Exam Wishes for Lover

2024 Best Exam Wishes for Lover

The phobia for an exam is enough to make someone fail.

Encouragements serve as a driving force, driving away anxiety and fear. They also help in boosting someone morale to do excellently in an examination.

Beautiful Exam Wishes for Lover

I so much believe you want the best for your girlfriend/boyfriend in their forthcoming examinations

Below you get best inspired wishes that will encourage them and special prayers that will make them come out as the best.

1. As you are going for this exam, this is my wish for you; no carryover, you will cross over to take over your excellence grades.

2. Someone has to be tested to be trusted. You are going for this exam in order for your ability to be tested. I pray you will excel and succeed.

3. Don’t be anxious about the outcome of the exam. Just be courageous to do your best. Best of luck in your exam!

4. Always be diligent, darling. I believe if you do, you will stand out to be the best. May you be crown with resounding success.

5. Your efforts also count sweetheart, so don’t relent, read and trust God. Success is definitely yours!

6. For all I know, you are courageous and I’m certain you are going to break down all the questions. I wish you the best.

7. Focus your mind on nothing but success, believe and don’t fret. You are going to beat everyone to come first. Success dear!

8. Your next level requires you pass this exam. I pray you ride over it and move into glory. Great you!

9. I advise you to tackle the questions confidently, stay put and be guaranteed for success. Best of luck!

10. You will definitely come out with flying colours in this exam, your effort at preparation will not be in vain. God bless and crown your efforts!

11. It has been said that he that fails to plan is planning to fail. Make sure you plan ahead. I wish you success dear!

12. The price of success is thorough hardworking. I trust you have paid the price, just go and take the success. Good luck, sweetheart!

13. Abraham Lincoln said: ” I will work and wait till my opportunities come”, surely you have to work hard for this exam and this is your time to enjoy the opportunity of good success dear. Good luck to you!

14. This is not your first time of facing this, you got to be courageous and write great as you normally do. I wish you success in your exam love!

15. I am always proud of your successes and I know this will not be an exception. Go and make me proud in this your exam. Great success awaits you.

16. We have levels of greatness in life, and these levels are attained by examination. You are going to another level now. I pray you will not miss it. Go and excel!

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17. Take these along as you are going for the exam
# Confident
# faith
# intelligent
# courage and determination. With these, you have the success already. Best of luck dear.

18. Success attracts diligence, so be diligent. Trust you! Excel dear!

19. Read hard! Pray! And go and write victoriously. I wish you success.

20. Laziness pays off now, but handwork pays off later. I advise you to be hardworking and not be indolent. Best of luck in your exam dear!

21. Though reading may not be easy it precedes success, read and pray for this your exam, dear. Wish you the very best!

22. I know you would have prepared, but I want you to be confident in yourself, and write very well. I wish you luck in your endeavour!

23. I desire the best for you in this forthcoming exam, make sure you write boldly and correctly. Good luck to you.

24. I believe you will not be afraid of this exam because you have been used to it anyway. I trust your courage, go and tackle those questions correctly. Best luck!

25. People are not after your effort but your result. I pray your result will be wonderful. Best of luck in your exam!

26. In the forthcoming exam, you are a candidate of success. Make sure you do all the questions. Good luck, dear!

27. Make sure you follow the instructions given, don’t overdo your exam, be calm and confident. Sure you are going to excel. Wish you the best!

28. Don’t rest on your oars, I know you perform excellently well in your last exam, here comes another one, read and write correctly. May you succeed in Jesus name.

29. During the period of exam student used to have exam fever. I advise you to read, pray and believe in yourself. Have exam fever free!

30. You are born to succeed! In this exam, you will know no failure but success. Wish you an undeniable success.

31. Exam does not walk alone; it walks with either success or failure. I pray your exam will come with success. Goodluck dear!

32. Dear, if you believe in yourself, then you are halfway to success. In this your exam you will excel.

33. In this exam, the harder you work, the more luck you will have, so work harder towards it. Good luck!

34. Do you know success means small efforts repeated every day? Your everyday efforts shall turn to be a big success for you in this exam. Success for you in Jesus name?

35. No matter how difficult the questions will be, I wish u the best and I pray for your success.

36. I want you to be a fearless person, in this your forthcoming exam, that will help you to write correctly. Wish u great in your exam dear.

37. Don’t forget to pray before and after your exam. Write correctly and make sure you attempt all the questions. Wish you good luck, sweetheart?

38. The secret of success has been discovered to be diligence and determination. Make sure you don’t abate your diligence. Work hard and success is already on your way.

39. Writing poorly is part of student’s failure in an exam. Your writing should be bold and legible. All the best in your exam dear!

40. As you already know; no shortcut to success, I implore you to be studious and don’t resort to any form of exam malpractices. Best of luck dear!

41. If you want to be extraordinary in your exam, you have to work extra. Trust you are hardworking. Success is sure for dear!

42. As Thomas Edison put it: “there is no substitute for hard work”. Hard work is the key dear, keep to this. Wish you luck in your exam!

43. Dear, you get what you work for, not what you wish. Work for success and get it! Goodluck in your exam!

44. Don’t allow the failure of the last exam to overwhelm you. You must rise up and re-tie your belt. This time success is yours. Wish you undisputed success dear!

45. Sweetheart I know you have not forgotten my advice I always give you during exam? Good of you if you don’t forget and remember to take a good writing material along. God bless you with resounding success!

46. Challenges are what make life interesting, exams are what make school interesting. Do your exam well dear, and be successful!

47. My wish for you in this exam is that your memory shall be blessed!

48. Darling, make sure as the paper is giving to you, you face it and don’t look anywhere. I trust you going to beat down others and come first. Wish u the best dear!

50. I want to advise you to do your best in this exam and leave the rest. Don’t stress yourself, dear, success is definitely yours!

51. The best view comes after the toughest climb, so also the best of you come out after exam. There’s no doubt you are going to be the best in this your exam. Goodluck dear!

52. In this your exam, I want you to dream big, and fight against failure that means, you study and pray. All the best in your exam!

53. Don’t think about tomorrow. Think about the task at hand. Think about the exam you have now and do it very well. Goodluck dear!

54. During the course of this exam make sure you always wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction. Success dear!

55. Sweetheart! I want you to work in silence. Let success make the noise for you in this your exam. My wish for you always is success!

56. Dear, do you know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. In that case, you have to work hard to bring out the best in you in this your exam. I wish you all the best!

57. A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence, I want you to be persistence in your diligence. Certainly, you are going to come out with flying colours. Goodluck to you!

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58. Nothing worth comes easy. Success does not come easily, but it comes with consistency hard work. Work hard and gets the reward dear. Success in Jesus name!

59. Thomas Edison said: ‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ Your trying this second time will yield success in Jesus name.

60. In this your exam, you shall be favoured, your success is certain. Go and succeed dear!

61. Your maker is your marker, any mistake in your exam shall turn to miracle. You shall be celebrated, dear!

62. Do you know what Colin Powell said? “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure.” Prepare and try to learn from past mistakes. God bless you with good success, darling.

63. Have a great mind for this your exam because small minds wear out. You are going to excel in your exam!

64. Striving for success without hard work is like trying to Harvest where you haven’t planted.” ~ David Bly. So I urge you to read as if you haven’t read before. Wish you good luck dear in your exam.

65. These are recipe for success as put by William. A Ward: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing, and dream while others are wishing.” keep to this, and you will succeed in that exam. Goodluck in your exam dear!

66. Don’t give way to discouragement and don’t believe in the difficulty of the examination, use what you have! do what you can!. Wish you success in your exam.

67. Never underestimate your ability and potential, do the exam with great confidence. I’m sure you will be the best dear.

68. Follow your dreams with Dedication and commitment. It is certain you will make them come true. All the best for your exam dear.

69. It is certain that sky is your starting point and not your limit in this forthcoming exam. Go and write your A’s. Goodluck best friend!

70. As you start your exam today, I pray that the Lord will bring to your remembrance all that you have read. Wish you success friend!

71. They say there is always a light after the tunnel, keep your head high and stay focus during your exam. Goodluck!

72. Before and during your exam keep the candle burning. Success is certain! Wish you good luck.

73. I wish you good luck in this exam. Make sure you take courage along with commitment. Best wishes for you in your exam, Good Luck!

74. Believe in yourself and do not fear any challenge. I wish you all the success in exam! Goodluck!

75. Make sure you study very hard so that you can be the best. That exams are not difficult, Neither are they hard. Good Luck for your exam! Wish you success.

76. I heard that tomorrow is your exam. I hope you are ready for it. Always be confident as you are always. Wish you all the best love!

76. My wish for you in your exam is that all your dreams will come true. I believe you can do it. Wish you all the best!

77. When you enter into the exam hall, make sure you keep calm and be focus!dear. Goodluck in your exam!

78. Sweetheart, I already know you have prepared, but add this to your preparation, courage and calmness. Wish your success in your exam!

79. As brave as you are, I trust you are going to bring those questions down. Wish you good luck, dear.

80. I wish you distinction in your exams, darling. Write about what you have read already. Good luck to you!

81. You shall have nothing short of excellence grades. Good luck to you dear. I wish you success!

82. I expect nothing but good grades for you in this exam, dear. Go and write success down, your success is sure. Goodluck!

83. It is certain you are going to celebrate success after this your exam. I wish luck and success, dear!

84. May you be chosen as the best in your exam. When others say there is a casting down, you will say there is a lifting up. Success to you dear!

85. Never panic! when you enter the exam hall, comport yourself and write with courage. Wish you best of luck, dear.

86. God shall make you ten times better in this exam. Wish you success, sweetheart.

87. Successful people have a story to tell, you will surely tell the story of success. Dear, I wish all the best in your exam.

88. Your success in this exam shall be unbeatable, you shall excel beyond measure. It is sure you have succeeded already. Goodluck!

89. I long for success in this your exam, darling. I know all your effort towards it. Believe in yourself you shall surely make it. Success for you!

90. I foresee you are having A’s already in all your papers, just go and write them to actualize it. All the best, dear!

91. I have believed in your success, ever since we met, I’m believing that this exam will also yield success. Goodluck love!

92. Dare to be like Daniel in this exam by reading to become ten times better. Best of luck dear!

93. When others are sleeping, don’t! When others are playing around, don’t! You make sure you burn the midnight candle,
because of your exam. Above all, I wish you success and all the best, darling.

94. The race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong, it is true that you have read but I also want you to believe in God for success in this your exam. Wish you success, dear in your exam!

95. I know by now you will be afraid, but don’t do that. Be rest assured and put up courage, this will help a lot. Wish you the best of luck, love!

96. Write excellently! Be brave! Believe in God!. I wish you all the best, dear in your exam.

97. Exam is not created to scare us but to bring out the best in us, so try hard so that your best will be noticed. Goodluck dear!

98. No mountain is too high for you to climb, no valley is too deep to walk, no river too wide to cross….. Go forth and break bonds in your examination. Wish you the best, love!

99. Excellence is yours as you read and write for your forthcoming exam. All the best, darling!

100. Involve God in all your doings, as you write this exam. Because only him can make a way where there seems to be no way. God crown your efforts, sweetheart.

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