2021 Best Prayers for Safe Traveling for Someone Special

2024 Best Prayers for Safe Traveling for Someone Special

“The Lord shall guide your going out and your coming in”
A journey without the mercy and presence of God is not safe and worthy to embark on. It is important to always say a word of prayer and wish to both ourselves and our family, friends, partner, lover and colleagues.

For its only the journey-mercies of God that can see someone through to his or her destination.
By faith, we can access these prayers and wishes for ourselves and send them to that special someone. Subscribe into the grace of these prayers and you will be delighted you saw this on time. Let’s move on!

Prayers for Safe Traveling for Someone Special

Powerful prayers for safe trip for someone so special. One prayer for safe traveling is enough. Copy yours.

1. Thank You O Lord of mercy for all You’ve done. I commit myself into Your hands this day as I embark on this journey, may your angels be my guide all through that each hour of my transition will be safe and peaceful. Thank you for I believe I am safe with you.

2. I give You all thanks God, my Father for the gift of life. As I journey today I beseech Your mercy to have a peaceful and blissful journey and also to arrive at my destination safely. Thank You, Lord.

3. My God and my Father, I appreciate You for Your goodness and mercy over me always. Father as I go on this journey today, please let me not experience any form of road accident and vehicle disturbances. Guide me to and fro in safety.

4. All the glory and praise to You O God. I bring myself to You this day as I embark on this journey that You safeguard me and grant me journey-mercies till I get to the place of my destination and furthermore.

5. Thank You, Lord, for Your favours and kindness towards me always. I am going on this trip now, Jesus, please go with me and be as a cloud of fire before me and a guardian for me. May my journey be joyous and safe.

6. All my thanks go to You Lord Almighty. I appreciate You so much, my Father. As I am about to go on this journey, I humbly ask that You give charge to Your angel to guide me lest I have any form of accidents and give them the charge to lead me to my destination peacefully.

7. What more can I say than to say THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for all You’ve done. I am here once again for Your mercy as I embark on this journey that I might have a stress and problem- free transition. Be my guide O God of heaven.

8. O Lord am grateful for Your mercies all round. Now I commit myself unto You this hour as I embark on this trip that I will not be a victim of armed robbers and any form of accidents. May I arrive safely.

9. Thank You, Jesus, thank You, Lord. I place my life before You Lord. Please guide me through to the point of my destination. Be the driver and controller of the vehicle. Bring me to my terminus peacefully.

10. Heavenly Father I trust myself into Your hands this day that You be my shield and my buckler on this journey I am embarking on. O let it be a blissful trip for me.

11. Hello friend, I pray for you that this trip you are about to go on will be a problem and assault- free trip. The Lord shall be Your lead and comforter.

12. May you never fall victim of unpleasant situations on this journey you are embarking on. Go in peace!

13. As you enter into the vehicle, may you never experience any form of breakdown and your going will be safe and your arriving will be peaceful. Amen!

14. As you are planning to go on this trip, may your flight be calm and comforting. May the hand of the Lord be over you and the pilot. May you arrive at your destination safely.

15. Hey dear friend, let this be an assurance for you that Christ is in you, Christ is with you, Christ is behind you, He is after you and on your both sides even all around you. Go with the heart of faith.

16. Either on the sea, land, rail or air, I pray that your journey will be so blessed and peaceful. Have a wonderful trip!

17. By the great grace of God, you will get to your destination without a scratch on your body. The Lord will be your guide to and fro. Enjoy your trip!

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18. I declare unto you this day that the Lord will be a shield for you and an abode of safety for you. You shall go in peace and come back in peace. Amen.

19. As you go on this journey, may you never come across kidnappers and ritualists. Your journey will be very safe and peaceful. Amen.

20. May your trip be boredom free and stress limited but comforting and lively.

21. The host of the angels of God shall go with you on this trip. Let your mind be at rest.

22. As you embark on this journey, love, may you be under the mighty watch of God. You will have every reason to come back and give thanks to God again.

23. Hello dear, you planned to go on this journey with the belief in God that you will be safely kept. So shall it be for you for you have trusted in God.

24. O Lord God of mercy thanks for all You have done. I pray that You give commission to Your angels to guard and accompany this sister of mine all through the journey.

25. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof”… as you go into any part of the earth which is the Lord’s, may He guide and prosper you in all ways. Go in peace!

26. Your vehicle shall not experience any minor or major faults, your transition shall not be with harm and assault of any kind. The Lord is with you, amen.

27. May the sun not smite you by the day neither the moon by night. Your journey today shall be peaceful.

28. As you go out today, regardless of how short or long the distance might be, you shall know no kind of problem or disturbances on your way.

29. I declare that you will arrive at your destination safely, amen.

30. As you are about going, we all cheerfully shouted BYE, may we not sorrowfully shout for you at any point in time. Have a safe trip. God is with you.

31. I am praying for the driver of the vehicle that the Lord Himself will take charge of him and lead you all safely to your destination. Amen. Go in peace!

32. Hello love, I am seriously missing you right now, I just can’t wait for you to come. As well I am praying that your arriving will not be associated with evil occurrences but a grateful heart to God for a safe journey. Amen. Love you!

33. There shall be no reason to mourn over you especially on this journey you are about to embark on. The Lord shall be with you all through. Amen.

34. As you embark on this trip, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper neither shall you fall victim of unfavorable incidents. Remain blessed.

35. I will not lose you to the road, either to the sea or any kind of travel passage. Peace all round is yours.

36. Every step at which you take on this journey, you will be safely kept and guarded.

37. The plane you boarded will not lose its control neither will it crash or have a destructive landing. May your flight be smooth and calm. I love you!

38. Take enough rest and sleep, put your journey in the hands of God. Have a very stress free and peaceful trip.

39. Wherever the road is thirsty and in need of blood, you will never pass through that route and wherever blood sucking agents of darkness are luck in, your vehicle will not transit through such road. The Lord shall be your guide.

40. No harm shall come your way neither shall any trouble confront you on this journey. Have a peaceful travel!

41. It’s my prayer that the cloud shall be so clear and turbulence-free for your plane to fly peacefully. I wish you a safe and smooth trip.

42. May God’s miraculous hand wrap you and keep you throughout your journey. Go in peace!

43. Hello dad and mum, as you are returning back home, may you both be under the guidance of the holy spirit and may you arrive home with a blissful state of heart. We’re missing you!

44. Whatever the trouble faced, whatever the dangers encountered, none shall take away your peace neither shall they take away your life. In the midst of these fears, the Lord shall cause His face to shine upon you. Have a safe trip.

45. O Lord God Almighty, the creator of the heaven and earth, I commit my partner into Your hands this hour as he embarks on this journey that he will never regret having to embark on this journey. Your light of countenance shall shine upon his face. Amen.

46. May the armour of the Lord’s protection be on you. Your journey shall be of safety.

47. You shall not dash your foot against a stone for the Lord shall encircle you with His arm. Have a peaceful travel.

48. When you take each step at every point in time, you will not be entangled with the troubles of the road or the assault of the air neither the turbulence of the sea. The Lord is your shield and fortress.

49. May the mercy of the keep you each moment of this journey. The peace of God shall fill your heart.

50. As smooth as the skin of a newborn so also shall your journey be. No attack shall come your way. Theft of any kind you shall know not. Go! For the Lord is solely with you.

51. The atmosphere condition will be favourable for your trip, the sun shall not be too hot neither shall the wind blow and the rain shall not be of hindrance. Have a pleasurable journey.

52. May the wheels of your vehicle not cut off. The engine shall not problematic. Your vehicle shall ply the road safely.

53. I pray for you that your eyes or the eyes of the pilot shall not be blur to see ahead but clarity of sight shall be given to ensure a safe landing. Relax! God is in there with you.

54. May you be secured, protected, guarded in all sides. Have a safe trip!

55. As you go on this trip, survey through the beauty of nature around you and be adventurous for you have no reason to fear or be in disarray, the Lord is with you. Enjoy your travel!!!

56. Be careful the vehicle you are going to board, may you not board kidnapper’s vehicle or any vehicle assigned for accident. The Lord shall lead you to the right vehicle and bring you to your destination safely.

57. At the end of your journey, we shall have the full course to glorify the name of the Lord. Have a peaceful trip.

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58. The Lord has gone before you, He is behind you and He is the One in charge of the driving. Be at peace, there shall be no problem.

59. May your trip be lively, interesting and peaceful. We’re expecting you! May you arrive safely.

60. The eyes of the Lord shall shine upon you and at every point of your journey, there shall not be any kind of disturbances. Amen.

61. Travelling can be so scary and fearful sometimes but I want you to find relief in that God is backing you and is always with you. Have a safe trip.

62. Your trip shall be so much filled with joy and comfort. You shall enjoy every bit of moments in your travelling. Go in peace.

63. No matter what evil might have been said about the route you cannot but pass, I pray you will pass there in harmed even the smallest hair of your head shall not be touched, for the Lord God Almighty is with you.

64. Whenever you plan to travel, the fear of the journey overwhelms you but hear this now, the Lord has granted you journey mercies all through the days of your life. Commune with God always before you go. God bless you.

65. Jesus said in His Word, My peace I leave with you not like the gives… This is the assurance that God is with you always and everywhere you go. Let your mind be at rest. God loves you.

66. Hello sweety, do you know am dying in expectation for your arrival but with a heart of prayer that your trip will be safe and your arrival will be without any problem. Missing you!

67. Whatever is it you are going to do, I receive the grace of God on your behalf that you shall get there safe and achieve your purpose of travelling. Go on dear, lots of love. God is with you.

68. May it never be a regret and the biting of one’s finger that you went on this journey, dear. Your life is in God’s hand. Go in peace.

69. Father Lord, King of kings, I appreciate You for You are always with us and for us. We believe that You being for us, nothing shall be against us even according to Your Word. Thank You, Jesus.

70. I commit my friend before You this day the as she journeys through the roads of the earth, Your guiding angel shall be with and keep her from all forms of evil. Thank You, God, for always answering our prayers.

71. May you be full of more thanksgiving to God as you embark on this journey. Not only for this trip shall you give thanks for but also for the wondrous things done, being done and that will be done in your life. Be of a grateful heart. God bless you.

72. Dear God of all flesh, guide this family of mine as they go on this journey, may I never lose any one of them to the hospital or the graveyard. Thank You O God our Father.

73. May the brake of your vehicle not fail neither shall the tyre be punctured while in transition. The hand of God shall be over your vehicle.

74. Your conveyance shall be peaceful and heartwarming. There shall be no threat against your life in any form in Jesus name.

75. Hello friend, know this that you are under the shadow of the Almighty God and His arm has wrapped you in love. Peace from God is with you.

76. The angels of God shall not just escort you but go with you and be with you always whether you are still on the way or not anymore. They shall not leave you alone in Jesus name. Amen.

77. May your plane never be subsided. You shall have a good and peaceful flight unto your destination.

78. Your strength shall not wear off in the process of this journey. You shall enjoy the peace from God for your life.

79. May the divine grace of God deliver you from every snare and perilous pestilence on your way. Have a safe trip.

80. May you arrive safely and dwell in the abundance of peace from God in your conveyance. Amen

81. Trust in the Lord for He shall be your refuge and your fortress. He is always with you. Happy travelling!

82. No evil shall come your way in your going and coming, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling place. May you arrive safely.

83. Have a very sweet and safe trip, dear friend.

84. I pray for you, non of the arrows that fly by day shall not be shot at you and your plane. You shall have a safe voyage. Amen.

85. The light of God shall illuminate your life and no weapon target at your safety shall overcome you. Stay blessed.

86. May the Lord hide you under the His feathers and shield you beneath His gracious arm as you converge on this journey. Stay safe.

87. I declare to you in the name of Jesus Christ that the destruction that wastes at noonday and the terror by night shall not have victory over you. Have a nice day.

88. Thank You God for You are always there for us. I bring this beautiful friend of mine to You this hour as he embarks on his journey that armed robbers shall not cross his way either shall the evil that hides in the darkness come his way. Amen.

89. By the grace and mercy of the Most High God, you shall overcome every trouble that surfaces your path this day. Amen.

90. Both on highways and low grounds, you shall not have any form of accident. God has gone before you and is with you. Be at peace, God is in control.

91. The Lord is your light and your salvation, the Lord is the strength of your life, whom shall you be afraid of. For Hr has proven His faithfulness and will do it again and again. Go in peace. God is with you.

92. As you are leaving a completely bodied, may you not come back maimed. Your life is guided and your journey is guarded.

93. We are grateful to You Lord for You are always with us. As we are going now our Father, please go with us. May we get to our destination safe and sound. Amen.

94. As you go on this voyage, I commit you into God’s hand, you shall be led through peacefully and arrive at your terminus safely.

95. Hear this love, the Lord shall be a fortress for you and He shall encircle you with His shield as you go on this trip, amen. Have a nice trip.

96. May the embrace you in His loving and strong arms. Your sojourning shall be graceful and peaceful. Amen. Missing you!!!

97. You shall be held secure in God’s hand. He shall hold you strong throughout your voyage. I believe strongly in God that you shall arrive safely.

98. Just God saw the children of Israel safely voyage through the red sea, so also shall He see you through on this journey peacefully. Have faith! God is present.

99. When passing through the deadly route or even the good passage, the Lord shall never leave you. His mercy shall bring His protection over you always. Amen. Go in peace, my lovely bro.

100. There is no prayer that is insignificant if it’s of the Spirit. I pray for you that the tyres of your vehicle shall not burst, the engine shall not turn off neither shall it be overheated. You shall have a smooth trip. Love you!

101. O Lord, I beseech Your mercy on behalf of my partner that as she’s set to go on this journey, her flesh shall not be a meat for the earth to crush on neither shall her blood be used to wet the seat where she’s seated. Her flight will be free of problems and delay. Go in peace partner, God is with you.

102. The Lord shall be your shepherd you shall not want. O that you will be kept under His mighty arm of protection. Amen. Smooth journey!!!

103. I pray for you that though you walk through the valley of the shadow death, the Lord shall be your guide and leader. Have no fear, the Lord is present with you. You shall arrive at your destination with a thankful heart to God. Enjoy your trip!

104. O Lord God of mercy, I commit my friends traveling unto You. Oh preserve them and encompass them with Your care and bring them to their destinations safely in Jesus Name. Amen.

105. Heavenly Father, I commit my friend into Your hand this hour that as he is sailing through the sea, may the northern wind not cause any turbulence and the creatures of the sea shall not disturb his voyage. Go with him, dear God.

106. Hey cute friend, do you know I am already missing you even before you leave for your trip. But I commit you into God’s hands that you shall go safely and come back unharmed. I love you so much!

107. May you never fall into the hands of evildoers on your way going. The mercy of God shall keep you from them all.

108. Your taking off will be sound, your transition will be guided and your arrival will be safe. God loves you.

109. The plane you boarded shall be piloted by God and His angels shall bring it to land in safety. Amen.

110. According to the word of God; the eternal God shall be your refuge and His everlasting arms are over you now on this journey and forever, amen.

111. May you be delivered from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence. May you be under the covering of the Most High God. Amen.

112. No evil shall come your way neither shall any trouble confront you in this journey, the grace of God is sufficient for you. Amen.

113. Hello dear friend, take no thought of anything, especially for this trip, for your refuge is under the wings of the arm of the Lord. He is watching over you.

114. No agent of darkness shall overthrow you even while on this journey. Your vehicle shall be guided all round till you reach your destination. Amen.

115. From this time forth and forever more, the Lord will keep watch over your going out and coming in. Enjoy more of God’s mercy for your life.

116. Do not be afraid, the Lord is in the vehicle with you. He will lead you to safety. Just put your trust solely in Him.

117. The mercy and grace of God shall follow you till the end of your journey. Amen.

118. Every force of the air and evil of the land shall be made blind not to see you, they shall be rendered powerless over you especially on your journey. Go in peace! The Lord is with you.

119. I pray that the sun shall not afflict you and the rain shall not disturb your voyage. Have a blessed journey ahead.

120. Receive the mercy of God for every journey and transition. May you not be assaulted in any form. Your transition is made peaceful. Amen.

121. The grace of God that shines and keeps shall be given unto you.

122. Moses in the Bible told God that they will not go except God’s presence goes with them. Also on behalf of this beautiful friend of mine, I call on Your presence to go with this friend of mine and to bring her safely to her destination. Amen.

123. Regardless of how long your journey is going to be, may you never wear out but refreshing and interesting.

124. May the protection of the Lord be guaranteed over your life and everyone in the vehicle.

125. As you travel today, your life shall not be cut short, your body shall not be maimed. Safely shall you arrive at your destination.

126. In the abundance of God’s mercy, you shall embark on this under the mighty watch of God.

127. Your journey is safe and sound. The Lord is with you.

128. I pray for you, love, that this journey you are about to embark on will not be the end of your journey. Grace to go on more profiting journeys safely shall be given to you.

129. May the light of God shine upon you as you covey yourself to your destination. No pestilence shall come your way.

130. The mercy of God shall speak for you as you go on this journey. No weapon targeted at you shall be prosperous. Amen.

131. Goodness and mercy shall follow you on this journey. You shall achieve what you are going to do in Jesus name. Amen.

132. May you receive favour from God and man. And accomplish that which you are traveling for.

133. The grace to come back with an appreciative heart hale and healthy body after this trip is given to you.

134. The plan of the enemy against you, especially on this trip, shall not stand. You shall alight safely and overcome all the enemy’s plan.

135. As you covey yourself to your terminus, every means of transportation you use shall not be a regret. Go in peace! Dear.

136. Nothing will stand against you on this trip of yours.

137. Whatever it is that is your reason for embarking on this journey, you shall come across bountifulness and be joyous you went on this trip. God shall go with you.

138. Your vehicle will not capsize either will your life be cut short in the process of your traveling.

139. Liveliness and soundness will be filled in your sojourning. You shall arrive home in safety.

140. When there is life, there is hope. May accident or death not shatter your hope in life. Have a safe trip!

141. Both you and the whole of your family shall not be posted on obituary posts. May this journey you guys are embarking on not be the last of it. Amen.

142. The shield and armour of God shall be on you now and always. Enjoy your trip!

143. Every threat against your wellbeing is made futile. Your sojourning is in peace. Go for the Lord is with you.

144. In the midst of turmoils and turbulence, the Lord shall be your comfort and your guide all through. Remain blessed.

145. The Lord is your light, shield and buckler. You are under His mighty watch. Have a peaceful travel.

146. Your traveling will be a sweet safe one.

147. Your flight will be so smooth and calm. I just need you to stay cool, the Lord is at hand.

148. I pray and believe that your sojourning today will be very blissful, quiet, interesting and peaceful.

149. The time of your conveyance this day shall be made so graceful and peaceful. Amen.

150. No good thing shall be withheld from you this day. The peace from God shall abide with you everywhere you go. Amen.

151. May you never experience sorrow and sadness that you boarded this bus and went on this journey. God is with you.

152. The favour and mercy of God will surround you and make sure that the purpose of your traveling shall be fruitful. Have a smooth and safe trip! I love you so much.

153. The driver of the car shall not miscalculate neither shall his eyes be blur to see through on this journey. You shall alight safely. Enjoy your trip.

154. When other people claim that they were never safe passing the “cannot but pass” route, the Lord shall make you pass through with ease and return home with joy. Amen.

155. Mercy will utterly refuse death and accident on your behalf. Your trip is under the mighty eyes of God.

156. You shall never fall victim of evil circumstances. May you never be a minute in silence stood up for. Go peacefully and come back rejoicing.

157. May your name never be listed among those who lost their lives in any form of accidents and assault of any kind. The Lord shall be your guide all through, amen.

158. Any situation that will not make you concentrate on your driving will not come your way. May your heart be blessed with the peace from God. Drive carefully and obey all the road signs and demands. God is with you. Lots of love.

159. Your ship shall never capsize. You shall sail through to safety. I am seriously missing you. Love you!!!

160. May your traveling be light and lively. May it be free from boredom and most of all, may it be under the gracious watch of God. Have a very wonderful trip.

As you take these prayers for yourself and loved ones and commit your traveling and theirs into God’s able hands. A sure anchor for our soul is guaranteed. Your loved ones will be so rest assured, happy and most of all appreciative for your show of love in praying and sending them these prayer points. May will all continually be under God’s covenant of a safe, sound and smooth journey. Have a nice day. Love you!

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