. I see potentials of greatness lying dormant in you. I catch snippets of it here and there. I pray now that you receive the strength and courage to break your fallow ground and shine the way you truly deserve to.

20. As I gain new frontiers, traversing paths untrod, trailblazing rough jungles, I pray oh Lord, may my steps be sure. May my feet not stumble.

21. Fear looks me straight in the eye. I struggle not to drown in the sea of doubt. Heart palpitating with uncertainty. Courage is what I need Lord. Please give me courage.

22. Mark my ways oh Lord. Lighten my path. Cheer me on, that my steps may be sure and I may walk with the confidence of the one whom the Almighty holds.

23. Strengthen my arms that I may war valiantly. Embolden me that my heart may be strong to do battle. Let me war with grace. Let me overcome triumphantly.

24. Underneath my wings are the arms of Him who is able to keep from falling. So why should I be afraid? Why should I be weary? Give me the courage to face this challenge and to overcome valiantly.

25. I have tested the water’s depth. It threatens to subsume. I sight the sharks within, their teeth’s jagged edges threaten to tear apart. Yet I have to traverse this deep. Be a cloak of protection around me Lord and grant me the courage I need.

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26. How do you wade through the waters of life? How do you blaze through the fire? How do you overcome its many challenges? How do you survive? Only through the strength and courage the Lord gives.

27. This fire will not consume me, no way. The fire within me burns fiercer. Its intensity far greater, it will outlast any adversity, any challenge. All I need is strength. Give me strength oh Lord.

28. Many situations threatening to make the heart grow faint. The thickness of the adversity blurs the vision and the feet falters helplessly. There is a flicker of hope. My heart rests in the Lord for He alone will give the needed strength to overcome.

29. I’ve been pushed beyond limits. Beyond the borders of comfort, my back is to the wall. My heart gravitates towards fighting back to take back what is mine. I can’t do it alone, grant me strength and courage.

30. I stand in the palace of kings. In the courts of great men. To ventilate my wishes and express my desires. Grant me courage and boldness of a lion. Help me express myself with the greatest clarity and conviction.

31. In all the situations where I need courage, let me not want for it. In all circumstances where I need strength, let me be enabled. Help me to travel life and end it victoriously.

32. My heart fails me at the oddest of times. I want so much to sing the song of a Victor. But then, I have to fight first and win. Give me to face all my battles and the strength to overcome.

33. What manner of character flaw is this? Always unsure, always second-guessing. How can I be taken seriously when fundamental confidence is lacking? Please Lord, hear my desperate cry and grant me courage to stand up for myself.

34. When life’s billows roll and the tide turns against you. When all hope seems lost and you want to hide in shame, may your heart be strengthened as you find the courage to rise again

35. When I entangle myself in mess and my face is covered in shame. When all seems lost and all hope gone, grant me the courage to rise again. Grant me the strength to try again.

36. Pressed on all sides by life’s surge. Overcome by fear and uncertainty. Strengthen me, that I may raise my head and see the shining sun.

37. Never had to stand up for myself. Never had to fight. Now alone, the world looks different and fearful. Strengthen my heart. Give me the courage of a lion.

38. As I go out today, to face the world, to wrestle against unknown forces, to test new waters, grant me the strength and courage to face all and overcome.

39. Giants on every side, forbidding me to be great. Disapproving looks meeting my every stride. Yet I strive on, gaining frontiers because You give me the needed strength and courage.

40. Give me the courage to aim high, to fly where eagles fly. Give me the strength to wrestle with lions and conquer. Give me the courage and the strength to soar.

41. May my heart never be overwhelmed by circumstances, rather may I always be filled with courage to take on life and its many challenges.

42. I won’t ever go back to the way I used to be. I won’t ever bury my head in shame again. What I need now is your helping hand to give me strength and courage as I march forward.

43. Onward I match, taking territories, breaking grounds. All I pray is that your courage and strength never leave me.

44. Courage in the face of adversity. Strength when I am weak. Grace to press forward against all challenges, that’s all I pray for. Please grant me.

45. It’s a whole new world. A bright new day. Potentials untapped, the promise of blessings untold. Grant me the courage to face the giants therein and the strength to overcome them.

46. Grant me the courage to resist temptation in all its superficial, beauty. Grant me the strength to say no to its faux appeal. Help me to stand victorious after I have been tested.

47. Butterflies rumbling in my stomach, heart palpitating with fear. The lump in my throat, huge as a rock, please grant me courage Lord. Help me overcome this fear.

48. I will get up again. I will rise from this pit. These chains will loose. I believe in my heart. All I pray for is the strength to see me through.

49. Life with its daily challenges does its best to crush you. You’re pressed on every side with no chance of escape. It is God who gives courage and strength to face life each day.

50. Beaten, crushed, powerless. No zeal to live again. No desire to continue. Help me Lord or I’ll die. Give me the courage and strength to live again.

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Long Prayers for Strength and Courage

You can click any of the titles below to jump to the section of long prayers for strength and courage you’ll love to read.

  1. When Heartbroken
  2. When in Trouble
  3. When Faced with a New Responsibility or Task
  4. When It Looks Like You’re Stagnant
  5. When You’re in Pain
  6. When You’re Unsure How to Approach Love

When Heartbroken

51. Dear Lord,

My heart hurts so bad now.
I feel like it’s going to burst into pieces.
I’ve been betrayed by the very ones I loved and trusted.
Can I ever open my heart to love again?
Can this wound ever heal?
Now I know how you must have felt dying on the cross.
I’m at a low point now, yet I rely in your strength to see me through.

52. Dear Lord,
When love is lost, how does one cope?
Smithereens!that’s the state of my heart now.
I’ve laboured and given all in love.
I’ve spent and been spent for the sake of love.
I’ve lost it all.
How does one survive this?
How does one garther the courage to love again except by your grace?
Let your grace be sufficient for me.

When in Trouble

53. Dear Father,
I’m in deep shit.
Cesspoolfull of it.
I’ve messed up and I know consequences will follow.
Like a dog bent on getting lost, I ignored your warnings,
Your gentle nudges at my heart. Now I’m where I never intended.
Please forgive me Lord and grant me the courage to face the consequences of my actions.

54. Lord,
This trouble is too much for me to bear.
It’s too much for any human to bear.
This dust that is my body, is caving in in fear.
My head is bent in shame, palpable fear visible in every step.
Save me from this trouble.
Give me the strength to overcome.

When Faced with a New Responsibility or Task

55. Lord,

As I take on this task,
Let my head be lifted in dignity.
Let my feet walk in firm assurance of the confident.
Let my heart be courageous, yet humble
Let my hands be skillful
Let my mouth speak with competence and confidence
And let my reward be good success.

56. Dear father
I come before you in faith
As I begin this task
Let my heart never tremble in fear
Let me never compromise
May I never be overwhelmed or prideful
Rather Lord, may I do valiantly
And excel victoriously.

When It Looks Like You’re Stagnant

57. Dear Lord,

For how long will I remain this way?
I’ve pushed beyond my limit
Yet can’t seem to make headway
I’m expectant, Lord
I’ve done the best I can with little result
Please give me the strength to persevere
Let Your Almighty power
Take me to the desired destination.

58. Tarried too long in this position
All eyes on me to see how I’ll end
My heart is full of expectations
Yet they’re refusing to manifest
At my lowest ebb now
Totally frustrated
Ready to give up
But I know Your strength is made manifest in weakness
So I pray now Lord,
Please strengthen me through this phase
Let me emerge at the other side in glory.

When You’re in Pain

59. Dear Lord,
This is me being honest.
I’m in so much pain right now
I feel totally alone and abandoned
Drained and discouraged
I feel like I don’t want to go on
This pain is blinding
I can’t see beyond it
Help me not to lash out in anger
Hold me in your everlasting arms
And carry me through.

When You’re Unsure How to Approach Love

60. Dear Lord,
Though I’ve been terribly hurt in the past
Let me not be blinded by regret
Give me the courage to reach out in love again
Let my heart be open to its joy and pleasure
Let me love selflessly without inhibition
Let me be unafraid in love.

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