2024 Touching Good Morning Friendship Messages

Mornings are unique, it’s significance both in the spiritual and physical cannot be underemphasized.

Every day begins with mornings, it’s like a pathway to planning how the day will be.

It is not always possible to be with the people we love every time we want to, even friends that we care greatly about, but then you can send your good morning wishes as texts to them. It would make them understand how much their friendship means to you.

You might be having slight difficulties composing heartfelt wishes to usher them into the new day. But then you should not bother yourself as you can choose from the following touching good morning messages to appreciate your friendship with that special friend.

Good Morning Text Messages for Friends

Want your best friends or a very special friend to wake up to the best text messages ever? These cute messages are wrapped in the best feelings ever for him or her to have the best of the day.

1. As you stand up and step out this morning, I pray for you from deep inside me that it is well with you my dearest friend.

2. You’re my favourite friend and I wish that today you’ll stand out wherever you find yourself. Good morning to you dear.

3. You deserve great favours and I pray you get these as you go out this morning.

4. I wish you my dear friend a smooth and stress-free day. Step out and stand out.

5. The Lord be with you and my love go with you this morning as you start another beautiful day. Good morning my bestie.

6. Good morning and welcome to another day to prove your awesomeness.

7. Hi bestie, hope you had a wonderful night? You know you’re the best friend ie could ever ask for. Have a wonderful day ahead.

8. I just want you to know that you’re in my mind and I don’t want you to fret as you move out to your activities today. Good morning to you.

9. Blessings follow you today my dear friend, you are dear to me, hope you know? Good morning.

10. Good morning my lazy cookie! Have a stress-free today.

11. I always look forward to wishing you good morning my dearest cupcake. Don’t forget to havea s nice day.

12. Don’t forget to be the awesome person that you always are today. Good morning dear.

13. Good news follow you today, that’s my prayer for you my best friend. Good morning to you.

14. Have you forgotten you have to rise and shine? Get up my friend and have a wonderful day ahead.

15. To the one and only friend I have in the whole universe, good morning dear.

16. Get up and accept my good morning wishes so you can make me happy.

17. Thank God my most amazing friend is up this morning. Good morning dear, how’s your night?

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18. God is always keeping you safe day after day because he knows what a great friend you are. Good morning dearest.

19. May today bring you great gifts of life, good morning my best friend.

20. I was so eager that I couldn’t completely wait for daybreak before u could send you my friend a good morning from my heart.

21. Today will be a very successful and fulfilling day by God’s grace. Good morning my best friend.

22. I wish you greatness and goodies as you go out today. Have a swell day my friend.

23. Everyone talks of friends but you, my friend, are the best of them all. Good morning to you dear.

24. You are more than a friend, you’re dear to me and I wish you an amazing today. Good morning to you.

25. Go ahead and have a very wonderful day, you know you deserve it, dearie. Good morning to you.

26. My best friend deserves the combination of a warm hug and a cup of coffee every morning but since I’m not there, manage this wish from me. Good morning dear.

27. Good morning my special pumpkin!

28. You are a great person and you deserve to have a swell day… Good morning dear.

29. This is how to wish special friends a perfect day ahead, good morning to you dear.

30. I wish you have a safe and perfect day today, good morning to you.

31. I pray that you receive the strength you need for today, good morning to you.

32. Don’t let the weakness of yesterday weigh you down, let the urge for success be the source of your strength today. Good morning to you

33. Forget the excitements of yesterday, today’s gonna be better. Good morning to you.

34. I’ll pray that you are safe as you go out today, good morning my dear friend.

35. As you wish may you have a wonderful today, good morning dear.

36. You are my best friend and you know I wish you all the best for each day. Good morning to you dear.

37. No matter what it feels like, carry yourself with confidence into each day. Good morning.

38. You’ve got potentials, you’re a great person, believe that and have a great day ahead.

39. Your day is fulfilled already just believe and go ahead to have a great day.

40. Have a day full of blessing to the brim! Good morning dear.

41. Welcome to another day of fulfilling purpose.

42. Go out today and be the blessing that someone deserves.

43. You are an amazing personality, have an amazing day ahead.

44. Don’t forget to take your confidence with a cup of coffee as you go out today. Good morning to you.

45. Challenges will come for sure, just be you and believe that you have the strength to face it all today and always. Good morning to you.

46. I pray for the strength that you need for today’s journey.

47. It’s another day of living your dream, don’t forget to be awesome out there today. Good morning.

48. More than you can comprehend, you will be blessed today. Good morning to you.

49. As you go out today, don’t forget to be the best you can be as that’s what’s acceptable. Good morning to you.

50. I wanted to send you hugs for the day but I remember you’re not even here. Good morning to you.

51. May your expectations today yield in hundred folds. Good morning.

52. I almost forgot I’ve not wished my best friend a good morning. How’s your night? Be awesome today.

53. Welcome to another day of being superb. I wish you a fruitful day ahead.

54. Go out today and prosper, don’t forget that God’s got you always. Good morning love.

55. Another day of greatness is here baby, go and prosper. Have a nice day.

56. Today is made ready for you already, go out and be blessed. Good morning dearest.

57. All around today, you will be favoured. Good morning dear.

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58. Today has been settled in your favour already my dear. Good morning to you.

59. Get ready for pleasant surprises today as you’re in for it already. Good morning dear.

60. Every move of you today is made perfect, just believe. Good morning my best friend.

61. May today and beyond bring you real life blessings. Good morning dear, how’s your night?

62. Forget the stress and make up your mind to enjoy today at all costs. Good morning my friend.

63. Go ahead and enjoy today, it’s marked for our greatness already. Good morning!

64. You won’t have any reason to struggle today, trust God. Good morning dearie.

65. Before I get enmeshed in today’s activities, let me wish you a good morning and a great day ahead.

66. Great opportunities ahead of you today! Good morning to you.

67. May your path shine and favour rise for you today. Good morning my dear friend.

68. Good morning to you this morning, don’t forget to live today like a baby; trust God.

69. Go out today with nothing but joy, have an eventful today dear. Good morning.

70. Get up already and activate the blessings of today. Good morning to you.

71. It’s obvious today’s going to be an exciting one already, so get up and get going already. Good morning.

72. Have an exciting and adventurous day, don’t forget to be you. Good morning.

73. Your steps are ordered by the grace of God as you go today. Good morning my dearest friend.

74. Know that everything is in the hands of God and trust him to direct you today. Good morning to you

75. Don’t forget that you’re the best version of you always. Good morning to you.

76. It’s morning time, go out and do the best that you can today.

77. Let everything be in the hand of God today, let him take care of you. Have a most rewarding day.

78. The mighty hand of God will keep you safe today and always. Have a wonderful morning and day.

79. Don’t forget that you are the key to your own happiness as you go today. Good morning my dear.

80. Today will be a smooth and stress-free one. Enjoy your day, good morning.

81. Welcome this morning with your smile, you deserve it.

82. Have a positive attitude to your mornings and you’ll see the day bring you nothing but smiles.

83. Because you serve a living God, he’ll prove himself mighty for your sake today. Good morning to you.

84. Don’t forget to enjoy your day, you deserve it always. Good morning my best friend.

85. Just trust God completely that today’s going to be a perfect day. Enjoy your morning and the day.

86. Don’t forget to thank God who gave you a beautiful night and a refreshing morning. Have a nice day dear.

87. Happy new day to you my mischievous pumpkin. Have a wonderful day ahead.

88. Don’t forget to smile always as you go out today! Good morning to you.

89. Make the most of each day and you’ll be surprised at how the works of your hands will be blessed. Good morning.

90. Face the new day with a smile, that way you get the strength you need for the journey. Good morning to you.

91. The Creator of the universe will keep you so you won’t falter. Good morning and have a fulfilling day ahead.

92. Your steps are ordered today, just believe! Good morning to you

93. I wish that today will be better than the previous days. Good morning.

94. I pray you get the strength you need to face today again. Good morning to you.

95. The grace of God will follow you today as you step out. Gracious morning to you.

96. Today, your testimonies abound more than you can even think of. Have a blessed day.

97. Go ahead and prosper today, you’re a child of God so you deserve it. Top of the morning to you.

98. Go out with the thoughts that your hard work will start paying off from this morning. Good morning to you.

99. You’ll find reasons to laugh to your heart content today. Have a wonderful day ahead.

100. You are going to have the best of your days starting from today. Trust God. Good morning.

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