Trending I Love You with All My Heart Sms

2024 Trending I Love You with All My Heart Sms

When lovebirds are in love, they feel a lot of blissful indescribable emotions. It’s not enough to just feel this way, it is better to go the extra mile of penning down such precious emotions to the one whom the heart beats for.

The more you cultivate this amorous habit, the better your chances of keeping the one you love in your life.

Now, never make the mistake of undermining the gravity of a simple love SMS to your lover. You can only imagine how far a written love note can take you in the eyes of a true lover.

So, be the smartest one in the room as you make a wise decision by picking from these avalanche of I Love You With All my Heart Sms and see if you won’t get a love confession in return.

It’s You and Me Forever Love Messages

When I heard you have set your mind on loving your partner forever, I helped you with these I love you forever with all my heart sms messages for him or her.

1. My whole world is built around you and my last breath will be upon you, for I love you with all my heart.

2. The sun shines down beautifully on you, thus reflecting the love in your heart as a beautiful silhouette.

3. Ever since I loved you, my heart transformed into a brisk sun full of life emanating radiance to the earth surface.

4. You’re my hope of love when times are stormy and rough. I love you unconditionally as you do me.

5. I love you wholly, hence my faithfulness to you is ever new, my love.

6. You complement me better than the sun does the earth and the moon to the sky.

7. Love is true and honourable when it is found with you.

8. I give myself to you on a daily basis, so you can love me the way you want.

9. I’m far away from the pleasures of life, cause you’re the only joy I know.

10. Loving you has made me a better person. Indeed, you’re the one for me.

11. I’ll stay true to you even after my last breath on earth, for I love you with all my heart, sweety.

12. You’re the strength that makes me go on when life becomes tough. I love you very much.

13. Love became a beautiful thing when I found it in a rare heart like yours.

14. There’s no beauty that surpasses the one in your eyes for it is filled with true love.

15. I’ll look into your eyes for a lifetime, cause there lies the beauty of the world.

16. I’ll never give up on love, cause you’re my symbol of affection.

17. For the rest of my days, I’ll pour my rains of affection on you until your heart is flooded with love.

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18. I love you for no reason at all and I do so with all of my heart, baby.

19. I count it all joy even when you’re mad at me, cause I love you at all times.

20. I love you because I want to give to you for as long as I live.

21. Make me a happy person by choosing to love me till eternity and beyond.

22. My trust abides with you cause my eyes are fixed on you till forevermore. I love you with all my heart, baby.

23. I don’t mind loving you every day, cause my love for you is the only sunshine in my world.

24. I have no doubt, you’re my true love for my heart loves you even when it hurts.

25. You’re a flawless being more perfect than a diamond and even richer than a colourful rainbow.

26. My heart drips of your love. My soul sings your name all night long. I love you with all that I am, my darling.

27. There’s no gainsaying; this heart of mine was made to love you. Can’t live without you, my love.

28. A trip round the world would not take my thoughts away from you, but fill my heart with great thirst for the waters of love and peace that flow from your heart to mine.

29. My love for you is kind and passionate. Without looking back to what’s in the past, I’ll give not minding what’s left for me, for I love you with all of my heart.

30. By your side is where I want the night sleep to come get me. In your arms is where I want to rest all of my life. I love you, my darling.

31. Love is easy to feel when you’re the recipient, it is hardest to break when your heart is on the receiving side. You have my love forever, my darling.

32. I cannot do without you. For your love increases me in strength and might every day.

33. Joy is what I drew from the well of love. Out of its abundance, I have found great peace. It’s me and you no matter what, my darling.

34. In my heart, I have searched if there’s a thing I could withhold from you. I found nothing else but pain. You’re my only love, my darling.

35. When the night turns into day, I’ll be right by your side ready to give you all of me all over again. I love you, sweetie.

36. My heart knows no other to love but you. So, let me love you like there’s no one else to love, my darling.

37. I’ll be the best lover on earth for you, cause your smiles I’ll rather see. I love you with all my heart.

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38. No matter what tomorrow holds, be sure it holds my love for you inclusive, my darling.

39. Fears and tears are gone, because into the arms of love I have fallen. Accept my kisses, sweetie.

40. I’m glad I found love in you and an overwhelming tranquillity in your bosom. Joyfully, I’ll walk this lane with you from everlasting to everlasting.

41. I stare at you for long, I smile sheepishly when I behold your lovely face, simply because, I love you with all of my heart, my darling.

42. My heart is made up on you. I can’t love another even in your absence, my darling. So come live this life with me.

43. Your thoughts bring smiles to my face. Hence, I can’t let go of such joy and grace. I love you greatly, my darling.

44. Taste my kisses and see that they were made for you. Savor my words and feel its healing power, my darling.

45. In your eyes is where my sun rises and sets. I love you too much to let go, my love.

46. The only truth I know is that I love you and it’ll take forever to quench this burning fire of love.

47. You can always lean on me. Draw your strength from the warmth of my hugs. Because I’m ready to love you forever, my darling.

48. No matter what challenge we may face, you remain my one true love forever, my darling.

49. As time passes by, I’ll hold on to all the kisses we share and the memories we’ve made. I love you with all my heart, my darling.

50. Because I have made up my mind to love you, I’ll cherish you far above rubies and gold. Be my love till the end of time, baby.

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