200 Sweet Good Morning Sms to Wake Up To in 2023

The Dawn of a new day brings relief, erase bygone events of yesterdays and sprays the air with fragrance of a fruitful day, happy moments, love, happiness etc.

Good morning messages has great positive effects in the life of every human being. Perhaps you have ignored or taken for granted sending morning SMS to your loved ones, family or lover, give it a try again and see how magical it heals a sad heart and gives sunshine and hopes to the soul.

Getting a soul mate, a true helpmate, partner, lover and best friend is not easy, so we must guard them so dearly with all it takes. Take time and sacrifice to keep them happy. Send morning texts, give them a productive day and set their heart thinking of you. You’ll be glad you did.

Here are Sweet Good Morning Sms you can send to your Husband, Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend.


Cute Good Morning Sms for Husband

The following are Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Husband from Your Heart for Husband to wake up to, as he is getting set for the new day.

1. The day looks so bright with you by my side. Good morning, my Dear.

2. If there’s any person who truly loves me for who I am, who accepts the real me, it is You. I love you. Good morning.

3. I look forward to mornings because I just want to look straight into your eyes each morning and tell you how much I value you. Good morning.

4. Every morning I know my daily routine because right in your arms is just where I want a shelter for a new dawn. Love you.
Good morning Darling.

5. Every morning with you gives me a true definition of a happy marriage. You’re awesome my sweetheart.
Good morning.

6. I can’t count the amount of Joy and peace I feel each morning. Your sweet voice takes my soul to heaven. I bless every hour with you, dear.
Good morning.

7. I can’t see how the day would go, but seeing you gives me an assurance of a successful day. I’m proud I am your wife. Much love sweet.
Good morning.

8. Yes I know I’m your wife but you might not know how much I respect and value you. You’ve charmed my life with so much success. You’re the best honey!
Good morning.

9. You’ve made me feel life is filled with so much fun and it’s enjoyable. I’m blessed with the most romantic husband and I’m glad I am yours forever.
Good morning.

10. I might say nasty things which would throw your mind off balance and get you annoyed but forget it, baby, all I think of is YOU.
Good morning darling.

11. When I tell others I’ve got the most truthful and honest man, I know what I’m saying and I am sure I have the best. I’m proud of you dear.
Good morning sweetie.

12. When everywhere seems rowdy and it seems true love is lost and homes are broken, I’m at peace and I feel so blessed I still have a true and endless love.
Good morning.

13. If everything fails, it’s still you. If it’s night time, it’s still you. If it’s morning, it’s still you. It’s still you I love and I know as my husband. It’s you and still you I’ll want to say Good Morning.

14. In your arms I find peace. On your lips, I feel strong and underneath your bossom my soul is happy. Good morning love.

15. I know breakfast is necessary but seeing you and giving you a warm hug is much more important to me. Good morning dear.

16. True happiness can’t be complete without your presence. I cherish everything you do my dear. Good morning.

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17. I rise to a new day and I rise to see your bright face and your cute smile. I’m satisfied dear.
Good morning.

18. Your joy is my peace. Your success is my pride. Your love is my life. I’m honoured to have you.
Good morning lovely.

19. Any treat I want to give my heart to make it cheerful is YOUR LOVE.
Good morning my love.

20. I never knew mornings could be so perfect and interesting. You made me realize that. Thanks, Baby.
Good morning.

21. Waiting for you out there today is trillion of blessings and miracles which would make your life so meaningful and great.
Good morning.

22. I pray this morning sounds peace to your soul and sends divine help for you.
Good morning.

23. I’m so lucky to be in your bossom feeling warm and loves. You’re wonderful. Good morning.

24. I had dreams of a happy a fun home. Every morning makes my dream so hearing and real. I’m so grateful. Good morning.

25. I feel mornings never turn night just to be in your arms all day. Good morning.

26. It’s a bright day and another morning. I speak to the day that it shields you from all harm.
Good morning.

27. Seeing you makes everything better. It makes everything work. It makes joy increases and it makes me fulfilled.
Good morning.

28. Your love makes me satisfied and I count each day a blessing. Good morning.

29. Treating you right all the time is what keeps me strong. I just want to tell you, Good morning.

30. Let your day be smart and let your day be successful.
Good morning.

31. Suprise! Suprise! It’s a new day honey! Rise and be courageous. Your today must be better than yesterday. Good morning love.

32. I’m always proud to say Good morning because every morning really feels good baby.
Good morning.

33. Having the man of my dreams was just the first blessings but waking up every morning right in his arms is the most wonderful experience I’ve had in my life. Good morning my prince.

34. Your smiles, tour buses, your soft touch, your romantic looks and your sincere prayers give me a powerful day. Good morning.

35. The perfect face wear that keeps me on my feet is your smile. Every day I want to know you more. Good morning.

36. Even if the day never goes dark, I have no fear because you in my life is making it so meaningful. Good morning.

37. With you, my future is secured. With you, my vision and secrets are safe. I love you just the way you are. Good morning.

38. My love for you would never have a toaster or be on strike. I’ll always admire, cherish and hold dear what I have. Good morning.

39. To others, mornings are filled with a cup of coffee. Glass of wine, glass of water or a slice of bread but I’m filled with staring at the man who makes my life sensible.
Good morning.

40. You focused my sight on brighter days and made my dark past a past tense. I love you.
Good morning.

41. You’re more than a husband. I see you as my everything, a true lover and a friend who understands me. Thanks, honey. Good morning.

42. Just hold my hands on the journey of marriage and never let me go. I promise to be a true helpmate at all times. Good morning.

43. My dream, My song, my pride, my happiness, my story and my life is “YOU”. You lighten up my world. Good morning.

44. If I have to guarantee you of anything, it is just one. That’s my love for you.
Good morning.

45. Morning prayers and chores are so exciting with you. You’re amazing.
Good morning.

46. Everything I admire and I wish for is having you close to me. Good morning.

47. With you, I have the hope that’s there are more interesting times ahead in life.
Good morning.

48. Honey! I’m exhausted of words I can use to appreciate you. You mean a lot to me. Good morning.

49. I was a person who usually sees morning as every normal day but when you stepped in, I saw it differently so beautiful and wow. Good morning.

50. I’m grateful for hours, days, seconds and minutes of being with you my precious diamond.
Good morning.

Good Morning Sms for Wife

The following are Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Wife from Your Heart for Wife to wake up to, as she is getting set for the new day.

1. My baby, I’m alarmed by your soft touch in the morning. It swells my heart to a beautiful day.
Good morning.

2. You’re always on my mind daily. I pray you continue to light up my world.
Good morning.

3. I promise to have you again in my next world. You’re a blessed person. Good morning angel.

4. My adorable! You’re so priceless and I want to tell you Good morning.

5. I just want to sing for you all day, sing for you at night, sing for you in the morning and sing for you every second. You’re the best sweet.
Good morning. Good Morning Wish to Someone Special

6. I had dreamt to be with an angel whose smile alone would cheer up my soul and here’s the answered prayers, it’s YOU my darling. Good morning.

7. If I have nothing to do, your arms are my best dwelling place, it keeps me warm, gives me hope and encourages me.
Good morning.

8. At the cock crow, I wake to see beside me a morning dove so tender, beautiful, harmless and loving. I prayed for the dove and I never want it to depart. O baby, all is You. I cherish you.
Good morning.

9. At times when I go through my past, I realized I have a perfect match whose love is unconditional and pure. Good morning.

10. If there’s anyone I want the fun with in the morning. It is you.
Good morning.

11. I may not have the best things in my belongings but I have the most wonderful person and that’s my wife. You’re the best and the most favourite in my life.
Good morning

12. Your beautiful and natural smile firstly attracted me to you but now I see that it is just more than that. You’ve been so excellent and intelligent.
Good morning.

13. I bless God that every morning with you is so unique and I start my day so well.
Good morning.

14. You brighten up my darkness and give me strength for every breakdown. You’re one in a million. Good morning.

15. Every morning I rise, it seems so fresh and romantic giving me a feeling of our first morning as a couple. Good morning.

16. Each morning I’m grateful to God I didn’t make the wrong choice.
Good morning.

17. I look forward to the brightness of a new dawn not because I want to take the morning coffees but because I know that every day and everything I do is a success seeing you each morning. Good morning dearest.

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18. You make each morning laughter, brighter, happier, fuller and stronger. I bless the day I met you. Good morning sweetie.

19. My love, I pray this morning fills you with pleasant surprises and transforms you to greater heights. Good morning.

20. Just thinking of you my sunlight, my luck and my joy. You’re so gifted and blessed. May your life continue to be beautiful. Good morning.

21. I don’t like promises but I just want to make this one promise that I’ll make your life amazing always. Good morning.

22. I feel so lucky around you. Looking at you gives me the inner peace I have longed for.
Go morning.

23. Mornings are tasty with those charming smiles I seat the opening of my eyes.
Good morning.

24. I want you to be with me forever right here, always and anytime. You’re Priceless. Good morning.

25. Like the sun, you brighten my world. You made life so revealing of good things to me. I’m glad I’ve got you. Good morning.

26. Every fear I have within me dies immediately at the sound of your voice. You’re a miracle to me, my dear. I love you.
Good morning.

27. I’d never imagined a happy home bit you made it certainly to me on a platter of gold. Thanks, my angel. Good morning.

28. I just want to blow your sweet lips soft kisses and make you happy all the days of your life.
Good morning.

29. As you rise today, I know you’re a woman of great strength filled with grace. May you continue to increase in all ramifications and be successful.
Good morning.

30. Then I said “yes” to forever is a day I’ll never forget. Every morning I realize that was the correct thing I have said in my life.
Good morning.

31. The day is bright and beautiful, cheer on and hold on to hope. For it’s going to be a great day. Good morning.

32. When I look straight into my life, I find that one stain which I never want to wash away till forever it is you, my love. You’re the one that gladdens my heart and you stained me to my success. I love you.
Good morning.

33. Since the moment you agreed to spend the rest of your life with me, I’ve never ceased to stop laughing. Good morning.

34. Your love has entangled me to realms of wealth. I adore you my gold.
Good morning.

35. You’re the perfect soul mate, the perfect helpmate, the perfect lover, best friend, sister, mother and everything I need. Much love.
Good morning.

36. I love everything that comes from you. Everything that stays with you and everything that surrounds you. You mean a lot to me.
Good morning.

37. My heart swells with songs so melodious seeing that my joy is complete. Not for wealth or riches, I’m contented with you, sweetie.
Good morning.

38. Every morning I receive blessings but one permanent blessing which has come to stay is You my Wife and I’ll keep you close forever.
Good morning.

39. I dream and all I dream is your love, your touch, tour kisses and your smile. Morning so feels like the fulfilment of my dreams and I’m glad.
Good morning.

40. Your love is the catalyst that speeds up all my body reactions. You’re the sweetest.
Good morning.

41. I thought to be committed would be a great task and burden but since I decided to be committed to you, everything is made so simple and easy. Thanks, sweetie.
Good morning.

42. A beautiful morning, a harmless morning, a fruitful morning, a prosperous morning and a fulfilled day want I want you to have.
Good morning.

43. This journey of marriage gets sweeter each day with you. I’m so grateful for this rare luck I have. You’re blessed.
Good morning.

44. You’re beautiful, unique, extraordinary, strong, bold and brave. I admire your courage my sweetness. Good morning.

45. I told God to give me a good woman but He gave me a great, wonderful and special woman who has turned my world to greatness.
Good morning.

46. I’ll never cease to pray for you. I’ll never cease to love you. I’ll never cease to honour you. I’m proud of the woman I’ve got. Good morning.

47. You make me complete. You make me proud. You make me distinguished amongst others. you may not know but this morning, I want to let you know you rule my heart and say Good Morning.

48. I look for ways to describe your personality but I’m lost for words. You’re just YOU, the Mrs Right for me and I’m happy. Good morning.

49. You make me feel relaxed. I’m myself around you and I’m glad I got the right shelter in you.
Good morning.

50. This haven of sweetness God has blessed me with is so great. You made my life so sweet. I love you. Good morning.

Good Morning Sms for Him – Boyfriend

The following are Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Boyfriend from Your Heart for Boyfriend to wake up to, as he is getting set for the new day.

1. When I look around for who could replace the past in my life, I found the best guy. You’re so irresistible. Good morning.

2. Life is surrounded by challenges and problems. Despite all, all I want to see in the mornings is your cute face. Good morning.

3. You’re the sunshine in my world. The song my heart sings and my thoughts all day. Good morning.

4. Right in your eyes lies my future. I want to gaze at it until the end of day. Good morning.

5. I asked for friendship but you gave me relationship. I asked for care but you gave me true love. You’re wonderful. Good morning.

6. Choosing you as a lover is the best thing I’ve enjoyed in this life. I’m glad to have you all around me. Good morning.

7. If there’s anything I miss so dearly it’s you my love but I just want to remind you this morning that I love you and to say. Good morning.

8. Waking up every morning knowing I have a good relationship. It gives me the assurance of a sweet marriage in the future. I’m happy. Good morning.

9. I’m thankful to God that at the right time, He brought you across my path and since then I’ve been so excited. Good morning.

10. What more could I have asked for if not for an understanding and caring lover who can go extra miles? I love you. Good morning.

11. When I have a lot to do and when I have nothing to do, you’ll always be my priority. You’re so special. Good morning.

12. People must have told you how blessed you are. Your parents must have told you how unique and special your life is but I want to tell you, you are a rare person with so many great substances. I bless every day with you. Good morning.

13. I know you aren’t my husband yet but one thing I’m sure of is that I’m confident of entrusting my life and resources to you. I love you. Good morning.

14. If I have to explain to others my love for you, I’ll take the whole day. You’re the best. Good morning.

15. I do not know how sunrise beautifies the day and gives a sign of relief until I met you. You’ve been so inspiring. Good morning.

16. All I ever wanted is having a relationship full of peace and one that can lead me to my success. I’m glad I achieved that with you. Good morning.

17. Every time I’m with you is like I have won a very big price. You’re amazing. Good morning.

18. May your day today be blessed with everything good, pure and happy. Good morning.

19. Getting a warm hug from you every morning brightens my whole day. Good morning.

20. Every morning, I just want to tell you, thank you for being so supportive, so loving and so inspiring. Good morning.

21. Amongst all the guys I’ve had in the past, you’re different. You are just what I needed. Good morning.

22. All my dreams and aspirations, you motivated me to achieve them. You gave me hope and courage for a brighter tomorrow. You’ve been so helpful. Good morning.

23. I hope your day would be victoriously filled with songs and unending miracles. Good morning.

24. I thought, relationship was all about just having fun but since I met you, you’ve opened up relationship to me in a different way that’s so beneficial and meaningful. Thanks, dear. Good morning.

25. Do you know how joyous it feels to just be in the right relationship and having a love so real and pure? You mean a lot to me. Good morning.

26. Being around you is just what makes me happy. I’m okay with your baby. Good morning.

27. I know that I’m yours and you’re mine. It gladdens my heart and I can boast of you. Good morning.

28. I’ve always been afraid to sacrifice it all, but having you has taught me to give it all. You’re worth it dear. Good morning.

29. Counting my love for you is a waste of time because till forever I’ll love you. Good morning.

30. Far or near I count myself lucky to be the Queen of an adorable man. Good morning.

31. I can boldly say each time with you is so useful and inspiring. You’re more than a lover and I appreciate you. Good morning.

32. No moment with you is lost. I remember every time with you. You’re so sweet. Good morning.

33. All that is good, all that is best, all that brings peace, all that brings joy should be your portion forever. Good morning.

34. Each time I rise up to a new day and I remember there’s always a person who cares. I just smile and say I’m lucky. Good morning.

35. You’ve caused good things in my existence. You made me so special and excellent in all. Thanks. Good morning.

36. Everything that you do I pray it prospers and may you be successful always. Good morning.

37. As you get this message may all your sad thought become joy and your weaknesses become strength. Good morning.

38. When you feel there’s a falling apart. When you feel there’s a closed way or everything seems dark, just know I’ll be right here for you. Good morning.

39. Letting you go is like destroying my life. I’ll hold you close forever. Good morning.

40. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve you. I’m so grateful I met someone like you. You complete my circle. Good morning.

41. From so many heartbreaks and rejections, it’s so surprising to still have a charming, amazing, loving and understanding person like you. I’m honoured. Good morning.

42. I thank my stars every morning for adding a bigger star to my Crown which is YOU. Good morning.

43. People often complain being in love is trouble but I’m glad I fell in love and it’s sweeter every day. Good morning.

44. You’re the song that heals my soul. The ink that writes my story. The part that completes my existence. I love you. Good morning.

45. I’m not blinded by this love. It is a pure and endless love. My eyes are wide opened and I can see how true this love speaks. Good morning.

46. My life headed without no direction but now I know where I’m going and I am not lost out of vision. Thanks, baby. Good morning.

47. If I have a gift to give to appreciate you for everything, it wouldn’t be enough to tell you, thank you. You’re my encouragement. Good morning.

48. I see nothing but a bright and standing future with you. You fill me with joy. Good morning.

49. Sometimes when I offend you, it’s like hurting myself but still, you forgive and love me more. You’re just a rare type of person. I value you. Good morning.

50. I’ve never held anything so dear that I never want to let go but you came into my world and I want to keep you forever. Good morning.

Good Morning Sms for Her – Girlfriend

The following are Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Girlfriend from Your Heart for Girlfriend to wake up to, as she is getting set for the new day.

1. Everyone says it’s impossible to find a perfect damsel bit I found you perfect and pure. I’m sure I’m safe and I’m glad I have you. Good morning.

2. I have taken time to study and learn to out boundaries to love but this love is indescribable. I can’t create boundaries. I’m helpless without you. Good morning.

3. You’ve taught me to be strong enough to face any situation. Every minute my heart beats for you. Good morning.

4. The most important part of my heart is filled with those unforgettable memories of fun, love and joy you have created. I love you. Good morning.

5. Having a look at you in the morning yields me favour, make me work effortlessly and grants me happiness to open doors. You are so precious to me. Good morning.

6. I want to sail around the world with you, tell you stories, sing for you, laugh on your shoulders and carry you on my laps. I love you. Good morning.

7. Sometimes to tell you how much you mean to me or how I feel for you is beyond words. All I can say is my heart is yours forever. Good morning.

8. Peace flows through my heart anytime I think of you. I feel secure with your presence. You’re special. Good morning.

9. You’re the first person I thank God for every morning. You’re always the person I thank God for. Thanks for being mine. Good morning.

10. I pray for you today. May your joy increase and your days always be bright. Good morning.

11. All your love does for me is give me strength, motivates me, inspires me, makes me better, encourages me and makes me love you more. Good morning.

12. Sometimes I imagine how a lady like you could still stay by and help me through the storms of life. You’re very strong and beautiful. I cherish you. Good morning.

13. I have a lover, a best friend, a companion, a gist partner, a shoulder to lean on and a teacher. Much love baby. Good morning.

14. You’re my peace, my strength and life. I love you dearly. You accepted me the way I am and showed me, true love. I appreciate you. You gave me the courage to hold on and today I want to say Thanks. Good morning.

15. This morning and every morning, may you continue to experience beautiful things. Good morning.

16. You relieve my soul and you surround my existence with happiness. You’re so blessed. Good morning.

17. I want to use this morning as a medium to appreciate your endless love so kind and true. You love me beyond my imaginations and I’ll keep you close. Good morning.

18. I’ll pray for you every night and day for God to keep you from danger and guard your ways. Good morning.

19. You deserve to be treated nicely. May God send His blessings on you and make your days beautiful. Good morning love.

20. I want to be the one walking and holding your hands as you journey through life. Good morning.

21. You always make my present joyful and I know you will make my future happier. I love you. Good morning.

22. You’re the sun which shines so bright and dries up my bitter past. I appreciate you, my angel. Good morning.

23. In my heart, I had settled that I wouldn’t find any decent girl who would make me happy but to my surprise, I found one special angel who turned my life around for good and that’s you, my princess. Good morning.

24. To the girl I love; may mornings always apart you with good things. May mornings give you reasons to smile. I love you dearly. Good morning.

25. As you rise to step out baby, you shall step to favour, goodness and success. Cheer up and be glad. Good morning.

26. I felt it was only being married that brings true happiness but my relationship with you has brought me true and pure happiness untold. Good morning.

27. You take me from sadness to realms of unending joy where I float with all good substances. Good morning.

28. I thought your talks were the most annoying. I thought your prayers were fake and I thought your love was lies but little did I realize I was almost losing out on the most wonderful person in my existence. You’re an angel in human form, I love you. Good morning.

29. You understand my imperfections. You understand my tears.
You understand my silence and you make me see there’s hope. Thanks, sweetie. Good morning.

30. If I have to pick a girl in my next world, it would be an angel I’m human form. You’re an exceptional baby. Good morning.

31. You gave me reasons to see life in a positive dimension. You made me see that something good can spring from me. You made me understand true love. I cannot appreciate you enough. I love you. Good morning.

32. If every lady reasons like you, the world would be a better place and I’m glad I found the best of the best. Kisses. Good morning.

33. In sunshine, in rainy times, in troubled times, food times, bad times and wrong times. I’ll still love you. Good morning.
34. You’re the sunrise I see every morning. Never leave my world baby. Good morning.

35. Everything you want me to be, I’ll be. Anything you want me to do, I’ll do. I love you so much. Good morning.

36. You’re the only close family, lover, sister, friend and companion I have. May you never lack anything. Good morning.

37. Let all you lay your hands to do become meaningful and blessed. Good morning.

38. Every time I see you still look liked the first time I saw you. You’re always charming. I cherish you. Good morning.

39. I never knew my life would be so shaped and real, full of energy and happiness. You brought something so real and tasty to my existence. Good morning.

40. The opportunity of loving you, I’ll never stop using it. You mean the world to me. Good morning.

41. I found love on a platter of gold, it didn’t come to me twice but this once it came, it has showered my whole life with tremendous blessings. You’re wonderful. Good morning.

42. A blessed day, a happy day. A sweet day, a stress free day is what I wish for you. Good morning.

43. You make me feel like a king, like the most adorable in the whole universe and the most excellent. Good morning.

44. When they say love is reciprocal, I just understood the meaning with you. You’re a great teacher and lover. I value you. Good morning.

45. I’m so so stressed when it comes to you. I feel God just made everything so easy for me. You’re the best my lady. Good morning.

46. I feel in heavenly places when I’m your arms. You quench my thirst for true love. Thanks, baby. Good morning.

47. “I love you” is common but from the depth of my heart, I’m saying it to you, I love you. Good morning.

48. Your voice intoxicates me. Your smiles sweep me off my feet. You’re indeed God-sent. Good morning.

49. To love you is what makes me meaningful. I feel achieved knowing that I have you beside me always. Good morning.

50. Every morning I don’t want to miss sending you sweet messages to start your day. I’m happy when you’re happy. Step out victoriously. Good morning, love.

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