Funny Safe Journey Quotes Messages & Wishes (2023)

I owe you a billion dollar and I want to pay.
Come here in the next five minutes to get it:
Failure to come will mean the debt is settled!
Missing you, safe journey.

Caution please!
Don’t board a plane,
Don’t go with a train or bus,
Don’t even travel on legs….
Come back here, Cuz I miss you.

Funny Safe Journey Messages

Funnies safe journey messages. Funny safe journey quotes, messages and wishes.

This is the best safe journey tip ever:
Stop where you are, take a U-turn,
Drive back home and come meet me.
Isn’t that the best safe trip tip?
I missing you already, safe journey.

You can increase speed this way,
And consume less fuel:
Take a halt, make a U-turn,
Drive home safely!
An applause for me.
Missing you, safe journey.

Hey, how could you forget this!
I thought you would take along the part
Of me that normally misses you!
Now I am missing you, and can’t help it!
Funny Safe Journey Wishes

I think you left something behind….
I am having the feeling, but don’t know what it is.
Check the back seat, the booth and under the vehicle,
But before you do, come back home and Kiss me goodbye.

Never think I will miss you.
I am only missing your car.
Would you make a U-turn and bring it back home?
I don’t want to miss you, please.

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This is the description of the place:
Take a halt, make a U-turn,
Come back and you will see someone called ME.
Safe journey my dear.

There is only one sure way for me to not miss you:
Close your eyes and say this:
I want to be back home in the next minutes.
Be back home and I won’t miss you.

Funny Safe Journey Quotes for Him or Her

The most funny safe journey quotes for someone special to you.

Waaaaaait! You must have missed the road!
Just apply the break, make a U-turn and come back home!
I will show you the right path to take when you get here.
I am missing you and I can’t curtail it!

I was about getting home now and I just got a call,
That I left a billion dollar cheque in the hotel room.
Should I go back for it or I should come home?

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