2024 Most Romantic Cool Text Messages for Him or Her

Heartfelt Cool Text Messages for Him or Her

Cool text messages for him or her: the best of love text messages for someone you love dearly.

1. I have seen how magical falling in love can be
And I just sigh seeing it happening to me for real
Your love is so boundless, it has no start and no end
I am so lucky to have found you, I can’t just pretend!
I love you.

2. Roses might choose to be red as violets turn red
The day might choose to be sunless, as night turns day
I am never concerned as long as your love is true.
You are all I ever wanted, you are all I’ll ever need.
I love you so much, that’s all I can say.

3. Your heart has loved me so much
And I have chosen to love in return
It’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well
Cuz if I give you my all, it just won’t be enough.
I love you because.

4. Boundless is how it’s been so far
Closer you’ve ever been, you’re never far
You have changed my thought about life
And I am just so glad that I met you,
Even though I didn’t see this coming.
I love you.

5. Tears are ever gone from my eyes
Scars are ever healed off my heart
Gorgeous ever, my life appears with you
So I am sticking with you no more goodbyes!
I love you.

6. Some found true love, some heartbreak
Some found joy and some so much sorrow
Some live it large, some are like specks in the dust,
And I have it all because I have this lovely you.
Meeting you was just a privilege. I love you.

7. At the absence of the sun the darkness brags
With the stopping of the rain, the summer shines
No matter how much the world change
My love for you will forever remain.
I am loving you until the end of time.

8. Your love is the centre of my life
Nothing ever can be closer
Your care is the pillar of my joy
And nothing can just come closer.
I love you so much.

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9. I’ve heard that dreams come true
And true love still exists
I’ve seen that two are better than one
And I am so glad, I’m a testimony
Thank you for giving me your best.
I love you.

10. Sweet music is your love to my soul
It completes me and oh I am whole!
As you’ve loved me, I wish I’ll love you so
And if you ask how much, it’s my lifetime goal.
I love you.

11. Under all weathers, you’ll be mine still
Close to you always, that I’ll forever do
I love you so much, and I’ll forever will
Cuz I’ve tested it all and found your love is true
I love you eternally.

12. We are ever one and never two
For complete in love, I am with you
Letting you go, that I can never do
For, nothing I am my love without you.
I love you so much.

13. I love you more than words can ever say
Cuz your care is more than I can repay
That you are my best is no gainsay
So I stick with you never to go away.
I love you forever.

14. To show you that I really do care
To be with you here and there
It’s a promise I’ll keep my dear
I really love you, you have no spare.
I love you.

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