2024 Best Happy Journey Sweetheart Wishes

Life involves moving from one point to another for different purposes. Safety in this journey is as important as fulfilling purpose.

As your sweetheart journeys, make them know they’re important and always on your mind by sending a happy journey wish.

We’ve got the best collections of happy journey wishes in 2024. Scroll down and have your pick.

Happy Journey Sweetheart Wishes for Lovers

Happy Journey Sweetheart Wishes for Him or Her. Pleasant Journey Sweetheart Wishes for Lovers.

1. Sweetheart, as you set out for a purpose, may your going and coming be blessed and secured. Come back home fulfilled. Have a safe journey.

2. Many go out and come back disappointed, may your journey be blessed with fulfilment. Safe journey dear, be good.

3. As you embark on this trip, don’t be scared, God will go with you and perfect all that you’ve set your heart to do. Have a safe journey.

4. Your bags are packed and everything is set for the trip, go with confidence my dear, all your heart desires will be accomplished and you’d be fulfilled. Safe journey.

5. Sweetheart, you will have no cause to regret in this your journey. Your going out and coming in will be perfected by God’s mercies. Have a safe journey.

6. Baby, I pray journey mercies for you dear, the protection of the Lord will be upon you from start to finish, there shall be no cause for sorrow and regret. Safe journey to you.

7. Sweetheart, as you set out on this journey, all you have planned to do will be achieved. Your going and coming will be blessed. Have a safe trip dear.

8. Don’t fret my love, your trip is secured, you will go and come back safe, and your heart desires will be accomplished. Have a wonderful journey ahead.

9. Life is not stagnant, that’s why we move around to live life to its fullest. May this trip bring forth great opportunities and be filled with testimonies. Safe journey baby.

10. Moving around to achieve purpose per time is an integral part of life. I pray God will grant you journey mercies and make you fulfilled. Have a safe journey.

11. May God keep you safe, guide your steps all through this trip, nullify all hitch and accidents and make you happy. Have a safe flight, my love.

12. Sweetheart, as you set out today, may all your aspirations come true, all harm in your way is cancelled. Go and achieve purpose. Safe journey dear.

13. In every journey purpose and safety are very important. May God keep you safe and help you to achieve the purpose of your trip. Safe journey my dear.

14. As you set out on this journey, may the angels of the lord go with you to cancel every evil in your way and make the purpose fulfilled. Have blessed journey. Be safe my love.

15. My love, I wish you a stress-free, delay-free, hitch-free, and accident-free journey. Go and make things happen for yourself. Have a happy journey.

16. This is my prayer for you. God will supervise your protection all through the way. Go with confidence and be safe. Have a safe journey, my dear.

17. There’s need to travel here and there to make things happen. As you embark on this journey, may your going out and coming in be blessed. Have a safe trip.

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18. I pray as you take the wheel, may God take over from you and drive you safely to your destination, may all your wish come to pass sweetheart. Have a safe journey.

19. Forward ever, backward never, I really love to see you move to a greater height darling, feel free as you travel. Have a happy journey dear.

20. Moving from one location to another isn’t the problem but knowing the direction to take is most important, I pray for a safe trip as you’d be moving from glory to glory. Have a wonderful journey.

21. Life’s beautiful when you are happy, so I pray for unlimited joy for you, your journey will be blessed and you’d go and come back in peace. Have a safe journey.

22. I’m happy you’re moving around to achieve purpose, as you set out to go fulfil your dreams, I pray for protection upon your life darling. Safe journey dear.

23. Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it is stormy now does not mean that you are not headed for sunshine…my Darling as you head on to your destination I pray for a happy journey for you

24. Right is right, even if everyone is against it and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it. I believe you have taken the right path sweetheart, safe journey

25. You don’t have to give room for discouragement when you know, you have taken a right decision, I’m gonna miss you dearie but am praying for a safe trip for you.

26. Nothing can stop you in fulfilling your dreams but you, Thank God you took the right decision of traveling to an accomplished dream ..safe journey

27. Sweetheart, I have dedicated this trip already, and it’s going to be a success, go and fulfill purpose, my dear. Have a safe trip.

28. Fulfilling dreams has been one of life source of happiness. As you embark on this journey, may you be safe and may you achieve purpose. Have a happy journey.

29. My love, I pray everything good and lovely, everything wonderful and productive will come your way. God bless your trip. Have a happy journey dear.

30. As you set out today, I pray everything will go smoothly. There will be no cause for alarm, you would go and come back safely. Have a wonderful journey.

31. May this trip open you up to favour unlimited. Don’t be afraid of unpleasant reports flying around. God will protect you to and fro. Safe journey dear.

32. You going is already blessed, you coming will be filled with Joy unspeakable, your purpose of going shall be fulfilled, have a safe journey darling.

33. Guess what honey, I prayed for you this morning and it has already been confirmed that you will bask in God’s grace as you go out…happy journey.

34. God’s angel will be with you to nullify all harm in the way, sit back and relax, this journey is supervised by God himself. Have a happy journey.

35. A lot of people set out daily and are victims of mishap, this will never be your portion. Have a safe flight dear. Journey mercies.

36. The Lord shall shine is face upon you, send his angels to guide and protect you, fill you with all it takes to succeed. Safe journey.

37. Just like the snap of a finger, you will get to your destination, and in a twinkle of an eye, you’d begin to receive great results, have a safe journey dear.

38. God has promised he will send his angels to take charge of us lest we dash our legs against a stone, he will protect you like never before as you move from one place to another. Happy journey dear.

39. You are traveling for a reason and that reason will be accomplished. God has a bigger plan for you than you have for yourselves. Be relaxed, he’s in charge. Safe journey darling.

40. Every day and everything we do counts but it depends on what is counting, I pray that you will count blessing upon blessings, success upon success as you go. Happy journey sweetheart.

41. Close your eyes, open your heart to receive protection, breakthrough as you move ahead to a greater height. May God go with you and guide your steps. Safe journey love.

42. Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. Go darling to achieve your dreams. Have a safe journey.

43. My love, may God guide your going and coming, may everything work together in your favour. Have a safe journey dear.

44. Life is beautiful when we travel around to see different part of life and fulfill our dreams. May God cancel every evil in your trip. Safe journey dear.

45. As you go out my love. I pray for journey mercies, you’d have no delay, no hitch and no accident. You would go and come back safely. Happy journey dear.

46. With so much love from my heart, I wish you the best of the best as you go out to make exploit. happy journey darling, be safe.

47. I wish you just this three things as you travel: a safe journey, a fulfilled dream and a victorious return. Have a safe trip dear.

48. One of the simplest ways to stay happy is to fulfil your dreams, I’m so proud of you my love because you are already doing that. Travel to hour dreams dear. Safe flight darling.

49. Many go out and do not return, but that won’t be your portion. May your going out and coming in be blessed. Have a wonderful journey.

50. No matter the pace of your journey, I am very sure you will get to your destination and fulfil your dreams. Safe flight sweetheart. God is with you.

51. Where others go and don’t succeed, you will go and become a success, where others go and don’t return, you will go and come back safely. Have a safe journey.

52. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Go and bring your thoughts to manifestation, greater exploit is yours darling. Safe journey.

53. Success they say is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Have a wonderful journey sweetheart.

54. I love the fact that you never for once settle for the less or average, you always aim high and that has kept you going. As you embark on this journey may you experience great success. Safe journey darling.

55. I believe you prayed before you left, here I am praying again for God to lead your safely as you embark on this wonderful trip. Have a happy journey dear.

56. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving. Thanks, darling for not giving up on your dreams, journey to your dreams dear. Safe journey.

57. Wishing you a successful life with contentment and peace as you journey into another stage of your life. Have a safe flight dear.

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58. Everything you do should always make a difference, well done darling for making a difference by standing out for the best. As you go on this journey, God will keep you safe. Have a happy journey dear.

59. I wish you all your heart desires and many more as you embark on this journey, may God grant you a pleasant and safe journey.

60. Today is the set day for your trip, I pray God goes with you to prepare the way. Journey mercies dear. Have a safe journey.

61. The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure..do not be scared to take up this challenge and become a winner… Have a safe journey dear

62. What you are is what you have done. What you’ll be is what you do now, you have taken the bold step to become great no matter what, I pray your steps be guided by God. Have a safe flight.

63. Run with your dreams and follow your passions, achieve your dreams by staying strong and I pray the strength of God will not leave you. Have a happy journey sweetheart.

64. Make things happen, change courses. This will lead you to your destiny. Go fulfill your dreams. Have a safe journey darling.

65. There are so many things that catch the eyes in life, to be successful, allow your heart catch the best. Have a safe journey dearie

66. Never give up on what you really want to do. I love the fact that you kept on forging ahead even when it seems the road isn’t very smooth. May God bless your journey. Have a safe trip love.

67. Life is not stagnant, it moves, that’s why we need to go from place to place to achieve our dreams, as you travel, may you have a safe journey.

68. Sweetheart, may God go with you and grant you all your heart desires. go and do exploits dear. have a safe and wonderful journey.

69. May God cancel every evil plot in your way and grant you safe passage to and from to your destination. Have a safe journey.

70. Like an egg, carry your dreams carefully until it gets to its fulfilment. As you move from one location to another may you continue to achieve your dreams dear. Have a safe journey

71. In this trip you will be favoured beyond your expectations, I am very certain of success in your destination. Have a safe trip sweetheart.

72. Don’t let time sneak up on you. Enjoy every moment of your journey to a higher height. Safe trip sweetness, come back home fulfilled.

73. I pray for journey mercies, I pray for dream accomplishment, and I pray for successful and joyful return. Have a safe journey darling.

74. You have been camped in safety, so no evil can come near you. May your going out and coming in be insured by God. Safe journey dear.

75. As you embark on this journey. Go in grace, my dear. Have a safe and blessed journey. Enjoy it to the fullest.

76. As you go out, don’t forget to become successful on your way back, I wish you God kind of safety. Enjoy your trip dear. Safe journey baby.

77. My dear, you don’t need to be scared of the journey, God is in charge, relax, his angels are before and after you to protect you. Have a safe journey

78. You have been raised from glory to glory, grace to grace because you never gave up your dreams. May this journey open doors of greatness for you. Have a safe flight dear.

79. Look back and Thank God, look now and appreciate him, look at the future adore him because he’s taking you places, happy journey love, have a safe trip.

80. The best thing that can ever happen to a man is when he fulfils his dreams, thank God you are fulfilling yours. Have a wonderful journey ahead.

81. I wish you smooth, safe and sound journey and most importantly commit you into the hands of the great protector. Safe journey dear.

82. Time will always tell when you are reaching your goals, this time as you travel to achieve goals, may you reach your destination safe and sound. Have a happy journey.

83. Arise and shine for the light of God shines upon every path you take as you travel, you will go and come back fulfilled. Have a safe journey.

84. Hello dear, am taking out this time to pray for you specially, may your purpose of this journey come to an expected and happy end. Happy journey.

85. God promised us safety all through the journey of our lives, this wouldn’t be an exception. Go with this confidence. Journey mercies dear.

86. My love, as you set out in this journey, go in the strength and safety of God and you’d come back filled with testimonies. Have a safe journey.

87. My love, as you set out, may your feet be divinely ordered through this journey. May every harm in your way be cancelled. Go in peace. Safe journey dear.

88. As you embark on this journey, I commit you into God’s hand. He will go with you and keep you safe all through the way. Have a safe and wonderful journey dear.

89. Go with confidence into this journey, everything you need has been settled. Be good my love, God is with you. Have a safe journey.

90. My love. God is there for you, don’t be afraid, go into this journey because God is there for you. Have a beautiful journey ahead dear.

91. As you go on this journey. God will keep and guide you, l he will make you fulfilled and you will come back better than you went. Safe journey dear.

92. May this journey be blessed. God will go before you to prepare the way for you. Journey mercy is yours, dear. Have a safe journey, my love.

93. May God sanctify the road, your fellow passengers, all means of transportation you choose. Rest in the safety of his arms. Have a wonderful trip dear.

94. God promised to be our guide and he will keep his promises. Be confident, your safety is guaranteed, my love. Have a wonderful journey ahead. Enjoy your trip.

95. Fear not my dear, the journey is going to be perfect and you will not go in vain. All your heart desires will be fulfilled. Go in peace, have a safe journey dear.

96. My love, as you set out on this journey, God will be with you all through, so there’s no cause for alarm. Enjoy your trip in safety. Have a wonderful journey.

97. Don’t be scared by the occurrences happening around. Evil will not come near you, your trip has been divinely insured. Safe journey dear.

98. On this trip dear, there’s no cause for alarm, you have been divinely protected, no harm will come near you. Have a stress free trip, my love. Journey mercies.

100. Sweetheart, may God bless your trip and make it safe, may he make your heart desires come to pass. Safe journey to you dear.

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