Sweet Morning Messages for Someone Special

2024 Sweet Morning Messages for Someone Special

Morning messages are very important because they somehow shape the way the day goes.

It is then almost a duty for you to send sweet morning messages across to your special someone every morning.

This is a beautiful way to let him/her know that they mean much to you, that way also, they get to think about you all day.

Cute Good Morning Messages for Him or Her

Wake up your loved ones with these Cute Good Morning Messages for Loved Ones.

1. And even though there are a lot of things I am not sure of, I’m certain that I will wake up every morning to love you until forever.

2. And on most nights, I long for the mornings so the sun can brighten my day but most importantly, so I can see your face.

3. You are all the things I want, in all the ways I want them.
And just as the early morning dew, my love for you is sure every single day.

4. Today, just like every other morning since you came into my life, I know it is going to be a great day by the mere fact that you are here.

5. Rise and shine my darling, it is the best feeling ever to wake up by your side every single morning.
It makes life all the more worth it.

6. It’s a new day, a beautiful morning, and all I can think of is more ways to make you happy.
I would make all the room in my heart just for you.

7. The one thing I look forward to every morning is your smile, it reassures me in all the ways words cannot explain.
Love lives in your heart.

8. When I close my eyes to sleep, you are all that I dream about and when I open my eyes every morning, you are the first face I want to behold.

9. My love for you is as sure as the rising of the sun from the east every morning.
You make my mornings extra beautiful and I’m grateful.

10. Mornings are new beginnings for fresh starts, I’m so glad I get to share the beginning of each new day with you, it gives me all the warmth there is.

11. And this morning, just like every other morning, I wish to fall more in love with you, bit by bit, day after day until eternity as long as you let me.

12. Waking up every day next to you, breathing into your heartbeats, looking into your face and knowing that everything will be ok, that is what keeps me going.

13. I am so addicted to your love just like fine wine, and every morning that I taste it, I never want to leave.
You have a hold on me and I’m totally fine with it.

14. Whenever the sun rays come into the room at the early hours of the morning, I just look at how perfectly it reflects on your skin, I want that view forever.

15. I think the morning kisses are my favourite because even before the sun comes up, we are already up in each other’s arm.
You are absolutely amazing.

16. I love that we have our own universe, where I am yours and you are mine.
Waking up to this reality every morning is the best kind of feeling ever.

17. The mornings are so peaceful, especially having to see each new day with you, lips locking and hearts beating as one.

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18. There’s never a morning I have woken up gloomy ever since I met you because I know that I have you with me; you bring the calm to my storm.

19. Some mornings, I know it’s going to be a long day, so I just make sure I kiss you much longer than usual so I can get to think about the long kiss on my long day.

20. And just like the morning dew melts as the sun rises, every morning, you continue to melt my heart with your love.
It is always going to be you who makes me feel this way.

21. Just like the sun dispels darkness at the dawn of every morning, that same way, you illuminate my soul and light up my world.

22. I wait for the morning to come not only because it is the start of a new day but also because I get to continue to love you in the most gentle of way.

23. Love like this; the kind I share with you leaves us sharing nights of passion and waking up every morning renewed and deepened in each other’s love.

24. My days are brighter, my mornings are better, just because I share them with you.
I know better moments because of you.

25. I cherish all the moments I get to be around you, most especially watching the sun appear from behind the clouds so early in the morning.

26. The only thing I want for eternity is to know that you will need me forever as much as I need you every morning that births new day.

27. Love to me is absolute happiness, and that’s all I feel knowing I have you.
I can feel your love all around me, even in the air, I breathe first thing in the morning.

28. A glimpse at your face every morning is all I need to conquer the world.
With you by my side, I can take on the world.

29. You are the perfect blend of all that I want, you make me go wild and act sane all at the same time.
You are my top priority all morning every day.

30. In a world where some things aren’t exactly certain, you are my one constant.
You are the one I’m sure I want to wake up to every morning.

31. I will always belong to you, just the way the sun is to the day and the moon to the night, you will always be a part of me, yours truly.

32. There’s nothing more beautiful than having our hearts beat as one as the night gives way to a new day.
My best morning vibes are with you, my darling.

33. From having no one to having you, and having you means having everything.
The way you touch me and hold on to me, I sure know it’s going to be a great day.

34. I love my morning coffee, but not as much as I love kissing your forehead.
You are special, and I’m never letting you go.

35. Sunsets are beautiful, but it is the rising of the sun that intrigues me; the same way the sun brings light to the world, that’s the same way having you around lights up my life.

36. You are truly an embodiment of love and beauty and there’s no limit to the happiness you bring to me.
And that’s all I need every day.

37. And even though there are so many pretty faces in the world, it’s only yours I want to see every single morning I get to be alive.

38. In the morning, when I look at you, it feels like I’m taking a peek into heaven.
I’m wholeheartedly and deeply in love with all of you.

39. All I know is that until I draw my last breath, I want to be with you always, have the best life with you all morning and all night.

40. I cannot control what tomorrow brings, but having you each morning helps me live through the day and gives me strength for tomorrow.

41. It is so peaceful holding you close, keeping you warm.
My day begins each morning with the peace-loving you brings to my heart.

42. I was never a morning person before I met you.
But all of that has changed, you bring out the very best in me and I love you much more for that.

43. I cross my heart, I promise that you will always be my favourite person whether in the darkest days or the brightest of mornings.

44. I don’t tell you this enough, you have filled my life with so many happy mornings and beautiful companionship.
If you are all I have, then I have it all.

45. I don’t know if you know this, but you never leave my mind not even for a moment.
From the moment I wake up in the morning until the end of the day.

46. There’s this joy mornings bring to me.
Because no matter how far off I go during the day, I know I’m still going to come home to you.

47. Our hearts were made to beat as one to the rhythm of the earth.
Our love blooms at the start of every day, especially on mornings like this.

48. As long as this heart of mine beats, as long as a new day comes, this morning and always, I promise that I will love you completely.

49. A lifetime to come and my heart will still be a home to you.
A new morning is here and my heart has awoken because you, my lover are here.

50. My nights were dark and cold, my mornings were lonely but then you came and changed it all.
My nights are warmer and my mornings cheerful.

51. I wish you could read my lips right now, I’m always going to love you this morning and every other day.
It’s you and me for all lifetimes.

52. I will hold on to you with everything I have, but gently as with a flower.
This is an early morning reminder that you are my all.

53. I long for daybreaks, for the morning just so I could behold your sight and be in your company.
I will love you for as long as the day comes.

54. Pure happiness is seeing you in my dreams and waking up to a beautiful text from you, I’m pretty sure I will have a good day.

55. You should never doubt what I feel towards you, not even for a moment.
You are my favourite thought to have every morning.

56. When I see the brightness of a new day, all I can ever think of is how amazingly special it feels to be a part of your life.
I love you always. Morning Prayer Message for My Love

57. My mornings aren’t complete until I have called to hear your voice, it has become part of my routine and that’s how I know I truly appreciate you.

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58. I just thought I’d let you know this morning that you are the missing piece that completed my life, indeed you have made me whole.

59. Every morning, I remind myself that happiness is all that I need and you are my perfect picture of happiness and everything it should be about.

60. You will be the one happy thought I will have in my head today all day long.
Have the beautiful morning you deserve.

61. I don’t need to wish for a perfect day when I have you.
You help me make sense in this crazy world and that’s all the perfection I need. xoxo.

62. In the nights, I’m curled up next to you and on this bright beautiful Saturday morning, I just want to lie next to you and think of nothing.

63. Some days like today, I woke up numb but I still feel the love I have for you, it’s running through my veins just like my blood.
I love you forever and a day more.

64. I love you this morning, I will love you in the middle of the day and late in the night.
Both in the times we are together and when we are apart.

65. I woke up today and thought of my fears; my greatest fear is losing you.
I was made just to love you in all your elements.

66. Sending you this text to make sure you are the first person I communicate with today because no matter how many people I talk to today, I’d always want to talk to you.

67. I found you, the love in your heart brings me so much peace.
And to begin this day, I wish you so much warmth and joy in your heart.

68. If I had my way, I’d spend my entire day in your arms.
However, before I get busy today, I just need you to know that I love you beyond words can tell.

69. You are my sunshine, even when I forget to tell you, please bear with me.
You are the sunshine that lights up even my darkest days.

70. I don’t think you know how much your kiss calms my soul, that’s why I make sure I get it every morning.
Have an amazing day!

71. When I hear the cock crow at dawn, the birds chirping, when the gentle breeze hits my face in the morning, you are all that my heart thinks of.

72. You are God’s light to me, the light I need to walk on this path of love and life.
Mornings like this makes me grateful to have you in my life.

73. I see the reflection of the sun in your eyes every morning and that’s all the assurance I need to have the most wonderful day ever.

74. Let me be the sunshine that lights up this morning for you.
Thank you so much for brightening up my day, do have a lovely day.

75. Can I be the morning sunshine you wake up to? Just because I want you to have a perfect day, one full of love and fulfilment.

76. I hope you get to wear a pretty smile on your face this morning, all through today and always.
Happy beautiful day to you.

77. You go back and forth to make everyone around you happy, so today, I just want you to breathe and take care of yourself too.

78. I haven’t met a heart as warm as yours, the light that shines through it is amazing.
The light from you brightens up my morning always.

79. Some days are for making memories, other days are for remembering them.
This morning, I’d just bask in the euphoria of all the memories we have shared.

80. There’s no better taste than that of your lips on a cold morning like this.
I’m addicted to your lips and no, I don’t ever want to stop.

81. Nothing in this world is fit enough to take your place in my heart, you complete me in ways you can’t even imagine.
Have yourself a lovely day.

82. And today, I cannot even find the right words to express my emotions, I just want you to have the best of the day and think of me.

83. I’d glance at your picture at intervals especially if the day gets rough, that’s how much calm you bring to my heart.
Have yourself a fulfilling day.

84. It’s like you and I have been interwoven in a tree of love, every branch and leaf are made of our emotions, I can’t wait for the fruits of this love.

85. I do not mind the cold mornings because only then can we cuddle and that’s my favourite morning chore lol.
I hope you get to have a good day.

86. You and me in the same space, time and place, that’s all that I want.
And on days like this one that I can’t see you, I’m sending you all my love.

87. I will give you my full attention because that is what you deserve.
Just a little morning text to cheer you up for the day.

88. Memories of the moments of last night are all the thought I’m holding onto today.
I hope your day is everything you need it to be.

89. And if I had to choose a place to spend this beautiful morning, it will be right by your side but since I can’t, I’ll make sure I think of you all day long.

90. And when our bodies meet, it is all shades of magic but right now, we are apart but our souls are still deeply connected.
Have a beautiful day.

91. Let me be the love in your heart that warms your soul, let us write our love story together for as long as it takes on this day and every other morning after.

92. I wish you were right here this morning with me because I miss kissing you; those kisses that have a lot of giggles and tickles in between.

93. There are days I wish I was the morning breeze so you could feel me all over your cheek.
That’s probably the most cheesy thing you will ever hear, xoxo.

94. You are the one thing my heart looks for on a good day or a bad day, even though you are not here, you will be in my thoughts all day.

95. Having you in my life is like having a piece of heaven; warm, peaceful and loving.
I’m all for having you till eternity, I love you.

96. Just hearing a whisper of your voice and I’m good for the day, and when you call my name, it melts my bones.
Darling, I’m all for you.

97. You are the flame that keeps my soul lit, Oh the warmth your love brings to me.
I didn’t know how amazing it felt to have love like yours.
Have a beautiful day.

98. I don’t know if you know this but it only takes being by your side to make me happy, it’s that simple, all I will ever need is you and your love.

99. Every atom of my being loves you deeply.
I will love you even on the day after forever, with all that I will ever have.

100. And no matter what I do, my thoughts end up finding its way back to you.
I no longer try to resist, I just let my heart love you endlessly.

101. Just in case you haven’t noticed, you are my world today and always and there’s nothing on earth that can change that, may your day be lovely too.

102. I have to wake up early in the morning just so I could be the first person to call you.
That’s the only way I’m sure I will have a good day.

103. But darling, even the sun doesn’t shine half as bright as you do.
I could spend the whole morning just gazing at you.

104. My perfect day would be to wake up thinking of you, getting a call from you and seeing you at the end of the day.
You are just amazing.

105. For me, there are no more bad days, because as long as I get to see your face in the morning, it’s officially an amazing day ahead.

106. I still marvel at how lonely the day feels when you are not around.
When you leave, it’s like you were never even here, I just feel like I want you here all day.

107. After every midnight hearty moans, it’s almost very difficult letting you go every morning.
But we also have to take care of life too.
I miss you when you are not here.

108. Skin deep, that’s where your love lies in me, beyond the skin surface deep in my bones.
I couldn’t ask for anything else, there’s nothing better than your love.

109. The days I’m pretty sure that I’m having a good day are the ones where we have the best of mornings.
You are amazing in all the ways there is.

110. I cannot imagine living in a world where you don’t exist.
I don’t want a life where I don’t have you.
I don’t want a morning where I can’t kiss you.

111. You deserve all the love in this world because you are such an amazing soul.
It is a blessing for me to be the one to give you the love you so truly deserve.

112. There’s something I want you to keep in your thoughts today; ‘You are my favourite human and that is never going to change, not in this life or ever’.

113. You have literally occupied a space in my heart and world.
You leave me with so much emptiness when we have to part for work. I’ll be thinking of you.

114. Every day affords us a new beginning.
But the only beginning I crave is to love you afresh every morning.

115. I want you to imagine this; I wish your love was an ocean, I will swim right to the deepest end, for that is where I belong.
I’d drown over and over again in your love.

116. There are so many things I want to do, so many adventures I want to explore but loving you unconditionally tops that list.
Exploring your body a little more makes my mornings.

117. You are the one person that makes each new day worth it all.
That gorgeous morning face of yours makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

118. And when I think of all the beautiful things the world has to offer each day, I start with the thought of you.
To me, you are perfect!

119. Happiness to me is knowing that every morning I wake up, I get to see your face, kiss your lips and have lots of hearty laughter.

120. Do you remember all the times we woke up to watch the sunrise, you were looking at the sun and I was always busy looking at you, you are my sun!

121. In case you were wondering, you are still the best person I know and the only person that makes me look forward to each morning.

122. Every day feels better because I have you around. Today will be amazing because you were the first person I spoke to.

123. You can’t imagine the big smile that comes to my face every morning when you call. Those minutes of hearing your
voice keeps me going all day long.

124. You are my very own piece of heaven, you have made every single day of my life so beautiful. When I look into your eyes, I see all that I need.

125. I don’t know about forever, I know about every morning, every smile, every kiss shared, eye contact.
I know that I’m going to love you in all the ways I can.

126. You are like a beautiful dream I never want to wake up from.
The same way the sun kisses the morning, that’s the same way I want to kiss you always.

127. I hope you know that whatever side of the bed you wake up from, that each morning I will be here holding your hand and cheering you on.

128. Darling, I pledge to be your morning buddy for all eternity. I got your back all day and every day, never you doubt that.

129. I’m pretty sure I smile in my sleep, I mean who wouldn’t? I smile in my sleep because I know I get to wake up to you every morning.

130. I don’t need a map to find my way around your heart. I belong with you this morning and every other morning for the rest of my life.

131. Every morning, I hold you so close to me like I’m afraid to lose you because I am. Every chance I get, I want to spend so much time with you.

132. Maybe we could spend the whole day in bed or maybe we will just text each other every five seconds. But in all, you are mine forever.

133. What a blessing it is for me to be the first person you open your eyes to every morning.
Oh and that smile of yours never gets old, it’s heavenly.

134. In this life, it’s you.
In my next life, I still want it to be you.
Lifetimes to come, it will still be you.
Have a sweet morning.

135. Just like the sun, my heart rises every morning just to make sure I love you with everything I have.
You are worth all my love and more.

136. I have woken up to lots of mornings but none compares to all the mornings since you became a part of my life.
There’s no one like you.

137. Even if I’m having a good morning, it is not complete until I have heard from you.
Because you make the day all perfect.

138. You light up my heart every morning, and that light lingers till the end of the day when I see you again and soak myself in your love and arms.

139. I have just one wish, and that is to have you right next to me every single morning because in you I find all that I need for all lifetimes to come.

140. Every new day brings with it hope and excitement, and darling, you are all that I hope for at the dawn of every new day.
You are my daily excitement.

141. I love how you excitedly talk about the sunrise like you are seeing it for the first thing.
That is the same way I feel every morning like I’m seeing you for the first time.

142. Dear lover of my heart, fill my soul with so much love, let me breathe the morning air by your side and think of you all day.

143. You and the sunrise, that’s my favourite things about mornings.
And that keeps me going during the day.

144. Whenever I see you, especially in the morning, nothing else matters, everything else fades away because you are my world and that’s all I need.

145. I have gotten used to seeing you every morning, I can’t imagine not having that.
I’m way too fond of you and that’s what I want forever.

146. A little longer; every morning before you leave for work, I always want you to stay a little longer so that I can have you to myself a little while more.

147. If it’s not in your arms and next to you, there’s no other place I want to be.
You are the very fabric on which the love in my heart is woven.

148. If I haven’t really made you happy this morning, then I haven’t really done much.
I hope this message makes you smile.

149. There’s something about your smile that warms my heart every morning.
You are very special to me and nothing will ever change that.

150. To have you with me every morning, to hold your hands and kiss your lips, to love you every day; that is what makes me feel most alive.

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