2021 You Are My World Quotes for Him from the Heart

2024 You Are My World Quotes for Him from the Heart

Sometimes, all you need is to take a sneak peek at 100+ you’re my world quotes for him from the heart

If someone means the world to you, you should show them. Not only this but, also tell them just how much they mean to you.

Find few ways to make that person smile and believe they actually mean the world to you in the messages below:

You Mean the World to Me Quotes for Boyfriend

You Mean the Whole World to Me Quotes for Him. You Mean So Much to Me Quotes and Sayings for Boyfriend.

1. More than you would ever imagine or stop to think, you mean so much to me.

2. Before anyone else would sweep you off your fit, I hope I’m radiant enough to catch your gaze because you’ve come to mean the world to me.

3. All you have given surpasses anything I will be able to mutter. You are my world.

4. You’re more than just a feeling, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me

5. I hope that you get all the things that rock your world because you are my world.

6. Whatever desires have consumed me since I met you have geared me towards meaningful interpretation of what true love is.

7. I may have lived in denial of all the emotions you exhume by mere flash of your teeth but you actually make my heart happy.

8. You’ve healed all painful wounds with your sweet ways and given me new things like your body, heart and soul to ache for.

9. I never would have thought that someone I barely knew months ago will come to mean this much to me

10. You’re the one I see when I trace the dust on my bookshelf and the dust one I come across in every line of books I pick. You are my world.

11. You awakened the deepest part of my heart that has been waiting to be unleashed with your doggedness and sweet soul. You are my world…

12. You’re perfectly in par with the one I’ve mentally drawn to fit my arms. You’re my world.

13. Your smile alone makes me want to have you alone to my self.

14. I’ve never seen anything as magical as your gaze and intense too.

15. You’re undoubtedly the one that keeps me awake at night with thoughts of you making sweats break from my skin like I’m missing a cure.

16. You’re all that’s on my mind every hour of the day, and when I’m with you, I feel conflicted like my breath won’t cease or will cease depending what kinda words you choose to utter.

17. I haven’t quite felt a feeling of been this much protected by anybody except you.

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18. Your simple ways and kind heart are enough to make me want to spend the rest of my life with you because nothing is strong enough to snatch me away from you because I’ve made your heart my home.

19. I will probably never get tired o reiterating that you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. You are my world.

20. I understand and trust you like I do no one, this is proof enough that we’re meant to be together.

21. Whenever I think about the strange way we first got talking, I always smile and think about the rest of our lives together trying to make every day better than the last.

22. We’ve come so far since the inception but time hasn’t changed the fact that you’re my world.

23. I may come off as needy, too caring or maybe a little too in love. I worry sometimes just before I think of how all these will probably mean nothing to you. You know how to calm my nerves.

24. You’re the person I would want to talk to when all have gone gory and only a miracle can change anything.

25. I share the deepest, darkest, most intriguing part of my life with you because you’re already my world.

26. The world is not so populated that I will ever mistake you for anyone across a room. You’re my world

27. My universe normally switches to focus whenever you show suddenly with strides strong enough to make me want to kiss you silly.

28. You’re y favorite person in the whole world and I’m not about to keep this fact away from anyone.

29. I’m almost as in love with your eyes as I am with your mouth. Everything in you just pulls me in.

30. All you’ve shown me in this meantime is enough to know that I never want to spend my life without you.

31. You’re still the person I want to wake up to in the morning and sleep beside at night.

32. Because I will love you today, now and forever, I’m not ashamed to say you’re mine.

33. There are a lot of things I’m capable of, not loving you isn’t even an option.

34. Where my head tries too hard to wrap its logic on the things happening, my heart just goes ahead to think you’re my world.

35. Holiday has been a way of life since I met you. You’re my world.

36. My stand still remains; I will keep on loving even the ground you walk on.

37. I have perused overtime and discovered that nothing comes close to the way you make me feel.

38. How is it that every time you flash a smile, something thugs my heart lovingly

39. Ours is the story of love that will stand the test of time, and religion. You’re my world.

40. You make me look forward to a new day because this means a new adventure for you and I.

41. You will forever remain the one that makes my heart pulsate with joy because you’re my world.

42. You’re the most cherished of all the stars I like to look at. You’re my world.

43. I love everything that you do and cherish every time we spend together. You’re my world.

44. I hope there never comes a time when you’ll think I’m not worth loving by you.

45. I have thought about all the things we’ve been through together and I came to the conclusion that nothing is fierce enough to separate the love we share. You’re my world.

46. I’m constantly in awe of your beauty and awesomeness. Never stop being you.

47. The way my heart dances whenever I’m reminded that you’re mine forever is the most epic feeling yet.

48. Whatever you’re doing or thinking in this season, just know that I love you with all of my heart.

49. My love for you transcends a lot of material things. it’s forever against all odds.

50. You’re the love that I have craved for a very long time. You’re my world.

51. I would never have thought that God’s resolute blessing to me would be a person. But, here you are showing me what God’s blessing feels like.

52. Having you in my life daily teaches me that I am so loved by God. You’re my world.

53. You’ve gradually become someone I would never want to trade for anything in the world.

54. You healed me of all wounds and gave me your heart without a second thought. I love you.

55. No other person makes me do all the things I do. You’re the reason for everything

56. My love for you isn’t getting tired anytime soon, I hope you know this with all your heart.

57. All the great things that we’ve planned to achieve together will surely happen because you’re everything to me.

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58. I am sure and very convinced that I will be spending the rest of my life with you. I love you

59. Life without you would not be worth living, you’re my world.

60. I’m here to stay with you, by you, for you because I cannot imagine my world without you.

61. You’re my favorite person and the one I want to do forever with, don’t doubt this.

62. Let other people crave my attention, yours is all I desire.

63. You should know by now that you’re my world and celebrating you is what I’ll daily do.

64. I will hug you and embrace your beauty for the rest of our lives.

65. Hope and faith in you is born out of all the great things you’ve done for me. I love you

66. For someone who never thought love was that important, how you make me feel is not even something I can explain.

67. Because I’ve been thought that things well taken care of last, I promise to always take care of you. You’re my world.

68. It’s not out of habit that I tell you this, it’s the truest thing I’ll ever mutter and that’s why I say confidently all the time that you’re my world.

69. I never seem to get enough of you, no matter how much time we spend together. I love you.

70. Most people that accuse me of caring too much about you have never been in love.

71. I’m never ashamed to admit the simple fact that you’re my world.

72. You’re invariably the essence of who I am, I can’t imagine a me without you.

73. I am sure there’s no end to our story. We’ll be together until eon, of this, I’m sure!

74. I hope with every breath in me that I am a reason for your happiness.

75. You’re my happiness, you make me smile like no other.

76. I can’t stop smiling whenever I see your cute face or the thought of you crosses my mind. This is how I know I want you in my world forever.

77. I hope you won’t judge me if I tell you I’ve not been able to stop thinking about forever since I met you.

78. I often hear phrases like nobody is perfect but I don’t feel it’s correct because you’re perfect for me.

79. I would do anything to make you see that you’re the greatest thing that’s happened to me and my world.

80. While the rest of the world think I’m overdoing things, I hope you look me in the eyes daily and tell me how much I’m appreciated.

81. I promise to always drop excuses and make effort because you’re truly the love of my life.

82. How I know you’re everything to me is because I always want to see you happy and be the reason you’re happy.

83. Looking back on how it all started, I’m glad I made the first move to make you mine forever.

84. When I go to sleep at night, the thoughts of you come rushing back to me. You’re my world.

85. No one is amazing enough or strong enough to take your place in my heart. You’re my world.

86. I once tried to see if I could live without you by letting go of my feelings, I failed woefully.

87. Fate brought us together, but I have chosen to never let you go

88. You’ve always made me believe so much in my self and thought me to hold on to the thing I strongly believe in. You’re my world.

89. I made a home for myself in your heart the first time you smiled at me and I’ve wished that you so the same ever since.

90. You’re very alive in my heart, the memories we’ve shared inclusive. You’re my world.

91. I never thought I could drown without hope of returning until I saw your beautiful eyes. You’re my world.

92. I never even liked chemistry in school, it’s, however, all I’ve felt strongly since you came along. You’re my world

93. I’m so happy that I followed my heart by saying yes to you regardless of what people thought.

94. You literally make me smile every single day and every single moment. You’re my world

95. I feel like the luckiest girl in the universe whenever I realise that you’re mine. You’re my world.

96. You’ve made my life nothing short of beauty since you swayed in with so much gusto. You’re my world.

97. I hope I never fail to respect, protect and cherish what we both share.

98. I feel like we’re so into each other than one of us would find it difficult to breathe without the other. I know you’re my world.

99. My eyes have been wired to stare continuously at the beauty that is you and my arms were made to hug you close to my heart. You’re my world.

100. Your quirky and unique attitude is enough to make me want to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re my world.

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