2023 Best Exam Wishes for Girlfriend

Most of the time, all our friends and loved ones might need from us are words of encouragement, prayers, wishes and heartfelt messages. And we should be very much available for them especially at those times.

Does your girlfriend have an exam to write and you don’t know how to put the words in your mind for her together? We’ve helped you out with that. Just check these messages and you can be sure there’s at least one that fits into your fit too. Smiles.

I wish your girlfriend huge success in her exams just as much as you wish her. Enjoy as you read through! And remember to share if you love them.


Best Exam Wishes for Girlfriend

As a responsible Boyfriend, you long for the success of your Girlfriend. Here are Best Exam Wishes for Girlfriend you can send to her to express your desire for her.

Best Exam Wishes for Girlfriend

1. Darling, as you go for your exams, I wish you one thing; excellence beyond measures.

2. You are a beautiful and intelligent young lady, and I’ve never for once doubted your ability to deliver. Go do me proud once again in your exams. Love you baby.

3. In life, we always pass through tests and thank God for victory in Him. Go in the spirit of excellence in you and stand out in your exams.

4. You’re beautiful and amazing, smart and lovely. More than these, you are intelligent and brainy, the more reason I chose you over the rest. Do exploits in your exams, my love.

5. May God’s grace and strength suffice you. Go write your exams with grace! Goodluck to you, my girlfriend.

6. Because you have the mind of Christ, you know all things! Go and write down A’s in your exams.

7. More wisdom, knowledge and understanding are my prayers for you now and always my love. I wish you the best only in your exams.

8. Jesus Christ increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man. Go in this light and excel in your exams.

9. More than what you know or can put down, enjoy favour in the sight of everyone that comes in contact with you. Graces in your exams my dear.

10. I miss you so much baby but I’ve to let you focus cos it’s exams time. Enjoy speed and precision as you prepare. I love you big.

Exams Wishes to My Girlfriend

Fantastic Exams Wishes to My Girlfriend you should not hesitate to use.

11. As you prepare, you read with direction and you have a divine understanding. Grace and favour are my wishes for you my love.

12. Can’t wait for your exams to end so we can have more time with each other, but till then, I wish you the very best in your exams. You are excellent. Go show it forth.

13. You read aright and write the exact mind of your lectures. No failures of average results. You are excellent alone. Love you big.

14. I know a beautiful and brainy young lady, and she is my girlfriend! I’m so proud of you and I wish you success in your exams. I miss you.

15. Don’t feel weary or discouraged with the all-night reading and studying, it’s all going to be for good. I pray you come out in flying colours. I love you dearly.

16. You are a covenant of success, always remember that. You can’t be less. Never. Excellent results await you.

17. When others struggle, you will excel conveniently. You are not them. You are a child of God. I wish you the best my love.

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18. I can’t get through to you as frequently as I would have loved, but then, I understand you need more time to study so that you come out successful. Can’t wait for your exams to end. I love you always.

19. I’ll love us to study for your exams together baby, and I hope we get serious. Smiles. I’d rather leave you to study alone so you can focus. Miss you baby.

20. I wish you success and excellence as you begin your final exams. Enjoy God’s favour and mercy like never before. Your boyfriend loves you.

Exams Sms for Girlfriend

Best Exam Sms for Girlfriend during exam periods.

21. As you go into the examination hall, I pray everything works together for your good. Best of luck baby.

22. Hi beautiful! I just want to wish you Success in your exam today. Good luck my dearest friend!

23. I know you’ll come out with flying colours my love! Good luck to you!

24. Go forth and write excellence babe. Remember, I love you!

25. I shall be here patiently waiting to hear the good news… Best of luck, my beautiful girl!

26. Best wishes to you, be relaxed, calm and collected… Success awaits you, dear!

27. May the Good Lord crown your efforts to succeed. Do Boo proud, Pumpkin!

28. Go out there and excel, my love. I wish you the best of luck!

29. I wish you the greatest success baby. Good luck my charming baby!

30. You know, you’re not only beautiful, you are also intelligent. I’m confident that success is yours, dear! Go and shine as the light that you are.

Best Wishes for Girlfriend’s Exam

Best Wishes for Girlfriend’s Exam you should send to your Lover.

31. My sugarplum, make sure you do well o in your forthcoming exams dear. I love you

32. Babe, I wish you success as you commence your exams. Love you much.

33. My love, how is preparation going? Please do not overwork yourself, I don’t want you to be too stressed out. Read with ease!

34. Sweetheart, how is prep going? I’m sure you gonna do me proud, my brilliant princess.

35. Hi, my love. I know it’s been a while we talked cos of your exams. I understand dear, just concentrate and do well as usual.

36. Sweetheart, hope preparation is going on smoothly? Just make sure you balance everything. Eat well, sleep well and pray. Love you my heart.

37. My treasure, what’s up with you? Hope the midnight oil is always lit? I trust that you will come out with excellent results. Keep doing boyfriend proud.

38. Hey, are you almost done with the syllabus? Let’s meet at our love garden in case you have issues with any topic. We’ll win together. Smiles.

39. Baby! What’s up?remember how wonderful you’ve always been? You’ve never been defeated. So as the exam approaches, go and win again. I’m always with you.

40. May the good Lord direct your path as you prepare for exams. You focus on the major things. Amen. I miss you love.

Best of Luck Sms for Exam for Girlfriend

Here are Best of Luck Sms for Exam for Girlfriend.

41. Hey girlfriend.
I wish you great success as you start your exams today
May you pass with flying colours! I love you!

42. I trust you to pass excellently
I’d have wished you luck but you don’t need it.
All the very best darling!

43. You’re brilliant, you’re intelligent, you’re a success
All this I know and I’m persuaded of. Go and smash your exams!
Kisses dear.

44. There’s nobody in the world as brilliant as you are
And I’m so lucky to have you
Go and write your exams and do me proud, babe!
Love you big!

45. I wish you have a blast in your exams because you’re more than capable!
Keep making me proud always, Sweet.

46. I am convinced in 1,001 ways that you’ll do great in your upcoming exams because that’s what you always do. Best wishes Sweetheart.

47. You have learned, read, studied and prepared for your exams. I wish you retentive memory. Success love.

48. You mean so much to me. And your success will mean so much more to me. I wish you all the best in your upcoming exams. I love you, Beautiful.

49. This your upcoming exams is definitely gonna be your best yet. I believe in you! All the best pumpkin!

50. You are excellent. Go show it forth. I’ll be here waiting for your great results, girlfriend. Write success!

Best of Luck Exam Sms for Girlfriend

Here are Best of Luck Exam Sms for Girlfriend.

51. As you go for your exams today, may the Lord grant you retentive memory. Go there and show them who you are.

52. It’s exam time, so get your lamp ready. I’ve packed a bag ready for you full of lamps. And should in case the battery runs out, I’ll be your light. Lol. Happy studying love.

53. In this exam period, may you be filled with joy and fulfilment after each paper and may all your exams be stress-free and full of success. You know I love you right?

54. Here are my warm wishes with love coming for you this period. May you find favour in the sight of your markers (both human and machine), and all your efforts this period will be crowned with success. Enjoy and know that I care.

55. Hi love, how’s the exam going? I’m sending this with much love and care. Do me proud babe, happy reading.

56. Hey babe, wish you success in your exam today, go and pen down right things.

57. Sweetheart, don’t be afraid of this exam, you have passed already. Go there and make papa proud. Smiles.

58. So, babe, I remembered now that you told me your exams start today, so this is me wishing you a huge success as you start. Love you.

59. You’re distinct and excellent. You’re different from everyone else. You are a success. Wish you the best in your exams sweetheart.

60. I want you to know one thing; I’m praying for you. And if you won’t mind, I want us to study together for your exams. Don’t worry babe, I won’t be a distraction. Smiles. Happy studying!

Best Wishes Exam for Girlfriend

You can send these Best Wishes Exam for Girlfriend to your Special Girl.

61. I’m pretty sure you are well prepared for your exams. So, success cannot be farfetched from you. Go girl and do great. Love.

62. Before, during and after your exams, you shall not have any experience of implication however little. You know more than your teachers, babe. Wish you the best only.

63. I promise you won’t great treat after your exams, my love. And a greater one if you have all A’s. I know you’ll do me proud, sweetheart. Wish you success.

64. Without exams, there can’t be a promotion. So, see this examination as an opportunity to move to the next step! Love you, sweetie.

65. Everyone who labours deserves to be rewarded. I pray that your efforts in preparing for your finals be greatly rewarded with outstanding results. Congratulations baby.

66. Although you’ve been preparing for weeks, I still understand when you told me you’ve not prepared at all. That’s how it always feels when you are over-prepared. Smiles. Do me proud again Love!

67. You’ll come out of your exam hall flying beautifully and proudly in hope of excellent results. You cannot be put to shame cos our God is never failing. Good luck my dearest.

68. Here are my heartfelt wishes and desires for you; excellent results beyond your comprehension and understanding such that people will begin to ask, “how did you do it?” Wish you the best dear.

69. You came, you saw and you’re conquering! Grow in His grace and knowledge. You are victorious my Best.

70. Success is not for everyone. It is only for those who are prepared for it. Just keep doing your preparation, huge success awaits you girlie. Much love from your King.

Best Wishes for Exam for Girlfriend

Here are Best Wishes for Exam for Girlfriend you can use.

71. Don’t be too anxious about your exam. Just concentrate and put down your best. The Lord is with you and will remind you of all you’ve read. You’re blessed, sweetie.

72. You can’t be afraid of failing cos you are an excellent being. Just go boldly and in the grace of the Lord and overcome! Blessings in your exams.

73. Sweetheart, I believe in you, so, believe in yourself too. You can’t do lesser than excel beautifully. Blessed are you baby girl.

74. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, present your request to God. Peace in your exam Lovely.

75. Surely, A’s and A’s again shall be your portion now and always. Enjoy the Lord’s favour because He’s favoured you. I love you, baby.

76. You understand, retain, remember and put down all you read in Jesus name. And above all, you enjoy unmerited favour in the sight of all markers. Wish you the best in your exams deary.

77. Beautiful, I can’t call or chat with you as I would love to cos it’s your exam period, still, I want you to know that I miss you love you really big. Great results await you, my Queen charming.

78. This is going to be your last exam and you should do well to make it your best so far. As you read, focus, concentrate and put down the right things in your exam. Miss you, my baby.

79. All your efforts and sleepless nights will not go unrewarded. Don’t worry, your success is guaranteed. You’ll share the testimony with everyone. I love you.

80. Beautiful, show them you’re not just beautiful outside but much more on the inside of you. Write beautiful stuff for your lecturers. And of course, beautiful results are yours. Wish you the best in your exams girlfriend. You’re simply the best.

Best of Luck Message for Exam for Girlfriend

Wish her something good as you send these Best of Luck Messages for Exam for Girlfriend.

81. I wish you grace in your exam my dearest. If you seem to forget anything, just remember my love for you. Winks. Wish you the best only.

82. As soon as you’re done with your exams, we’re going to have a party together. To ease up the exam stress and yeah, to celebrate your success already. Do well Mine.

83. Because you have the mind of Christ, you know all things! So, do not fret, your exam is a success because God’s Word says it is. Blessings my love.

84. As Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and favour with God and man, may you enjoy the same in your exam and always. More than good luck, I wish you grace, girlfriend.

85. You can’t be lesser than excellent. That’s just who you are. So baby, go in this light and show the world how great you are. Your exam is a done deal.

86. I believe so much in you, and I need you to believe more in yourself. Let’s win together my love. Your exams are blessed.

87. Before, during, and after your exams, you’ll always have reasons to smile because your joy will know no bounds. I love you always deary.

88. You have the Spirit of wisdom in you, therefore, you know all things. You only need to have confidence in Him and yourself. Success is yours.

89. You would not only pass your exams, you will pass them well. You can be outstanding my love. You have it in you! Wish you grace dear.

90. Enjoy retentive memory and good success. You have it in abundance baby.

Best Wishes for Exams to My Girlfriend

Don’t hesitate to use these Best Wishes for Exams to My Girlfriend.

91. Go through your answer sheets carefully after each exam so you can adjust every error. Wish you the best.

92. The Lord bless the works of your hands which include your writings. You’re blessed, sweetie. Have a blast in your exams.

93. The only thing that can stop you from having great results is you. Just believe, and then you receive. I’ll be praying for you.

94. Study hard for this exam but more importantly, walk in grace. You are success personified. Failure is not permitted. I wish you well baby.

95. My wishes for your exams are excellence, wisdom and understanding. Enjoy more and more of that my dear. I miss you.

96. As much as you trust and believe in yourself, trust and believe more in God. He is the Giver of abilities and Qualified of the unqualified. Enjoy His grace so strong Bestie.

97. You’re not just going to pass to be promoted, you will excel outstandingly, such that men would be wowed by you. I call you favoured lovely.

98. Focus. Believe. Receive. With these, you can be success-assured. Fear not, He is with you and so am I. Smiles.

99. Success more than an occurrence is a choice. When you choose to see it, you see it. You have the power to walk in this reality. Love you big.

100. May God’s grace sustain you all through the exam period and through life. You are graced. Fear not, Beautiful.

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