Have a Safe Journey I’m Missing You Quotes

Do you miss your lover (or your loved ones) so much that you are so desperate to see him or her?
You might even have tried to express your feelings and the message might not be clear to him or her…
And just then you wish a magic just happen that he or she is back home and you are back into the embrace you have missed.

Have a Safe Journey I’m Missing You Wishes Quotes

Is that how you feel right now? I have been in that shoe before!
Just relax and choose one of these lovely safe journey quotes
that will help you get him/her to understand how exactly and how much you are missing him/her.

I See Myself Going Sick
I watch the trend at which my mood swings
The rate at which my happiness dwindle away
I remember it all started when I started to miss you.
And I just can imagine how it will be when you are away for a week.
I am missing you already.

I Wish You Know How I Feel
Dissatisfaction is the right word for how I feel now.
Despondent is how I see myself being without you.
Discouragement is what I know will fill my daily plan,
And Downcast is how I will feel for missing you.
But in all, I am wishing you safe journey my love.

Your Absence Is Killing Me Softly
If for a day, it will be okay,
If for a week, I will feel despair’
And if you extend it more,
You just want me to die.
Just want you to know I miss you.

My Heart Is Hurt
The more you go on this trip,
The more I see my heart beating in hurt.
I wish you understand how much I will miss you.
And if you do, you will be back here on time.

I Miss You So Much
If oceans will ever flow and birds will forever chatter,
If day will ever turn to night, and the night to day,
Good chances that I will miss you so much.
Safe journey my one and only lover.

I Do Not Deserve This
I deserve to be loved and to be cared for.
I deserve to be hugged and not to be far away from.
I deserve seeing your face all day long, forever,
But not to miss you for this long.
Have a safe journey, but know that I am missing you.

I Miss The Romantic Moments With You
You will make me miss the good times we share together.
So sad, I will miss the lovely moments we’ve had together.
Your merry laughter and your lovely smile, such that I love,
With your sweet cuddling and your soothing hugs,
So sad I will miss them all. Safe journey, I miss you.

Hard For Me To Say How I Feel
I think about you all day long.
I think about you even in the night.
I even thought I would have a nightmare…
Just know it’s hard for me to express…
How I feel about you not being here.
But all the same, I wish you safe journey dear.

This Is More Than I Can Take
Think about how the rain is being missed in the summer,
Think about how the sun rays is being missed in the middle of the night,
And think about how breathing is being missed by the dead.
Just reason these out and you could find a clue to how I will miss you.

I Can’T But Miss You
You are not far away but I am missing you already.
How much more when you are a week there.
Good chance that your absence is nothing but killing!
I am missing you, but wishing you safe journey.

All I Want Is To See You
I don’t want your calls, but your face.
I don’t need your money, but your care and hugs.
I don’t want your goodbyes, but you being here forever.
I don’t want just anything but you my love.
So sad you are not here, I am missing you.

I Bet You Don’T Understand
I know you might not understand how I feel about this.
Because, you never were here each time I missed you.
I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t know how much it hurts…
But deep down, I feel like I am alone in the world.
Safe trip… I cry.

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