2024 Best Happy Trip Messages to a Friend You Cherish

To everyone travelling, their utmost wish is to have a happy, smooth and safe journey to wherever their destination is.

It’s quite popular to find people that are worried and almost freaking out when their loved one is about to embark on a journey, maybe to another country, historical or beautiful places, countryside, or anywhere as long as it is a long distance from their home. Wishing and praying for their safety is a completely beautiful idea.

Selecting from these lists of 2024 Best Happy Trip Messages to a friend who is packing luggage and baggage for a journey won’t be a bad idea.

This, of course, will prove beyond doubts that you really love and care about their well-being.

Have a Safe Trip Texts and Wishes to a Special Friend

Have a sweetest safe trip sms to a friend you cherish.

1. Even if it hurts me that you have to go, but then, I wish you well and hope to see you return healthy and happy.

2. You know, more than anyone that I’ll terribly miss you. But until you return, Bon voyage!

3. Please take good care of yourself on the way and even over there. Have a fun and enjoyable trip!

4. From my heart, I wish you joy and fun in this trip. Can you please have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip? Safe travels dear.

5. Inside me, I really wish you don’t have to go as I know I’ll miss you so much. keep the sweet memories of your time here till when you’ll be back. Have a safe trip.

6. Trips bring the awareness of new life, new discoveries, and a number of sweet memories. I wish you have a fun and memorable lifetime experience! Have a nice trip.

7. As you go I pray that you fly safe so that you can always come back. I’ll miss you. Enjoy all that this journey has to offer. Fly safe and have a good trip!

8. I hope you’ll have a blast on your cruise — make sure you enjoy every bit of it and have a safe trip.

9. You have always been a wonderful person who deserves more than the best. I wish you a safe trip and an enjoyable vacation!

10. You don’t know how I really wish I were travelling with you. I’ll miss you so much but then have a great time and make lots of wonderful memories.

11. Dear, can you please leave behind your worries and enjoy every minute of this trip? And even though I’ll miss you terribly, Bon voyage!

12. I’m quite certain that this journey will bring loads of sweet memories. Have a safe flight.

13. On this journey, I wish you a wonderful time filled sweet memories. Enjoy your trip and please come back safe!

14. As you go on this once in a lifetime experience, I wish you the very best in these travels and hope you come back safe and sound. Have a safe trip.

15. Let me hope that next time, we’ll go on a trip together. But before they have a fantastic time and a smooth journey there and back.

16. I wish I were there to follow you on these journeys around the globe. I wish you a very smooth trip.

17. I wish I could be jealous of you, even if little but then how could I be mad at my best friend for taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip? I hope that you’ll enjoy it and that you come back safe and sound.

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18. I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this trip and I am so proud of you right now. Make sure you enjoy every part of this and have a great time and then don’t forget to come back safe!

19. I am so happy for you that you are taking the kind of trip most people only dream about. Have a great time!

20. I hope this trip is a fantastic one. I know it’s what you truly want and desire. Safe trips dear

21. You don’t know how excited I am that you’re going on this great trip! I hope it’s everything that you wanted. Have a nice journey there and back.

22. If there’s anything I’m sure of; it’s that you’ll come back with lots of sweet memories to share with me. Enjoy your trip and be safe.

23. Thank God you got this vacation, it’s more than deserving. May your journey be filled with joy and happiness! Bon voyage.

24. I’m very confident that you’ll make good use of your time over there. I also know you’ll come back safe and sound. I wish you safe journey.

25. I wish and pray that you’ll be safe as you travel. Don’t forget to drive with caution and fasten your seat belt. God be with you there and back.

26. Don’t forget to bring back presents for the whole family and me. But most importantly, have a smooth journey.

27. I’m quite sure I don’t know how you’ll manage to have fun without me, but then take care and have a great time over there.

28. I know I can’t be with you on that trip, but make sure you have fun for the both of us. Have fun and have a great journey.

29. Be careful over there and please remember who you really are. Have fun on your trip!

30. Have fun as you go on this great adventure! I wish I could be there with you on this trip, but then it’s just a wish. Have a great journey!

31. I’m so glad you’re going on this trip as I’m sure that you’re going to have a fantastic time. I wish you a smooth journey.

32. I sometimes hope that you don’t have to get too much fun so that you’re not very carried away and forget to come back home. Have a great trip.

33. Thank God you’re going on that trip, I can’t wait to hear all about it when you’re back. Take care and have a smooth journey

34. Don’t forget to get a big suitcase large enough to contain my gifts, I can’t wait for you to be back even before the trip is started. Have a great trip!

35. Here won’t be the same without you. Travel safe and please come back soon.

36. And although you will be far away from me geographically, I will always keep you in my mind. You know I love you loads. Bon voyage dear.

37. My love will reach you no matter how far you go. Safe trip and journey mercies to you.

38. Even while you’re away, I’ll think of you often. My heart is with you always. Have a wonderful trip.

39. You know it will be hard to be here without you, but I know that you’ll be fine as you go on this trip. Have a wonderful journey and a nice time.

40. I really want you to miss me as much as I’m going to miss you. But I’m not too sure you will. Have a great trip!

41. I couldn’t hide my joy at the thought that you’ll be traveling and to that great country. I wish you a great journey mercies and I hope you’ll go and come back safe.

42. I appreciate you but more than anything I hope that you go and come back here in good health. Safe travels.

43. I wish that you’ll have an eye-opening and very educative plus interesting journey. Have a nice trip.

44. As you go today, may that plane take you from here and land you safely at your destination. Safe travels my dear.

45. As I can’t go with you today, I pray and wish you journey mercies. Be safe there and back.

46. May your journey be hitch free and without stress at all. Have a safe flight.

47. No matter how old you are, you’ll always be my friend. And as you go through that journey, may the Lord keep you safe. Have a nice voyage.

48. May this journey refresh you and open your eyes to greater opportunities. I wish you a nice trip.

49. May that journey be free from stress and bring you back here to us in peace. Have an exciting trip.

50. Even though you’ve just gone, I miss you so much already. Please be fine and take care.

51. May the air be clear and your flight smooth. Journey mercies to you.

52. I pray you have an hitch free journey and the car covered with the blood of Jesus so you can be safe

53. Forget every fear for heights, I’m confident that you’ll be fine as you go today on that flight. Safe trip.

54. Going on a journey is good, having a safe trip is the best. Take care and have fun over there.

55. Don’t forget to take yourself with you on this trip and have maximum fun. Bon voyage dear.

56. Whenever you’re nervous, just think about me, it will ease the tension. Have a nice trip there and back.

57. Have a safe trip, my dear, I hope to see you again.

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58. I can only hope that you make amazing memories on this trip. Don’t forget to stay safe.

59. Let the magic of the sea keep you company on this voyage, I’m sure you’ll be safe.

60. Best wishes to you as you go. Have a great time on the road. Happy travels.

61. The Almighty will protect you from every ill on the road as you go today. Have a great trip.

62. Make sure you look out for sights and enjoy this trip to the fullest. Have a nice trip.

63. Give yourself the freedom to explore, plunge yourself into all the fun that exists. Enjoy this trip and have a safe flight.

64. Enjoy this break and make the best out of it. Have a hitch-free trip.

65. Take advantage of the fact that many years ago, people do not have the means to travel as we do now, and open your mind to have fun.

66. Don’t be bothered that you’re going on a journey, as every day is a journey in itself. Stay safe and have a nice journey.

67. I’m very sure that this journey will refresh your mind and body. Have a nice trip.

68. May that plane takes you to your destination and back safely. Have a great flight.

69. I wish that the bumpy road will not bring you stress. Have a safe time on the road.

70. Remove every fear about whatever you might have heard of long voyages. I’m confident you enjoy yours. Bon voyage.

71. May your trip be smooth and easy. Have a nice trip.

72. Your wings will take you higher, and your heart will keep you safe on this trip. Have a nice travel.

73. My heart prays for you as you go on this trip. Safe trip there and back in Jesus name.

74. As you go today, wander and let your mind be lost so that it can fully take in all that it should on this trip. I wish you safe journey.

75. Your stepping out on that journey today is blessed by the grace of God. I wish you journey mercies.

76. As you board that plane today, don’t panic but make sure to enjoy every moment of it. Take care and have an interesting journey.

77. May the atmosphere be clear today, you need it for a sound mind and invigorated body. Have a sound trip there and back.

78. I wish you safety as you go today and whenever you’re coming back.

79. This journey will not end in sorrow, instead, it will open great opportunities for you. Safe trip.

80. May the weather be favourable to you. Have a nice flight.

81. Enjoy this break and make the best out of it. Have a hitch-free trip.

82. I pray you an hitch free journey and the car covered with the blood of Jesus so you can be safe

83. Have a safe trip there and back my dear, I hope to see you soon.

84. The road you’ll be traveling today so be of peace and safety. Have a fitful journey.

85. May this journey helps you to be the best you can be. Bon voyage.

86. The vehicle, the road, the driver and you I place into God’s complete care. Safe travels and you go.

87. I hope that you are able to enjoy yourself and be safe, on this trip. Journey mercies.

88. I hope this journey will make you a better person. Take care and have a good trip.

89. Have a safe expedition and don’t forget to have fun and take care of you till we see again. I wish you safe journey.

90. This journey will stand out as the best of all you’ve made. Be fine and journey mercies to you.

91. My heartfelt wish and prayer is that you’ll stay out of harm as you go today. Safe journey to you.

92. As you go make sure to feel the fresh air. Have an awesome trip ahead, Bon voyage!

93. I wish you a happy and safe journey, I hope to see you lovely and safe again soon.

94. May this journey be unassailable and bring you the quality of safety that you deserve. Journey mercies I wish for you.

95. May this journey be an eye opener for you and bring you new and profound experiences. Journey mercies.

96. As you go, don’t forget to always be true and embrace life even more. I pray for your safe journey.

97. May that plane takes you to your destination and back safely. Have a great flight.

98. Your going today will not be hindered, likewise your return journey. Safe journey to you.

99. You know I’m super excited for you about this trip. I can’t wait for you to start sending me gists of how it went. Have fun dear and safe travels to you.

100. As you go aboard that ship today, don’t even think of anything, just have fun and be safe. Bon voyage my dear.

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