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2024 Best Drive Safely Quotes for Someone Special

Movement is a daily activity of humans on the earth’s surface. At a point, it is the journey of our loved ones over a considerable distance.

So, it speaks well of you to be one amongst the few to make their travel this year, 2024 less hectic, safe and more fun with just a simple Drive Safely Quotes.

Hence, the very best quotes to bless your lover, family and friends with as they embark on their journey have been finely put together here to meet your need and to give them courage as they journey to and fro.

Now, be the first to show your thoughtfulness and care for them.

Drive Safely Quotes for Someone Special

Cute Drive Safely Quotes and Saying for Someone So Special.

1. Drive with care, don’t be in a hurry to make it home. Have a safe ride.

2. Sweety, in as much as you miss me and likewise I, take your time while driving. Wishing you a safe trip, honey.

3. As you journey, may the road never harm you, nor threaten your life. Drive with care, dear friend.

4. No matter how long the journey takes and no matter how slow the journey may be, one thing is sure; you’ll make it through.

5. I have no doubt, you’re a good driver, but be extra careful today, my love.

6. Your journey will be smooth if you drive with caution. Be a careful driver, bestie.

7. Do not drag the road with anyone, the slow and steady wins the race. You’ll make it there eventually. Have a good ride, boo.

8. I’m sending all my love to you to make your journey more fun and sweet. Drive safely.

9. Know this for sure; my heart is with you even as you journey home. Happy drive, sis.

10. As a sweet lover, remember to keep me in your mind as I do you over here. Drive safely, love.

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11. I may not be there with you, but my heart will make this journey easy for you. Drive safely, honey.

12. Nothing excites me more than the fact that, I’m about to see your lovely face again. May your journey be safe.

13. The angels will keep you safe and surround you with their protective winds. Drive with courage and nurse no fear, bestie.

14. Be an obedient driver, drive safely.

15. May the angels take over the wheel, till you make it to your destination. Have a safe drive.

16. All roads are out of danger all because you’re plying the road today. Happy drive, bro.

17. As long as you use the road, may the angels protect you and guide your ways. Drive safely, friend.

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18. Don’t drink while drinking. My love, be a diligent driver.

19. May I hold your precious face in my palm one more time. Happy drive, baby.

20. I’ll be here waiting for you. Hence, have me at the back of your mind as you drive to and fro. Wishing you a safe trip.

21. As you go on in this journey, may you never be a victim of any circumstance. Drive responsibly, my friend.

22. Let the road signs be your guard as much as the angels direct you. Drive well, my friend.

23. No matter how tiring this journey may be, I’ll be here waiting to make you feel better. Drive safely.

24. My prayers are with you as you ply on that road. You’ll never be in harm’s way, my dear.

25. The angels are seated next to you as you drive. Don’t be afraid; take the wheel courageously.

26. You need not drive fast, I’ll wait for you no matter how long the distance you’ll have to cover. Drive safely.

27. A precious price awaits you as you drive home responsibly. To get the price, make it here on time, my love.

28. No matter how dark the journey may be, you’re not alone; a pillar of fire will be your light through the dark. Have a safe drive.

29. If you’re not here with me, there’s no life. Hence, my eyes will be watchful, until you come back to me. Drive safely, my love.

30. I have only one thing to ask of you; drive with care in mind.

31. I wouldn’t be going anywhere, I’ll be here awaiting your grand arrival, my baby.

32. I don’t need much from you, all I want is to see you again. Have a safe drive, honey.

33. Stay away from trouble as you drive. I trust you to do just that. Drive safely.

34. My boyfriend isn’t just a great lover, but a great driver as well. Enjoy your ride, my love.

35. Manoeuvre through the road skillfully. I have faith in your driving skills. Safe trip, my love.

36. No matter how tough the journey gets, keep on moving. I’ll be here praying for you. Have a safe drive, sis.

37. I’ll welcome you back with a broad smile and a warm hug. Make it here on time, friend.

38. I wish I could be your driver. Nevertheless, I know you’ll make a good one. Drive with caution.

39. Your face is all that I see, cause you’re not here with me. Hoping to see you soon, so I can smile with you again. Wishing you a smooth ride.

40. I’ll be the happiest person on earth, once I see the door open for you, my dear. Drive safely.

41. Your road is safe, so also is your car. Enjoy your ride, my friend.

42. You’re fully protected on all sides. Hence you’ll make it back. Drive safely.

43. The purpose of this journey will be fulfilled. Have a great ride.

44. May you not encounter delay on the road. You’ll make it on time.

45. May your car never break down in the midst of nowhere. Have a safe drive.

46. Drive with a smile on your face, it makes the journey smoother and memorable. Drive safely, dear.

47. Only a good report will be heard of you. You’ll make it back safely.

48. This journey will be a sweet adventure. May you meet your angels on the way.

49. No matter how difficult this journey may be, it will be easy for your sake. Drive safely, babe.

50. I’ll be here singing a sweet song which will guide you through the darkest road. Have a safe drive.

51. Do have a safe ride from and to any part of the world.

52. I love you and I cherish you hugely. Make it to your destination and back, my darling. Drive safely.

53. May the road be pleased with your passage. Do have a safe ride.

54. As the sun watch you drive, may it shine upon you the virtues you need to make it through the road.

55. Because you hold the steering and control the gears, may the heavens guide your hands. Have a safe ride, love.

56. I wish you a drive free of stress and worries. Do handle the wheel with care.

57. Be the best driver on the road. I wish you a harmless journey as you go.

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58. More than anything else, may this journey be the best you’ve ever had. Do have a safe drive.

59. Under His wings shall you drive. May you go and come back without a scratch. Drive safely, dearie.

60. I want to see your lovely eyes and taste your tender kisses once more. So, have a safe drive.

61. Against all odds, you’ll make it through and back. Drive safely, dearie.

62. May you not be caught in between the hurdles of the road. May your journey be smooth and fair. Drive safely.

63. Under the guidance of the sun and the moon, you shall drive safely. I love you, my darling.

64. Do not speed, for your destination awaits you patiently. Drive safely, dearie.

65. On this journey, no evil shall come near you. Like a king, your life shall be valued. Have a safe drive.

66. Smoothly, you shall drive through the potholes and ditches. With grace, you shall make it through.

67. May your eyes not become dim and may your wisdom not fail you as you handle the wheels. Drive safely.

68. You shall not be a victim of any bad driving, neither shall you victimise any other on the road. Do have a safe drive.

69. May you not lose control of the wheel. Do have a safe drive.

70. As you journey down here, with wide smiles shall I welcome you back into my arms. Have a safe drive.

71. Fortunately for you, the road shall be void of any troubles and pain. Drive safely.

72. In the midst of the others, you shall journey safely to your destination.

73. May this journey not claim your life, nor your properties. Have a safe drive.

74. Your life is entrusted in the hands of the most high. Do have a safe drive

75. May the sorrows of regret not spring up from this journey. Enjoy your drive.

76. May you not become invisible to the other drivers. Do have a safe ride, my darling.

77. You have nothing to fear, for the road requires only your carefulness. Have a safe drive, dearie.

78. Do not take so long, my darling. Drive safely, my love. For your dear one awaits your return.

79. Handle the wheels with the memories of your loved ones, my darling. Drive safely.

80. Treat the others with care so, the angels can be in your favour. Have a safe ride, darling.

81. As you are your own driver, may the heavens be your guide and inspiration. Drive safely, love.

82. Excited to see you once again. Do have a safe drive, friend.

83. May you reach your destination in one piece. Have a good drive, sis.

84. May the steering not go against you. Have a blissful time on the road, brother.

85. Drive well, my darling. Hoping to see you sooner than later.

86. Concentrate on your destination. Do have a safe ride to the end, my love.

87. Take your time as you drive, cause you’ll find me here waiting for you still. Drive with care, my darling.

88. Do not be in a hurry to your destination, pretty. Drive safely.

89. May this journey not hurt your bones, nor your body parts. Have a safe drive.

90. Evil shall not come near you. Your safety shall be heaven’s priority. Have a good drive, dad.

91. I love the sound of your car on its return. May I hear it in no time. Drive safely, love.

92. Be gentle on the road. And like the rain, you will reach your destination. Have a safe ride, mum.

93. To our home, you shall land not anywhere else. Have a safe ride, my love.

94. Your eyes shall not behold evil as you pass. And your vehicle shall not be caught in havoc. Drive safely, dearie.

95. May you call back to inform me of your safe arrival. Do have a good drive, dearie.

96. Let not your heart be troubled. For the heavens are with you. Drive safely, dearie.

97. As the dew travels safely from the clouds to the earth, so shall you arrive your destination with ease. Have a safe drive, my darling.

98. Your journey shall not be cut short. You shall arrive your destination in gladness and gratitude.

99. May this be a fulfilling journey for you on the road. Drive safely, dearie.

100. May the road love you like the sun and be kind to you like the forgiving moon. Drive safely, my dear.

They’ll sure have the smoothest and safest drive of their life this year, 2024 after reading any of these Drive Safely Quotes.

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