Best Happy Valentines Day Husband Messages

2024 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Husband Messages

There is no doubt that perfect couples are cut out from the same material and that includes you and your husband. You feel so loved by him and you want to show him how much you love him through these Happy Valentine messages.

It’s a good decision you have taken and there’s more than enough romantic messages here that will make the celebration worth it. Freely choose from these sweetly crafted messages.

If you truly love him too, show it in your little acts and dispositions. Today is a day you should not take for granted as it is spent just once in a year. So, wait are you waiting for?

Absolutely nothing, pick up your phone, type and hit the “send” button. winks.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sms Messages for My Husband

Sweet happy valentine’s day sms for husband.

1. I have been waiting for this day to come and now that it is here, I just want you to know that I found myself looking at your cute eyes all day long and I hope you feel the same way about me too. Happy Valentine, my love.

2. I appreciate the originality in our marriage; your love, the way you inspire me, your wisdom in making me accept my inadequacies. You are more than I could ever ask for, Happy Valentine my boo.

3. My sweet husband, you proved to me that love is not a mere word but an action word. Time after time, you have acted out love to me. Happy Valentine!

4. Can I ever get tired of seeing you? No cos each time I see you, a new sensation emerges in me, as though it’s my first. Happy Valentine to the best hubby in the world.

5. Though we may lack the things that connote beauty in a regular world, yet nothing can be compared to the beauty of true love we have shared all through the years and that we will share forever.Happy Valentine, darling.

6. With you, I am forever content, I have nowhere else to go cos I have found my resting place. You are my final destination. Happy Valentine, dear.

7. Today will be so incomplete if I fail to let you know how much I love you dearly. I really do. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.

8. To the one I love the most, to the one that gives me complete joy, to the one who makes me feel like there’s nothing to worry about. I love you endlessly. Happy Valentine!

9. I want to promise you on this special day that I will always be there for you in good and bad times. I will stick to you like the ants do to honey. Happy Anniversary, Honey.

10. My adorable husband is like a sweet wine from the finest winery. You make me intoxicated with your love. Happy Valentine’s day.

11. Name your wish today and I promise to give you anything special and romantic just to make this day special for both of us. winks. Happy Anniversary!

12. Yaaay, it’s another valentine’s day with my sweet and adorable husband. It’s all about us and the love we share so let’s rock the day together with good music and fantasies. Happy Vallentine, love.

13. I love you deeply, I love you crazily and I love you valentinely. May we always celebrate our love on a day like this and other days. Happy Anniversary, significant other.

14. I see everything in a new perspective whenever you are with me. You give a beautiful meaning to life’s view. Happy Valentine, my love.

15. Day by day, I count my blessings because you belong to me. You are the love of my life and I love you intensely. Happy Valentine, darling.

16. It was from you I learnt that nothing else in life is sustainable, except our true love for each other. Thanks for loving me effortlessly. Happy Valentine, my significant other.

17. We have been there for each other no matter the circumstance. I am so sure the future holds better and greater things for us both. Happy Valentine.

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18. Everything became brand new the day I met you. I found purpose and Joy in you and I love you so much. Happy Valentine, Boo.

19. Each time I ponder on our love story, I can’t stop to wonder how we became the perfect person for each other. It’s weird and at the same time, interesting! Happy Valentine, dear.

20. I promise to keep your heart in the safest place since the day you entrust me with it, it is the world’s most invaluable treasure. Happy Valentine, my treasure.

21. I want you to know today that I cannot afford to joke with our love and I will never take it for granted no matter what comes our way. Happy Valentine, darling.

22. There are a thousand and one love messages out there, but the one that comes from my heart is the most authentic, therefore, I want you to know I love you crazily. Happy Valentine, love.

23. On a special day as this, I pray that you receive a special touch from the Angels that will make your face glow like the brightest sun. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Valentine.

24. You are an image of what love preaches. Yes, you say it and you do it in triple folds. I love you more every day. Happy Valentine, dear.

25. One major issue in relationships is a partner trying to change the other person, it just won’t work! You have accepted me just the way I am and that makes me love you more everyday. Happy Valentine to my understanding hubby.

26. Our love is divine because you have made me understand a lot of secrets many marriage counsellors would not even teach. Nothing makes a relationship successful than what you tell me. Happy Valentine to my personal counsellor. winks.

27. I can assure you I’d be on Forbes list if I were to be paid a dollar each time I think about you cos I think about you all day long. Happy Valentine.

28. Your love towards me is not one-directional. It is so multi-directional that I enjoy it from left, right, centre, up, down, front, back and what have you? Thank you for loving me in so many ways. Happy Valentine, my love.

29. You are not only a comedian, your jokes lift my spirit in a way that makes me forget my worries. Happy Valentine to your sweetheart.

30. Today, I promise not just to make you smile, but to make you laugh real hard cos that’s exactly what you deserve – smiles, joy and happiness. Happy Valentine, dear.

31. Even though we had a long term relationship before marriage, you kept your vows towards me. I am so certain our marriage vows will be intact for the rest of our lives. Love you and Happy Valentine, boo.

32. You are not just a fun-loving person, you are an exciting person and I am glad I will have to live with you for the rest of my life. Happy Valentine to you.

33. As far as I am concerned, your kind of temperament is a one-of-a-kind; gentle, wise, cool, calm, thoughtful. I love you for all that you are. Happy Valentine.

34. Although I have mixed up this parcel of love with some sense of humor, I hope my message remains clear that you are always in my thought. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.

35. Your contributions in making a critical decision in our home have saved us a lot of sudden occurrences and I thank you for your wits. Happy Valentine, darling.

36. For you to really enjoy life, you’ve got to get married to your best friend. I’m glad I got married to my best friend – You. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.

37. If you see this question as a perfect shoe size, wear it. It speaks the truth and no joke. Will you love me till death do us part? Lol. Happy Valentine, dear.

38. Over the years, I have asked you a couple of questions and I have gotten quite a handful of answers. Today, let me ask you a very deep question. Will you be my Valentine? Hahaha

39. You are the most beautiful soul on earth. I realized that the moment you wooed me and I am glad I accepted you into my life. So, I wish you a Happy Valentine.

40. When my heart became susceptible to life problems, You were my immunity. You were right there for me to stand back on my feet. Be my Val! Happy Valentine!

41. Two things are important to me: You and the rose; the rose for you, I am your rose and You are my life. Happy Valentine.

42. Each passing moments reveals more about your awesomeness. I am so glad you are mine. Happy Valentine to the best husband in the world.

43. Every pump my heart makes defines a unique rhythm of my love for you. It’s so sonorous and melodious that I can’t compare it to any other song in the world. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.

44. To the one who cherishes, honours and adores me, despite knowing all my inadequacies. Happy Valentine to you darling!

45. You are the oxygen that ignites my fire. You make my desire for you burn with thousands of flaming tongues. Let me walk with you forever. Happy Valentine, dear.

46. For many, true love is something impossible. I count myself blessed for experiencing true love. I take out this special day and time to celebrate you, my love. Happy Valentine!

47. Can you please be the reason for my drawing another breath of passion and perfection as you have always been. But let today’s own be extraordinarily perfect. Happy Valentine.

48. I make a solemn promise to you today that I will ever cherish you for the rest of my life. I love you dearly. Happy Valentine.

49. My love for you goes beyond the expression of emotion or words, it is a true commitment and I know this commitment will be worth it. Happy Valentine, my king.

50. I give you my word to forever cherish you, keep you warm and keep your company. Happy Valentine to you.

51. For being the tick of my clock this Valentine, I appreciate you. Can we make this valentine an everyday thing in our lives? winks. Happy Valentine.

52. I understood the clause- “little drops of water make a mighty ocean” from our relationship. Thank you for making the little things count. I will love you forever and ever. Happy Valentine.

53. Ours is a unique love tale. Though I have read and seen many love stories, ours is incomparable. Thank you for making this possible. Happy Valentine, boo.

54. I do not see Valentine day as a single day to cherish you. Rather a day to reflect what an invaluable gift you are to me. You are such a gift I cannot deny its value. Happy Valentine.

55. A single day without you is unimaginable. You are my heartbeat and veins. Thank you for your great commitment to our relationship. Happy Valentine.

56. Each day reveals a unique freshness in a relationship like ours. You are beyond what I deserve; I am so favoured to have you. Happy Valentine to my adorable husband.

57. To the one who gave my existence meaning. What incredible thing could I have done without you? My heart belongs to you. So, I wish you a Happy Valentine.

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58. Your thought follows my rising each morning. You are every blessing I desire and I cannot but be thankful for having you in my life. I cherish you now and always. Happy Valentine.

59. A moment of reminiscence on all that we have in common- the memories we share, the goals accomplished, every success gotten and failures recorded. I am glad I am doing life with you. Happy Valentine.

60. You are one in a million and also one in a billion. I love and adore you. Thank you for being my Valentine. Happy Valentine.

61. In the most simple and clearest term do I leave this message for you. I LOVE YOU CRAZILY. Happy Valentine, my lover man.

62. Every day, there is an expression of love between us but what I appreciate about Valentine is the opportunity it gives to pour out a bucket full of love upon you. Happy Valentine, my sweetness.

63. There is a lifting in my spirit whenever I am around you. You are such a special person and I am glad you are mine forever. Happy Valentine, boo.

64. Love sounds like all other words; it does not really make sense to you until someone makes it an expression, then you will realize it has an amazing power. You have expressed it to me in so many ways. Happy Valentine!

65. The touch of your love has transformed my life. I am truly a new woman by the stretch of your magic wand. winks. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.

66. You are the chief of all my desires. The maker and creator of my companionship, the perfect friend I could ever ask for. Happy Valentine.

67. There is this special feeling your presence brought into my life. I never knew this was possible until now. Thank you for coming into my life, Happy Valentine.

68. You make me feel like a knight in shining armour, yet you are my Achilles heel. I love you endlessly. Happy Valentine!

69. For everything we have been through together; thank you. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Happy Valentine, my charming king.

70. It is so true that love could make one lose his sense of reasoning. That is what happens to me whenever you are with me. You mean the world to me.

71. I’ve got only one Val; it is you! You are my love today, tomorrow and forever. My love for you is everlasting. HAPPY VALENTINE.

72. We make a perfect team. Nobody else is required. Except, of course, our children join our wonderful team. Happy Valentine.

73. You give all the warmth and comfort I desire and these qualities make you my satisfaction. Be my Val, darling. Happy Valentine.

74. I never understood what love means until I met you. You made the understand the true meaning of love. Happy Valentine’s day.

75. You have made loving you very simple and easy; No complications of any kind at all. Happy Valentine’s day

76. No one can take your place in my heart because you are so wonderful and I mean it by every sense of the word. Happy Valentine’s day

77. Thank you for being so good to be true; continue being you and doing you. I love you immensely and greatly. Happy Valentine.

78. For me, Valentine’s day without you is unimaginable. Yes, it is a total disaster without you. I love you intensely. Happy Valentine.

79. I like to count all my blessings on Valentine’s day but the reality is you are connected to every one of them. Happy Valentine.

80. Valentine’s day makes it possible to express all my love for you at the same time. I cherish you.

81. I’m short of words to tell of your sweetness right now. I think my lips would best describe it to you. can you send me that romantic kiss? winks. Happy Valentine.

82. I celebrate the love of my life that has kept me smiling all day. Cheers to the bond of our unfailing love. Happy Valentine’s Day

83. But for you, my life would have been darkened and shattered. You shone your light into my life and transformed it. Thanks for your illumination, my sunshine. Happy Valentine.

84. Thank you for adding to my life the most wonderful and joyful years on earth. Yes, you made me a more joyful person. Happy Valentine.

85. No one is as lucky as I am cos with you, life is an endless romantic movie. I will watch all the series and enjoy everything life has for us. Happy Valentine.

86. With my whole heart; I love you. With my whole mind, I adore you, With my whole body, I give myself completely to you. Happy Valentine.

87. My thoughts are always filled with you. I must have lost count if ” thoughts” count. I’d love you to stay. Not like Valentine that comes and goes.

88. If I could only be with you, everyday would be Valentine. Every day will be a special day for just you and I. Happy Valentine.

89. Your charming handsomeness transcends that of the flowers. I wouldn’t buy one, they might get jealous. I am glad I have yours to keep forever. Happy Valentine.

90. But for you, Valentine’s Day would have been tough on me. With you, it’s quite easy on me. Thank you, my love. Happy Valentine.

91. You’re so sweet and even chocolates that I love so much cannot match up with how much I love you. Happy Valentine.

92. You’re so cute, I feel God was being ostentatious when he made you. Winks. Happy Valentine.

93. Without you, life is pointless, life would be like a broken pencil without an eraser and a marker without a tippex. Happy Valentine darling.

94. We are just like rose and violet. Red and blue are such a perfect match. I think we should make out before the end of today. Happy Valentine.

95. You’re such an angel. I hope it didn’t hurt coming down from heaven? Did you land in the ocean or on the land? I am glad to call you my Angel. Happy Valentine.

96. I always feel bad without you. Our camaraderie make us much better! What a bliss to be together. Happy Valentine.

97. Thanks for being my Valentine! If not for you, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t have been fun. You fill my heart with so much fun. Happy Valentine.

98. My love for you is beyond a day -“Valentine’s Day”. I love you all day, month and year round and there’s nothing you can do about it! Happy Valentine.

99. To my love, my joy, my heart, to the most amazing person in my life, I say happy Happy Valentine!

100. I appreciate your love and happiness because they are the best priceless gifts I could ever ask for. They lighten my heart and relief me of many burdens. Happy Valentine.

101. Like a butterfly floating through the air, your love fills my stomach and make me giggle like a one-year-old toddler on a sweet spring day. Happy Valentine.

102. I celebrate you on this day for the impacts you’ve made on my life, days without you are clouded with no sunshine! Happy Valentine to my committed love.

103. I find solace on your shoulders; to cry and help in times of need. I find comfort in the words you speak in times I got confused. Happy Anniversary.

104. My life would have been devoid of happiness if not for you, my years wouldn’t have been amazing but for you. Thank you, my love! Happy Valentine.

105. My heart has been on lock over the years, thank God I found you, now I have a key that unlocks my heart. You are the key to my heart. Happy Valentine, my Valentine.

106. I’m so lucky I found you my perfect match. Indeed we’re meant to be together forever. Happy Valentine to my forever Val.

107. I’m nothing without you. Yes, It’s that serious! My heart bleeds for you! I love you more than words can say. Happy Valentine to you.

108. We may look incomparable in many things, but there is a distinguishing factor that signifies that we are one – our deep and sincere love for each other are so perfect. Happy Valentine.

109. A day without looking into your eyes makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. You give every security, comfort and pleasure I desire all the time. Happy Valentine, boo.

110. You are the answer to my prayer to God. God surpassed my request by granting you to me. I cannot appreciate Him enough for giving me you. Happy Valentine.

111. The first thought that comes to me in the morning is you because I know with you on my mind, my day will be as bright as ever. Happy Valentine.

112. When I wake in the morning my first thought is of you, because when I begin my day with you in my mind I know that the day will be perfect

113. Nothing more is desirable than spending this special day with you. I care deeply about you. Happy Valentine.

114. For daily revealing to me what true love is, I wanna say a big Thank you. My love for you is till the end of time. Happy Valentine.

115. To the one behind my smile, I send this token of love of sincere words. Thank you for being the source of my joy. Happy Valentine.

116. With you, there is no day set apart for the celebration of love; every day is love’s day. Our celebration knows no limit and will never know. Happy Valentine.

117. You came into my life with pure bliss. Such blessing never crossed my imagination until you stepped into my life. Happy Valentine.

118. I strongly felt the chemistry between us the day we met. Nothing could have stopped you from becoming mine and I thank God it happened. Happy Valentine.

119. Valentine’s day would have been like soup with no salt without you. Thank you for being the much needed spice and condiment. Happy Valentine.

120. You will always take a special place in my life. No wonder every day is special for me because of you. You are my special king now and always. Happy Valentine.

In conclusion, Valentine is such an interesting day that you’ve got to grab it and do the needful before the day ends. Don’t ever think you should end the day without sending some loving messages to the one you claim to love.

If you have, congratulations. If you haven’t, then you are probably still typing on your phone has a flat battery. So you still have the next few hours before the day is over. Hugs.

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