Safe Trip Prayer Messages (2024)

Life itself is a journey. Hence, it isn’t exactly news when we find ourselves, loved ones, family and friends embarking on different trips which may tarry for a day, turned into weeks or months.

Nonetheless, we mustn’t overlook their safety nor be less concerned about it. The best way to achieve this is by letting them know through our fervent prayers that we are eager to see them again as they embark on any journey.

The best prayer to dish at this time, both for them and for yourself as the case may be is a Safe Trip Prayer. Send any one of these orisons to them as a message whilst they turn it into their confession in the course of their journey.

Make hay while the sun shines and without doubt, they’ll have your thoughtfulness to thank for their safety.

Safe Travels Prayer Messages

Whether you’re travelling yourself or someone special is going on a journey, use these safe trip prayer messages and safe travels prayers and blessings for them.

1. As I embark on this journey, may my blood never be spilled by the roadside. The precious blood of Jesus shall cover me and prevent me from all accidents.

2. No matter how long this journey may be, the presence of God shall abide with me. The angels of God shall lift me up.

3. Whether you turn to the East, West, South, or North, the presence of God shall go with you like a pillar of fire and clouds of light. Have a safe flight.

4. I shall only hear of your safety. Your life and dreams shall not be cut short abruptly on this trip. You’ll land successfully.

5. May the desires of the evil one for your life over this journey perish like ashes. May you make it through. Darkness shall not cover your path, but the light of God shall guide you. Do have a safe flight back home.

6. Bro, all I desire at this moment is to hold your face in my hands like a precious jar. May you make it through. This journey shall not be your last. Have a safe ride home.

7. At no point shall you go with the wrong car, neither shall you take the wrong flight. The spirit of God shall guide you throughout this journey. Have a safe journey.

8. You shall only experience a delay that will save your life and prevent you from accident. Go safely in Jesus name. Have a safe journey back home.

9. The Lord shall be the pillar that holds your life. Your body and soul shall be anchored on him. You’ll not lose your life. Have a safe trip.

10. Concerning this journey, may you stand on the solid rock until you arrive home safely like a man from the battlefield. Have a safe trip back home.

11. Do not be afraid of falling into the sea nor of crashing into the thickest forests. The Lord shall go with you and prevent all forms of evil. Have a safe travels.

12. Do not doubt the power of God to bring you home safely. Do not be fearful. This journey shall bring a warm smile upon your face. Sis, do have a happy journey back home.

13. The Lord shall guide and direct you throughout this journey. You shall not eat the wrong thing, neither shall you have the wrong drink. You’re safe. Bon voyage.

14. No matter how dark it may get, no matter how cloudy it may be, your safety is guaranteed for your life is hidden in Christ.

15. You shall be filled with unquenchable peace and joy for as long as this journey may last. Be rest assured of your safety for it is divine.

16. The heavens shall watch over you. The angels shall guide you jealously and the presence of God shall abide with you, now and forevermore. Have a safe flight.

17. There’s power in the name of Jesus to see you through in this journey. Hold unto God like a man of faith and He’ll drown your fears in perfect love. Have a safe flight back home.

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18. May you never be depressed or anxious in the course of this journey. Every route you shall take is guided by the heavenly angels. Your safety is as guaranteed as that of the angels in heaven. Have a safe journey.

19. None shall fall around you, neither shall you take the fall. This journey shall be a smooth ride for you. Have a safe journey back home, beautiful.

20. The light of God penetrates through the dark. Hence, do not be scared of nocturnal journey for the light of God is with you. Have a safe trip.

21. May you never lack good food, water and rest in the course of this journey. May this be the best you’ve ever had. Have a safe trip back home.

22. No matter how wide you travel, the eyes of God shall go with you. You shall never be surrounded by darkness, but by light that never goes dim. Have safe travels.

23. My entire body shall make it through this journey. I’ll arrive safely and not in pieces. The faithfulness of God shall journey with me.

24. The devil and his irks shall take my fall. I’ll never be unfortunate in this beautiful journey. I pray for complete safety in Jesus name.

25. I’m covered with the blood of Jesus. My blood shall not be spilled on the ground, neither shall my bone be broken.

26. I’ll arrive home safely. On the wings of the heavenly angels shall I ride. No evil shall befall my life.

27. By the end of this trip, I shall never count my losses, but have my blessings in abundance.

28. I speak against delay in the course of this journey. No unfortunate event shall occur. The plans of God alone shall be established.

29. I’m hidden under the powerful wings of God. It shall be my shield and fortress. It is well with me.

30. The grace of God shall see me through this long journey. I’ll never run out of faith that shall uphold me in the course of this trip.

31. Dad, I cancel every evil that may have been designed to stop this journey or to end your life. You shall make it through. Have a safe travel back home.

32. You shall never suffer anxiety. The peace of God shall envelop you. Safely, shall you arrive. Have a happy journey.

33. May the Lord take the wheel and have full control over this trip. Bestie, you shall have a happy journey back home.

34. May the promise of God be fulfilled in your life. His desire to keep you safe shall be established. You’ll make it home.

35. Any power working to end your journey in the hospital is thwarted and rendered powerless. Bon voyage.

36. Every evil spirit of mishap shall never trail your vehicle nor plane. You’re safe by the blood of Jesus. Bon voyage back home.

37. The good Lord shall show you His mercy. You shall never be tired nor grow weak in the midst of this journey.

38. Safely, shall you meet your loved ones and happily, shall they welcome you. Have a nice time as you ride.

39. Your journey shall not be a source of bad news for your loved ones. You shall make it through by God’s grace.

40. You wouldn’t have to face any battle. The Lord shall be responsible for your safety. You shall arrive home in peace.

41. The Lord shall intervene in this journey. You shall never be stranded.

42. Everyone embarking on this journey with you shall be safe just as you shall be. For your sake, the rest of the passengers shall be secured.

43. Praise the Lord with all your heart, your journey shall bring good news upon your family. You’re safe.

44. The angels of God shall go ahead of you to keep evil from your ways and to make the crooked places straight for your sake.

45. I cancel the power of death over your life. You shall not die prematurely, neither shall you take your last breath because of this journey. Your life is safe.

46. You shall travel in victory. Misery shall be far from you. The devil shall not succeed in causing you destruction as you travel all through the day.

47. The covenant of God’s protection shall be established in your life. Your safety is non-negotiable. Safe ride, beautiful.

48. Arrows of wickedness that fly by the day and night are rendered motionless in Jesus name. Enjoy your trip.

49. The presence of God shall surround you and keep you safe as it did Moses.

50. The devil shall not triumph over you. This journey shall not be the last, but one out of many successfully journeys.

51. As you journey through the roads, may you not be hurt. And even your eyes shall not behold any evil. Have a safe journey, darling.

52. No matter how hectic the flight may be, into the arms of your loved ones you shall arrive, I pray. Have a safe flight.

53. My prayers are with you every step of the way, may your road be smooth and free of harm, I pray. Have a safe trip back home.

54. All shall hear good report of your journey in Jesus name. Have a safe travel.

55. May the breaks not fail you, may the road not be uncomfortable for your tyres. Have a safe journey back home.

56. May the faithfulness and mercy of God bring you into the arms of your loved ones, I pray. Bon voyage back home.

57. I know that in no distant time, God’s outstretched arm shall deliver into the comfort of your home, my love. Bon voyage.

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58. Your going out and coming in shall be safe in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray. Have a happy journey back home.

59. May the Lord order your steps throughout this trip, I pray. Have a safe trip.

60. May the angels of the Lord uphold you throughout this flight. Have a safe flight back home.

61. May my feet be guided by the spirit of the Lord. May every step I take lead me to my home, I pray.

62. Nothing shall get in the way of my safe return. For the Lord shall go before me and make every crooked way straight.

63. This journey shall be marked by joy, peace and fulfilment in the name above every other name.

64. A thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, but they shall never come near me in Jesus name.

65. I shall not grow weary. I shall be strong throughout the course of this flight, I pray.

66. I cancel any evil occurrence preparing siege for us at the course of this journey in Jesus name.

67. No weapon formed against you shall prosper as you journey through the roads and by the giant trees. Have safe travels.

68. No tear shall be dropped, no heart shall be broken regarding this journey of yours, I pray. Have a happy journey back home.

69. You’re more than a conqueror, like a victorious bird, you shall arrive safely at home.

70. Every obstacle to your arrival is broken in Jesus mighty name. And like the rays of the sun, you shall land safely, I pray.

71. Every evil plot regarding this journey is brought to nought by the precious blood of the Lamb.

72. May the routes you take be guided by God’s battalion of angels, I pray.

73. I commit your way into the able hands of the most high and He will bright it to pass in Jesus name.

74. Dear brother, I pray for God’s favour upon this journey. Have a happy journey back home.

75. The breezes that blow and the sun that shines will be a catalyst to the success of your trip in Jesus name.

76. May your flight not be cut short by any evil occurrence. Have a safe travel, dear sister.

77. May the Lord gladden your heart by what you see and what you feel throughout your trip in Jesus name. Have safe travels.

78. May God’s hand of protection wrap around you in this journey, I pray. Have a happy journey back home.

79. Because you have put your trust in the Lord, He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. Bon voyage, back home, my love.

80. May the Lord satisfy you with a successful trip and grant you rest as you arrive at your destination, I pray.

81. May my feet not be cold, may my eyes not be closed. I shall arrive safely into my home on this trip, I pray.

82. May I find more reasons to trust in God’s love on this journey in Jesus name.

83. May the giver of life, preserve my body and soul throughout this journey in Jesus name.

84. May my needs be met on this journey, may I find favour and joy as I go on, I pray.

85. My life is hidden in Christ as Christ is hidden in God. I shall not be trapped in this trip.

86. I shall trample upon the lion and the adder, I shall conquer any evil on my way in Jesus name.

87. I plead the precious blood of the Lamb over this journey I make in Jesus name.

88. I shall not be lost, kidnapped, nor abused on this route that I journey in Jesus name.

89. I have on my body the mark of the Lord, therefore, no evil shall come against me.

90. Collision and somersaulting are cancelled on this trip of yours by the protective hands of God in Jesus name.

91. Whatever food and drink you take shall give you strength and vigor. On this journey, your desires shall prevail. Have a safe trip back home.

92. May the mercy of the Lord shield you from accidents and calamities on your trip, dear friend.

93. May this flight bring joyful laughter and happy tears on our faces, dear mum.

94. May your fears about this journey be quenched by the cool water of God’s love in Jesus name.

95. Mightily, you shall breakthrough and break forth from the proceeds of this trip, my love.

96. You shall arrive your destination like a winner and experience the love that awaits you, I pray for you, sweetness.

97. There’s a lifting up for you on this flight. Have a safe flight back home, dearest.

98. May God’s peace and love overwhelm you as you go to and fro in Jesus name.

99. Not a single bone of your body shall be broken. You’re covered by the precious blood of the Lamb in Jesus name.

100. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you as you take this flight back home.

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Bon voyage.

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