2021 Touching I Miss You Messages for Her or Him from the Heart

2024 Touching I Miss You Messages for Her or Him from the Heart

Missing the one you love is a very familiar phase of loving. There are moments in which, what is felt within the heart needs to be communicated in words.

Because now is one of such moments for you, here are the most articulated I miss you messages for the one your heart aches for.

In regard to their gender and status, a classic order of messages are listed here to duly satisfy your needs.

So, with such enthusiasm, do well to pick the most soothing message in accordance with your feelings.

I Miss You Text Messages for Boyfriend

The best collection of I miss you text messages and I miss you quotes for your cute boyfriend, especially when he’s far away from you.

1. Besides loving you, missing you is what I also do best. I miss you, my boo.

2. You’re the only one who collects my tears, just to see me put on a smile. I miss you, my caring heartthrob.

3. The only way not to miss you is to quit thinking about you, but my heart wouldn’t dare. Hence, I feel the silence when you’re not around, my love.

4. Cause it’s true, let these passionate words caress every fibre of your being, “I miss you, my only one.”

5. The only time I’m not allowed to miss you is in my dream, cause I happen to see your charming face. Every other moment, I wish I could hold you near.

6. You’re my true love and it’s natural for me to miss you even when you’re gone for a split of second. I miss you, darling boyfriend.

7. When you’re around you make me see the beauty of your presence. And when you’re gone, my heart can’t help, but see what is missing.

8. I love you truly. Hence, my heart finds every moment to miss you terribly. Please, come back to me in a jiffy.

9. My heart was designed for two big things; to love you helplessly and to miss you hopelessly.

10. When you’re not around, it feels as though every other thing left with you. Hon, kindly bring back my life with you.

11. Never have I missed you this much. I can’t wait to see the face of the gentleman that makes my heart feel desolated.

12. I’m saddened by your absence. Miles apart from you equates separation from my happiness.

13. My home is wherever you are. I want to be with you all day long. I can’t stand missing you at all time, my love.

14. What I miss most about you is your splendid qualities of love. I simply can’t wait to delight in that once more.

15. My day commences with you and when you’re not around, my sunshine is miserably gone. I miss you, darling.

16. When you’re not around, it’s akin to life passing me by, cause living life to its fullest is when you’re around to live this life with me.

17. That special kind of man is the one I miss the most. I miss you and I can’t deny it.

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18. I miss you and that’s why I’m asking you not to keep me waiting for too long, cause it will weary my mind.

19. The only thing on my mind is you, cause you’re the only one I’m missing. I love you, sweety.

20. I’m lovesick when you’re not around, cause I miss you terribly. Can’t wait to see your good looking face.

21. The tightest hug you’ll ever receive will be the one that is yet to come to you when I see your face. I miss you, my boyfriend.

22. I always want to make you happy even when I feel lonely from missing you.

23. I’m glad we won’t stay this way forever, cause my heart carries the burden of missing you, sweety.

24. Everything would have been perfect, if only you were around. Oh! I’m truly missing someone special.

25. It feels like I am waiting till forever when you’re several miles away. I miss you, honey.

26. I miss you at all times; in the day or at night, I just can’t ignore your absence, hon.

27. Hell is when you’re not around. Heaven is having you around me. I miss you, baby.

28. The one thing that will save me from dying from loneliness is having you with me again, baby.

29. No one will miss you as much as I do. I miss you each passing seconds of the day.

30. My life becomes a desert when you’re far away. You’re my life, baby. I miss you.

31. I have never missed someone this much. My heart is in shackles when I’m far away from you. Seeing you will set me free.

32. You’re the spring of water that makes me not to suffer thirst. But when you’re gone, it’s like my aquifer is gone.

33. I can’t make you miss me like I do you. But, I’ll have you know that in your absence, I slowly fade away like a smoke.

34. If I had known I’ll be missing you this much, I would have gone with you wherever you go. Likewise, I would be with you wherever you are. I miss you, my king.

35. I wish I don’t have to miss you this much, cause it makes me loathe your absence. I miss you, hon.

36. The only time my temperature goes high is when we’re apart from each other. I miss you, hubby.

37. When you’re not around, it’s like viewing you from a distant shore. I can’t wait to have you in my warm embrace.

38. Everything around me feels your absence when you’re far away from home. I and the rest can’t wait to have you here, baby boo.

39. You’re my anchor and when I can’t see you near, I feel like I’m falling down without a fight. I miss you, my love.

40. I can’t find you here with me. All I can feel is your absence. Needless to say, “I’m lonely without you.”

41. You’re all I ever needed. So, when you’re not around I feel something valuable is gone.

42. Precious are you; like a gold, I constantly search for you when you’re not with me. I miss you, hubby.

43. I do not have the strength to live this life when you’re not here with me. You’re indeed my life, hubby.

44. This is what I feel when you’re not around; struck down and out. I miss you, my baby. Kindly make me feel whole again.

45. You’re the one who makes my life beautiful. But when you’re gone, it feels like my life is made of ashes.

46. You’re the passion of my soul. The fire is gone with you when you’re not around. I need my heart to feel alive again. Please, come back to me.

47. My life grows when you’re around. But as you leave, it suffers stunted growth.

48. You’re the antidote to my loneliness. I miss you, hon when you’re not within the reach of my outstretched hand.

49. The only time I’ll be made happy again is when I see your wide smile as you draw near to me. Missing someone special, my baby boo.

50. I’ll breathe and live again when you return. I’ll welcome you to me like a king when you arrive.

I Miss You Text Messages for Girlfriend

The best of emotional and romantic I miss you text messages for your sweet girlfriend.

51. I am gladdened when you’re within my immediate vicinity. As you’re afar, I can’t help but be like a mourning man.

52. Loving you and missing you is inevitable. Hence, I miss you at the moment, because I love you.

53. The only woman that makes me feel like a desirable man is absent. I miss her very much.

54. I am a delight to watch when I’m in the presence of my love. But I become the opposite when she’s far away from me.

55. I’m out here to give you a desirable life. How I wish I could be with you and fulfill your needs at the same time.

56. My love is not around. Hence, I feel something is missing in my heart. An emptiness that cannot be filled by another.

57. I’m in a hollow space when you’re not beside me. However, it’s like heaven on earth when you’re around to hold me tight.

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58. I feel secured when you’re around. But, I appear vulnerable in your absence. I miss you, sweety.

59. I’ll tell everyone who cares to listen that my love isn’t here with me. Hence, I feel incomplete and unable to live. Please, come live this life with me, hon.

60. The truth of the matter is, I miss you so much so that I’m unwilling to stay away from you ever again, baby.

61. I wish I could be a stay at home hubby to you when we become one, so I wouldn’t have to nurse the hurt of missing you.

62. I appear strong when I’m about to bid you farewell, but on the inside, I’m shattered and can’t wait to scream at the world. I miss you so much, sweet.

63. I admit that I miss you. Yet, it doesn’t stop the hurt, but it feels good to let you know that, honey.

64. If I could miss someone in the world, I wouldn’t want that person to be you; missing you puts me in a state of loneliness and dejection. I want to hold you, baby.

65. I just can’t wait to give you my love confession. Missing you has made me the biggest man in love with his girlfriend.

66. Even though we’re miles apart, you’ll always have me at your beck and call, baby. I miss you already.

67. I’ll struggle and fight to be with you. I’ll never give up until I make it to where you are. I miss you, baby.

68. Loving you has no down side except for the fact that, I tend to miss you even when you’re just away to get a glass of water.

69. I’m the strongest man when it comes to loving you. Nonetheless, I’m the weakest of them all when it comes to missing you. I miss you terribly, love.

70. If only I could be given the opportunity to be with you so my life wouldn’t be awash with the misery of missing you so much.

71. Even though you’re not here with me, I can still feel your presence so near, sweety. I miss you.

72. My heart worries a million times when I know we’re about to go our separate ways again. But I take solitude in the fact that when we see again, we’ll be passionate about each other the more.

73. I never knew I could miss a person as much as I do you. I’m glad your absence made me realize that much. I miss you, baby.

74. My heart is constantly thinking of how I can see you. I can lay down my treasures just to have a glimpse of what you look like at the moment.

75. It’s like being kept in a solitary confinement when I simply can’t see you like I used to. I miss you very much, love.

76. It’s true; it feels like I’m in a burning furnace when you’re not here with me. Your presence is the peace I need.

77. I’ll say it again, “I never missed anyone this much.” I can only wonder what you did to me.

78. I love you for making me miss you this way. It makes me feel like the perfect man for you.

79. The more I remember the look in your eyes when I was going, the more I feel compelled to quickly make it back to you, hon. I miss you dearly.

80. I’ll have you know that the only time my heart feels disappointed in you is when I miss you the most, cause I wonder why you make me feel the pain of loving you. Yet, I’ll love you all over again.

81. I wouldn’t trade this feeling of missing you for anything in the world. It makes me desire you the more.

82. When I miss you I feed my eyes with pictures of you, but I’m lost on how to soothe my heart.

83. The world seems so big when you’re not here with me and it takes forever to be where you are. I miss you, hon.

84. I swear by what I feel for you, I can’t stop missing you, unless you’re here with me. Oh baby, I truly want to see your face again.

85. I want to feel the joy of seeing you look at me with amazement when you see me approaching you. I can’t wait to have your face in my hands, baby.

86. You look desirable when I’m with you, but irresistible are you when you’re far from me. Can’t wait to be near you, hon.

87. I miss you at all time. I wish I could be with you in person just as you’re with me at heart.

88. You give me joy, but the joy is gone with you when you’re not here with me, baby.

89. I wish I could get a kiss from you at the moment. I miss something special about you.

90. If I could be anywhere in the world at the moment, I’ll rather be with you, my love. I miss you, sweetheart.

91. I’m missing you with the hope of seeing you sooner than the dawn. Love you, baby.

92. How can I tell you that I love you without having to say categorically that I miss you so much, heartthrob?

93. The dying look in my eyes is just to see you again. My love, a second is too long to have to wait.

94. Your presence is all that I need to make me feel whole. It’s not enough to know you’re alive, I just want to hold you tight within my arms.

95. The distance between where you are to where I am goes as far as the depth of my love for you. I miss you a lot, honey.

96. I wish I had the power to be with you whenever I wish to. That way, I wouldn’t have to miss you this much, baby.

97. Missing you is an understatement; I’m lost without you, my baby.

98. The miracle my heart is crying for at the moment is the one of seeing you again. I miss you wholeheartedly, sweety.

99. I’ll only find myself when I find you again. I miss you more than words can say.

100. You’re my better half. At the same time, you make me feel incomplete when you’re not around. Missing you is so easy.

I Miss You Messages for Wife

If you are missing your beautiful wife, these I miss you text messages for wife are all you need to send to express your feelings of loneliness to her.

101. My arms are longing for your company and my eyes are getting sore from waiting. I miss you, my wifey.

102. I know it’s true that I love you whenever I can’t help but miss your flaws and beauty.

103. When you’re near me again, come pick up the flower athwart my lips for you. Loving and missing you, sweetheart.

104. I wish we could feel the cool breezes of the sea together and let the wind blow our shirts away.

105. Your nifty hugs will I yearn for in times of loneliness. I wish I could hold you close to me, my darling.

106. I miss the company of my wife but I’m comforted knowing I’ll see her again. But how soon, my darling?

107. I’ll shower you with all the love when you’re back, I’ll stroke you like there’s no tomorrow when you take shield in this abode again.

108. These days, breakfasts are a reminder of your absence and the cold night makes me aware that the sun is gone. I miss you, sunshine.

109. I’ll never stop loving you just like, every part of me wouldn’t stop missing you when you’re away.

110. Come back home, sweetheart. I miss your early morning kisses most especially.

111. The roses on the bed are gone with the wind. I need you to come lay them once again, for I miss the fragrance of our love.

112. Distance will not assuage our love, but rather, intensify my desire to have you near, sweet wifey.

113. Send the birds to me to reassure me of your love, send sweet kisses to me to let me know that you miss me. I miss you, dearie.

114. My heart isn’t lonely but my arms are and my lips are cold. Missing you, my love.

115. My fantasies of you remain my peace and comfort in this time that I yearn for your warm embrace, my love.

116. I’ll treat you to a shindig whenever you’re back because I miss you that much, wifey.

117. The burden of missing you is great. Just a hug from you would redeem me of this weight, my love.

118. To the woman who has stolen my heart away; with love, I plea, return soon, my love.

119. Like a lonely tree in the forest, I await the kind winds to make me happy again. I miss you, my darling.

120. Come take your place in this house of love, my darling. Not a single soul can relief you of that position, my love.

121. Know that my love is waiting for you and my kisses are stranded with you away, my wifey.

122. I know I can’t live without you because I miss and crave for you like a breath of fresh air. Come back to me, my darling.

123. I’ll hold on to your words when you’re away, I’ll reminisce on your smile whilst I await your lovely countenance.

124. Loving you is what I’ll do for the rest of my life. Missing you makes my heart ache. Do not keep me waiting forever, my love.

125. Feeling starved of your warm kisses in the morning. Come nourish me with your warmth at night, my only desire.

126. Come share the sun with me, come enjoy the starry night with me, my darling.

127. I just want you to know that I miss you and can’t wait to have you back in my arms again, my darling.

128. Gone away is my peace with you, for I feel secured only when you’re around.

129. My body is here but my heart, soul and mind are with you, my darling.

130. You’re my passion. Hence, I miss you when you’re away. Like a dream, I hope I hear your knock on the door someday, some hour, or some minute.

131. Come make everything right again just with a smile. Come make life worth living, only with your company, sweetheart.

132. Like a home without a roof, I need you in my life. Shield me from the pain, protect me from the rains, my darling.

133. I need your hands on my body, I desire your breath on my skin. I miss you, wifey.

134. I’ll say this to you every day of my life; I love you. However, spare me this minute to say that, I miss you.

135. Melodies won’t cure me of your absence, fine wines won’t make me numb to the pain of missing you, my darling.

136. To the apple of my eyes; come live this world with me anew. I miss you, wifey.

137. An antidote to this pain lies in your lips. A relief to this hurt will only come when you’re near.

138. One wish tonight to the stars; protect my love for me. One prayer to the heavens; I need my love by my side.

139. A great joy floods my heart knowing that I’ll see you soonest again. I miss you, sweetheart.

140. Eternity is where we’d never be separated by distance nor time. I hope our love takes us there. For I miss you. Oh, so much, my darling.

141. I’ll nurture you like a princess, serve you like a queen when you’re back. Because my heart misses you now.

142. What would you have me do to have you by my side for the longest time, this time, my love? For I detest the feeling of having you away.

143. I’ll stare at the stars through the windows until I see the sun appear again in the sky. I miss you, my love.

144. I’ll nurture a seed in a pot in your absence, perhaps, you’d be back before it’s germination, my love.

145. My heart beats for your return. My soul yearns to hold you near, my love.

146. The breath in my body clatters knowing you’re away from me, my darling.

147. Missing you weighs a ton. However, loving you is no burden at all.

148. It is my sincerest wish to see you again right in front of my door any time soon, my love.

149. Right in the middle of this love, is a yearning for your touch and kisses. I miss you, my darling.

150. My heart is gloomy with worries because you’re away. Come light up my world like the rays of the sun, my love.

I Miss You Messages for Husband

Every lovely wife will miss her cute husband. If you are one, send any of these I miss you sms messages and text messages to your cute husband to express how you feel without him here with you.

151. Your arms are my number one desire as I am far away from your warmth, dear husband.

152. I miss your kindness and the gaze of your eyes when you look at me, my love.

153. Everything reminds me of you, my darling. Come pacify this thirst for you, my love.

154. Hurriedly, I’ll go to the door when I see your shadow drawing near to our home. I miss you, my love.

155. Nothing in this life nor, in the one to come is comparable to your warmth and kisses. I’ll wait until you come shower upon me each one of them.

156. This image of love in the mirror now reflects an image of passion of desires.

157. Every fibre of me misses you and every part of me longs for your touch, my darling.

158. I’ll lay upon the coach, cause the bed reminds me how far away you’re from me. I miss you, angel.

159. I’ll spy upon the clock in the middle of the night to appease my heart of how the time is near for your return. I miss you, sweetheart

160. You make a wonderful husband. Little wonder, I miss you. Oh, so much, my darling.

161. Who else would love you when you’re away? Me still, my darling. From here to the moon and back.

162. You’re akin to the sun. Hence, my world goes dark when you’re away. I miss you, sweet love.

163. I’ll pray the sun to shine its light upon your path. So, you come back home without a scratch, my love.

164. I miss you like the earth misses the rain in summer. Come shower the rains of passion on me, sweet hubby.

165. I’ll wait for you because every kiss on your lips, every touch of your palm is worth the wait, my superman.

166. I’ll find peace in the words that you said. I’ll find company with the images of you. I miss you, my love.

167. A double of the passion, the romance and the kind gestures will I shower on you upon your return, my love.

168. How lonely is the table without you on the other side. How tasteless are the dishes without you by my side. I miss you, love.

169. Nothing could ever take your place. Little wonder, how hopelessly I miss you, my love.

170. Give me your attention, for it is what I desire the most this minute. I miss you, sweetie.

171. I’ll take a look at your clothes to remind me of your return to this home someday, my love.

172. I’m weakened by your absence. Come energize me with the kisses of your lips and your arms wrapped around my waist.

173. My one true love. Precious in my sight is your return!

174. With gratitude, I’ll take the good and bad times with you, for it is more desirable than the pain of missing you, dear hubby.

175. I’ll walk up to the peak of the mountains, just to have a view of you from distance away. I miss you, my darling.

176. Everything is in place for your return, including the steams of hot passions. I miss you, my love.

177. My heart rejoices as the seconds go by, for it is sure you’re only some minutes away, my love.

178. Lift me up from the seat of loneliness. My soul awaits your return, my darling.

179. Can’t love you lesser than the flowers love the wind. Can’t miss you any less than the desert awaits the rain.

180. I miss you, my darling. The precious gems of this island are gone with your hugs. I need you back, my love.

181. May this day come with the sunshine of your love and the gaze of your lovely eyes, my darling.

182. If wishes were horses your wife would ride. I hope you’d come back in seconds away, my darling.

183. Distance on earth is why I yearn for eternity with you in heaven. I miss you, sweetie.

184. May the Lord have mercy on my soul, for it is tormented in your absence. I miss you, dear hubby.

185. I’ll patiently wait for you. For in the corner of my heart lies the joy of your return. I miss you, love.

186. I’m obsessed with the thoughts of you. Return home to me, sweet husband.

187. I wonder what you’re staring at this minute, my love. I wonder if your face is lit up with a smile this moment, my darling. I miss you!

188. A world where we would never be apart is the heaven of my heart. I miss you, sweetie.

189. I’m eager to feel your face and draw you closer to me as soon as my eyes behold you.

190. To my one true friend and lover; I miss you beyond mere words can say.

191. Slowly with the sound of the clock, I know we’ll meet again when it’s time. I miss you, sweetness.

192. Come fill the emptiness of this home with the sound of your feet and the tone of your laughter. I miss you, my love.

193. As I stand under the shower, I ponder upon your absence and I desire for your warm presence underneath it. I miss you, my love.

194. My heart is torn between loving and missing you, my darling.

195. A word from you would satisfy my itchy ears but your presence alone will bring ease into my heart.

196. No matter what the time says, I miss you, my love. The dreamland is where I’d hope to see you soonest.

197. These tears, I’d cry without you by my side. These pillows, I’d wet from the pains of missing you.

198. If my prayers could be answered and my wishes be granted, it’ll be to hold you in my arms once more, my darling.

199. I miss you like a bird without its wings. Like a man in need of rainbows in the middle of an ocean.

200. Until I feel your presence around me once again, my heart will go on to miss you. I need you, my darling.

I Miss You Messages for Friends

Sometimes, you miss a dear friend. At such times, these I miss you text messages for special friends are all you need to send to him or her.

201. I’ll always miss you, cause from eternity you’ve been the friend I never had.

202. You’re a treasure chest who came in the form of a friend. I’ll miss you from hence till the end of time.

203. I wish time could pause when we’re apart, cause every time we’re not in the same space, I miss everything about you.

204. It’s no lie when I say, “I miss you.” It can’t be truer than that.

205. Dear friend, what we share isn’t common, the reason why I miss you so hopelessly.

206. If I never told you before, I want you to know that, I’ve never missed anyone as much as I’ve missed you.

207. I long to hear your voice. So much so, that I imagine you speaking in my mind. I miss you a thousand time, my friend.

208. I’m so used to you that when you’re far away, I feel an emptiness within me. I miss you my dearest friend.

209. A friend that makes every minute count is a friend missed every second of the day. I miss you, dear favorite.

210. I miss how we pour our hearts out to each other. Can’t wait to see you again, bestie.

211. Missing you is so heartbreaking for me, cause it’s like a friend is gone with the wind. I want to see your face again, my dear.

212. You’re one of the things I wouldn’t want to lose, cause a break from you is like a journey to eternity. I miss you dearly.

213. When next we see, I’ll make sure I hug you tight till the hugs we missed are redeemed. I miss you, dear friend.

214. If I were to measure how much I miss you, I’m sure I’ll be counting till eternity. I miss you, dear friend.

215. A friend from childhood is like a sister. I miss our sisterhood.

216. Nothing reminds me of you as much as the absence of your smile. I miss you, bestie.

217. There’s no one here to make me feel the way you make me do. I can’t wait to have you here with me again.

218. We’ve missed a lot of happy moments. I can’t wait for us to catch up with time.

219. Time waits for no one. Hasten back here, for I miss you, my dear friend.

220. All the times I claimed I was checking on you were just me hiding how much I missed you.

221. Indeed, I miss you. I don’t want to keep it to myself anymore. I miss you truly.

222. How best can I make you understand that you’re taking too long to make it back here? I really do miss you.

223. I can’t wait to have you spill all that’s hot to me. I guess that’s a compensation for the time we’ve spent apart.

224. I wish I could go everywhere with you, cause when you’re not here, I feel every bit of your absence, dear friend.

225. You’re the only friend that makes me feel a hollow in my heart when you’re not around. I do miss you and I want you to know.

226. Of all the times I’ve missed you, this has been the most tormenting one for me.

227. I can’t tell why I miss you, but I guess your magic left with you.

228. You have this sparkle that only you can give. I wish you were here with the sparkles.

229. In my heart, there’s no one I’m missing as much as you, my dear friend.

230. I wish I could go everywhere with you. I can’t stand the loneliness I endure when you’re not around.

231. If I could afford a replica of you, I would. But, you’re irreplaceable and so is your charm. I miss you, friend.

232. I can’t say much, but it’s everything when I say, “I really do miss you.”

233. Being your friend has enlivened me so much so that, I feel dejected when you’re not around.

234. I miss you, dear friend. I just want to let you know, perhaps you can run to me on time.

235. Each passing moment makes me long to have you by my side. I just wish, we’d always share the same space. I miss you very much.

236. Living is when I’m with you. I want to live again. I miss you, my friend.

237. From you, I draw the strength to live life to the fullest. I can’t wait to see you again, friend.

238. A friend like you makes me feel whole, cause when you’re not around, it’s like a part of me is gone with you.

239. A million friends can’t make up for a friend like you, cause there can only be one you.

240. I miss the fragrance of your presence. Come bless me with it, my friend.

241. What you should always know is that I will always miss you when you’re not around. So, dear friend, don’t keep me waiting for too long.

242. I play around most of the time. However, I’m every inch serious when I say, “I miss you.”

243. I wish I could get an opportunity at this very instant to hold you tight. Believe you me, I won’t trade it for anything in the world. That’s just how much I miss you, my friend.

244. I need a friend to tell me “everything is going to be alright again.” You’re the only friend that makes me believe that.

245. You have a special aura that could never be mistaken for another. I miss that smell of you.

246. I miss your hug; it’s the type of embrace that makes me feel secure and cared for. I miss you, best friend.

247. Even heaven misses an angel like you. How much more me. I miss you, my one of a kind friend.

248. If I had to be with one person in the world at the moment, that would’ve been you. You’re the friend I need to make me feel fine.

249. It’s always a good time having you around. Hence, it feels like a bad day when you’re not around. I can’t hold on to see your pretty face, my friend.

250. No one tells me the truth like the way you do. Your honesty has been my saving grace. Dear friend, I miss you.

Be sure to leave a momentum on your heartthrob or friend just by sending them any of these messages.

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