2021 You Are My World Quotes for Her from the Heart

2024 You Are My World Quotes for Her from the Heart

Love is a magical feeling, a feeling that goes way beyond imagination. The feeling comes alive when you encounter someone who gives true meaning to your life.

When someone makes life wonderful and amazing for you, render you speechless most of the time because they constantly shower you with love, such a person could mean the world to you.

And when someone is your world, everything about you resonates and revolves around them, and you find yourself feeling energised by their smile.

If you’ve found someone who is the whole world to you, and you need to let them know, we have beautiful words that would convey your feelings.

Beautiful You Are My World Quotes and Sayings for Her

Do you have people that mean a whole lot to you, like wife or girlfriend and you wanted her to know how much she means to you in plain words and sayings? Below are Romantic Way to say you mean the world to me for girlfriend or wife.

1. I have never had to travel the world, and you have never given me reasons to feel like I am missing out on the world, cause you are my world.

2. You mean the world to me, seeing you walk before me, my heart skips a beat with each step of you, I have never been more happier, that you are with me, here and now.

3. When I’m with you, my whole world is at peace, I have an intense pain just when you’re not close, but when you are near, my heart begins to feel again.

4. I might have done something really pleasant in my previous life, because each moment I found myself in your embrace, the feeling is simply amazing.

5. The day I met you, I feel as if heaven smiled on me, I just never realise, but having been with you for the past few years now, I knew it cause you are the world to me.

6. You are the only one who knows my in and out, my every mood, and all of the signs my thoughts represent, you are my world.

7. You made yourself so comfortable in my heart that my thoughts, the ideas in my head and my reasoning seem possessed by you.

8. They will talk about us, they’ll write a story of us, especially about you, they’ll sing of how you are my world, generations after us will hear of our true love.

9. I am not an investigative officer, but my curious soul led me to the discovery of something beautiful, it led me to you.

10. You mean so much to me, more than the world to me, sometimes, I find myself lost in your world because you alone, are the world to me.

11. Having you to share my hopes and dream with is lovely, coming home to meet your smile is like having a session with a therapist, it’s what brings healing to my hard busy day.

12. I don’t know if we’re ever going to make forever, but presently my heart can’t think of living without you, you are everything I want in life, you are my world.

13. Anytime I’m holding you in my arms, I’m always been careful, so I don’t end up crushing you too much, cause you mean the world to me.

14. Can I be the stars that beautify you when it’s night, the moon that brightens you when it’s dark, the sun that lights up everywhere when morning comes because you are my world, can I be all of these for you?

15. I think about you every time, anytime you feel down, I feel broken, my heart races whenever worry cloud your mind until you are happy, my world is not.

16. Just like Mother Nature, you nurture and cater for me in beautiful ways, you’re the strength that leads me on each day, you are my world.

17. In my head, the favourite sound that my thought transitioned into my hearing is your voice, and it’s the voice I want to hear and listen to all of my days.

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18. The most precious laughter I’ve heard is from you, the most beautiful smile I’ve seen is drawn on your face, I wouldn’t want to miss it every morning, I’d rather stick with you.

19. The world will hear this from me, probably once or twice, maybe every single minute that passes in each day, whichever time I say it, I’d never stop saying it that you are my world.

20. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, just imagining my life with you fills my heart with happiness, I feel I’m on top of the world because you are my world.

21. So many emotions from your smile that I can’t put into words, waking up to your smile each morning is the best next thing after the love you have for me, my whole world is within your smile.

22. Being with you makes life feel so amazing, gives my heart a feeling to adore and in your smile, I found happiness, that’s why you are my world.

23. There are times I feel lost in thought, wandering blindly amidst the stars until you touch and brought me back to reality, back into your arms.

24. Loving you isn’t just a feeling, it’s a promise I have made to you to offer you the world but how can I offer what you already are to me, my world.

25. You are my greatest adventure, being with you, makes me free like a bird in the air, and it got my emotions running free like horses in the wilderness.

26. When I look at you, it’s as if the whole world is mine when you smile at me, it’s like the sun is blessing me, and your eyes are the stars shining upon me.

27. If you’re not the one, then there is no one, if you don’t want me, then I want no one, cause if I lose you, then I might be losing my world.

28. A smile from you can change an entire day of mine, I could not have asked for a better you, cause with you, I have the world right inside my heart.

29. If I was asked, why am I here, my answer would be like this, I am here for just one soul, one being, one you and that’s my one and only reason.

30. Home, they say is where the heart is, just as my heart is always warm when I’m in your arms, you complete me with your love.

31. When it’s you, I know I’m a blessed man, a glance into your eyes makes me want to go on my knees and just bless God, you are my world.

32. In my heart, you have erected an edifice of love, I can’t go a day without your sweetness, you’ve become a part of me, a world of mine.

33. Out of the billions of people scattered around the world, out of all the race and tongues, you are the only one who captured my heart, you are the one who means the world to me.

34. You are everything to me, the air I breathe, the fire that burns inside of me, the love that glows in my heart, you are my world.

35. Every hour of the day, you are always in my thought, in the morning, at noon, even in the middle of the night, you’re still in my head giving me pleasure.

36. In your presence, I would offer a devotion, your gaze will I offer sacrifice just to see you cast it upon me, I would give everything just for you to be with me.

37. From the moment I saw you before me, I knew exactly where I belong, right there beside you, daring forever is where I belong.

38. I have had the feeling the second time we met, that I have found the happiness to live and die for, for the rest of my life, for you are my world, my very life.

39. If all I would need in life is love, then I can boast about it from now till the end of times, that I would be living forever, for I have found the most amazing of love in your eyes.

40. I have realise that you are all I need and all I’d ever need, if it’s you and I, if we’re going to be together, then I care less about the world.

41. My woman, my everything, my all, my heartbeat, my very own guardian angel, I am glad that I have you, you are my world.

42. Anytime I’m with you, I couldn’t help it but feel elated in my soul, I can only imagine how I’d lose myself in you every time for the rest of my life, you are my world.

43. In a world full of bitterness, where trust is hard to come by, you came to me out of my dream, into my reality, and you’ve remained true and pure overtime, for that reason, I feel overjoyed.

44. Maybe if I hadn’t seen you, I would be free, maybe if I hadn’t met with you, I would have had life so boring, but now that I have known you, I can’t live without you.

45. Your love towards me is one thing I can’t do without, the passion your love exude from me is so real that I could drink from it, I love and will for the rest of me.

46. With you, I know my life can’t feel empty, cause you occupy the whole of me and if I have to choose again, I’ll continually choose you, over and over.

47. Everyday with you is like another episode of a love scene in a soap opera if this is a dream, I never want to wake up from it, you are my world.

48. Sometimes, I feel like I’m in another planet, I still find it hard to believe that you’re here with me, I hope it’s not just a dream, cause you’re all I’ve got, my world.

49. I don’t need to tell you how much I love you, you can see it in the way my eyes reflect the love you give to me, you can see it in the way you nurture me and the way I cater to you.

50. Just being with you gives to my soul an intense euphoria, and when I’m thinking about you, nothing else matters but you, my love, my world, my all.

Here are you are my world quotes for her to make her feel special.

51. No one can tell me otherwise, that you’re not meant for me, you are everything to me, the only one who could get me to laugh, even on my worst days, you are my world.

52. When life throws it’s jab, you’re the one who always come through with the first aid box, holding my hands and bringing me back to my feet, thank you, you’re my world of freshness.

53. You were just a friend before you shew me, that there is more to bring friends with you, you changed my whole life and gifted me with another side of you, you said I deserve the world.

54. You’re the only one who makes all my senses comes to life, you gave happiness to my soul and a smile you gave to my face, and because of you, I’ve got true love instead of pain.

55. I know I’m not going to be safe, cause I don’t need it, all I need, I already found in you when you capture my heart, the best incarceration ever.

56. To the God of love, I pray daily until you came my way, and now, the best feeling ever is to be loved by the one whom I love dearly, my world, my love.

57. I showed you my flaws, and you love me anyway, you opened all of your weaknesses to me, and I can’t help but love you more, our imperfections give way to love and we embrace it.

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58. You’ll never know how much I love you, cause even I still can’t figure out exactly what I did to deserve you, you are my world and it’s your love I want to breathe.

59. Do you know what’s making me happy? You may not know that you’re my world and just the thought that we’re going to grow old together makes me happy.

60. One of the best feelings is that after my nerve-wracking and busy day, I can always end my day right there in your embrace.

61. Out of everything I once was, you saw a beautiful side that I never knew myself, you gave fresh love to me on a daily basis, you found me for you, my amazing love.

62. Before I met you, I knew something was missing, I search my heart and soul, but when I saw you, I knew something I’ve waited for so long is you, everything I ever needed.

63. Without you, my life would be empty, without you, nothing feels good, I don’t want this emptiness I feel without you anymore, I just want you and you alone.

64. My only reason to love this world more, my reason for saying my prayers every moment, is you, you are my world, and everything you are to me.

65. You are my treasure since you came my way, everything has been better because my life has been flooded with beautiful love from you.

66. I hope I can get to know how amazing, how precious and how lovely you are, cause the beauty you possess are way too deep, you are my world and I want to know you more.

67. My heartbeat has a secret to tell you, every single beat that sounds in my heart has something to do with you, either when it misses you or when your love is pulling the string.

68. I was told there’s no remedy to love but to love more, and that’s just what I want to do to you, I want to keep on loving you until the end of our days.

69. The pain I feel when you’re away usually numb my heart, it makes me feel like I’m walking the planet alone, you’re the air I breathe always, you are my world.

70. I have a confession to you, my Love, since your advent into my life, I am no more lonely, I have not had any reason to be at all.

71. When I tasted what love feels like with you, I felt bad cause some part of my life was wasted without having experienced it but I also feel blessed for having met you.

72. My life is full of miracle, cause I have got you all to myself, and I know if I’ve got you, I have everything because you are my world.

73. It is a little pain for me because I didn’t meet you earlier, I would have wanted you to be my first love, but now that it’s like this, I would pray to the god of love that you’ll be my last.

74. With just a smile from you, I get goosebumps and if that isn’t loving, maybe I’m still missing something cause a day can’t go by without you starting a fire inside of me.

75. Few weeks into our first date, I knew I want to be with you because you showed me what love is in just a little while and from that moment, I want the rest of our lives to start as soon as possible.

76. The best day of my life began when you enter into my life, from that moment till this present day and till the end of time, I can’t deny how lucky I am and how blessed I’ll still be.

77. I want to tell you where I see myself few years from now, I see me walking down the aisle, I see me taking the children and you for picnic cause I can’t see me living without you, my world.

78. The day I know what miracle is, was when you looked at me, and my soul leaped for joy and my whole life feel anew cause right there, in presence, I know I’m home.

79. How do I explain what you did to me every time, at dawn, I found me staring into the void, wondering how deep God must love me, to gift an amazing you into my unorganised life.

80. A new sun rose with your emergence in my life, a new season came through for me, I see life in a brand new way, from then till now, everything is you, just beautiful.

81. Before you came, I’ve been everywhere looking for you, even follow as many on Twitter and Instagram, but when I held you, I know I have the world to myself.

82. You’re such a miracle, your love gave to me, a surge of innovations, you’re the inspiration behind my every move, you’re always there for me, you’re my world.

83. You were my life saver, you were the one who gave rest to my soul, cause before you, I was just a restless wanderer, but you became my safe haven, you are my world.

84. I was told, “what’s meant to be will always find a way”, just look at our story, and see that phrase in action, how my love against all odds ended up in your heart and you became my whole world.

85. I want to set a new world record with you, I am so excited about you that I won’t just set a record to overuse the word, I Love You cause that’s what I’m feeling for you, everyday, all day.

86. I don’t ever want to be apart from you, I want forever with you, not even a lifetime would be enough, can we continue our love in the afterlife, cause you are my world and beyond.

87. This is love that you gave through your lips, immediately you kissed me, I knew it’s mine, cause life has never felt that good until our lips collide.

88. You are the one, the one who made life feel so sweet to live in, the one who brings sunshine to many of my days, the one who made time stops just with her smiles.

89. You made extraordinary things out of my every day, you fill my senses with your smiles, you are the very beat in my heart and my soul you put at rest.

90. I don’t mind fighting since you are the one, then I am strengthened to face any battles, as long as you are with me, holding my hands, I am ready to fight for you.

91. I know I’m in love when everything became more of you, each of my days has you in it, and I can’t wait to start the trip to forever with you, my sweetness.

92. When my body touches yours, my soul yearns for more of you, and my heart longs to bond and beat with yours, just as a seed needs the earth.

93. I love me better when I’m with you, your smile is the antidote to a stressed heart and when you laugh, I know I was born to be in your heart for a lifetime.

94. I don’t know which of you I love more, the one I met then or the one I have now, I can’t say but what I know is that I love you now and then.

95. You are my world, my very heartbeat, the one I don’t want to be without, cause life with you is like a fresh dew drops on the earth every morning.

96. I think your love is an accelerator, cause the rate at which my heart increases in motion only happens when you are with me and when you’re far away.

97. I like the way my heart feels when I’m with you, you add beauty to my days, and being with you more than forever is my goal.

98. I knew love had found me the moment I laid my eyes on you, it’s as if cupid shuffle our way into each other, you’re everything I prayed for.

99. Just as the earth gives back and yields blessing to humanity, that’s the way you always renew my heart and makes me feel brand new.

100. You have given me what I never dreamt of, especially in this age, you gave true love to my heart, feeding my soul with smiles and happiness, thank you.

101. You’re not perfect but you’re close, the only fault I have seen in you is that I always wake up smiling each morning, that I think it’s your fault.

102. Truly, love is something sent from heaven, cause I wouldn’t think such a beautiful thing could be from here, it can only be made from up there, just for you and I.

103. Out of nowhere, you appeared and made me fall in love with you, you made needing you a job and a passion I want to focus on for the rest of my life.

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