Prayers for Safe Journey Mercies (2024)

Travelling up and down is not an unfamiliar sight. Each day people up and go about their business activities, go on vacations, visit distant relatives and so many other reasons people travel.

Going by land, air or sea is not an easy feat to accomplish, this is a well-known fact too.

It will be nice if you could forward some good wishes and prayers to that person you know will be embarking on a journey very soon.

Praying for and sending wishes to your loved ones when they are ready to go on that trip is a genuine act of love, in the true sense of it, when you wish your loved ones going on a journey a safe trip, it shows you value their life and safety.

In this post is a collection of best prayers for safe journey mercy not only for others but also for yourself.

If you choose to, you can personalize it, on your WhatsApp, or other social mediums.

All these are simple, straight from the heart and easy to remember

Safe Journey Prayer Quotes for Journey Mercies

When you’re embarking on a journey or someone you cherish is, these prayers for safe journey mercies will help for a safe trip. Say them to yourself or send to someone you care so much about.

1. As I go today or Lord, let you hiding angels be with me and keep me safe so I can come back in peace in our Lord’s name.

2. Every obstacle on the way is nullified for you as you go today. Go in the peace of the Lord.

3. The Most High will be by your side and grant to you easy and safe access on this journey.

4. You know, I wish I could go with you so as to be sure you’ll be safe on this journey, but then I’m confident that the Lord be with you.

5. I want you to know that the Maker of the Universe is strongly with you as you go on this journey.

6. I commit you unto the hands of the Most High God, journey mercies are yours for the taken.

7. I’m sure that you’ll go and come back safely, you will not encounter any form of mishap as you go.

8. The grace of the Lord, the love of God will envelop you as you go through that journey today.

9. I can’t be with you as you go, but the owner of the universe is watching over you, that I’m sure off. Journey mercies.

10. Go confidently as there is an assurance that the mercies of God are with you as you go on this journey. Stay safe.

11. I’m sure that this journey will be fruitful and you’ll be in perfect health and mind for it. Stay safe, I’m praying for you.

12. It is a wonderful and fruitful journey ahead, trust me. God be with you and keep you safe.

13. Our all-loving and wonderful God bless you today as you go.

14. As you out today, you will encounter favour and mercies of God in this journey. It will all end in praise for you.

15. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself on this trip, have a safe journey ahead. I’m praying for you.

16. You know you’ll be in my heart and I’ll miss you so much but I understand you have to go on this journey. I wish you a safe passage dear.

17. When I’m not there to do so, the arms of God will hold you in a loving embrace. Safe travels my best friend.

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18. The will of God for you will show forth as you go on this trip. Stay safe dear, I’ll miss you so much.

19. Go and come back here to me in peace. The Lord will bless and guide you. I wish you journey mercies.

20. Go in peace and come back here with rest testimonies my love. I’m praying for your safety.

21. The oaths you’ll travel today are blessed and mark safe by God’s grace.

22. Your going and coming back wi be one of an amazing testimony this I am so sure of.

23. I pray that you’ll obtain mercy from men and God as you go. Enjoy yourself and have a safe trip.

24. I wish you strength and fortitude for this journey. You know I wish I could go with you, but more than anything I wish you safe travels.

25. I don’t want to say I’ll miss you, of course you know I will. Journey mercies dearest.

26. Go on that journey with the grace and mercy of the Most High. I wish you safety.

27. Don’t forget to take amazing pictures as I’ll want to see everything you’ll be seeing on your trip. Safe journey dear.

28. Your going now and coming later is blessed in Jesus name. I wish you safe travels.

29. I’m jealous of those think that will have your attention on this journey already, but most importantly, I wish you safe travels.

30. I pray that your soul will get the respite it wishes and you’ll enjoy yourself all the way. Safe travels my dearest.

31. Don’t forget to seek God as you go and ask for his protection. I’m praying for you also. Journey mercies.

32. May the angels of God guide and guard my angel as she goes in this journey. Take care dear, I’ll miss you.

33. I pray that you’ll not regret embarking on this journey. I wish you peace and safety.

34. I wish you a fruitful and enterprising journey babe. Take care.

35. Do you know I’m missing you already? Just take care of you and be safe, I’ll be here waiting for your return.

36. Every move you take on this journey is blessed already. Just have faith. Take good care of you till we see again.

37. You’ll encounter divine favours and mercies as you go. Be safe.

38. I have the full confidence that you’ll be fine as you go on this journey, don’t forget to be safe and take care. I wish you journey mercies.

39. May God give you cover against every lurking evil. I wish you journey mercies, dear.

40. Trips can be thrilling and exciting, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself on this one and come back safe.

41. The presence and protection of God will be with you as you go, take care, my dear friend and have a safe journey.

42. Have a smooth takeoff and landing my dear, I’m missing you already.

43. You’ll go and come back with nothing but praises to the Almighty. Be fine and safe dear.

44. Everything will work for your good on his trip, including the weather. I can’t wait for you to be back with gists. Safe journey dear friend.

45. I don’t know what I’ll do with missing you when you’re home, but take care and don’t forget that I’m praying for your safety.

46. I hope this journey will not sap you of your strength and vigor. Take care dear. Have a fun-filled trip.

47. Every evil on your way is nullified in Jesus name. Go in peace and have a wonderful trip.

48. Don’t worry dear, the roads are safe today for your sake in Jesus name. I wish you a stress-free journey.

49. Your plans will not be disrupted by God’s grace. Have an amazing trip and safe travels.

50. I pray that your expectations will not be dashed as you go on this trip. You’re covered in the blood of Jesus.

51. As you step out today, go with confidence as I’ve asked that the elements will be at your command. Have an amazing journey.

52. I wish you pleasant surprises on his journey. I’ll pray for your safety dear, take care of you.

53. Your going out today and coming back will be prospered by God’s grace. Have a safe trip.

54. I hope you’re not too tired already, enjoy this trip ahead and take good care.

55. As you go today, I wish you journey mercies and best of luck.

56. I wish you’ll find answer to every question in your heart. I wish you a safe journey ahead.

57. As you go today, I wish that the answers to all you seek will come out. Have a great journey ahead.

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58. Hey, have an awesome journey ahead, will you? I’m missing you already.

59. The angels of the Lord are all set to go with you on this journey so just relax and enjoy it all. Safe trip in Jesus name.

60. Goodness and mercies will follow you on this trip and bring you safely back to me. Safe travels to you dear.

61. Above anything, I wish that the Lord prosper your ways as you go today and make you go out and come in safely. Have a wonderful journey ahead.

62. The grace of God will keep you to and fro. Have a hitch-free journey.

63. Be confident that you are safe under the wings of our Lord. Take care and have a smooth trip, my dear.

64. You know I’ll miss you as you go on this journey, but more than anything, I hope that God will keep you safe and make you have a smooth journey to and fro.

65. The love of God and the grace that comes with it will go with you today so you can be favoured mightily. I wish you journey mercies.

66. I know you can take care of yourself but allow me to remind you again to be safe. The Lord be with you as you go.

67. Goodness and mercies will follow you on this trip and all days of your life. Stay safe, I’ll miss you.

68. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you as you go. Be safe in the hands of the Almighty.

69. Don’t even try to forget to take care of yourself. Enjoy and have fun but please stay safe. You’re loved.

70. The mighty hand of God will keep you all through this journey. He will grant you safe and easy passage.

71. I’ll keep praying that you’ll be safe and come back in one piece. Journey mercies to you today.

72. With so much love and ‘missing already’ I wish you a safe journey and best wishes. Take care.

73. I hope you’ll learn life lessons which you’ve longed for on this journey.

74. I’ve prayed and so it will definitely be that everything will work for your good and you will come back with testimonies. Have a safe journey.

75. May your efforts be crowned with success and great grace. I wish you joy as you go. Take care and have a safe journey.

76. Positivity is the key as you go on this journey. The Lord be with you and keep you. Safe trip ahead.

77. Everything will work for and not against you today. Have an amazing trip ahead.

78. More than anything and as much as you deserve, you will have a smooth and blissful journey.

79. Your going and coming back is blessed already, have a safe trip.

80. The Almighty will keep you so that you’ll suffer no loss. You will go and come back in peace. Journey mercies I pray for you.

81. He has promised to always be with us and never forsake us. This will be fulfilled for you as you go. Have a smooth travel.

82. Don’t forget to go with the boldness of Christ in his journey. You’re safe as you go and of course always in Jesus name.

83. Trust God, keep hopes alive, enjoy your journey and don’t forget to take care of you as you go. Have a safe trip ahead.

84. No danger will come near you and the road is made safe already for your sake. I wish you journey mercies.

85. Have a safe trip ahead! You’re a child of God so there’s nothing to be scared of ahead.

86. Let me remind you to make sure you’ve packed all you need for this trip. Be sure that this will be a safe trip. Take care.

87. The route you’ll ply is already as he and you’ll know no evil. Journey mercies I pray for you.

88. Hey cookie, you know I’ll miss you more than anything. Have an adventurous journey.

89. You don’t know how much I wish I can be with you on this trip, but then, take care of you.

90. I am praying with the whole of my heart that you have journey mercies as you go and when you’ll be back.

91. Have you packed all you need for this trip? Be sure that this will be a safe trip. Take care.

92. Make sure to enjoy this trip as I’ll be waiting to get the full gist when you get here.

93. The creator of the universe has saddled himself with the responsibility of keeping you safe, so go ahead and enjoy his trip. Take care.

94. Take care, my love, and enjoy the mercies of God on this journey. I’ll miss you.

95. As you go and throughout your stay on this trip, God will keep and be with you. Have a safe trip, my dear.

96. God’s got you, baby, go in peace and enjoy everything this trip has to offer you. Safe journey to you.

97. This journey shall be a safe one. Take good care of yourself, darling. I’m praying for you.

98. His banner of love will hold you strong and keep you safe on this journey. Have a smooth journey, my dear.

99. Thank God for the break this journey is giving you which is long overdue. Take care and enjoy the trip, as God’s got you.

100. God will definitely be with you, wherever you go. Take care of yourself, dear.

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