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100+ You Are My Everything Quotes for Her from the Heart in 2024

Short on how to describe the most inexplicable part of love? It’s no big deal at all as you’ve come across the right post.

Tell her in variable words how much she means to you and watch her sing your praises to the ends of the earth.

These are not just mere words, they are words adequately energised to make her fall for you over and over again whilst she understands in depth the extent to which your love will go for her.

Simply make your choice and see for yourself, how immeasurable these quotes are.

You Are My Everything Quotes for Girlfriend and Wife from the Heart

You are my life quotes for girlfriend and you are my world quotes for wife from the heart – you are my all quotes for girlfriend and wife.

1. I can’t live this life without you. Nor, can I leave this world without a taste of your love.

2. My heart is home for you alone. My eyes are set upon you in the dark. I live to protect you, my darling.

3. Travel with me around the world, for you complete everything with the touching love.

4. You’re my everything and everything is you. Loving you is gaining the world in its entirety, my dear.

5. Since my stay on earth, you’ve been the best thing that ever happened to my eyes, my heart and my soul.

6. I wouldn’t take a step without you. Where your hands go with me is where I’ll go, my darling.

7. Eternity will not see the end of our love. You’re my all in all, my love.

8. You’re my muse, I feel you in everything I do, my darling.

9. I want to be right next to you at any time of my life, for you mean everything to me, my darling.

10. When the storms rage and the fires go wild, you remain my only choice.

11. Stay by my side forever and I’ll do the same with you. For I love you truly, my darling.

12. You’re the light in my world and the stars in my dark. You’re life to me.

13. I’m a happy man because, from the abundance of your heart, my heart is filled. I love you, sweetie.

14. I could repent of every sin but not the one of your love. Be mine for life, my love.

15. Because you’re my everything, I’ll take this love with me to the other side. It’s you or no one else, baby.

16. Your yes is my command and your no is what I wouldn’t do, my love.

17. You’re the best of your kind. But in my heart, you’re everything.

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18. Nothing washes away the tints of sorrow than the happiness of loving you.

19. To you, I offer my unwavering love for the rest of our lives. Let me be your all in all as you’re mine.

20. Forgive me if I love you too much. It’s just the only thing that matters to me in this cold world.

21. I’d rather lose everything else than to lose you. You mean heaven and earth to me, baby.

22. As the sun goes down, my love will intensify for you. As the moon shows up, it wouldn’t give up on loving you.

23. If you hold my hand, I’ll do anything because nothing beats the wonder of having you by my side.

24. You ain’t just the woman of my dreams, but the one my heart cannot stop loving.

25. With every pint of my blood, I’ll love you till the end. For with the sweat falling off my body, I’ll fight to stay by your side.

26. You’re the hunger in my belly, the bread that satisfies it and the water that quenches every thirst. Everything is you, my baby.

27. This love isn’t to be exhausted. There’s no end to where it’ll go. Neither is there an end to its depth. I love you unconditionally, my darling.

28. From ages to ages, our love would be the only constant feeling ever known.

29. You’re my wife, my friend, and my mother by love. You’re my everything, my darling.

30. I’ll forsake the world and its vanity for all that you’ve got in your heart for me. I love you, my darling.

31. Everyone and everything become invisible just when you’re around. Your presence overshadows the rest.

32. I bless the day my eyes met yours. By far, the most miraculous day I’ve ever known.

33. I look forward to a future with our kids surrounding our table as we wine and dine in the domicile of our love.

34. When this heart ceases to love you, it’ll not feel again. That I’m sure of, my darling.

35. You’ve changed me completely. Your love is the most transforming gift of life.

36. In my past, you lived as a dream. Now, I see you in my future as my only one.

37. I’ll sacrifice for this love to be. For it is worth more than the treasures of this world.

38. You’re my peace and my glow. I need not confess that I need you.

39. No matter what happens, loving you would be my only option.

40. I see the future in your eyes, it is the future I want to live.

41. With a glass of love in betwixt our fingers, let’s toast to forever. I need you, baby.

42. Without you, I can’t even love right. You’re my only hope of true love.

43. I’ll show this love to the world and his wife, so they know, you mean everything to me.

44. Only you can hurt me too much. As only you can heal me of every pain.

45. You’re everything to my soul. My salvation and redemption in these days and in the ones to come.

46. You’re the one mother wished I brought home, and the kind, father had hoped I love. You’re the essence of my heartbeat.

47. No matter how many roads lead to happiness. Only your path, I’ll go. For you’re more than life itself. You’re everything, my love.

48. Your happiness is mine. And your frowns, I’ll make to birth a smile.

49. If life held on to everything, it must not, your love. Because life is truly void without you.

50. I’ll strive to be my best for you. I’ll thrive when only I love you. For you’re my everything in this world.

51. My innermost being knows this much is true, that you’re my everything and as such, I need no one else to be made whole again.

52. You stormed my heart with love and passion. I have no need to search further for the one.

53. The joy in my heart has turned into a perfect bliss because you’re the reason behind every smile.

54. My heart has made you my everything. Of a truth, heaven bears witness with me on this.

55. You alone gave my world a meaning and thence, I feel so complete. Without you, I’ll be vanity without hope of redemption.

56. I was born a half moon, but by your coming into my life, I became a full one. I love you, beautiful.

57. With each glance you make, my heart journeys to eternity and back. You’re my everything.

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58. There’s no room for anyone else. You’ve taken my heart, sight, and breath away. I need no one else.

59. If you ain’t in my life, I’ll rather remain unborn. Everything is you.

60. This life became a home for me when you found a space in my heart. A space that lives no room for others.

61. Without you, my world would come crashing down, but with you, my entire life was rebuilt in a day. You’re more than everything to me.

62. If I lose the world, then I’ve lost nothing, but a loss of you like a breath, means I have nothing to myself. I could never trade you for the world and her pleasures.

63. I’m alive like a tree by the river’s side when you breathe on me. You’re my breath of life and as such, I have everything.

64. My dreams and achievements are vanities in the face of your love. It’s true because you’re my everything.

65. I feel lonely when you’re away, but with your presence comes the warmth of the company of an angel.

66. I may die alone, but I do not wish to live this life without you. For you’re my everything.

67. When you came into my life, I realized that love never fails, cause it is everything. I’ll have you know, that you’re my paragon of love.

68. Never worry about what I feel for you or who else wants me, cause I’ll always be yours at all time. I’ll make you my everything.

69. My heart recognises no one else except you. Neither do my eyes behold any beauty beside yours. You’re my all in all.

70. I think about you in everything that I do, because you’re the most important thing breathing in my life, my love. You’re my everything and a whole lot more.

71. How can I trade you for anything else, when you’re my everything?

72. It’s a miracle that one person can mean everything to me; I’m complete with just a smile from you.

73. As long as you’re the one in my heart and the reason behind my smile, the world will forever try in vain to split us apart. No doubt, you make me complete.

74. I’m soulful, cause loving you has ignited a burning passion in me. You make me whole.

75. I wish life on earth were eternal, so I wouldn’t have to leave you for a split of second. For me, you mean everything to me.

76. I can take it all, as long as my sacrifices are for you. I love you, honey.

77. If heaven tarries, my love for you will never change. It will only get better like a perfect diamond.

78. My sins were forgiven when I did the right thing of loving you. Oh! You make me feel complete.

79. Half of me is you. But the whole of me belongs to you, my love.

80. Without you, life would have lingered in depression with a deep sense of hollowness. But when you came, everything became one beautiful beam of light.

81. The reflection of my heart is you. The reason why my heart always feels great. You’re my all in all.

82. A rainbow is complete with all her colours, but I’m complete with all of you, my darling.

83. I would spend this life with you and likewise eternity, cause you’re my all in all.

84. I tasted life when you gave me my first kiss. I wish you’ll never deny me of your affection, baby, cause you’re the one who makes me complete.

85. I dream of you when I think of a better life, cause you’re the only one that can live this life with me beautifully.

86. My emptiness was crushed when my heart felt nothing, but your splendid presence. How incomplete am I without you, my angel!

87. Take me to your home, cause wherever you go is where I long to be. I want to make you mine, for I am tired of feeling incomplete.

88. I’m glad you gave me the chance to love you, cause that saved my life from destruction. You’re my everything, love.

89. You make me feel whole just by telling me how much you love me, hon.

90. There are no regrets with you, cause you only give me a future to hope for. You’re indeed my everything.

91. I can never take you for granted unless I’m ready to lose everything. I love you, truly.

92. Love can take you anywhere, but I’m glad it brought me to you. You’re the one that makes me feel complete.

93. I’ll give you my all, cause it was predestined that I’ll have you in my life. I believe you’re my everything.

94. The only perfect jewel in life is you, cause I’m blind to your flaws, but aware of your entire beauty. You’re my everything, baby.

95. Make me yours from here to eternity and I’ll make you my everything from everlasting to everlasting.

96. I will fulfill each of my promises to you, cause you’re a blessing of God and the angels to me. I’ve found my everything.

97. I’m unmoved in the face of destruction and losses, as long as I never lose the one who is my everything.

98. Heaven smiled on me when I saw you. You smiled at me when you accepted to be my everything.

99. I’ll never fail you even if the sun fails the earth, cause you deserve my faithfulness till eternity. You’re my everything.

100. Don’t worry about my loyalty. My commitment is with the one who makes me complete and that is you.

Now, go let the love of your life understand the depth of your love for her.

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