You Are My Life Quotes for Him from the Heart

2024 You Are My Life Quotes for Him from the Heart

Every man deserves some special endearments from the woman who adores them. Now that you realise he is the man for your life, I’m sure you can’t just wait to win his heart more by making him know how much he means to you. Don’t go too far, the quotes here will help you with more expression of your appreciation of him that he is the all in all in your life.

Heart Touching You’re My Life Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Most touching you’re my life quotes and sayings for him from the heart. Romantic heart touching you are my life quotes for boyfriend.

1. What I’m not sure of is if I can ever live my life without you. You have registered your presence so much that you mean the whole world to me. You’re my life!

2. My life is revolved around yours and my sustainability is contingent on your actuality. So, the absence of me is tantamount to the absence of you. We are one!

3. You are the man I dream of every blessed day. You’re the man my heart yearns for every passing second. This is because you’re my life.

4. The aura of your presence gives me great confidence and spurs me to love you the more. I kept asking myself if I can ever live without you. I doubt if I can.

5. My ever longing for fulfillment comes with a full force with your compelling presence. The joy of our togetherness fills my heart always. I cherish having you because you are my life.

6. I couldn’t have gone this far but for your compassion and love towards me. You inspire me in so many ways and you arouse my hope with your zeal towards life. I just can’t do without you.

7. My life, I leave in your hands.
Your love, I hold close to my heart.
My strength, I give to loving you more.
Your smile is all I need to keep me glowing always.

8. To the best man in the world who brings joy to my tender heart and smile to my pretty face, I give you my totality because you are my life. No one but you.

9. I thought I could live without you. I thought I could breathe without you. But with every passing second, I know I cannot survive so long without you in my life.

10. You’re my life, my source of joy and happiness. My strength when I’m weak. No one without you!

11. I will not allow you slip away from me anymore. You make my world and complete me in every sense. I cherish you. You’re my life!

12. Saying you are my life is not an exaggeration. In fact, you mean the whole world to me. In your life is my life.

13. My entirety depends on living for you and dying with you. Yes, I mean it because you rule my world.

14. I pride in the love we share
I flow in the joy you bring
I glow in your warm embrace
I feel your presence in my life.

15. Our love is so magical. It springs up out of the blues with a radiating force that is so compelling. Now I know this love is meant to stay.

16. I never realised how much I could fall in love so quickly and wholeheartedly until I met you. What your love has done to me is beyond what I can explain. I need you more in my life.

17. At every breaking of the day and dawning of the night, your thought encapsulates my whole heart. You mean the world to me.

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18. You’re the food I eat when hunger strikes. You’re the water I drink when thirsty. You’re the air I breathe when gasping for one. You’re the song I sing every blessed day. In short, you’re everything to me.

19. Life without you can be so drab and dreary. This shows how much we’re so entwined and can’t do without each other. We are one, united for life!

20. My eyes are ever willing to behold you daily. My lips are ever willing to sing your praises. My ears are ever ready to listen to your sweet voice. This is because we have come a long way together and cannot do without each other.

21. May the chord of love that binds us together remain ever strong and unbroken. Fate has brought us together and may we remain forever.

22. You are my waking thought and my sleeping dream. No me without you, for I am hopeless and helpless without your love in my life.

23. The thought of you fills my heart all day. My dream is to have you and enjoy your love all life long.

24. My soul feels complete with your love. My loneliness gets dispelled with the aura of your presence. What more can I say when I have you all in my life. You’re all I desire.

25. When I finally found you and you also found me, I knew this journey will eventually take us to the promised land. No me without you.

26. You impress my heart in so many ways that are beyond my comprehension. This shows how strong you’ve come to be a big part of my life.

27. My love for you is so strong and real. I can pretend like you do not exist but I recently realised I just can’t get you out of my mind. You mean the world to me.

28. Please forgive me, I know I could have taken some stress out on you with my naughtiness. But believe me, it is all to show how important you are in my life.

29. My seeming obsessiveness is to tell you that I cannot trade your love with anything or anyone. I will never let you go because you’re my life.

30. The love we share is my greatest treasure. Meeting you has been a great pleasure and I will live to cherish you because you remain precious.

31. You came into my life and melt my heart with your tender-heartedness. I will live for you always.

32. You are the man of my dream and the one I see in my beautiful future. My life without you is incomplete and the future without you can be unfulfilling.

33. Sing me the song of affection that I may dance to its rhythm. Oh, the melody of the love song shows the flow of your life in me. Wouldn’t stop dancing.

34. You are the love of my life and I want to hold on to you forever. My life was in total mess until you came and brought it all together.

35. That I may continually swim in the pool of your love, I want to take the whole of you into my life. You are dear to me. You’re my life!

36. Your loving tenderness is a top notch of uncontested experience that I crave for all my life. I yearn for you with the whole of me.

37. My ever smiling face is as a result of your tender-heartedness. I will never let you go again because you are my life.

38. I can pretend like I don’t love and care for you, but the truth is you’ve formed a big part of my life and cannot live without you.

39. I have no other joy than to love you, care for you and make you happy. This is what my love for you depends upon because you mean so much to me.

40. Some men have come and gone, but you have come and stayed. You are so significant in my life so much that it would hurt to lose you.

41. I never so much realised what the love we share is capable of doing to me until I discovered how much of void you filled in my heart. You’re my life.

42. I bless the day we met. I will ever cherish the day our paths crossed. I honour God for leading you to me. I have no regret choosing and loving you.

43. Everyone who came into my life professed their love but couldn’t live up to their words. You came and your love was able to find a deep expression beyond my imagination. Losing you is the last thing I want to think of.

44. The love you brought into my heart and the peace that now reigns in my life go beyond exegeses. I will ever live to treasure you. You’re my all in all.

45. Just like the joy that fills the heart of mother towards her newborn, so much that she completely forgets her pain, so is the joy that envelopes my heart for our reunion. All I want to think of now is loving you with my totality.

46. You came into my life and changed everything into a perfect shape. Now my life radiates the beauty of the love you bring.

47. I have no course to regret my past, wrong choices and heartbreaks one bit. This is because the love you bring is so encapsulating and revigorating. In you, I’ve found life and peace.

48. I see you as my friend. Beyond that, I see you as my love. Beyond that, I see you as my heartbeat. Beyond that, I see you as my life. Beyond that, I see you as my everything.

49. You brighten my life like a rainbow, and now I cannot but reflect to the world how glamorous you make me look. Having you to myself makes my life so colourful.

50. My greatest pride is that you believe in me and challenge me a lot to greatness. I owe you my life because you’ve formed a big part of my life.

51. Losing you is the last thing I want to think of because I have built my whole world around you. I don’t wanna let go of you. You are my life.

52. Despite the challenges, the chord of love that binds us together gets stronger daily. Now I know this love is real and it’s meant to stay. Our challenges are surmountable.

53. Nothing can shred our love apart. We are meant to be together forever. Yes, I will love you forever. You’re my all in all.

54. No day will pass without me reliving the aesthetic moments we both shared from onset. And no second will go by without your love saturating my heart. My life is all yours, and you are all mine.

55. The beauty of any enjoyable life is to live with the assurance of a true love. My life is bankrupt without your love in me. You are my life.

56. The imprint of your love is so alluring. My life I live for you. How could I ever live without you?

57. I choose to be with you every second than to imagine myself being with someone else. We belong to each other. I won’t let you go.

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58. Now that you’ve come into my life, no one will ever be able to displace you nor take your place in my heart. I mean it, no one will.

59. The love you bring revives some dead cells in my body so much that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and makes life worthwhile for me.

60. Your presence has given my life a beautiful meaning. I bless the day you came into my life. You are my world.

61. You’re indispensable. That is why you’re irreplaceable because your love is indisputable. You are my royal prince, my life and everything.

62. Thank you for being a big part of my life. Thank you for bringing significant memories I will live to always treasure in my life. You are my dream come true.

63. Nothing is as exciting as waking up in the morning to behold the love of your life laying right beside you. I want to be with you every blessed day.

64. When angry, your sweet words calm my nerves. When hungry, your touch of love fills my soul to the brim. In you, I found my life and everything I ever craved for.

65. You came and your presence dispels every shadow of the past. Now and always, I am confident I’ve found you as the right one for me.

66. What kept me going all along is the fact that you made a big part of my entire existence. You are my heart; you are my life.

67. One of the sweetness you brought along is that you made loving again easier than I thought. And now, I’m willing to start afresh with you all over again.

68. Your love and sincerity are impressing my heart to embrace and accept myself the more. All I can see now is loveliness radiating through the love you came with. I cannot love you less. You are my life!

69. Beyond articulation, you have shown me true love. You are the best man I will live to treasure in my entire life.

70. The more I know you’re in my life, the more beauty I see in my imperfections. This is only achievable because you helped me to see the unique part of me.

71. You turn my life around with your daily honest commendation. Oh, my heart longs for you all day my darling Prince. You are my life!

73. Seeing your dazzling smile gives me the assuredness that my existence in your life is worthwhile. I am proud to be your queen and you being my king. I am proud to have you in my life.

74. Despite the distance, the memories and feelings we share make you seem always near. I will always hold you in high esteem in my heart.

75. Your love comforts me. Your care allays all my fears. Your encouragement is the reason for my joy. My safety is found only in you.

76. Heavens smile on me owing to the fact that I have you in my life. Right now, I know I am the most fortunate lady in the entire universe.

77. Conquering the hitches and hurdles of coming together gives me the confidence that we can rule our world together. You are mine forever.

78. My heart always bubbles with joy for each of the affectionate words you speak to me. I don’t want to live a day without having more sweet sensation from you my darling.

79. The survival of a story without casts is unrealisable, as much as the survival of a song without lyrics is. No night is considered complete without a dream, as no fairytale makes a complete sense without a prince. So also is my life incomplete without your love.

80. I need your love as a touching stone to my existence. I want more of you in my life.

81. Our bodies have mingled
Our souls are merged
Our spirits are united
Our love is inseparable,
so much that we are one for life.

82. My deepest proof of love is my decision to be yours forever. My greatest testimony is saying ‘I do’ to you. You are mine; I am yours.

83. More time spent with you has made my life more enchanting. You really had a great deal of impact on me. You’re such an amazing person and I bless God for bringing you my way.

84. The little experience I’ve had with you is like a heaven on earth. I crave for more lovely time with you so I can experience paradise all the days of my life.

85. My desire for you goes beyond human imagination. My love for you is beyond mere conception. My heart belongs to you for you’re my life and I am yours.

86. Your love is a great soothing balm to all my aches and stress. My heart delights in the peace your love brings into my heart.

87. Looking into your eyes, I see the picture of a glorious future. Peeking into your beautiful soul, I can behold the seed of your greatness. I cherish your good heart my crown. You’re my life!

88. Letting you go is like a death sentence. Even till my last breath, I won’t stop loving you because you’re my life.

89. My heart belongs to you and will always do because it cannot survive anywhere else.

90. I never realised how much of this good feelings I had carried so much in my heart until you almost slipped away from me. I dread losing you, my love.

91. I just can’t wait to behold your handsome face again. I’ve missed your touch, kisses and warm embrace. Please hold me tight and never let go.

92. My entirety depends on loving you and living my life for you because you’re my life. I just can’t live without you.

93. The anticipation of your return is the best feeling I wish can linger forever in my heart. I’ve missed you dearly my love.

94. The spark of excitement and peace that I feel inside of me is as a result of you being a big part of my life. Life without you is meaningless.

95. You may not be able to ascertain the great deal your presence has done in my life until you’re able to peep into my heart to behold the immensity of my love for you.

96. I do not underestimate the power of proximity because the closer we become, the more our fondness for each other grows.

97. My greatest accomplishment so far is preferring you out of the bevy of men flocking around me. Now, I have no regret choosing you to be a big part of my life.

98. Our love has grown so massive beyond wildest imagination. Now I know there is no hurdle we cannot climb.

99. Your estimable personality is one of the good traits that allured me to you. I love you and I consider myself lucky to be entangled to you.

100. I pledge my allegiance to love, respect and care for you all day; to support you in every aspect and also lend you courage when you need one. You’re my life and I live my whole world for you.

I’m sure you have found and also satisfied with these irresistible quotes for the man in your life. Make him happy always with sweet endearments such as these.

I’m sure you have found and also satisfied with these irresistible quotes for the man in your life. Make him happy always with sweet endearments such as these.

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