2024 Trending Wednesday Morning Prayer Quotes for Everyone

Wednesday as one of the active days of the week needs not be an exception in armouring oneself with special prayers to God for the beautiful day.

In this light, we have done a very good job by packaging for you prayer messages you will gladly wish to send across to your lovers, friends, parents, families and not only that, even for your lovely self.

None of these prayer messages should be taken with levity. Prayers work wonders!

So, carefully glean through these compilations and choose the one that best soothes your self and your people. Trust you’ll like them. You will be glad you did. Winks.

Ride with me.

Have a Great Wednesday Wishes, Prayers and Quotes

Give your friends, lover and family members an additional reason to have a better day ahead, every Wednesday, by saying or sending these Wednesday morning prayer quotes and wishes to them.

Wednesday Morning Prayer for Yourself

1. I could have given up long ago. But Your words keep strengthening me all along. May I not be deprived of your presence this Wednesday morning, Lord.

2. I refuse to struggle today being a Wednesday. I ask for ease in all my pursuit for the day.

3. Nothing of my own accord can I achieve. I rely on Your strength for this Wednesday.

4. No power of my own I seek, but that I may rest in your power and strength to carry me through for the day.

5. I could have erred many times Lord. But I ask that you show forth your mercy and bestow me your favour.

6. On this beautiful Wednesday Lord, look upon me with your loving kindness. And help me succeed in the works of today.

7. I feel all week from the beginning of the week. This beautiful Wednesday, I pray you strengthen my spirit, soul and body.

8. I dedicate my day unto your hands. May it bring pleasure unto you all day.

9. May I not be ruled by the power of flesh on this Wednesday morning and all through the day.

10. That my life may speak forth your glory and my works radiate the splendour of your beauty.

11. May your presence continually abide with me all through my days and specially on this Wednesday morning.

12. It’s a good Wednesday. I seek that your love will encapsulate me all through the day

13. That I may not go hungry and thirsty today as I look up to you to supply all my needs according to your glory.

14. I pray you lessen my problems and soften the heavy burdens of my heart on this day, oh Lord.

15. Grant my weary soul peace that surpasses human understanding as I set forth this Wednesday.

16. It’s another Wednesday. I look up to you to hear all my prayers and hearken to my cry.

17. Dear Father, I pray this lovely Wednesday morning launch me into my rising.

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18. I pray the grace to witness more beautiful Wednesday be endowed unto me.

19. I pray you help me through my endeavour for today and always, Father.

20. That I will not stumble but be perfectly safeguarded on this Wednesday is my heart cry oh Lord.

Wednesday Morning Prayer Quotes for Lovers

21. Every of your effort over the week will come to fruition on this productive Wednesday, my love.

22. You’ve proved in so many ways that you love me. May the love you’ve sown come back to you in many folds

23. Having exerted so much effort at making this relationship work, I pray God in His love beautify your life.

24. For the joy you bring into my life, may your life always go the perfect direction.

25. In all you do today, honey, wisdom shall fill your mouth, knowledge shall safeguard you, excellence will motivate you, and success will envelope you.

26. Will always pray that you do not lose your relevance in my life as touching this day.

27. Smiling makes you more attractive and so shall your life every be. Good morning darling and wish you a happy Wednesday.

28. Joy from within that will always bring a glow to your handsome/beautiful face shall never cease in your life this morning and ever.

29. My love, just as I daily pursue to be a virtuous woman you can always boast of, may you also be the faithful man I can always brag about.

30. Do not lose touch of the Holy Spirit today and see how perfectly guided your day shall be. Much love dear.

31. May you not run out of God’s purpose for your life today. A good Wednesday I wish you, my love.

32. You can’t step out without me praying that your endeavours today will be accompanied with blessings from on high.

33. Darling, your going out and coming in is protected from all evil on this Wednesday and always.

34. We’ve been coming for years, with one mind of being together forever. Nothing shall separate us by God’s grace.

35. Surely, God has put an end to all your struggles from now on and ever. Good morning, dearie.

36. The enemy shall not know your abode to harm you. You’re rather kept safe under the shadow of God’s wings. Good morning my one and only.

37. You’ll soon be recognised for the exploit the works of your hands bring. It’s your season. Morning to you!

38. There is a fresh start to every beautiful day. This Wednesday will never be an exception for you.

39. Let every morning that is as beautiful as Wednesdays bring you joy, luck and favour in all your endeavours

40. One of my consolations is that God has actually destined us to be together. That we may grow stronger is my greatest wish for this Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Morning Prayer Quotes for Friends

41. Dear friend, It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning. May God be with you as you step out today.

42. My prayer is that God open doors and acceleration for my good friend as s/he steps forth in today’s Wednesday business.

43. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will prosper your ways this Wednesday just as He prospered those men of old.

44. Grateful Father for witnessing another Wednesday morning. Asking you oh Lord that you be with my friend on this lovely day.

45. The mercy of God will not be taken for granted over your life this Wednesday morning.

46. May you receive every needed help in your pursuit today.

47. No matter how dry and thirsty you might feel, the Lord will fill your soul with his love and strength.

48. The realities of life may keep staring deep at you daily. But I pray the grace and mercy of God will see you through all your challenges.

49. May you overcome all hurdles of life especially on this lovely Wednesday morning.

50. I pray for strength when you’re weary and hope whenever you’re discouraged.

51. The race is never for the swift. But I pray that all your swift steps shall launch you to greatness on this day.

52. Because you rely on God and never in your strength, God Himself will surprise you in all your endeavours.

53. May all your struggles yield unto you bountiful harvests.

54. That this Wednesday morning will bring refreshing luck to your pursuit for the day is my wishes for you.

55. You will not struggle to make it. God shall make life easy for you. Beautiful morning I wish you.

56. Even when plans don’t work as expected, the courage to withstand all hurdles be granted to you.

57. The pace for success is going to be established in all you do today. Amen!

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58. In line with God’s will for you, may you soar high on the pedestal of royalty this graceful day.

59. Your pursuit of today shall attract excellence and greatness to you in all ramification. Happy Wednesday I wish you.

60. God will order all your footsteps on this wonderful Wednesday, Amen!

Wednesday Morning Prayer Quotes for Parents

61. My love for you dear parents will continually make me pray that you enjoy long life and sound health so we can enjoy you the more.

62. The wisdom of the elders is second to none. May your source of wisdom never run dry, sweet parents.

63. I have always cherished having you, dad and mum. I pray the love between us gets sustained till eternity in Jesus name.

64. My wish is that God will satisfy you with good health and sound mind all through your years and specially on this Wednesday morning.

65. May you not live the rest of your lives in penury. Happy Wednesday!

66. May God bless we the children so that we can live to take care of you at your old age by God’s unchanging grace.

67. More grace to live a fulfilled life till old age be made sufficient for you, dear parents.

68. Welcome to another lovely Wednesday. The remaining pursuits of your life shall be accomplished in due time in Jesus name.

69. May you live all your days happy and fulfilled being together in Jesus name.

70. My earnest wish is that you will not suffer in your evening and night period.

71. God will make you overcome every fiery darts of the wicked one in Jesus unfailing name, Amen!

72. Your good health matters. You will not be sources of reproach to any of us, your children.

73. You’ve invested so much on us. I pray you continue to grow to be parents we will always be proud of.

74. May your effort to keep us united not fail for no reason.

75. Where you did not hope or expect, may you begin to get connections and opportunities for your rising.

76. There shall be no limit to God’s riches and blessings upon your life on this Wednesday morning.

77. Like the eagle will you fly so high today. Good morning dad and mum.

78. Leaves thrive more in the morning due to the early morning sunshine. Light shall shine through your path this lovely Wednesday morning.

79. People that cross your path today shall encounter the life of God radiating upon your life. Good morning to you, dad and mum.

80. As a fruitful tree planted by the riverside, so shall your remaining lives on earth remain ever fruitful in every ramification.

Wednesday Morning Prayer Quotes for Family members

81. I pray for grace, mercy and unity abide with everyone this Wednesday morning and always.

82. May everyone not lack the guidance and protection of God this beautiful day.

83. I ask that joy unspeakable radiate all for my family and all those around me

84. Grace and mercy in multiple folds shall abound with everyone in Jesus name.

85. Waking up to a bright morning of greater promises rising for us all. So shall it be!

86. Shame shall not know your dwelling. Safety all around I pray you. Good Wednesday to everyone in the house.

87. The morning dew makes green leaves look fresher and brighter. I usher in fresh dew to drop on you this day.

88. As you step out today, abundance shall meet with your needs on the way.

89. On this Wednesday morning, the thought of lack shall not be heard of you. You’re meant for fortune and enlargement all the way.

90. Morning leaves do not struggle for freshness. Your life will remain ever fresh morning after morning.

91. We are all stepping beyond our horizon. No limitation for anyone. Good morning family.

92. That the hands of God will be on all members of my family this lovely Wednesday is my deepest wishes.

93. Leaves planted by the stream never withers. As you go out this Wednesday morning, your source of agility will never run dry.

94. Of a truth, sound joy of testimony shall fill everyone’s mouth on return from work today. So shall it be!

95. I see progress coming everyone’s way as you all set out today. Go in peace and prosper!

96. Good morning beloved family! I declare that your lives will speak forth the glory and goodness of God in the land of the living.

97. Your going out today shall not make you stranded of reaching your aim for the day. Good morning!

98. Day and night, no evil shall come near your dwelling. You’re all preserved by His grace.

99. The merriment of today shall not escape anyone. Enjoyment galore all the way I pray you all. Good morning.

100. In all circumstances, God will be your satisfaction and daily hope. Good morning and happy Wednesday to you all!

Trust we met your desires with the kind of wishes you need. Thanks for dropping by. Please do share and pass your comments.

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