2023 Morning Blessings to Wake Up To

Prayer is important in the lives of humans, no matter how small. And prayer from a loved one is even more important. No prayer is too short or small, so far it’s coming from a loved one. You’ve got loved ones that deserve your prayers every morning? Try these beautiful messages, and thank me later.

These are morning blessings messages to send to your loved ones.

Lovely Morning Blessings Quotes

Most beautiful collection of morning blessings to wake up to.

1. Hey love! How are you this morning? I want you to know that something good awaits you today. And by God’s grace, you’ll have it! Now, get up! Go grab it! Good morning.

2. No matter how good yesterday was, today will surely be better. It’s a new day. Another opportunity to stamp your feet on the sands of time. Go make your mark. Embrace the new day! Good morning!

3. Here’s to a day of full opportunities and greatness. Here’s to a day of possibilities. Here’s to a day full of corrections to correct yesterday’s mistakes. It’s a new day! Good morning.

4. Approach today’s challenges in total confidence through the Holy Spirit. May your actions today and forever always be guided by God’s wisdom and strength. Have a blessed day, my love. Good morning.

5. I dedicate each of my mornings and all of my thoughts to you because you deserve it. Even if I have struggled during the day, my mornings are always good because you are in them. I thank God each and every day that you are a part of my life. I love you. Have a good morning!

6. Waking up to the thoughts of you is the best way to start the day! I pray that the love that binds our two hearts together will never change and that our bond will only strengthen as time passes. Amen. Good morning, my heart!

7. You have been chosen among all of the people of the world to see His light today. God has chosen you, so live as a testament to his love and mercy. Enjoy your day to the fullest, my love. Good morning.

8. Today is just the first day of the rest of your life. It will set the pace for all of the limitless wonders and signs that God has to offer. I thank God each day for bringing you into my life. Good morning, my love.

9. As you leave home today, may peace follow you wherever you go. May favour speak for you and may God’s grace go before you. May your entire day be full of blessings and goodness from above. Amen. Good morning, dear.

10. We may start this day with struggles and challenges, but may He open the door to opportunities in His name. May each step you take today bring you closer to His love and infinite mercy. Amen. Good morning, my dear.

11. Hold your head high! maintain focus!
Go slay! Good morning!

12. No matter what life presents you with today, you have the capacity to overcome. Go win today. Good morning.

13. Remain resolute; don’t waver in your aspirations. Believe, Achieve. Go and prosper! Good morning.

14. Strive for excellence today; strive to be the best. Good morning, champ.

15. Don’t give your power of self-definition to anyone. Define yourself today. Make your voice count. Good morning.

16. Don’t wallow in yesterday’s mess, because today is a new day to be better. Be better! Good morning.

17. Get a good mattress for a sound sleep. Yesterday is in the past, it can’t be changed. But you can have a better future, starting with today. So get up!Start the process! Good morning.

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18. You’re unique, different from every other person. The world needs your contribution. The world needs you to be better. Go make your mark. Good morning.

19 The day is waiting for your amazing self for it to begin. Shine brightly today. Good morning.

20. You’ve got so much to offer. The world needs you to be a better place. Make the world a better place today. Good morning.

21. Get up from that bed like the boss you are. Crush opposition! Crush obstacles. Go make a mark!

22. Be an example of excellence today. Inspire someone to succeed. Good morning.

23. The power of choice lies with you. Choose to tow the path of excellence today. Good morning.

24. Today presents the opportunity to start afresh, to try different. Utilize it. Good morning.

25. The night is over. It’s a beautiful new day, a day to shine. Please shine beautifully. Good morning.

26. I believe in you. I trust your amazing abilities. You’ve always wowed me and I’m sure today will not be an exception. Good morning.

27. The world is a better place because of people like you. Today is another day to be awesome. Good morning.

28. Don’t compromise yourself today. Don’t forget you’re all you’ve got. Good morning and have a beautiful day.

29. You’re awesome, you’re amazing. Hold your head high! Rule your world today! Good morning.

30. May you find today better than yesterday. May the line fall in pleasant places for you. Amen. Good morning.

31. May the blessings of this day locate you. May your labour bring sweet and good reward. Good morning.

32. Today, I pray that your path is lined with favour. May you see the beauty in every situation. May you find a solution to every challenge. Happy new day. I care!

33. May you be able to discern the opportunities in every situation and find the strength to maximize them to your full advantage. Good morning.

34. May your day be filled with beautiful sunshine. May sweet success be the reward of your sweat. Have a beautiful day. Good morning.

35. May your sun shine brighter today. May your flower blossom and not wither away. May you be fruitful in all your endeavour. Have a beautiful day. Good morning.

36. The sun shall not smite you by day nor the moon by night. May you be kept safe from today’s dangers. Have a blissful day. Good morning.

37. Receive the grace to be your best today. Receive the grace to soar. Happy new day. Good morning.

38. After today is done, may you be able to look back in gratitude and count your blessings. Amen. Good morning.

39. Courage to face oppositions, strength to overcome challenges, grace to smile despite all, those are my prayers for you today and always. Good morning.

40. No opposition will be able to withstand you today. May you receive the grace to crush them all. When the day’s over, you will sing the song of a victor. Have the best of days. Good morning.

41. May today bring with it an answer to all your secret prayers. May you receive unprecedented mercy today. Good morning and have a beautiful day.

42. May you experience peace, love, joy and all that is beautiful today. Good morning.

43. When you call one, thousands will fall at your feet today. You will be clothed with outstanding favour. Good morning.

44. May your enemies remain stagnant while you make progress. May your life be a wonder to all who love and hate you alike. Good morning and happy new day.

45. Today, receive grace to walk and not faint. Receive grace to soar with the strength of an eagle. It shall be well with you today and always. Happy new day.

46. Today is the day when your efforts will be recognized and decorated with glory. May favour locate you wherever you go. Good morning.

47. Those who had rejected you will celebrate you today. You will smile in triumph over your enemies today. Amen. Good morning.

48. As the sun shines beautifully, giving light to all. May your life shine beautifully. May men gather in honour of you. Have a wonderful day.

49. Today is a new lease of life. An opportunity to surpass yesterday’s expectations. May your life keep getting better. Good morning.

50. It’s a beautiful new day. A day to shine, a day to succeed, a day to excel. Failure is not an option. Have a success packed day.

51. You can be everything you want to be today. Take a step at a time. Success is yours. Good morning.

52. To witness a new day is one of life’s greatest blessings. It’s a privilege that shouldn’t be wasted. Make the best use of today. Be thankful.

53. It’s a new day, rejoice! Be hopeful! Be thankful! Be grateful for everything!

54. May today bring with it all the joy you ever deserve. May you find love wherever you go. God bless you.

55. The world will be better today because you woke. Thank God for amazing people like you. Good morning.

56. Beautiful people like you make one look forward to a new day. May your life be filled with more beauty than you bring into our lives. Do have a wonderful day.

57. May today bring for you, all that your heart desires. Do have a pleasant day.

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58. May you unwrap joy, peace and love from today’s package. Good morning, dear.

59. Every one of your expectations will be met with outstanding success today. You will surpass previous limits, in Jesus name. Have a beautiful day.

60. Love is a beautiful feeling. I always look forward to a new day with you. Good morning, my love.

61. It doesn’t matter what the day brings. With you by my side, it would be bearable. Good morning my sunshine.

62. How are you doing this morning? Come let me wrap you in a sweet embrace. I feel lucky waking up with you by my side every morning and knowing you’re mine and I yours forever. Good morning, my love.

63. You understand my deepest feelings. You complete me so perfectly. You’re my joy, you’re my peace. May your joy be full. Good morning my love.

64. May this day fill your life with the beauty you bring into mine. May you have all the joy you deserve. Good morning, my sunshine.

65. Good morning to you, my partner, my dearest friend. May our hearts beat as one forever.

66. Loving you has made my life so much fun. Now I embrace each new day with excitement. Thank you for all the joy you bring to my world. Good morning, darling.

67. You fuel my desire to conquer every challenge each day brings. You’re good for me baby. Good morning, my darling.

68. Waking in your arms is all the assurance I need that the day will be good. Good morning, dearest. God bless you.

69. Everyone should have at least a beautiful soul like you to set their heart racing each morning. Good morning, love.

70. Each new day is a beautiful opportunity to love you better, to cuddle you closer. Gosh! I can’t get enough of you. Good morning, my love.

71. What is better than a night filled with sweet dreams of you? A morning with you wrapped in my embrace. With you by side, I’m always ready to face a new day. You’re my inspiration. Good morning, my dear.

72. I hope that all your wishes come true today. Good morning, my love.

73. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You make every day beautiful. Good morning, my love.

74. Sometimes I wish the night will continue so that I’ll never have to rise from your embrace. God bless you as you step out today. I love you so much, darling. Good morning.

75. It is a brand new day that the Lord has made for us! Through Him, we will find success, peace and joy in all that we do. Good morning, sweet.

76. In everything that you do today and every day, may you find God in all of His magnificence. May you come to know, love and serve Him more with each day that passes. Amen. Good morning, my dear.

77. There won’t be another day like today. So make the best use of it. Good morning.

78. No weapon that is formed against you, me or our loved ones shall succeed today and forever. Amen. Good morning, dear.

79. It’s another opportunity to correct the mistakes of yesterday. It’s a new day, be a better you. Good morning!

80. Success is not just about dreaming, it’s also about doing. So get up, and go do the needful. Good morning.

81. As you strive to conquer all of your goals and ambitions, may you find support and help in the divine. Amen. Good morning, dear.

82. I pray that you may be the perfect example of a woman in Proverb 31 and I will strive to be the perfect example of a man. Good morning, my dear.

83. . We are saved from all of the trials and tribulations of the world today in Jesus’ name. Amen. Have a blessed day today.

84. If there is anything that stops you from working towards your dreams and our family goals, I pray that God gives you victory over all of them. Have a good day. Amen. Good morning, sweetheart.

85. I pray that God fills you with His knowledge, wisdom and perfection today and always. Amen.

86. May each moment bring you closer to loving and serving God truly. Amen. Have an amazing day ahead.

87. This morning brings with it a hope that the day will fill your life with beauty and happiness. Have a great day.

88. May every word you say today be seasoned by His grace. May every soul you meet be merry today and forever. May every life you touch be blessed by His love. Amen. Good morning, baby.

89. Yesterday may have had its struggles, but today will be better. I see a better day being granted in Jesus’ name. May you have a blessed and happy day. Take care.

90. Today, God will give you all of your dreams beyond your wildest imagination, through His infinite mercy. We may start this day with hope, but we will end it in testimony to Him. Amen. Good morning, my love.

91. As you wake up this morning, you will discover greater success and joy in Jesus’ name. So shall it be. Amen. Good morning, dear.

92. May God bless you and keep you today in all that you do. May He protect you from the evil ones and ensure that each step you take brings you closer to His infinite love. May you have a wonderful day in Jesus’ name. Good morning, love.

93. There is another day ahead of us with temptations, but I pray that we shall not fall for any of the evil ones’ traps. I pray that you find the grace to resist the devil and overcome his snares today. Amen. Good morning, my baby.

94. How far would I go to show how grateful I am to have you in my life? When I wake up, I am ecstatic to know that you are there for me. I am so blessed that you came into my life. I pray that we will only grow closer with each day that passes. Amen.

95. Go into this day with the goal of enjoying every second of it. You have been divinely set apart from the world as His chosen people. Through His power, you will come to enjoy all of your dreams and goals. Amen.

96. Each day with you has been a blessing. I can only pray that God gives us a long life so that we can enjoy each day together in health and wealth. Good morning, my dear.

97. As long as you have God in your life, you will know no shame. Through His power, I pray that you are saved from temptation and all evil today. Amen. Good morning, dear.

98. The evil one may lay his traps to lure you in, but God’s goodness and strength will keep you safe. Amen.

99. Today shall be a day of progress and success for you. I pray that God watches over you and helps you turn all of your plans into a great success. Have a wonderful day, my love. Good morning.

100. May today be the day that the Lord gives you an answer to all of your prayers. May you find hope and strength in His everlasting love. Good morning, my dear.

101. Today, the Lord will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. While you start this day in hope, you will end the day in testimony to his goodness. Through Him, nothing is impossible. Amen. Good morning, my love.

102. I have always wondered where the stars go when the sun rises. Now, I know that God has gathered them together to keep you company throughout the day. Good morning and have a wonderful day, love.

103. You shall never lack any good thing today or in the future because the Lord is your shepherd. When you experience a time of need, He will make provisions for you. Every good thing that you have lost will begin to find its way back to you on this day. Amen. Enjoy your day…

104. Today, everything that harms you will disappear. You shall conquer over your enemies and reach all of your goals today. Amen.

105. May every evil eye that watches you today be blinded. May any evil plans that try to stop your goals be destroyed. For on your body, you bear the marks of God. Through him, everything is possible. Have a good day.

106. You are like a tree planted by the river that bears fruits in good time. Your work may not bear fruit today, but you will eventually be fruitful in Jesus name. Amen. Have a wonderful day.

107. In the presence of God, we find abundant joy. May you always be in His presence and experience the joy that comes from loving and serving Him. Amen. A good day I wish you.

108. Because the Lord is your God, everything that is difficult for other people shall be made easier for you. When others are cast down, you shall be lifted up. Amen. Good morning.

109. The words of the Lord never return to Him void. He has said that He will be your fortress and refuge, so He shall surely guide you during this day. Have a wonderful day, my love.

110. May God reward you for all of the good deeds that you have done. Have a blessed day, my love.

111. As you start your day, may God give you the strength and courage to overcome all obstacles that are on your path. May you go in God’s strength today and always. Have a good day, dear.

112. May any lack you meet today be turned into abundance. May God always bring you plenty and reward you with all of your dreams. Good morning, sweetheart.

113. May your day be filled with joy and happiness through Him. May everything that God has made work in your favour this morning. Have a great day, my love.

114. I pray that all the works of your hands be blessed in Jesus’ name. Good morning to the best friend and lover in the world.

115. May our lives be lived as a testament to God’s love and grace. May our home and marriage be blessed by him as we grow in His knowledge and wisdom. Amen. Good morning, sweetie.

116. The sun will shine on your path as you arise to look for daily bread. Be rest assured that there is someone up there looking at you with a face filled with smile and a heart soaked with compassion. You will encounter unmerited favour today. Amen. Good morning.

117. Open your eyes to a new day because you are favoured beyond limits. The heavens have sent a truckload of grace for you. The goodness of God will never be invisible in your life. You are a daughter of Zion both today and forever. Have a fabulous day.

118. Go ahead and have an amazing day because all your prayers have been answered today. Don’t bother asking me how I knew… I knew right from when I kneel and pray for God’s goodness over you. Enjoy the day.

119. Look at how beautiful the day is and spot out how wonderful you want all your plans to be. God is waiting to hear you ask for all your daily needs. He is ready to supply them effortlessly. Amen. Morning.

120. May you experience God’s amazing love in every part of today. Be prepared to be blessed by everything you lay your hands on. All your heart desires will be actualized and God’s grace will shine on you like never before. Have a great day.

121. I pray you achieve without much effort all you have planned to achieve. The peace of the creator will follow you through all thick and thins of the day. Amen. Have the sweetest moments today.

122. May your day be marvellous like the morning sun that warms the earth after a cold night. Good morning, my dear.

123. May the glory of the God radiate on every of your step. In whatever situation you find yourself, understand that your worries have been taken care of by the Highest. Good morning.

124. Wake up to a new day. You are filled with God’s goodness, so speak to anything in your life and observe a drastic change in its status. Amen. Good morning.

125. You are a wonderful person and God’s goodness will never cease in your life and activities. Good morning, my dear.

126. May God guide your steps and take charge of your safety. You will be a blessing to many nations. Good morning, dear.

127. It is your time to be blessed. I can feel you being blessed beyond limits. You are among the great people God has chosen to have a complete life. Amen. Good morning.

128. God will bless you today, tomorrow and forever. You shall never know any lack because God has not given up on you. Take charge of today because it is your day. Amen. Have a glorious morning.

129. As you step out to hustle for the day’s meal, no evil will befall you. Have an awesome day.

130. May you excel in all of your adventures because you serve a living God. Good morning.

131. As you step out today, may God cause your helpers to locate you, in Jesus name. Good morning and have a good day.

132. What’s that thing that’s been stressing you out? Talk to God… You’ll be delivered! Have a good day.

133. Good morning, dear. Don’t forget God’s ability. Leave all your troubles to Him. He will make you happy.

134. Today, surround yourself with beautiful people. Do not allow life’s troubles to shift your attention away from God. Remember He’s your Maker. Good morning.

136. I pray that unexpected grace and glory be showered on you from now until the end of time. Good morning, my love.

137. May you always feel enjoyment and pleasure today and forever. May this blessed morning be the start of an amazing day to come. Amen. Good morning.

138. May God bring success and joy on everything that you lay your hands on today. Amen. Good morning, dear.

139. May you shine in God’s brightness and light today. Good morning, my love.

140. May God fill your day with roses and flowers. May He bring you happiness and many smiles from now till eternity. Amen. Good morning.

141. I pray that God protects you from evil as He brings you another good morning. Have a good day.

141. As you walk out of your home today, may peace and light accompany you. May God’s grace move before you and bring good fortune in everything that you do. Amen. Good morning.

142. May God’s goodness and blessings be with you today and every day. Good morning, my love.

143. May God open your eyes to the brightness ahead of you. Walk in hope as you get out of bed for the Lord has given both of us another fresh start. Good morning, my dear.

144. May every word you say be seasoned with His grace. May everything you do today be blessed. May every soul you interact with be filled with His spirit. Good morning, my love.

145. May every evil eye around you turn blind. May anyone set to do evil against you be stopped for your spirit is marked by God. Amen. Good morning.

146. Whatever has been stopping your blessings and good fortune be removed today. I pray that God makes the path ahead of you clear as you move onward in life. Good morning, dear.

147. May God give you every good thing that you long for or have lost. May hate and bitterness disappear from your life as you move forward in His grace. Good morning.

148. May things that are difficult for others be made easy for you to do. When others are cast down in despair, you shall be uplifted. In Jesus’ name we. Amen. Good morning.

149. You shall be like the tree planted that brings forth sweet fruit. May all of your activities and plans be fruitful as you do good in Jesus’ name. Have an amazing day, my love.

150. May the words of God guide you through this day. In this day and every day, He will protect and guide you. May you have an amazing day, my dear.

Hope those messages suit you well…

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