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Top 50 I Am Sorry Messages for Him or Her (2024)

Most Romantic I Am Sorry Messages for Him or Her, Cute I Am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife). Yes, best of Apology Messages.

“You just want the best messages or quotes to end a misunderstanding or a quarrel?” The best way to send this is either in the morning when his or her mind is still cool or late at night when he or she is relaxed and going to sleep. I have done it so many times.

Note This:
That you are the first to say sorry doesn’t mean you are a fool. It only means that you are the one that understands what you too tend to lose when you quarrel for long. The problem with troubled relationships is not about the heart that cannot forgive but finding the hearts that accept their blames, and are ready to change for the better.

I Am Sorry Sms for Her or Him

Collection of apology quotes for him or her.

1. It might be difficult for me to know how hurt you are.
But it won’t be difficult for me to say how sorry I am.
I am the guilty one here, and with a humble heart,
I am saying, I am really sorry.

2. You are right if you say you do not deserve this.
More than right are you if you say I don’t care much!
I am sorry, so sorry for the way I have treated you in time past.
I am back now to give you more love than ever.
Please forgive me my love.

3. The heart that loves and deeply care for you, such that I once gave,
I will give it wholly again,
And I will love you more than I ever have done.
I will give the heart that understand your deep feelings
And the mind that can interpret your unspoken words.
I am really sorry, please forgive me.

4. That was too much for me dear.
I am so sorry for doing such a grave mistake.
I come pleading for your forgiveness,
And I promise to not repeat that ever again.
I am so sorry for it all. Good morning.

I Am Sorry Text Messages for Her or Him

5. I didn’t mean to hurt you dear
I never meant to make you sad.
Please forgive me for this mistake.
I am sorry… I am really very sorry.

6. I am sorry for hurting you.
I am sorry for making you cry.
So sorry am I to have made you sad!
Please forgive me, I plead.

7. I am just going to have the worst moment over today.
It might not be well with me for sure!
Or how could I have a great day without you forgiving me!
I am so sorry for all I’ve done. Please forgive me my love.

I AM Sorry But I Love You Messages & Quotes

8. I’m so sorry my love,
You don’t deserve the hurts,
Neither should you go through those pains.
I admit I’m wrong, please forgive me.

9. I am so sorry my love and I mean it.
Please forgive me, I now submit.
I am down on my knee for real.
Temper justice with mercy, this is my plea.

10. I’m so sorry I misunderstood you.
I am sorry I have wronged you.
Please forgive all my bad deeds,
Forgive me, for my heart bleeds.

11. The last time I checked,
I did not see someone who’s as guilty as I am.
I’ve done the worst. Please forgive me this once.
I promise not to do that again.

12. Truly I can’t take back what I did,
Baby I’m so sorry I’m candid.
Your Forgiveness is all I seek,
Please forgive me or I fall sick.

13. I am so sorry my love, for all the wrongs I did.
Sincerely I am sorry, I am being candid.
And I promise to not do such again.
Please forgive me, for my soul and body are in pains.

14. It’s strange how one neglect responsibilities…
But common sense is enough to tell if you are not doing thing right.
I am Sorry for the pains in recent times. I love you.

15. You were right for saying I am heartless,
That name really fits for what I have done.
But I am sorry, I ask for you forgiveness,
Please forgive me, ’cause my courage is already gone

16. Leaving me is like making me go through hell.
I deceived myself when I said all was well,
How your absence makes me feel is sad to tell,
Please forgive me and come back or I see more of hell.

17. I wish I have more words to say,
I am sorry, I save my explanations,
I swallow my excuses and accept all the allegations,
I beg for your forgiveness is all I have to say.

I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me

18. I know I should have done better,
I shouldn’t have fallen below your expectation.
But believe me, this isn’t what I wanted from the start.
All I ask for now is a chance to make it right.
Please forgive me.

19. If you understand how badly I feel for making you go through this though time,
You will feel untold pity for me.
I am so sorry once again for the hurts and pains.
Just forgive me my love.


20. I am sorry for all the bad I have done
I am sorry for all the hurts to your hearts I have caused.
I plead for forgiveness, if you will deem it fit
But if not, you should know my life will be miserable.

21. My life has no value without you.
And my day has no good attached to it.
I can’t take it, you quarrelling with me.
Please forgive me, I plead.

I Am Sorry Messages to My Man/Woman

22. I take the blame for all the misunderstanding that ever happened between us.
And I come begging that you just let it go.
It will do more harm if you hold on to this.
Please forgive me, I beg.

23. Even though we are a great distance apart,
I could still feel how hurtful what I have done is,
I may have not been the best for you,
But I will never be the worst for you.
I am deeply sorry.

I Am Sorry Messages to My Baby

24. Please don’t see me like a devil down the road.
I know the gravity of what I have done,
But sincerely I never meant to do that.
Forgive me for this once please.

25. I know you are deeply angry with me.
And it is all for what I have done.
I come begging you for all my wrongs,
And I seek for nothing but your forgiveness.

Sorry Love Messages for Your Love

26. I am sorry for all the pains I have caused you,
I am sorry for all the times I ever let you down.
That I will love you forever, now I sincerely promise you,
And I will treat you more special than a king would treat his crown.

27. Nothing makes me more sad than knowing you are sad,
And to see myself being the cause makes me kinda mad.
I am sorry I had to let you go through that painful moment
And I promise to love you forever with unending commitment.

28. I am so sorry for all my errors and mistakes
I am deeply sorry for all I did to you
Having to leave with you not forgiving me is more than I could take.
All I pray is just a word of forgiveness from you.
I am so sorry, Please forgive me.

29. I broke your heart and I sincerely admit.
To cherish you, I am sorry I never deemed it fit.
Please forgive me, I promise to turn a new leave,
Please help put an end to my heart’s grief.

30. I wish I have more words to say than sorry,
For the more I say it the more it looks like mere story.
With everything I have in me, I plead.
Please forgive me or my heart will ever bleed!

31. I’m sorry for making you sad,
The days without you were terrible.
Your long silence is making me mad,
Forgive me, or my life will be horrible.

32. I know I hurt you with words.
I’m sorry my dearest, my heart.
Never again will I break your heart.
Without you, I’m nothing in the world.

33. My life remains awesome just because of you.
It is true I talk so much of love but I do less.
I have not loved you as I should, I confess.
Please forgive me for any wrong deed,
Not forgiving me is leaving my heart to bleed.

34. It is not worth it, for me treating you bad,
It makes no sense, me making you sad.
I’m as much sad as you are, if only you can see,
Please forgive me my love, this is my plea.

35. Don’t be through with me yet love,
I can go yonder without your leading.
Nothing else satisfies but your love,
Stay with me forever, I am pleading.

When you have offended your lover, make a habit of saying you are sorry. Find the best and perfect I am so Sorry Sms Messages for him or her here.

I Am Sorry for Hurting You Messages

36. Many words will fail me to express how deeply sorry I am for this.
I am heartbroken for how sorrowful you made me feel.
I know I have done the worst, but I am asking you to forgive me.
I am really sorry my dear, please and please do forgive me.

37. I wish you could know how ashamed I feel for what I did.
I really deserve all you ever plan for me as its punishment.
But, above it all, please temper justice with mercy.
I am so sorry my love.

38. I would be double wrong if I blame this on any excuses.
I am the one who is wrong here. I am the bad guy here.
And all I ask for is a heart that understands my plea.
I am sorry, please forgive me in love.

I AM So Sorry, But I Still Love You Messages

39. I just have belittled myself! I have pulled out a low selfish scheme!
Now I am wise, but so unlucky I made you cry!
Please forgive me for I am deeply sorry.

40. I betrayed your trust is the right word to use,
But I feel so sorry from my heart.
I ask for the forgiveness my sins,
And pleading that you forgive as a proof that you love me.

41. I feel sorry for all the good things I fail to do
And I plead guilty for all that I did wrong.
I am so sorry from within me.
Just forgive me and let bygone be bygone.

42. All the words I have spoken in anger, I take them back
For all the hurts and heartbreaks that I have caused you,
I accept all the blames and I am indeed sorry.
Please forgive me, I will adjust to be the better me.

43. I am really sorry to have fallen below expectation.
I am so sorry that I have crossed many paths.
I am faulty to have acted beyond normal.
I ask for forgiveness, please consider it given.

To say you are so sorry to your husband, wife your girlfriend/lady, your boyfriend/guy, these I am Sorry Quotes are perfect to send to him or her.

I Am Sorry I Hurt You Quotes

44. I am very sorry for all the wrongs that I have done
So sorry for all the harms and hurts I have caused you.
I realized how lovely it would have been if we live without them all
And I come begging, please accept my apologies.

45. I really deserve any names you choose to call me,
And I deserve any punishment you deem fit to mete out to me.
But I must not fail to say I am sorry for all I’ve done wrong.
Please and please forgive me my love.

46. I must have broken the rules I set,
I must have hurt the heart that I promised to keep
I must have made you cry against what I promised,
But I coke begging, please forgive me. I am really sorry.

Please Forgive Me, I Am Sorry Quotes

47. I see good reasons in you being angry with me.
Sincerely, I have been the bad one!
I have been the one who doesn’t care much,
Even the one who is so selfish,
But I won’t be the foolish one who wouldn’t apologize.
I am so sorry my love.

48. I missed it big time when I allowed you to cry!
It must be a hard time you are going through now.
I might not even understand how much hurt you are,
But please allow me to make it right.

Quotes to Say I Am Sorry

49. I feel so sorry for all the rules I have broken,
Feels more sorry for making you go through hurts
I wish I had better ways of expressing how sorrowful I feel for letting you down.
I am so sorry for it all.

50. It is hard for me to believe I meet this happen.
But I just want you to know it was an error on my part.
And I take full responsibilities for it all.
I come begging again, wouldn’t you forgive me?

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