2024 Most Romantic Text Messages for Her or Him

Romantic Text Messages for Her or Him

Below are heart touching love messages for lovers that you can send to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend in or out season.

Loving you is not just response to stimli
I love you for sure and i do truly
Nothing makes a difference in me than your true love
And nothing is more ideal than your undying love.
I love you so much.

If money can buy anything
An exception is you
And if people’s love don’t cost a thing
An exception will still be you
Good morning my love

What I’ll show you is super love
I’ll take your love deeper and deeper love
Like the rain sent from above
So smoothing, that’s what I’ll give to you love
I really love you.

You become the best when you work with the best
And the last time I checked you remain my very best
All others may be better but you are sure the best
And ever will you remain my best.
I love you so much.

Bad moments are not meant for you
But romantic and special ones is what I’ll give to you
Loving you till death do us part isn’t too much for me to do
And no matter the amount you give, that I’ll give you more that double too.

I’ve faced days that seemed as though I was lost,
I failed while alone I tried to be better at all cost.
But your coming into my life made me the better me,
And forever and ever, I promise, it is you and me.

Your love is like electric shock in my heart,
And not like a lifeless butterfly in my belly.
I can tell this is the best, through your act,
And this is worth celebrating yearly!

I’ve seen great love but yours is the most special,
Among all I have ever met, you are the most social.
Among all who have loved me, you are the most cordial.
For me to have said no would have been a self-denial!

The warmth of your love is more than a bonfire
Everyday and every night, more of it I desire.
I choose you over my best attire
With you I want to build the best love empire
Going for life and won’t get tired.

The thought of you makes a bad day turns good,
The thought of your love makes better my mood,
And I choose your love over my best food.
I would put you inside of me if only I could.

Your love gives the evidence-based change I can see,
And the assurance that I can be what I want to be.
If not for your love what in life would I be,
Forever it’s me and you, my sweet baby.

Your love puts a new song into my mouth
More than something to be joyous about
And I promise to love you within and without
For you are my sweetness without doubt

You are my sweetness, the apple of my eyes.
Your love makes me cool than a block of ice.
Your love is my investment of unlimited returns,
And you are the help I see wherever I turn.

Your love is more than melody to my heart,
More than sweet smelling savour to my soul.
I will give in return of it my whole heart.
I give my all to you and give you the control.

Your love works for me like charm,
Sweeter than my bread with sweet jam,
Makes me feel secured like water in a dam.
The best person ever lives, with you I am.

I cherish your love than google adsense,
The way you take me I’m afraid I’ll lose my sense.
All others makes nonsense but you make sense,
So, all I need is your presence and not Your absence.

So many love last for a moment in time,
But mine for you will last forever and won’t sublime.
I will love you without you paying a dime,
And will cherish you than a meal with Curry and thyme.

No matter where I look or where I go,
I have tried but can’t find your match.
From your love, I promise not to detach,
For It is you who lifted all sorrows of me like embargo.
I love you than the sweetness of the sweetest mango.

Your love is pure and purer than glass,
Your love is ecstatic and first class,
Your thought renders my heart like two edged cutlass.
Wherever your love leads I will follow,
You with me today, I’m not bothered about tomorrow.

I will love you till death do us apart,
I will still love you even if distance keep us apart.
No matter what, from your love, I won’t depart,
And to keep your heart unbroken, I will do my part.

I didn’t fall for your beauty, for it doesn’t matter.
I didn’t fall for your shape, for it is no much to me.
I fell for what makes you, and that is your character.
I truly love you and forever that will be.

I enthrone you as the love of my life.
May your reign has no end in my heart,
And may it bring fulfillment to my life.
Long live my love, and my heart!

I may not be able to buy you all you desire,
Or take you to the exquisite places in the earth.
But I promise that in loving you I won’t be tired,
And forever we shall reign together until death.

I can’t imagine life without you.
I thank God I did find you.
I am of all men the most blessed!
I love you my virtuous sweetheart.

If indeed true love is hard to find,
How come I get you, my one of a kind?
Think it’s by favour and not that I deserved it.
I owe keeping this relationship my life- it’s worth it.

No matter how romantic and cute anything is,
They can’t replace the thought of you in my heart.
Thank you for your impart and unending bliss.
Nothing, I say nothing, can ever separate us apart

Baby your love is adorable and blowing my mind
You are one of a kind and your second I can’t find
Being with you under any weather, I won’t mind
And trying to search for any other, I have resigned

Loving you forever is simple like a b c
For you have filled my life with Ecstasy
You are making me go crazy as far as I can see,
And thinking about our love, no breath is left in me.

The way you are taking me I just can’t Shout
You are romantic and too unique in and out,
You are the one I love and I can’t live without,
‘Cause of You I am the happiest person living without doubt

My romantic lover and inestimable jewel,
Believe me you make my head swell.
The way I feel I just can’t tell.
I will stay with you without saying farewell.
Forever with you I have chosen to dwell.

I’m loving you forever for sure,
For you are the best and the one for me.
I identify myself with you, my treasure,
Because your love makes up the best part of me.

I could use all my life to work and get enough money to live,
But I wouldn’t gather enough to pay for the worth of your love.
It is sheer favour having you in my life,
And that is why I will love you my whole life.

If there are thousands Only you is true.
Loving you like never before, that I’ll always do,
As long as you love me too,
I will keep you save and always pay my due.

I love you from head to toe,
And I’ll take you through the world if you want me to.
I will do anything in my power to keep you happy,
But won’t do anything to make you unhappy.

Loving you is not accidental.
My love is the best instrumental,
You’re the stalk I’m the petal,
And forever I put you on pedestal!

Just thinking how blessed I am to have you.
You are the queen of my time.
My ecstasy and my joy in its prime,
Is who you are to me all the time. I love you.

I love you from your head to your toe,
And I’ll take you through the world if you want me to.
I will do anything in my power to keep you happy,
But won’t do anything to make you unhappy.

“For the one who cares and love you,
For the one who wish to see you happy,
For the one who is so loving and selfless
For the one who always want your best
To Him or Her who deserves your heart,
To that special person in your heart,
To Him who is handsome and loving
To Her who is beautiful and romantic
Romantic message is what such deserves.”
Don’t wait any further, send it to him or her now.

Everybody deserves to be loved. I love you reading this piece.

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