2024 Best Safe Journey Prayers to My Love

Irrespective of the purpose, or the medium of a voyage, the anxiety of one’s wellbeing can be very overwhelming. This concern varies from both angles (of both the traveller and the loved ones) towards the protection, safe landing, and achievement of the purpose of the journey.

Therefore, you can make the well-being of your lover or loved ones your priority by expressing your good wishes towards them from the given lists below.

Safe Journey Blessings for Him or Her

Cute Safe Journey Prayers and blessings for Him or Her. Have a Safe Journey Prayers to Husband, Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

1. It really sounds so good that you’re eventually embarking on this great trip to the manifestation of your dreams. And it is my prayer that goodness and mercy shall envelop you all through the trip.

2. The excitement you feel while awake with the thought of embarking on this journey will surely keep you till you arrive at your destination.

3. Undeniably, love. Though it seems hard to say how I feel right now, but I still pray for you that your vehicle will land you safely at your expected destination.

4. May you be safe all through the year and may you experience calmness and protection throughout your voyage.

5. I have an assurance that you’ve got a magnificent trip to embark upon. And I earnestly hope that everything will work out as planned for you.

6. My love, it is well with your body, soul, mind and spirit as you embark on this journey to and fro.

7. It is my desire that this trip will open your initiative to greater opportunities and broaden your horizon as you break fallow grounds.

8. While you bid the last farewell, you take hold of the future without any feeling of fear or insecurity. This journey you’re about embarking on is an indication of a dream come alive.

9. That nothing is working yet shouldn’t make you sit back. Rather, brace up and embark on that journey. I pray you accomplishments as you journey back.

10. As you trek through the jungle, sail across the ocean, fly in the air and journey by rail, may fortune smile on you as you go in peace.

11. May your safety not be a thing to worry about as God promises to back you up all through the journey.

12. Nothing good comes easy. Your decision to go on this trip thrills me beyond anything. I’m trusting you will mark meritorious breakthrough on return. Go ye in peace!

13. This journey shows how far you’re willing to stretch yourself. Go and posses all your possessions.

14. Have this positive mindset that you will certainly hit your aim no matter what happens. Just set out on this journey and come back with good reports.

15. Some journeys are just worth embarking on, and I know this one is to a greater height. Safe journey my angel.

16. The journey of a thousand miles starts within a second. I pray every second of the journey brings peace and tranquility to you.

17. Certain journeys are inexpedient so long it is to a better destination and good pursuit. I pray you peace and safety to your destination.

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18. Most strivings and pursuits demand relocation at a certain point. Though I can’t stop you from going, but I will definitely miss you. Be safe and calm all through the journey.

19. May God keep you safe under the shadow of His wings and cloak you with His mighty hands of protection. Happy journey.

20. Taking one step at a time hopes to deliver the attainment of one’s goal. I pray you safeness in all endeavours as you journey to a promising land.

21. Success demands hard work and persistence. These two qualities have fetched you this great position and the journey you’re about to embark on. I wish you a sweet ride towards a dream come true.

22. I pray the road gets so smooth and the expedition be hitch free for you. Happy voyage!

23. May your path be straight and may you sail in peace. Don’t worry, you’re secured by His grace.

24. No one can record success in life without taking the risk of stepping out and make necessary moves. May God crown your effort as you step out and journey further.

25. Be rest assured and be at peace. No evil shall befall you all through the journey and beyond.

26. Your level now is never a determining factor to where you’re still going. But I’m confident this journey is towards a landmark. Peace be unto you!

27. I know you’re so eager to see me. Please drive carefully and be safe. I wish you a happy journey down here.

28. I know I can’t stop you from pursuing your dreams, but your departure is going to cause me lot of worries. Notwithstanding, I wish you a sweet ride, my love!

29. You mean so much to me and I will surely miss you dearly. I can only wish you a sweet ride to your destination, my love.

30. Missing you is an understatement. But the attainment of your dream is enough joy for me to pride in. So I release you as you go in peace.

31. To say goodbye is a bitter pill to swallow. I long to see you soonest, so I won’t say goodbye but to only wish you a happy journey.

32. The pain of your departure cannot be expressed lightly. But I still have to acknowledge how dear you are to me as you embark on this expedition. Be safe!

33. As often presumed, those who disagree often miss each other most when distance separates them. May the distance your departure causes not lead to death but to life. Go in peace!

34. I’ve always known you as a goal getter, with the high spirit to achieve every aim. May this new dream yield forth bountiful result while you journey in safety.

35. Man must hustle to survive. May God bless your hustling. May all the trips you embark upon during this process be safe and pleasant.

36. May your strivings be hitch free and may your labour be less of struggle. Happy journey!

37. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. I admire your great drive and enthusiasm to always want to reach the best. This journey you’re about embarking on shall launch you into the limelight. Safe journey, sweet one!

38. May the clarity of insight and purpose needed all through your navigation be endowed unto you. Go in peace!

39. No one can decide for any man; I’m confident you’ve taken the right steps with your new decision. Happy Journey to you, my love!

40. Let me be your guiding angel while I send you my warmth and peace to keep you safe and sound all through the journey.

41. You know what darling, I see you reaching the stars, nothing is stopping you. So, be rest assured the way is clear and you will get to your destination safe and sound.

42. Nothing is limiting your greatness. You will surely get there just at the rightful time. Have a wonderful flight, my angel.

43. Don’t be discouraged by the medium of transportation. Trust your inclination that you will surely get there at the nick of time.

44. I assure you, my love, there’s no cause for alarm. That great height you’re aiming at will surely make you land safely at your new station. Trust me, it shall be well with you.

45. The expectations of the righteous will never be cut short. Your life will not be cut short as you embark on this unplanned journey. He has promised you safeness all through.

46. I heard you’ll be boarding a flight. Ooh, baby, there’s nothing to fear or worry about. I am always with you everywhere you go. Be still and rejoice!

47. We part to meet and we meet to part. May this physical separation not be a permanent one as you go forth in this journey.

48. I know I will surely hear from you in peace. Please do not keep me agitated while you put a call through once you land safely.

49. Take off every load of care and worry behind, while you take along an enthusiastic mind and a free spirit. Have a swell time all through your expedition.

50. Distance may set us apart but the memories of you will never separate me from you. Be still and rejoice as you journey back and forth.

51. No doubt, we’ve always been together in this path of life, but today seems to be different. I give my heart to you as you journey today without me.

52. Step out in good faith. Go with a healthy mind. The journey is going to be fulfilling one, that I know for sure.

53. Greater shall be your beginning and success shall be your reward. Keep aiming higher. Journey mercies in all your trips.

54. Set realistic goals and keep focus. Nothing will stop you from fulfilling your aspirations. Peace be unto you as you ride on.

55. I appreciate your effort in making this journey a reality. I know it’s for the good and progress of this organisation. God will go with you everywhere you go.

56. God’s presence shall continually abide with you now and always. Go and posses all your possessions. Sweet ride I wish you.

57. Nothing seems impossible for those with a positive mindset. I believe in you and know you will surely get there in no time. Have a happy journey to your dreamland.

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58. Always look around for better opportunities and hold on tightly to any that comes your way. Journey mercies as you take a bold step to reach out.

59. To have an enjoyable moment all through the journey, relax your back, close your eyes and switch into a reminiscent mood of all the thrilling moments we’ve once shared together.

60. I know the journey promises to be adventurous. Just enjoy the cool breeze coming from the racing vehicle.

61. Kindly take all the pictures of lively places you get to and please put a call through as soon as you land safely. Missing you already.

62. Feed your mind on all the beautiful scenery over there and enjoy to the fullest every experience that awaits you. Safe travels my dearest!

63. My prayers for safety are for you and my mind is ever with you. Have a swell time on air.

64. As you’re journeying forth into the world beyond, may you overcome every shackle of insecurities along your path. Peace be unto you.

65. Your adventurous spirit gives an assurance of having a safe flight and sweet experience. Peace be with you!

66. May you have the best of wonderful experiences and may you return with great testimonies as you embark on this journey.

67. Chosen one, I know you’ve got great dreams, and this exploration of yours, promises to be incredible! May you go and come back with great success.

68. The spark of life in your eyes as I behold your lovely face this morning shows your preparedness for the journey. I wish you a safe journey as you go.

69. The thought of staying back and not leaving me behind might have ravaged your mind all through the night. But I can assure you of my wellbeing. It shall be well with you as you go from now on.

70. I give you my utmost support. Go fulfill your dream and come back with victory. The world is waiting for you. Your going forth and coming back shall be blessed.

71. Promise me you will return with the trophy. And I will continually give you my support and encouragement. Safe trip as you journey back.

72. Time waits for no man, and the best time you’ve got is now. Do something meaningful with your life now. And it shall be well with your going out and coming in.

73. You never can tell how strong-willed you are until you take a bold step. I see greatness ahead for you. Happy journey as you proceed in life.

74. Take this from me today. I pledge my devotion and commitment to your dreams and desires always. Just that you should not disappoint me as you go. Safe flight to you!

75. As you grab this opportunity, learn as much as you can just as you’ve taken the courage to explore the world. Enjoy every moment of your trip.

76. Allay all your fears and trust God to keep the way safe for you. Be still and rejoice!

77. So delighted you eventually decided on embarking on this journey. It’s all for good and I know it’s going to turn out blissful.

78. Some risks are worthwhile and some steps are worth taking. Relocating to another country may be the necessary step you need to attain your full height. I wish you safe flight to your dreamland.

79. You’re such a disciplined and determinate person. As you set your mind on this goal, I pray success shall be your lot. Journey in peace!

80. Great pursuits sometimes demand taking hold of the future and taking some huge steps. It’s such a sweet sensation that you’re finally going on this trip. Safe travel I wish you.

81. As you set out on this adventure, may your journey be itch-free and may your pursuits be stress-free!

82. Either for a short or long phase, departing from friends and families is somewhat challenging. But it’s more rewarding knowing a better plan is made ahead for them. And this is what this journey is meant to achieve. Safe voyage as you go, my love.

83. There may be many discouragements all around but I admonish you to go with great hope and in high spirit. Go in peace!

84. The purpose of this expedition is to explore, learn and grow. I pray in its entirety, the journey will be fulfilling and adventurous for you.

85. Past failures are never inhibitions to future prospects. Great fortune lies ahead of this journey for you. So, I wish you a pleasant trip.

86. Thank goodness the weather is bright and the roads are in good condition. This journey is definitely going to be a lovely ride for you.

87. The entire family is waiting earnestly for your manifestation. I can only encourage you to go for the best as you reach for the sky.

88. May this journey be the best out of the many you have experienced so far. Go and bring back the gold.

89. Happy journey to you as I encourage you to go on this journey in good faith. Peace be unto you!

90. Your safeness is guaranteed. Step out in good faith. Go with a healthy mind. The journey is going to be fulfilling one, that I know for sure.

91. There are lots of fun to catch and more experiences to gather in going on vacation. Can’t wait for you to come back with exhilarating stories. I wish you a happy ride on return.

92. Leaving friends and families behind is a tough decision to make. But knowing they will be in safe hands is enough courage to make one journey with fewer worries. I wish you a blissful sail.

93. Success lies ahead for you no matter how uncertain the process might look. You are safe in His care. Happy journey!

94. May you not lose direction as you go forth. May every inspiration needed to birth forth outstanding triumph be revealed unto you.

95. Just as the paths of the faithful are secured, may your ways be guided and your journey be accident free.

96. Your coming this far was beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. I know your next step is for safety and security. Safe journey and hope to see you soonest, my promising one.

97. I so much believe in you, love the totality of your being, and admire what you stand to achieve. I know you’ve got a promising future. So, I wish you lots of fortune and a lovely ride.

98. I know the will to survive has set your mind towards embarking on this journey. No impediment shall stop you from moving and making it in life.

99. I was super excited this transfer came with promotion. Else, I would have declined you leaving without me. Though the journey is going to be a long one, I pray you will have a blissful landing.

100. Please, do keep in touch, do not forget you left me – your darling angel behind. Do have a safe arrival.

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